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This story is set in the same near future universe as my Penal Slavery series. The series is set in a near future alternate world where incest is legal and criminals are sentenced to terms of slavery rather than jail or prison per se. Because this is Literotica, there is a lot of sex. No rape or violence, reluctance at worst.

I continued to list this chapter as taboo\incest rather than noncon-reluctance because there is a pretty significant incest scene after the hearing where the mother and daughter are convicted and enslaved. This story is incest, group sex, including lesbian, oral and anal. I expect that future chapters will be in non-con, although there will be incest in future chapters.

I do not care for sadism and gratuitous violence but there will be some elements of discipline and corporal punishment in this and future installments. I thank those of you who are willing to give the story a read and value your feedback.

Sorry this is running behind. Life continues to have no respect for my writing time.

If you enjoy this series, try the Penal Slavery series, set in the same universe. I expect that there will be character crossovers so you might find it interesting.

I cannot thank ZZchromosome enough for not only his insightful comments and edits that helped make this a better story, but for the ideas that he has shared that has resulted in a side story that you will see the genesis of in Penal Slavery 5.

“Open door 9. Two for slave processing.”

Deborah heard the metal door unlock and saw the door open to a small grey hall with the same white tile as the floor she had been walking on since she was led from the courtroom after being sentenced to a term of enslavement, stripped and handcuffed. The transition from the plush carpet to the cold tile of the hallway on her bare feet reflected her own transition from affluent college professor to naked convict slave cunt on her way to being flogged, barcoded and collared before being shipped out to serve her term of penal slavery. As she heard the door shut behind her, she felt a pair of hard nipples press into her back and her eighteen-year-old daughter softly moan as Deborah heard one of the bailiffs key his wrist comp and requested the next door be opened.

Deborah still felt guilty about dragging her daughter Jessica into the drunken scene that led to this moment but, truth be told, the teen was excited about her enslavement. After spending her entire life pursuing academic excellence skipping grades to the point she was a rising college junior at eighteen, Jessica had told her she was looking forward to a year of letting her inner slut take the wheel.

Once through the door, Deborah was turned right into a large room facing a four-yoke enslavement station. A naked woman was yoked into one spot, ankles spread and strapped, along with the upper thighs thrusting the new slave’s ass up, exposing a glistening slit. A mechanical arm plugged the convicts’ ass and another arm was printing a slave registration barcode on the right cheek. The left cheek was unmarked other than some stripes. The absence of the large “F” indicated she was not a felon but a misdemeanor slave.

Deborah was turned to the left and saw two sets of shackles hanging from the ceiling with matching shackles set in the floor. She was directed to one set while, out of the corner of her eye, Jessica was positioned at the other. A voice spoke,

“Slaves will spread their legs. “Deborah felt her ankles being secured. She then felt her handcuffs being removed.

“Slaves will raise their hands”

Deborah felt her wrists being shackled. A humming sound resulted in Deborah being pulled into an X, her body taunt almost to the edge of discomfort.

A female voice, “Can one of you help me with the corporal punishment? “

“Sorry Yolanda, we are really short handed today and the judge has been messaging us to get back.”

“Understood”, As the door clicked shut, Deborah heard the voice mutter, “Good thing I enjoy my work.”

“Corporal punishment having been ordered in the amount of seven lashes, punishment shall commence “

Deborah cried out as the flogger slashed across her back. Bracing for the next stroke, Deborah was surprised to hear Jessica cry out as the whip found her daughter’s back. The next stroke was delivered underhand, the strands curling up and striking her anus and twat. The pain caused her to groan. A moment later, the anguished cry from her daughter convinced the woman that Jessica’s cunt had been kissed by the whip as well.

The remaining stokes elicited sharp cries from Deborah, and she could hear similar sounds of pain from Jessica. The last stroke fell across Deborah’s breasts, and a searing pain radiated from her nipples. A second later she heard her daughter shrike in agony. Deborah slumped in the shackles crying softly not so much for her own pain, as for the suffering she caused her daughter. Deborah hated her daughter paying the price for getting involved in her mother’s illegal bahis failings.

