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Author’s Note: Welcome to my latest story! As always be aware the story is on the longer side and doesn’t ‘rush right in’ but builds to the taboo encounter. So even though this title is a little tongue in cheek (pun intended) You’ll see it follows my usual effort to bring the true heat of the fantasy to life. Lovecraft68


“Oh Sean, that feels so good!” Kelly purred while my tongue traced a slow figure eight around her clit.

Lifting her legs, Kelly placed her feet on my shoulders and moaned when I trailed my tongue down through her lips and slipped it inside her hot little pink box.

“Hmm that’s nice.” She sighed, her hand running through my hair.

I looked up to see her brown eyes fixed on me as I moved my head back and forth, fucking her with my rigid tongue.

“Play with your tits.” I said softly.

“My tits?” she frowned, “Why would I?”

Resisting the urge to roll my eyes, I smiled up at her, “Because it looks damn sexy and I’d love to see you do it.”

She pursed her lips as if thinking it over and I forced myself not to sound frustrated. Instead, I flicked my tongue across her clit causing her to gasp, and asked again, “Please, Kelly? Please play with those pretty nipples for me.”

“Okay.” She said, sending a surge through my already hard cock. To my delight she took her hard pink nubs between her purple tipped fingers. It looked as good as I thought it would, then she managed to take some of that away by sighing , “I feel like a reject from a porn doing this.”

“You’re doing it for me.” I kept my voice even. Christ a year of dating, six months of having sex and Kelly still acted like a prude. “I love it.”

“And I love you.” She gave me the sweet smile that usually melted me, but at the moment was annoying. Couldn’t she just tell me to lick her pussy or say something fun? We said I love you five times a day.

“Do you love this?” I sucked her clit into my mouth and eased a finger inside her tight slit.

“I do!” she moaned, “Feels good.”

“What does?” I prodded with little hope.

“I like…” She giggled, “You licking my pussy.”

Holy shit! She’d said it! The little giggle had added to the thrill and gently working a second finger inside her I sucked her clit in a slow rhythm matching my fingers. Kelly moaned and although I knew it didn’t come from her toying with her nipples seeing her do it was exciting. My mouth worked her clit as I stared up at her perky little tits.

Last week she had finally let me cum on them. For months it was either inside her as we ‘made love’ or on her stomach or thigh. She said cumming on her tits was slutty. Slutty and dirty were her two favorite words, but she used them in the negative sense.

As Kelly moaned louder and rocked her hips into my fingers, I eyed her parted lips and like I did every time we had the chance to have sex wondered if today might be the day she would grow up and suck my cock.

My attention shifted to what was currently going on when Kelly released a sharp little yelp and her toes curled into my shoulders. Her hips lifted and she thrust them into my fingers while going into a series of high pitched little hiccups as her pussy tightened around my fingers.

I continued to suck her clit as she whimpered softly and made those cute little noises that caused my cock to push into the bed.

“Oh damn.” She sighed, removing her feet from my shoulders. “You’re so good at that.”

“Because I love doing it.” I sat up between her legs, “I love to make you feel good.”

I added that last part as a hint towards what I was going to look for. Whether she caught it or not who knew? Kelly had stopped playing with her nipples and beckoned me with her finger, “Come up here.”

I eased up between her legs and reaching down she grabbed my cock and stroked it.

“Wow, you’re hard.” She giggled, “I bet I know where you want it.”

“You do?” I asked hopefully.

“Yup.” She lowered my cock and pushed it against her wet pussy. “Right inside me.”

“How about it goes between other lips first?”

Kelly stopped stroking me and sighed, “Really Sean? Can’t we ever have sex without you looking for me to blow you?”

“Can’t you ever blow me?” I asked, “If you did it sometimes I wouldn’t ask.”

Kelly let go of my cock and slid up into a sitting position.

“Why do you have to ask at all?” she crossed her arms over her tits and my cock deflated. “It’s dirty. Sluts do that.”

I looked down between her legs at her smooth pink pussy and wanted to slap myself. We had three hours before her parents came home, I should have had sex with her then while we laid there started playing with her to get her in the mood then try for what was becoming the ever elusive blow job.

“Come on Kelly women haven’t thought that since the damn fifties. All girls do it, you going to tell me every girl in school is a pig?”

“I’m not every girl.” She tossed her long dark hair.

