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Fast forward to December 2017…

The day after Christmas, I received a text from Lisa. She said that Kevin proposed to Jessie on Christmas and Jessie accepted.

I texted her back with a big congratulations and asked about the wedding. She replied back that it was going to be a very unique wedding and that it was going to be held at the nudist resort where they met.

I told her that was terrific and asked her when that would be. She said that the wedding was going to be on New Year’s Day and all the arrangements have been made. She told me that Richard was going to be the Best Man and she was going to walk Jessie down the aisle.

She said Jessie wanted me there. I told her that I would join them at the resort before the wedding. She was so excited.

On December 29th, Lisa texted me and said she and Jessie were at the resort. I texted back that I would be there in a few hours as I was on my way.

I finally arrived and found my love by the pool. She was glowing with excitement.

She took me to the room where I unpacked and got naked. I asked her where Jessie was and she said with Richard and Kevin.

I asked her about the wedding plans. She told me that there was going to be about twenty people attending, including a couple of Kevin’s friends. She then told me that Kevin’s mom and dad were not thrilled at all with being here and didn’t want to come because of the resort but they are here.

Just then, Kevin and Jessie came in. I congratulated them and then asked Kevin if he would like me to speak to his parents. He appreciated the offer and said yes.

I got dressed and went over to their room. I knocked and told them I was a friend of Jessie and her mom, Lisa and that I would like to talk to them.

When I got inside, I again introduced myself and told them I would like to talk to them about the resort and lifestyle. They agreed to listen.

First, let me describe Kevin’s parents. The wife, Maddie, had to be in her very early 50’s as was her husband, Dennis. Maddie was about 5’6″, 120, and from what I could see, had a nice firm body for age. Dennis was about 5’10”, 190 and looked like he did some sort of exercise as he looked fit and trim.

I started out by telling them that there was nothing dirty or sordid in being a nudist or just like being nude. It was natural. I told them that nudists are not perverts or rapists or the like, just people who like being nude.

I must have spent almost an hour with them, trying to alleviate their fears and notions about nudity.

I answered all their questions, then I went for it. I got up and removed my tank top and shorts and was now in front of them naked.

After Maddie gasped, I placed my towel on the chair and sat down. I told them that they shouldn’t be embarrassed. After a few more questions, I told them that Kevin really wants them to accept him as a nudist and be supportive.

I then told them that they didn’t have to be nude at the resort or at the wedding but Kevin hoped they would be there in any case.

Before I left, I did remind them that if they wanted to use the pool or hot tub, they would have to be nude. I thanked them and left.

I walked back to the room and told Jessie and Lisa what happened but I wasn’t sure if I made any impact but at least I tried.

That being said, we had two full days before the wedding and I was going to enjoy it.

As it was time for dinner, Kevin called and said he was going to take us and his parents out for dinner.

At 6:00 p.m., Kevin came by with his parents and we followed them to the restaurant where we had plenty of wine and good food.

During dinner, Maddie told Kevin about my visit. She then went on to o say that they would give the lifestyle a try but could not guarantee anything. Lisa told Maddie that she would stay with her during their stay and I told Dennis I would stay with him. Kevin offered up a toast and we all had a great evening.

The next morning I called Dennis and asked him if he and Maddie wanted to join me and Lisa for a walk along the trails. The four of us would just relax and take a nice leisurely walk. To my surprise, he said they would join us. I told antalya escort him to bring a couple of towels.

Lisa and I walked over to their room naked and when Maddie and Dennis came out, Maddie had a beach cover-up on but I could see she was naked underneath and Dennis had a towel around his waist. This was the first time they saw Lisa naked. I could see Dennis looking at Lisa and just smiling.

We started our walk along the trails, pointing out various sights. It was a hot day and Lisa suggested to Maddie to take off her coverup to be more comfortable.

Maddie looked around and saw nobody, then slipped it off. She looked really sexy from the back. And I told her she looked more comfortable now. She looked back and smiled, then said that wasn’t so bad and smiled.

She turned around and I got a full view of her. Her pussy was smooth and her tits were beautiful. She then told Dennis to take the towel off and he did, revealing a nice sized cock and balls.

They were both naked now and I asked how they felt. They both said they were fine and enjoyed the freedom of not having clothes on. I thought “success” as we continued our walk.

We took them to our special spot, the one with the bench. As Maddie and Dennis took in the view, I told them that there were three things not allowed at the resort: public sex, taking pictures and men with hard-ons. Then I told them that Lisa and I broke them all and we laughed.

Lisa told them that she wanted to take some pictures that she thought would be nice for the wedding photo album. Surprisingly, they agreed.

I had them stand with Dennis in the middle with Lisa and Maddie on each side. I took a couple of nice pictures. Then, Lisa took pictures of me with Maddie and Dennis.

