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This was going to be a day to remember for her boy. He was turning 21, most importantly, this was the day his Mama was going to give him a wonderful surprise. It was just the two of them forever, Daniel’s father took off the moment he found out Monica was pregnant. Mother and son were close from the very beginning.

Every morning she would go into his room to wake him up, some mornings the sheet was covering him and on her favorite mornings, nothing was covering him. Since Daniel was 18, he would sleep nude, and every morning when Monica would go to wake him, he would be sporting the most amazing wood she had ever seen. Monica had a strong feeling that her son desired her, he would often watch her around the house and comment on how she looked. She did his laundry and saw the evidence of how often he would jerk off into a sexy pair of her panties.

Daniel knew his mother loved the view he gave her every morning, often he was very much awake before she’d come into the room to wake him, and he would strategically place the sheet so he would be on display for her. He loved how she would leave her bathrobe untied and would display her bountiful breasts encased in silky and slinky sleepwear. Monica was a very beautiful woman at 40, she had the perfect MILF body and she took great care of herself. Daniel would pleasure himself often to the image of his mother and he wasn’t ashamed of how often he would tell her how hot she looked.

Monica had been looking forward to this day for months. She planned on surprising her son on his birthday with a sexy blow job first thing in the morning. She bought new lingerie, it was his favorite color. When she woke up that morning, she took a hot shower, shaved all the necessary places, she put her hair up in a ponytail and slipped into the light blue, sheer mini nighty with matching sheer panties. Over that she slipped on a sheer black wrap, she applied some tinted lip gloss and made her way to Daniel’s room to wake him.

Her hands shook with nerves and anticipation as she opened his bedroom door quietly. There he lay, on his back, and his sheets were kicked off, his mouth-watering cock pointed toward the ceiling. Monica couldn’t wait to wrap her lips around it and give her boy the best blowjob he would ever receive. She tiptoed toward the side of his bed, softly took his rod into her hand and bent over to slide her moist lips around his engorged flesh.

Daniel was surprised, he never expected this to happen when he heard his mother get up this morning, and he fixed the sheet, so his dick was on glorious display. He couldn’t pretend he was sleeping with her hot, wet mouth sliding up and down his shaft, her tongue swirling around and teasing the head. Letting out a deep moan, Daniel lifted his hand to touch his mother’s beautiful face. With him still in her mouth, she turned her eyes to look up at him and she smiled.

“Happy Birthday my sweet boy,” she said to him and climbed onto the bed with him. She kissed him deeply on the mouth before going back to his thick schlong. She couldn’t get enough of feeling him slide in and out of her mouth.

Daniel grabbed her head to hold in place as he fed his cock deeper into her mouth, “Uh Mom, that feels so good!” he moaned. She gladly took him deep into her mouth and practically down her throat, he felt the vibrations of her moans running through his cock. Drool was dripping from her mouth down over his balls. She sucked and licked and pumped his wonderful dick with her lips wrapped tight around him, Daniel’s hips were coming up off the bed to meet with his mother’s sultry mouth.

Taking a break, Monica kissed her way up Daniel’s body to his face. She swirled her tongue around his nipples and gently sucked them in her mouth before moving up to his neck. Her tongue slid easily over his taut skin until she reached his lips. Taking his face in both her hands, she kissed him deeply and passionately. Daniel was in heaven, he had dreamed of this for so long. When he would watch porn, he would imagine it was him and his mother in all the positions that would come upon his screen. Monica pulled her face back to look into her baby’s eyes, smiling.

“Mom,” Daniel sighed, “please let me taste you as well.” Monica couldn’t and wouldn’t say no to feeling her baby tasting her. She easily straddled his face so they could 69, tasting each other. Daniel’s cock was dripping with precum that tasted sweet and salty. Monica’s pussy was so wet, the mesh of her sheer panties was now a dark blue. Burying his nose into the gusset of her panties, Daniel inhaled deeply as he felt his mother slide her gorgeous lips down his shaft again, taking him deep into her throat with one thrust of her head.