Biting back the reply that I knew she wasn’t because any other girl illegal bahis would have no issue going down on their boyfriend, I put my hands out to her, “No, you’re my girl and you’d only be doing it for me. You wouldn’t be a slut.”

“I just don’t like it okay, Sean?” Her brown eyes flashed and drawing her legs up she grabbed a pillow and put it over her chest, effectively telling me sex was off the table. “Is that a better answer?”

“If you at least tried it then it would be.” I sighed. That wasn’t really true; I think I would still be pissed, but less so if she gave it a shot. “But you won’t even try.”

“Why is it such a big deal?” she demanded, “Is it so you can tell your friends I did it? You can tell them all about it?”

“No!” I turned and sat back against the headboard next to her, “I don’t talk about what we do, Kelly, that’s our business.”

“Good.” She nodded, “But really, Sean, why? Because you like how it looks in the dirty movies?”

“Because it would feel good!” I told her in exasperation. “It looks like it feels amazing. Doesn’t it feel good when I do it to you? Seems like it does.”

“Oh, I’m going to get that thrown in my face, now?” She hugged the pillow tighter. “Then you don’t have to do that for me anymore.”

“Oh, stop it, I like doing it. It makes you feel good and I like to make you feel good.”

“And I like to make you feel good.” Looking at me, she pointed at my semi hard cock, “Sean last weekend we sat in the back of the theatre and I gave you a hand job. Jerked you off right there, that wasn’t fun? It wasn’t dirty?”

“Well yeah, but…”

“And I don’t like to be on my hands and knees, but I let you. I get on top for you. I even get on you backwards to try that reverse cowpoke…”

“Reverse cowboy” I snickered.

“Whatever, point was I tried it. The only thing I won’t give you is my mouth and my…” She looked away, “You know what else.”

“I don’t want that.” Well… “And honestly Kelly a lot of girls won’t do that, I can see that.” She stared at me and I put my foot in my mouth again, “Guess I’m supposed to think, one out of three is pretty good?”

“You asshole!” she snapped. “I’m sorry if having sex with me is so fucking boring. Maybe you should find some slut to fuck. That way they can suck your dick and you can taste what every other guy in school is tasting.”

“Calm down.” I put my hand on her arm, “Kelly you’re the only girl I’ve ever been with. You’re the only girl I ever want to be with.”

“Really?” she peeked up at me with her big dark eyes.

“Really.” I told her. “But that’s why I want you to try this. You’re the only girl I’ve ever fooled around with at all. So the only way I can know what its like is if you do it. You’re the only girl I want to do it.”

Kelly stared down at the pillow and I was getting ready to get up and get dressed when she said, “I…I’ll try it.”

“You mean it?” I asked, daring to hope.

“Yes.” She nodded, “But only because I like that you said you only want me to do it.”

“I do!” I straightened my legs out and opened them for her. “Will you lay like I was?”

“So you can watch?” she frowned, but said, “Okay.”

My cock was hard before she had even rolled over on top of me and slid down onto her stomach. Kelly took my dick in her hand and stroked it while staring at the dripping tip. She licked her lips nervously and I thought that finally, after years of wondering what it would be like and jerking off to it, I was going to feel my cock inside a girl’s mouth.

Kelly flicked her tongue out, just catching the tip of my cock and I moaned softly for her, trying to encourage her. She gave me a little giggle and asked, “This what you want, Sean?”

“Yes, oh yes.” I smiled, “I want to see my pretty little girlfriend suck my cock.”

She paused, “Don’t say it like that okay?”

“Okay.” I said quickly.

She nodded and opening her mouth placed it over the head of my cock. I could feel her hot breath on the tip and held mine in anticipation. Kelly lowered her head and the tip of my cock entered her mouth, but her lips still weren’t touching it. My legs were trembling and I whispered, “Please, Kelly, please don’t tease.”

Kelly moved her mouth and I started to say something, but she quickly lowered it back to my cock. Once again she hovered just over the tip and I clenched the sheets trying to be patient. She blew on my cock and I moaned, “That’s not a blow job,” I joked.

She laughed then opening her mouth wider, eased downward. Her lips touched my cock and I gasped as I felt them slide over the head. Kelly stopped and lifted her head, “Its dripping.”

“It’s supposed to be.” I was whining at this point. “Please.”

She took a deep breath and once again took the tip between her lips, but didn’t move. Kelly closed her eyes, then sighed over my cock. “I…I don’t think I…Um!” Kelly was cut off when unable to control myself, my hips jerked, thrusting my cock into her mouth.

