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Mixed Bag


This story is called Mixed Bag for a reason. It involves incest between sister, brother, father, mother, and every combination in between. It ALSO contains shemale, crossdresser, and bisexual sex. If any of these things aren’t for you, then you continue to read at your own discretion.

Author’s Note: This is a re-upload of what was originally published as a five part series. I realized the chapters weren’t long enough to necessitate each having it’s own entry. So here is the entire first saga, condensed for your convenience. It’s been enhanced with some minor tweaks and corrections, but mostly remains the same. Enjoy. -M


Act I: The Devious Sister

The Reynolds were your average, every day family. Julie, the blonde bombshell of a mother with her stunning blue eyes, had her children fairly young. At 40 years old she still looked drop-dead gorgeous. Partly because of this, she had a very active sex life with her husband Derek, a handsome green-eyed 43 year old man with chiseled features and neatly trimmed brown hair. They had three children. Their oldest, Jenna was 19 and took after her mother, sporting the same blonde hair and blue eyes. Then there were the twins, both 18, Charlie and Ashley. Charlie too, took after his mother, having shaggy blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Ashley took more after her father though, sporting shoulder length brunette hair, and deep, emerald eyes.

It was Spring Break for the kids. Ashley and Charlie were both seniors in high school, and Jenna was in her first year of college. She went to the local university, allowing her to stay at home with the family she loved. Little did she realize just how much she would end up loving them, though.

Ashley lay in her room, clad in just a pair of too-short short-shorts and a white tank top. She boredly threw a tennis ball against the wall, not knowing what she wanted to do. She knew she felt quite horny, but didn’t feel like masturbating, and didn’t really have any male friends she was strongly attracted to. Suddenly, after one throw of the ball, a voice echoed from the neighboring wall.

“Hey Ash, can you knock that off please? I’m trying to study.”

Ashley sighed and dropped the tennis ball on the floor. She sat up on her bed and had a very sudden, indecent thought. Her brother Charlie was handsome like their father, but he had always been rather quiet and shy. There was no one she trusted more than her siblings, and her combination of boredom and horniness drove deviant thoughts into her mind. She pushed herself up off her bed and crept the short distance down the hallway to her brother’s door. It was already cracked open, so she slipped inside and closed it behind her.

Charlie was sitting at his desk and failed to notice the sound of the door closing. Ashley tip toed over behind his chair and leaned over, just mere inches away from his ear before whispering “Boo.”

Charlie jumped and nearly fell out of his chair, sending his papers flying. Ashley couldn’t help but laugh as he got up and dusted himself off.

“Why are you doing schoolwork anyway? It’s Spring Break.”

“It’s an extra credit assignment for world history. I have to keep my GPA up if I’m gonna get into the university I want.”

Charlie sat back down at his desk, trying to rearrange his papers and books. Ashley rolled her eyes, sighed, and then abruptly turned his swivel chair around so that he was facing her. She then crawled into his lap with a devilish grin. He could feel the warmth through her shorts and immediately felt guilty as his cock gave a twitch.

“Wouldn’t you rather…y’know, be having fun?” Ashley asked slyly, leaning so close he could feel her hot breath on his neck.

“A-Ashley…w-w-what are you doing?” Charlie managed to squeak out, trying to keep from getting hard.

“You know what I’m doing…and you know you want it too,” she whispered, nibbling his earlobe.

“A-Ash!” He gasped. He put his hands on her hips, trying to push her off his lap, albeit somewhat reluctantly. She sat up, grabbed his hands, and placed them on her breasts. Even through her tank top he could feel her hardened nipples. He sat there in silence and gulped, staring at his twin sister.

“A-Ashley…” He said helplessly.

“You’ve never been with a girl before, have you?” She asked with a giggle.

Charlie’s cheeks immediately turned pink and he removed his hands from her breasts, covering the sudden bulge in his pants. This made Ashley laugh again.

“It’s okay,” she said reassuringly. She reached down, grabbed the hem of her tank top and lifted it up and over her head, exposing her perky 36B breasts, pink nipples already rock hard. Charlie’s mouth dropped open. Ashley took his hands again and now placed them on her bare breasts, and began to grind her crotch against his. She grinned, feeling that her brother was already hard.

“Oh Charlie…I can tell you want this. Your pants are about to burst right open,” canlı bahis she giggled.

“Ashley…we…we can’t…you’re my sister!” He said in protest, although his hands were still firmly on her tits.

“Exactly why we can do this. You’re my brother, I trust and love you. And let’s face it, you’re hot, and I think you think I am too,” again she ground against him. The warmth made his now rock hard cock twitch.

“Yeah but…it’s…it’s so wrong…” He said weakly.

“If it’s so wrong,” she whispered, placing his hands on her hips and leaning forward so that her left nipple was pressed against his lips, “Then why are you so hard?”

He closed his eyes, lost in the moment, and opened his mouth, suckling her nipple between his lips. He too began to grind against his sister, dry humping as he fervently sucked one tit while lifting his hand to grope the other.

“That’s more like it,” Ashley giggled again, meeting his grinding with her own.

He released her left nipple and took a breath, feeling for a moment that he should stop, but he was already so turned on that he found this a very difficult feat and instead decided to continue, now sucking her right nipple into his mouth, tweaking the still-moist left with his fingers.