While deeply seated in his mother’s throat, Daniel reached up and moved her illegal bahis drenched panties to the side so he could bury his tongue deep into Monica’s birth canal, the very canal he was birthed from 18 years earlier. This wasn’t the first time he tasted her, he’d been masturbating with her wet panties for years, but this was his first time tasting her sweet and tangy juices straight from the source. It was so much better than sucking and breathing it in from a pair of panties she wore all day.

Daniel’s tongue moved around her wet lips until he was able to flick it over her responsive clit. Monica moaned deeply as her baby licked his way around her saturated slit, rocking her hips to match the rhythm of his tongue making love to her. Daniel raised his hands to his mother’s full backside, massaging his way around her entire ass as he pumped his hips to fuck her face. He slid a finger into her tight pussy, coated it in her juices, sucking on her sensitive clit. He moved his hand up, so he could slide that wet finger into her super tight asshole, burying his tongue as deep as he could into her cunt.

Monica’s head came up as she let out a loud moan, “Oh baby, you’re going to make Mommy cum.”

She grabbed his hard rod and pumped her fist up and down as he added another finger to her ass and sucked hard on her clit. “So good Baby… make Mommy come all over your face…. ugh, yes baby, just like that!”

Daniel continued to pump his fingers in her ass and suck on her soaked pussy, her body was vibrating, and she was moaning loudly. She bent forward again and took his cock deep into her mouth, sucking for all she was worth. Daniel could feel his balls tighten.

“Mom, I’m going to cum,” he told her.

She nodded and said, “Let’s come together, baby!”

They both continued to work each other over, bringing the overwhelming sensations closer to climax. Their hips were rising and falling to fuck each other’s faces, Daniel’s fingers still fucking his mother’s tight balloon knot.

Monica screamed that she was cumming and took Daniel back into her mouth. Daniel fucked her with his fingers and tongue, his cock stiffened and pulsated as he shot ribbons of cum down his mother’s throat. Monica’s body shook as she came all over her baby’s handsome face.

Once they both came down from their extraordinary orgasms, Monica turned and laid down beside Daniel in his open arms. She licked his chin and lips before she slipped her tongue into his mouth, their cum covered tongues mingled to produce an intoxicating flavor of their juices.

Monica pulled back and smiled down at Daniel, “Happy Birthday and Graduation Day my boy. There is more of that to come in the near future.”

Daniel smiled back, “Thanks, Mom! That was the best gift you could’ve given me. I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

“Now we will go get ready for your busy, and tonight we will explore each other all night,” she kissed him and got out of the bed. She turned at the doorway and winked at him before making her way back to her shower to wash her sweat-soaked and satisfied body.


Daniel went to classes that day as usual and Monica went to work. Daniel’s friends invited him to go to a party with them, but he declined said he was going to spend some time with his family that night and he would go out with them another night later in the week.

Monica had made reservations at the local steakhouse for them, her parents and close family to go out for dinner. Another couple of hours spent talking and laughing with family. The waitress went around asking if anyone would like dessert, Monica leaned over and whispered in Daniel’s ear that she had a special dessert for him at home. They both declined to have one of the temptations listed on the menu. A short time later they said their goodbyes and headed for home.

They entered the house together, both pulsating with anticipation of what the night had in store for them. Before the door was closed a locked behind them, Daniel was sporting an impressive bulge in his pants. Monica took his hand and lead him up to her bedroom where there was a beautifully wrapped gift waiting on the bed for Daniel to open.

“Go ahead baby, open your present. I hope you like it,” Monica said.

Daniel walked over to the bed, untied the bow and opened the package. A few things laid inside. First, he picked up a pair of ankle and wrist cuffs, then a bottle of massage oil and edible body paint (chocolate-flavored), and a cock ring with a vibrator attached. Someone has been looking at his internet porn history. Blood surged to his cock as he looked at his mother and said with a smirk on his face, “Who’s getting tied up first?”