For a split second I felt her warm tongue under the illegal bahis siteleri head of my cock, but before I could even fully acknowledge the sensation, Kelly had jerked her head back and sat up, wiping her lips.

“You asshole!” She slapped my thigh hard enough to make me cry out in surprise.”You shoved it in my mouth!”

“I…well you were never going to put it there!” My frustration boiled over, “What the fuck Kelly? It’s a damn blow job, what are you, a little kid?”

“Fuck you, Sean!” she hopped off the bed and grabbed her robe from the chair. “Get out!”

“Kelly…” I reached out for her hand, “I’m sorry, it was an accident I couldn’t help it and I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry too. Sorry me loving you isn’t enough and sorry having sex with my boring ass isn’t enough. Sorry I won’t give you your precious blow job. Tell you what Sean, if every other girl will, then go get a blow job from one of them, I’m done with you!”

“Oh, come on!” I leaned forward to catch her hand, but she moved back.

“I mean it get dressed and get out. Go find some slut.”

“Kelly, please.”

She shook her head and turning her back to me began to walk out of the room. “I’m going to shower; you get dressed and get out.”

“You’re over reacting.” I told her, but slipped off the bed and picking up my boxers put them on and sitting down began to get into my jeans. “Let’s talk about this.”

“There’s only one thing you want me to do with my mouth and it’s not talk.”

“Kelly…fine, forget it, it’s not …”

“It is important because you keep asking, I say no and you just keep asking, who’s the little kid Sean?”

“You are.” I said disgustedly, putting my shirt on. “A real woman would…”

“Then go find one!” She walked over and opening the door pointed at the hallway, “Go ahead, go find your little slut.”

I started to say something, but thought better of it; best just to leave and call her tomorrow.

I walked past her and stopping, leaned over to try to kiss her cheek, but she pulled away.

“Well this blows,” I muttered as I left her room.

“At least something does, right Sean?” she asked before slamming the door behind me.


I entered the house and was surprised not to see my mother in the living room watching TV. Mom worked every Friday night because the tips were good and Dad usually worked late anyway. My mother had a pretty set routine; she would shower and dress early then relax on the couch and watch TV for awhile before making me something quick for supper if I had the night off and leaving something for dad in the oven.

It was just as well as I was home two hours before I said I would be and didn’t want to explain why. Mom knew Kelly’s parents pretty well and was aware neither of them were home on Friday afternoons.

Of my parents, mom was the one who was more forward about discussing sex. Then again dad was, and always had been, a workaholic and Mom pretty much handled everything when it came to me. She knew Friday was Kelly and I’s ‘fool around’ day as she called it, but never embarrassed me by saying anything when I came home.

If she saw me home early she would know Kelly and I had fought and that had been happening more and more lately. Stopping in the kitchen and grabbing a coke, I wondered for the thousandth time if it was me.

Was I being pushy? Was getting a blow job that big of a deal? On the other hand it had been months before she decided she was ready for sex which was the first time for both of us and I had never complained.

I hadn’t complained for the first few months about her refusal to even talk dirty, but lately it was getting ridiculous. As for oral sex? I loved going down on her and she loved me doing it and wasn’t it only fair she do it for me? I had been kind of shy and mom had raised me to think sex was important and not something you did with just anyone. I’d had a few chances before Kelly and a few of those chances were with girls that would have been a night of fun and that was it.

At one point when I became serious with Kelly I was glad I had held back and waited and looked forward to all the fun we would have. Now it seemed as if I should have had that fun because at least I would have known what it was like to have my cock in a girl’s mouth.

Chugging the coke, I thought again I sounded like an idiot, but I’d spent years watching porn and blow jobs looked so damn hot! The thought of Kelly looking up at me, my cock in her mouth and her moaning and excited at the thought she was going to make me cum.

No, it wasn’t too much to ask because she wouldn’t even try. Today had been the closest she came and she’d been ridiculous; looking at my dick like it was disgusting and would bite her. I shouldn’t have pushed it in her mouth, but I was so close! I tossed the can in the recycling bin next to the kitchen door and headed down the hallway towards my bedroom.

I sighed at the thought I should still be at Kelly’s, having sex. She was usually fine with sex and it felt canlı bahis siteleri damn good and lately I had managed to get her into doggy without too much whining. Now instead of staring at her cute little ass while I fucked her I was going to go and jerk off to…a blow job scene of course.