I thought to myself, “so far, so good.” I whispered to Lisa that I wanted to see how far we could go with them and she said ok.

We walked some more and found a real secluded spot along the trail. It was then that I went for it.

“Maddie, may I ask you a very personal question?” I asked.

She replied, “John, I guess you could. As you can see, I have nothing to hide.”

I then asked, “Maddie, have you ever had sex outside?”

We all waited for an answer. She thought about it for a second then said, “Well, when Dennis and I were first married, we fucked outside a few times with our friends but have never done it since.”

Lisa looked at her and said, “Maddie, while we are here, why don’t you and Dennis do it now?”

Maddie responded, “I don’t think so Lisa. But, if you and John did, maybe I could convince Dennis to do it, just like old times.”

Lisa told her that she would be fine with that. Then Maddie looked at Dennis and Dennis gave an approval nod.

In a few minutes, Lisa and I were playing with each other and we could see Maddie and Dennis enjoying each other as well.

In no time, the four of us were on the ground fucking. I came first in Lisa then we watched as Dennis came in Maddie. When we finished, we got up, cleaned ourselves off and laughed.

I then said to them, “Now, that wasn’t too bad, was it? Did you guys enjoy it?”

This time Dennis responded, “Well, we definitely enjoyed it and it brought back some nice memories. We want to thank both of you.”

As we walked back, I walked with Maddie and Lisa walked back with Dennis.

Then Dennis’s cock started to get a nice hard on. Lisa noticed and told us to stop. She told me and Maddie to wait as she took Dennis off the trail and onto another one. Maddie asked where they were going. I told her that Lisa is probably going to give Dennis a blow job. She looked at me and asked if Lisa did that often to strangers. I told her she would have to ask Lisa.

After about ten minutes, Lisa and Dennis reappeared. Maddie noticed his cock was limp but with glistening cum on it. She looked at Lisa and just smiled. We finished our walk a happy foursome.

On the way back, I asked Maddie to come over to my room for some wine and a chat. She agreed.

As soon as we got back, Lisa called Jessie and told her and Kevin that she was coming over. I told Lisa that Maddie was coming over to chat with me.

About kepez escort ten minutes after Lisa left, Maddie arrived. I welcomed her in with a kiss. To my surprise, Maddie was still naked.

I opened up some wine and we drank and I asked Maddie, “What do you think so far?”

Maddie said, “John, I think I am getting used to this. Dennis and I are enjoying the freedom of being nude.”

I continued, “Did it bother you that Lisa gave Dennis a blow job or that the four of us fucked together?”

“John, as far as us fucking along side of you and Lisa, that was fun. And no, I didn’t mind that Lisa gave Dennis a blow job.” Maddie continued.

“Maddie,” I said, “What if I told you right now that I want to fuck you. Would you? I already told Lisa I was going to ask you and she is fine with it. She also said that she wouldn’t mind playing with you either. What do you say?”

Maddie looked at me, stood up and walked over to me, her smooth pussy coming closer to my face. She stopped with her pussy almost in my face. She took her hands and pulled my face to her pussy and told me to eat her.

My tongue started licking her pussy and slipped in her cunt. Her clit got nice and big and I started sucking it like it was a cock. Her body was squirming as I ate her.

After awhile, I stopped, got up and took her to the bed where I laid her down. I mounted this gorgeous woman and slipped my cock deep into her wet cunt. It didn’t take me long before I shot a load of cum into her cunt.

We rested a bit and she thanked me for showing her how great nudity and exploring her sexuality was.

I told her that Lisa would want her later today. She said she looked forward to it as she wanted her too.

Before she left, I told her that Kevin had something special planned for after the reception for her and Dennis, me and Lisa and Richard and that she will enjoy it. We kissed and before she left, I started fucking her again.

As we were fucking, Lisa walked in. She just looked at us and told us to finish as she watched. After we finished, Maddie kissed me goodbye and left with a smile on her face and cum on her thighs.

Lisa then told me that she told Kevin and Jessie about his parent’s day. I told Lisa I fucked Maddie twice and that she was looking forward to getting together with her later. Lisa said she would make arrangements with her.

That night, Lisa and I took Dennis and Maddie to dinner. I sat along side Maddie and Dennis sat next to Lisa. Both women wore short dresses and I Know Lisa was bare underneath. We discussed the day and Dennis and Maddie said they were having a wonderful time now.

Lisa invited them to spend the night with us and they both said yes at the same time. I could see that Lisa placed Dennis’s hand on her thigh. Seeing that, I moved my hand underneath to Maddie’s leg and moved it slowly up towards her thigh, inching its way to her dress hem. I slipped my fingers under her dress only to find she was bare underneath too.