Feeling some relief that Daniel liked his gift, Monica smiled and replied, “That’s illegal bahis siteleri up to you Baby, you want Mommy to show you some things? Or, do you want to explore Mommy’s body.”

How the hell was he supposed to make that difficult decision? He would bet his right nut that his mother could teach him a lot about his own body and even more about what her body could do. Daniel sat on the end of the bed and put some serious thought into how he wanted the evening to play out.

Daniel decided and said, “Ok Mom, I want you to show me everything. Teach me what I need to know.”

She smiled, “Of course my love. Now strip off and get comfortable on the bed, so I can strap you in for the ride.”

Quickly, Daniel shucked his shirt and tie while he kicked off his shoes. He threw them in the direction of the chair in the corner of the room. Monica helped him unbuckle his belt and opened his pants, her hand rubbed against his throbbing, stiff manhood. The pants dropped to the floor and he pulled down his underwear to join them before kicking them toward the chair. He climbed up in the middle of the queen-sized bed and waited patiently for his mother to cuff his ankles to the end of the bed, spread eagle.

Monica climbed on the bed, still fully clothed, hot-as-fuck black stilettos, and straddled her son. She slowly cuffed his wrists above his head to the headboard. Her breasts were at eye level for him and she rubbed them against his face when she leaned forward to make sure the cuffs were tight enough. She sat back on his lap and ran her hands down over his chest and lower toward his enormous tool.

She was wearing a pretty wrap-around dress, that tied at the side. The dress showed off a generous amount of cleavage. Monica was proud of her breasts, they were large (36D), and perky for her age. She reached for the knot at the side of the dress and slowly pulled the ties apart. She raised on her knees to pull the dress away from her body and heard Daniel moan as he took in the sight of her boobs encased in a sheer lace demi bra, her quarter-sized pink areola and eraser nipples on display. He looked down further and saw that she wasn’t wearing panties, only a matching garter that held up a sexy pair of sheer black stockings.

“Christ Mom! You’re going to kill me, and you haven’t really started yet. That outfit is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” Daniel said, almost drooling over the sight of his beautiful mother’s body that was on display just for him.

She smiled, tossed her dress to join his clothes in the chair. She reached for the massage oil and poured a generous amount on his chest and her hands. She started at his shoulders and massaged her way down to his chest, she played with his nipples, pinched and pulled as best she could with slippery fingers. Daniel growled as she leaned forward and rubbed her lips against his, letting her tongue tease its way into his mouth. He could feel her hands slide down his abs and to his sides as her perky laced covered nipples rubbed against his chest, his cock was nestled against her sopping pussy lips.

Daniel was eager to slide between those lips and bury himself deep into her blazing tunnel, but he wanted to see what else she had in store for him. They rubbed their bodies against each other, letting the sensations heighten their aching forms. Monica pulled away and moved to sit between his spread legs, her hands ran down his stomach, the muscles twitching under her hands. She massaged her way down over his hips, avoiding the area that craved her touch the most, and down to his thighs. She massaged the tight muscles through one leg, then moved to the next.

Monica released her tits from the lacy jail and jiggled them for his benefit. His body was at odds, tense and excited to feel her move against him, and yet somewhat relaxed with her soothing massage. Up and down his body she moved, pressed and rubbed, not only with her hands but her knockers as well. This lasted at least 20 minutes before Monica finally reached for his yearning prick. The warm massage oil and her even warmer hands slid up and down his engorged shaft.

Quickly, her mouth wrapped around the bulbous end and she sucked it deep into her waiting throat. Up on her knees, ass in the air, and she stroked him with her oil-warmed hand and scorching wet mouth. Daniel moaned and grunted as he felt the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat, her hands moved down to cup his balls, rolled them between her fingers and gently pulling on them. She could tell that he was getting closed to cumming, his breathing got heavier, his hips were moving up to meet her mouth, and his moans increased. Just before he was ready to blow, she placed her thumb firmly below his head. She didn’t want him to cum just yet.

“Oh, canlı bahis siteleri fuck Mom, that was fantastic. I was so close to cumming,” he panted.

