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Note: The following story is entirely fictional and all of the characters are over 18 years of age.

Hello. My name is Miguel and I live with my mother in the city of Boston. My father passed away when I was quite young and the two of us have been on our own as long as I can remember.

This past summer, I graduated from high school and turned eighteen. As the summer wound down, my mother and I were enjoying our fleeting time together before I left for college. Mom was the manager of a department store, a job I know she hated but she never complained.

“It pays the bills” was the most she ever offered.

One Friday night in late August, my mom arrived home looking completely exhausted. I had been hoping to call some friends and maybe go out somewhere (although an 18-year-old’s options are rather limited).

“Tough day?” I asked.

“You have no idea. Thanks.”

Mom put down her things and headed for her bedroom. “Honey, are you going out?” she asked over her shoulder.

“Maybe. Why?” I replied.

“Oh, I was hoping we could cook out tonight, if you didn’t have other plans.”

I knew my mother well enough to know that something was on her mind and that she wanted to talk.

In the crowded neighborhood where we live, each house has a tiny backyard, not much bigger than a postage stamp. Still, we put some chairs out there, along with a gas grill and we pack it when we have family over.

“Actually, mom, that sounds great!”

For just such occasions, we had a freezer full of meat and I proceeded to get some steaks ready.

My mother emerged from her bedroom in a pair of blue shorts and a white blouse. She looked as if she were canlı bahis beginning to relax. She tried to help, but I wouldn’t have it.

“No, you just sit and rest and I’ll do everything.”

Mom complied, but not before reaching under the cabinet for some whiskey. “Hoo, boy,” I thought.

Mom liked whiskey, on the rocks, although she mostly nursed one drink over the course of an evening. We went into the backyard and settled in. Mom started to explain about her day, which frankly didn’t sound so bad, but I just let her go.

After we ate, mom poured herself more whiskey, and I thought again, “Hoo, boy.”

Mom lay on her recliner and slowly said less and less. Her head drooped, and before I knew it, she was breathing deeply. I jumped to grab her drink before it fell, smiling when I saw that it was only the remnants of the ice cubes. Every once in awhile mom got loaded like this, but only at home, and mostly when we were alone. I really didn’t see any harm in it, at all.

As I clutched my mom’s glass, I considered how lovely she looked at that moment. Although she had changed from her work clothes, she still had her makeup on. Green eyeshadow, thick mascara, black eyeliner and bright red lips. My mother’s lips are full and puffy. She has long brown hair. Her breasts are not large, but they compliment her 5′ 3″ frame. She has beautiful legs I can’t stop staring at, especially when she dresses up and wears heels. From many trips to the beach this summer, her skin was deeply tanned. At the age of 37, she is a beauty to behold.

I thought about this as she lay there now. As I examined her legs, I noticed that she had fallen asleep with her left leg extended straight bahis siteleri out and her right leg flat but bent at the knee. I realized that in this position, the shorts she was wearing had opened near her left leg, affording me a look right in.

My mom was wearing white panties, simple, cotton, nothing fancy. Intrigued and excited I moved in for a closer look. Mom was breathing heavily. I touched her leg. No response. I moved in really closely and moved the pant leg a little further.

Feeling bold, I hooked the edge of her panties with my index finger and pulled them aside. I could hardly believe it. I was staring at my mother’s vagina! What was more, it was completely shaved. I had often stolen glances at her crotch when we were together at the beach and I had never seen a hair protruding anywhere. Now I understood why.

She didn’t move a muscle as I pondered what to do next. I released her underwear and I gently ran my knuckles under her left breast. No response. It seemed as if I had a gorgeous, full-size toy to play with. Suddenly, I was very interested in seeing her entire body naked.

I decided to pick her up and bring her back into the house. If she happened to wake up, no harm done. She didn’t, and I rested her gently on her bed. I then proceeded to undress her. I unbuttoned her top, revealing her white bra. Carefully, I reached behind her back and undid the clasp. Her breasts seemed to explode softly from behind the bra. It was a little tricky getting first one arm and then the other out from her shirt, but I managed. I then removed her bra and gazed at her perfect breasts. Her nipples were rather large and very dark. Her tan lines were obvious, but the color of her breasts bahis şirketleri was just a shade lighter than her surrounding flesh. Had mom been sunbathing in the nude? I doubted it, but still…

I undid her shorts and slid them off. Then I proceeded to do the same with her underwear. Again, like her breasts, there was only a faint tan line. Finally, I had a really good look at her snatch. I was amazed at how slick and smooth it looked, completely bald. The lips of her pussy were darker than the surrounding areas. I leaned down to see if I could smell something, but I couldn’t detect anything. Really playing now, I put one arm under her knees and raised them. The lips of her pussy parted and her butt hole came into view.

This was too much for me. I could hardly breathe. My heart felt as if it were going to explode. Surely, the thumping would wake her! I lowered her legs and I pushed down my shorts. Looking over my mother’s body, I began stroking my cock. I fantasized that she would wake up, and, without a word, swing her legs over the side of the bed and begin stroking and sucking my cock. I stared at her bright red lips, now slightly parted as she continued her heavy breathing.

In an instant, I felt myself start to come. I tried to catch the cum with my left hand, but the first huge streamer landed right on my mom’s hip, between her navel and pussy. I managed to catch the rest and then I ran to the bathroom to clean up.

I returned to my mom with a warm, damp washcloth and I gently wiped my cum from her hip. Afterward, I pulled the sheets over her and let her sleep.

The next morning, we met in the kitchen, and mom was completely apologetic.

“Dear, I’m so sorry. I obviously had too much because I hardly remember anything after dinner. I’m sure I wasn’t very good company” she confessed.

“Not at all, mom” I replied. “You were fine.”

And I meant every word of it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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