It was obvious that Dennis found Lisa’s cunt and was fingering her as I did the same to Maddie.

After a couple of bottles of wine and dinner, we left and went to our room. It didn’t take us long to undress. I took Maddie and Dennis took Lisa and we laid them on the bed next to each other. We played with their tits and pussies and then I slipped my cock in Maddie and we watched as Dennis got his cock in Lisa’s cunt.

Dennis and I started pumping our cocks in the women’s cunts as they played with each other’s tits. It didn’t take long for us to announce we were cumming. At almost the same time we shot our loads in their cunts, then fell to the side.

Then Lisa and Maddie started kissing and feeling each other up, even as our cum was oozing out their cunts.

Lisa mounted Maddie and they started rubbing their pussies together. It didn’t take them long before they were bucking their hips and having orgasms.

We took a break and had some wine. Lisa asked them if they enjoyed themselves and got a yes answer.

Maddie said they never, in a million years, would have thought that the time at the resort would be this great. She went on to manavgat escort say that they never imagined that sex could be so wonderful and thanked us for opening their eyes to all its pleasures.

Lisa asked, with a smile, “So Maddie, you like being a slut like me?”

Maddie looked at her, “Lisa, with you and John, I would be anything you want me to be. And I would love to be a slut too.”

I asked Maddie, “Maddie, would you be upset if I told you that Kevin has fucked Lisa?”

Maddie answered, “I’d be upset if he passed up the opportunity to fuck Lisa.”

Lisa said that was good, because Kevin and Jessie asked me to move in with them after they were married and I am going to. I hope you guys are ok with that.

Dennis looked at her and said, “Lisa, I hope you teach them well,” as he laughed.

Lisa answered, “Dennis, I will do my best.”

We had some more wine and for the rest of the night, the four of us shared each other many times. The women put on a couple of nice shows as Dennis and I watched and took pictures and videos.

The next day we spent getting ready for the wedding. The resort set things up near our special spot which overlooked a big lake.

The ceremony was set for 1:00 p.m. with the reception at their main restaurant. All people at the resort were welcomed to attend the reception.

The resort’s biggest cabin was reserved for the wedding night. There would be champagne and wine and little pickings for the bride and groom and family.

Jessie would be wearing a white laced veil and tiara and nothing else. The bridal party would be nude as would the minister.

A horse drawn carriage would be provided for the newlyweds.

The photographer would be at the resort by 11:00 a.m.

With nothing to do, Lisa and I went to the pool for a couple of hours. We soaked up the sun and then headed back to the room to shower and get ready.

After I showered, Lisa took hers, then put on her makeup and did her hair. She asked me to shave her pussy so it would be smooth like Jessie’s and Maddie’s. Not bragging, but I did do a nice job on it and finished it off with some moisturizer.

We were all set and Lisa called Jessie and she was all set. Maddie and Dennis joined us and we went over to the wedding area together. After a short time, the photographer and minister arrived. The guests were all there as well. A musician was even there.

Kevin and Richard arrived and we all waited for Jessie.

The weather was perfect, warm with a gentle breeze.

We finally heard the horse drawn carriage coming. Lisa went to meet Jessie. On cue, the musician started playing the wedding march and Lisa was escorting Jessie down the path. They both looked lovely. When they reached the Minister, Lisa stepped aside and Kevin joined her.

After a half hour, Kevin and Jessie were husband and wife. The carriage took them to the reception and we all followed and met them there.

The reception went on for a few hours and everyone seemed to have a great time. By 7:00 p.m., the reception was over and the newlyweds were taken by carriage to their honeymoon cabin. Lisa, Maddie, Dennis, Richard and myself met them there.

We all told them that everything was beautiful and they made a perfect couple. Kevin went over to his mom and dad and thanked them for everything.

Maddie told him that they have Lisa and myself to thank for everything. Kevin opened some champagne and Kevin made a toast and we all drank.

Then Kevin made an announcement. He said, “Dear friends and family, Jessie and I want to start a family right away, so. we decided to start right now, with all of you here. We would like you all to join us in our bedroom to watch and join in if you like, but after I cum in my wife first.”

I thought Maddie and Dennis were going to die but they smiled and said that they would be happy to watch their grandchild being made.

We all followed the bride and groom to their bed and watched them trying to make a baby.

In no time at all, as soon as Kevin came in Jessie, Richard and I took our turns with Jessie.

Kevin was fucking Lisa and when he finished with her, Dennis and Richard took their turns with her.

I took Maddie and fucked her and then Richard did her too.

By the end of the night, we all enjoyed each other until the early morning.

It was the best wedding I ever attended and I look forward to the birth of their baby.

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