Deborah was surprised that the sounds coming for her daughter had moved from moans of pain to moans of a different kind. She looked over to see the officer smearing a salve with a gloved hand on Jessica’s cunt. Or fingering her cunt. It was hard to tell from her angle, but Deborah suspected the latter. The guard moved out of Deborah’s line of sight and then she felt a soothing cream rubbed into her own back and ass. As the officer moved to the front, Deborah whispered,

“This slave thanks the domina for taking care of this slave’s daughter. This slave does not deserve relief from her flogging.”

“I know you want to beat yourself up. I also know the court denied your request to take on your daughter’s lashes. Your girl earned her stripes for doing a stupid ass thing, as did you. Hopefully you both will learn from it. And don’t deny me a job perk slave cunt, I like playing with fresh slave meat,” she ended in a humorous tone.

Deborah wondered if the analgesic cream also had aphrodisiac properties because the pain of the flogging was fading into horniness. Although truth be told the fondling and tweaking of her nipples and clit was probably also a factor. The officer turned and walked to a counter that had several silver strips on it. She took two of them and removed Jessica’s ankle shackles and replaced them with the strips that seemed to fuse around her leg just above the ankle. The process was repeated with a larger band around her neck and two smaller bands around the teens wrists. She saw the deputy punch something on her wrist comp and Jessica seemed to throw her hands behind her back.

“You will find that you can’t move your feet either. Since it is just me here I need you secured for security reasons while I get your mom’s jewelry on.”

Deborah felt the memory metal of the slave bracelets seal around her legs. When the metal collar was wrapped around her neck, Deborah felt another part of her freedom evaporate as the most visible symbol of her enslavement sealed itself into a snug, unbroken band. Slaves might be permitted clothing for protection against the elements or work conditions, but the collar proclaimed her a slave to one and all.

Once Deborah had her hands secured behind her back and bare feet immobilized on the floor, she saw Jessica being led behind her by the officer. Presently, Deborah felt her feet being able to move again as the officer gripped her bound arms and turned her to walk to the enslavement station. She saw Jessica first in profile, with her head and hands yoked, her feet and thighs strapped to the machine, ass in the air and leaving her tits hanging down as if she was on all fours.

As Deborah was placed in front of the station, she glanced at her daughter, whose ass and cunt were exposed and ready for use. Next to her daughter, the woman yoked next to her not only had her twat and rosebud exposed, but her slave barcode, displaying her scannable registration number was prominently displayed on her right butt cheek. With the mechanical arms retracted, Deborah noted that the newly barcoded slave’s ass hole was shiny with lube.

Looking forward, Deborah was reminded of a hi-tech stainless-steel pillory except the arm and wrist openings appeared to be cushioned as was a bench to rest your knees on. Two mechanical arms projected from the ceiling above each station. She felt a gentle push forward,

“Ok, head into the large slot and hands through the two smaller ones. Knees on the bench.”

As the top part of the bar locked shut, Deborah’s head and hands were secured tightly with the padding inflating like a blood pressure cuff, immobilizing her upper body. Once her legs and ankles were strapped in she could not move at all. Her head was looking forward to a large HD3V screen which was blank. Deborah realized that the position had her 42 DD tits hanging down. With her legs splayed wide and ass pointing up, her own cunt and asshole were in plain view of anyone entering the room. Just another piece of slave meat ready to be barcoded.

The officer spoke directly to the pair, “Ok, now that you two have had a nice flogging, and have been adorned with some shiny jewelry for your necks, wrists and ankles, we are going to print those cute asses like Ms. Church Lady on the far end already has. Normally we would be either be giving you a live feed from the atonement square or some of our recordings Instead, you will get a chance to listen to and watch Church lady’s atonement in HD3D”

At that, the woman on the end of the row started crying.

The guard said not unkindly, “Honey, two days from now you’re going to be taking it up the ass, sucking cock, eating pussy, and having your own cunt fucked and eaten. You need to get used to it. I’m sure these two sluts next to you are going to be getting similar treatment for their atonement. At least you’re going to get to watch that.”