I noticed my parent’s bedroom door was partway open and wondered if mom was taking a nap, she didn’t have to go in for a couple more hours. The floor was hardwood and I was wearing my Timberlands and tried to walk quietly in case mom was sleeping. I had just reached their door, when it swung open.

“Hey, baby!” she said, stepping out into the hallway, “Come on in I… Oh shit!”

“Whoa!” I exclaimed at the sight of my mother wearing just a pair of black lace panties and…nothing else.

For a second we stood there frozen and I couldn’t help noticing her tits were pretty damn big. Mom was fair skinned and her creamy breasts featured a pair of light pink nipples that were currently hard. The initial shock wore off quickly and folding her arms over her chest her face turned beet red and she stammered, “Oh…oh my God! I…I’m so sorry Sean!”

Once she had moved my own paralysis broke. I quickly turned my back, but not before she had spun around to go into her room and I caught a glimpse of her well rounded ass in the black panties. I blinked at the thought that mother or not, that was a damn fine ass. Then again she didn’t make two hundred a night in tips for nothing.

“That’s okay!” I called over my shoulder, “I…I came home early I should have let you know I was here.”

“No, it’s my fault.” She answered, “I thought you were dad. You can turn around now.”

I turned to see she was sitting on her bed wearing a black robe. The robe was pretty short, showing her bare legs right up to her thighs and not one I’d seen her wear around the house. Then again, mom always dressed properly around me, even to the point of not wearing a bikini by the pool if I was home, but a more conservative one piece.

Not that I hadn’t seen her legs, but for some reason, maybe because it was right on the heels of seeing a lot more of her, I was taken aback at the sight of her well shaped legs. Mom’s long blonde hair was usually in a pony tail around the house or pinned up, but at the moment was down and teased out like when she went to work.

“You can come in honey.” She told me, “Or are you too embarrassed?”

“Um, no.” I told her taking my eyes off of her thighs which were so much fuller than Kelly’s slender legs. “I…well a little.” I laughed, “Can’t say I saw that one coming.”

“Jeez.” Mom blushed again and put her hands over her face. “I’m sorry Sean. Poor kid, going from your pretty girlfriend and having to see your old lady mom.”

“Trust me mom, you’re no old lady.” I told her, “You’re pretty hot for your age.”

“Oh, please.” She waved her hand, “You’re my son, you have to say I’m pretty.”

“I’m not saying it.” I laughed, “My friends have been calling you the hottest Milf in the neighborhood since I was fourteen.”

“Milf?” she laughed, “I would have hoped for cougar.”

“Nah, cougars chase young guys,” I explained,

“Oh.” she shrugged, “Right now I can’t catch the one I married never mind one my son’s age.

“Looks like you were trying to catch dad.” I frowned, “Did you guys have something planned? You’re usually getting ready for work.”

“Yeah.” She sighed. “We…well I’m sure you’ve heard us arguing lately. Your father is working more than ever and for no reason, the firm’s doing better than ever. So Monday night he promised me he would come home early and we would go out for a nice dinner, maybe even go dancing.”

“You dance like that?” I shook my head, “No wonder you make all those tips.”

Mom blushed again, “No! I…I thought I would surprise him and we’d you know…”

“I think I can figure it out.”

“He was supposed to be here by now.” She looked over at the nightstand where a bottle of wine sat next to two glasses. One glass was half full and picking it up, mom drained it in several long swallows, putting it down she picked up the bottle and filled the glass again,

“Of course key words were supposed to.” She took a long gulp from the new glass. “Sean if I blew tonight’s money off for a no show, I swear you’ll have a roommate.”

“Wow, what did I do?” I laughed nervously, mom and dad had been fighting a lot lately and I knew it was pretty much over dad neglecting her.

Looking down at mom I wondered what the hell was wrong with my father. I hadn’t been blowing smoke, since my friends were old enough to know what sex was I’d endured milf and cougar remarks about Mom.

Many of my friends had seen her dressed in her waitressing outfit and Tim, my best friend, had once offered me fifty dollars he’d won on a scratch ticket if I got him one of mom’s thongs after she wore it to work.

I accepted all the jokes and crude remarks good naturedly for the most part, but noticed mom was careful around my friends, especially with the pool, never coming out to swim when they were there. No, my mother certainly wasn’t into flaunting what she had except for her job and although her skirt was short she wore a white blouse and never showed a lot of skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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