She smiled and said, “I know baby, but you aren’t allowed to cum just yet. I’ve got more to show you.” She reached into the gift box that was still at the bottom of the bed and pulled out the vibrating cock ring (it was not vibrating at this point). She fitted it down around his cock and balls, letting the part that vibrated rest just below his sack.

He felt constricted at his base and more turgid than he ever thought possible. Monica made her way up to straddle Daniel again, only this time she guided his swollen cock to her excited pussy. She was so wet he slid in easily until she bottomed out at his pelvic bone. Fuck that feels tight, he thought.

Monica moaned as she took him deep into her womb, she sat on top of him until her body got used to the wonderful, full feeling. She moved her body up and down his rod, eliciting moans from them both. She reached up and released his hands from the cuffs and placed his hands on her waiting tits, showing him how she liked them to be massaged. She took his fingers and showed him how she liked her nipples pinched and how much pressure he should apply. Her clit twitched as she watched their hands work together to knead her large breasts.

When Monica was confident that Daniel could handle her jugs on his own, she slid her hands down her body, around to her ass, and down to turn on the vibrator that rested behind his sack. There were two settings and she left it on the first one for the moment, still riding his thick rod. The vibrations radiated up through his balls and shaft into his mother’s dripping pussy.

Daniel continued to knead her tits and pull on her delicious nipples as she rode him, slamming down so his tip was hitting her cervix. Monica was almost breathless. He could feel her pussy tightening as she rode him faster and faster.

“Oh, Baby! Mommy is going to cum all over your delicious cock,” she sighed.

Daniel took one nipple in his mouth and sucked hard as he pinched the other, driving his mother wild. With a scream of “I’m cumming”, Daniel felt her sweet pussy juice coat his prick and balls, felt it drip down to his ass.

Once she has come down from her climax, she climbed off and took the cock ring off Daniel. She shut it off and tossed it back into the gift box before she turned around and straddled him, sliding into reverse cowgirl position. She bent slightly forward so he could see her cute asshole winking back at him. She removed his ankle cuffs and threw them in with the used cock ring.

“Remember what you did with your fingers this morning baby?” she asked. “I need you to do that again as I fuck you until we are both cumming.”

Daniel was very excited to be able to fill both of her holes, he hoped that one day she would let him slide his slicked cock deep into her bowels. He used her juices to help push two fingers deep into her stunning ass as her tight cunt took its place back on his dick. Both let out moans of complete satisfaction.

Daniel set a rhythm of sliding his fingers out of her ass when she would rock down to his base and when she would rise, he’d push his fingers deep inside. Monica was in fucking heaven; her baby boy was playing her body like a fucking instrument. Back and forth they went on until Monica let him know she was going to cum again.

“I’m right with you Mom… Cum and I will fill you with my hot seed!” he told her.

He could feel her cunt tightening up, almost ready to cum when he felt her reach between her legs and rubbed her clit, the back of her hand rubbed against his nut sack. Faster and faster she pumped herself on him, his fingers doing overtime in her ass.

Monica let out a scream, “I am cumming so hard baby!!!” Her juices squirted as if someone turned on a faucet. His fingers came out of her ass and he grabbed her by the hips, jerking her up and down his pole. The feeling of her hot juices coating the both set Daniel off, he shot cord after cord of his boiling semen deep into her saturated pussy.

Both out of breath, Daniel slipped out of his mother and pulled her up to lay beside him. His hand moved strands of her hair from her sweat-soaked face and he kissed her deeply before lying his head back down on the pillow. Neither of them was able to say anything for a long while, their chests heaved trying to take in as much air as possible and their bodies slowly came down from their unbelievable climaxes.

Monica reached down to pull a light blanket over them both, as she snuggled into her baby’s side, her hand resting on his chest.

“I love you, my sweet boy,” she said. “Now get some rest, and if you need me during the night, I will be right here for the taking.”

“I love you Mom, and I will be taking you up on that offer,” he smiled down at her. He kissed her forehead before they both fell into a sleep that their bodies needed to recover for the next round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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