The thought about watching her and her daughter sucking cocks and eating pussy on illegal bahis siteleri the big screen made Deborah’s own cunt wet. But then Deborah thought about the pool area at the Lodge where she and Brett had sat in times past watching slaves, both male and female, servicing guests for all to see. She realized that in a matter of hours she would be one of those slave cunts with her head bobbing up and down on a cock or with her head between the legs of a Domina.

Deborah heard a door open and shut and the officer processing them saying,

“Miss Valdez are you ready?

“Yes, Yolanda I believe so. I see the slave cunt is certainly ready. Who are the other two?

“At this point, two more slave cunts getting barcoded and prepared to ship out with the one preparing to partially atone for her crime against you. She is not quite ready for her atonement. I still must make sure that she’s been chipped. “

Deborah heard the deputy walk to the end of the row and then a popping sound, followed by a yelp from the woman on at the end of the enslavement machines. Deborah thought she recognized the sound of that voice from somewhere.

The deputy spoke, “Okay now she’s ready just as soon as I get the formalities out of the way.” The officer continued, “For the record, the slave formerly known as Martha Dominguez, having been duly convicted, flogged, and registered as a slave is now subject to victim atonement from Maria Valdez.”

Jessica gasped and heard her mother beside her take a sharp intake of breath that, over the years, the teenager had associated with her mother being really surprised about something. Surely this can’t be the same Martha Dominguez who is the wife of the minister of the church that they infrequently attended? Ms. Dominguez and her mother were somewhat close because they had both been bastions of social and especially sexual conservatism.

For the life of her, Jessica could not think of what this woman, who had taught her as a child in Sunday School, could have done to be bar-coded, naked, collared and awaiting atonement. Worse, given her sobbing, Jessica didn’t think that her former teacher had had the same sexual epiphany that her mother had recently undergone. Ms. Valdez spoke out,

“Hello slave. I won’t call you Martha because I know your name was taken away from you with your freedom and your clothes, and I don’t know what slave cunt name you’ve been assigned yet. First, I want to let you know that I have forgiven you for stealing from my shop. Your husband made restitution to me for the cost of the goods you stole. I even understand that you are a kleptomaniac and you’re trying to kick this habit but you couldn’t kick it with me.

While I was willing to agree for you not to be charged and convicted as a felon, I wasn’t willing to just let it go. Forgiveness only goes so far. As the Lord said, render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and all that. Enforcement of the law falls unto the state and your therapy does not seem to be working. I hope that one of the things you get out of the next couple of hours and the next year is an understanding of some of the consequences of your actions to the people you’ve stolen from.”

The voice continued, “I’m a small business owner and to get my business started I wasn’t able to borrow money from a bank or any conventional lenders. I had to go to a, shall we say, private lender. He’s not a loan shark or anything like that although I do pay a bit more in interest than I would have had to pay otherwise. When people steal for me that cuts into my profits, sometimes to the point that I can’t make ends meet. When it first happened to me, my private lender allowed me to work part-time in another one of his businesses. It didn’t conflict with the hours of my shop but it’s not the kind of work that I could talk about at church socials. In fact, I have no doubt that, if you had known before today, you and the other church ladies would have run me out of the congregation and ruined my business.”

“You see, some of the other businesses my banker runs includes a brothel. My part time job had me looking much like you look right now, yoked to a station with my tits hanging down, ass and cunt spread out for all the world to see and fuck. And fucked I was. I had to whore myself to make up the difference when my mortgage payments were short. One night a weekend I took home more than my mortgage payment.”

She continued, “The first night I was fucked by six cocks, three strap ons and I lost count of how many dicks I sucked and pussies I licked. They say you never forget your first time, but that a lie. Before that night I had never had a cock in my mouth or licked a pussy. It’s all a blur. I do know that I hated being used as fuckmeat. After that first night, I felt so degraded and used I swore I’d never go back.”

“Then the next month I was short again and I knew I had to go back. The second time wasn’t as bad. In fact, I liked it. I realized that I like being helpless, at the mercy of others. That second time, I reveled in having canlı bahis siteleri cocks up my ass and plumbing my cunt. I enjoyed all the cocks and pussies I serviced. I see you now and think of my first time served up naked and yoked. No doubt you’re embarrassed and mortified that you’re here naked, with your head and hands locked and immobilized. But I also see a hot woman with her butt sticking up in the air, cunt and nether hole ready and available to be used. In fact, it looks like your cunt is a little juicy.”

Jessica heard a moan from next to her and a sucking sound, then the woman continued, “And tasty too. Like me, you’re going to be taking it up the ass, licking pussies, sucking cocks and generally getting fucked in all your holes. The difference is I get to decide when I am done. Slaves don’t get to say no. That barcode on your ass and collar around your neck means you better embrace being a three-hole slut now or you are in for a miserable year.” The sound of something being unwrapped got Jessica’s attention.

“I actually want to make it a little easier for you and brought a toy to help you. There is a section of my shop that is for my more… adventurous customers. When you regain your freedom, you might be ready to browse there. “

There was the sound of someone moving followed by a cry,

“What are you doing…not there please…owww it’s so big.” Jessica realized that this drama was playing out on the big screen and looked at the HD3V screen to see for former teacher with one half of a two-headed dildo in her ass with a woman feeding the other half into the new slave’s cunt. She heard the Domina say,

“Quit your whining. Your cunt is sopping wet. Does the good reverend ever get it stuck in here? I think there are virgins looser than this. Is that why you are so wet? Not getting it at home?”

Jessica saw the woman get the other half of the dildo all the way to the toy’s hilt into the apparently wet twat and touch a switch set into the middle of the device. Jessica heard a familiar hum.

Jessica heard Martha Doming’s voice cry out, “Maria you said you were a Christian you forgave me why are you doing this to me?”

“Because as I said earlier, you violated the criminal law and this is the consequence. You’re far better off than you normally would be. Had I not agreed to the plea bargain, you would have been convicted of a felony and there would have been no way the congregation would have not found out. Plus, and this isn’t very Christian I admit, I feel like you need to be taken down a peg or two. You’ve always been so superior and supercilious of other people who don’t meet your “standards.” I guess I want you to see why some people must do things they might not want to do. Finally, I want to watch you while your turn from a prim and proper church lady to just another convict cunt ready to be fucked in all your holes.

Enough! If you can still talk then the setting is too low.”

On the screen Jessica saw the domina make an adjustment on her wrist comp which caused the buzzing sound to ratchet up and the impaled slave to moan with…pleasure?

“Please Domina, make it stop!” The woman cried out, panting.

“Why, slave cunt? The domini that use you over the next year are not going to stop. This is your new normal for the next year, get used to it.”

“Feels too good…” the hapless slave replied.

“I am tired of your whining, let’s put that slave tongue to a more productive use.” Jessica saw the woman walk to the front of the yoke, raise her skirt and jam her crotch into the face of the minister’s wife.

“Lick me convict cunt! Put your tongue to use. “

Deborah had been listening and watching the atonement by Martha play out. While she felt sorry for the woman, a voice inside her head said, “That could have been you, crying and moaning. Horrified about being taken without a care about how you felt about it, servicing a pussy with cocks in your other two holes. Reduced to a moaning…” Deborah caught herself, those moans sounded a lot like heat, not pain.

“Cunt, you can’t tell me that you have never had your head between a woman’s thighs before. That’s the best rug munching I have ever had. Ahhhhh, yes right there slave. Stroke my clit with that wondrous slave tongue… I’m cumming…don’t you dare stop. Arrgue…”

Deborah saw the woman fall over on the yoke grabbing it to steady herself, then pushed herself away. Her skirt pulled away from the slave’s head uncovering it to show the raven-haired slave with her tongue still sticking out looking for the withdrawn twat.

“Well, that was…unexpected. Slave, you are either the best natural pussy pleaser ever or you have serviced a lot of twats in your time. I’m betting that…” Deborah heard a wrist comp alert go off. The Domina continued,

“I have to run. The person covering the shop has to leave early. Yolanda, can I assign the balance of my atonement time to you?”

“Sure. Actually, these cunts are department property till we sign them over for transportation. The Sheriff has designated any yoked slaves as free use so we will see how many deputies want to take an early lunch today. Let me set it up and just state your name and that you wish to assign your atonement time as you wish”

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