“Now we’re talking,” Ashley said slyly.

Suddenly, she slid off of his lap. Momentarily, he was saddened by not having a pair of pert tits in his face, but suddenly realized where things were going. Ashley quickly unbuttoned his pants and without even thinking he lifted his butt from the chair. In one swift motion she lowered his jeans and boxers, letting his 7 inch dick spring free, so hard it stood up against his belly.

“Oh my…” Ashley giggled again, before leaning forward and licking from the base to the tip.

Charlie couldn’t help but give out an audible moan, feeling for the first time a warm, wet tongue on his rock hard dick. Some part of him still knew how wrong, how taboo and forbidden this was. But that just served to make him hornier at this point.

Ashley continued licking her brother’s cock for a few moments, before oh so slowly and gently placing her lips around just the head, tasting a tiny droplet of precum that had formed. She moaned, sending vibrations down his dick as Charlie gripped the arms of his chair for support. “Oh god…” He moaned again.

After keeping her mouth over just the tip for a few moments longer, she finally took the rest into her mouth in one slow descent. Charlie gave off a slightly louder moan this time, trying to keep himself quiet so their older sister wouldn’t hear, as she was just down the hall. As Ashley began to move her head up and down, Charlie hesitantly placed his hand in her silky brown hair.

Ashley continued to blow her brother, reveling the feel of his rock hard cock in her mouth. Her saliva coated at as she went to town, bobbing her head up and down, faster and faster. Charlie began to instinctively thrust to meet her motions, and she smiled around his cock when she felt his hand in her hair.

Charlie had never felt anything like it before. It was so warm, and so moist as his sister’s soft lips caressed his cock from top to bottom. He felt himself nearing the point of no return and whispered between moans, “I-I’m about to cum Ashley.”

Ashley moaned around his dick hearing this, and increased her tempo. Charlie gripped her hair and closed his eyes, and she in turn went even faster as he began thrusting erratically. Then she felt it, a warm jet of spunk splashed onto her tongue. She quickly swallowed it as several more spurts followed. She savored the warm, salty taste, making sure to suck down every drop before removing her lips with a pop.

Charlie let out a deep exhale and finally opened his eyes, looking down at his sister as she wiped her mouth.

“That was…that was…” He stammered.

“Wonderful?” She giggled. “I know. I’ve just had another idea though,” she grabbed her tank top, slipping it back on as Charlie leaned back in his chair. “What are you going to do now?” He asked.

She smiled a devilish smile before replying, “You’ll just have to find out later.”

And with that, she trotted from his room, closing the door behind her. Charlie pulled up his pants and swiveled the chair back around, still contemplating what had just happened. Needless to say, he had a very hard time concentrating on his schoolwork after this.

Ashley was still insanely horny. Though she’d brought her brother great joy, she’d left before he could return the favor. She decided to stifle the urge to run to her room and masturbate however, as she wanted to pursue her new devious intentions first.

Heading down the hall towards her older sister Jenna’s room, she heard the shower running in the bathroom. Checking the bathroom door, she found it unlocked, and with her grin growing wider, she slipped inside, quietly closing the door behind her.

She quickly peeled her tank top off again, dropping it on the floor before unbuttoning her shorts bahis siteleri and pulling them and her panties down in one motion. She stepped out of them and crept towards the shower, peeking through the tiny space between the curtain and the wall. She could see Jenna’s naked form from the back. She currently had her head tilted back and her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of the hot water cascading over her tight body.

Ashley bit her lip nervously before stealthily slipping inside, trying her best not to disturb the curtain too much. With her goal achieved, she smiled and wrapped her arms around her sister’s midsection, pressing her breasts against Jenna’s back, her nipples still rock hard.

Jenna, quite understandably, nearly jumped out of her skin before realizing it was her sister. “Jesus fucking Christ Ashley you scared me! What the fuck are you doing in here?” She asked, trying to pry Ashley’s arms off of her. She held on tight however and giggled.

“We haven’t showered together since we were kids. I thought it might be fun to do it again.”

“We’re adults now, Ash. This is just weird,” she said, still trying to pry Ashley’s arms off her. “C’mon, let me go.”

“I don’t think you want me to let you go.”

Ashley kept one arm firmly locked around her sister, while moving her other down between her legs. She cupped Jenna’s pussy while at the same time beginning to kiss her neck.

“Ashley! What the fuck?!” Jenna called out again, now struggling in earnest to escape. “You’re my little sister! What the fuck are you doing?”

Despite Ashley’s efforts to hold on, Jenna broke free and spun around to face her sister, grabbing both of her hands to keep them from touching her.

“What has gotten into you? This is incest!”

“This is just one sister loving another as much as she possibly can,” Ashley said, before pushing Jenna against the wall of the shower and kissing her forcefully, prying her hands free and pinning Jenna’s against the wall above her head.

Jenna resisted at first, but then she felt Ashley’s knee press between her legs and begin to rub her pussy. She had been single since she’d gone off to college, and it had been a long time since she’d had anyone touch her. But still, this was her sister, she reminded herself, it was wrong. And on top of that, she was straight. She resisted the kissing for a brief moment, but found herself parting her lips, allowing her little sister’s tongue to penetrate her mouth and intertwine with hers. Ashley broke the kiss just long enough to say “See, I know you want this too,” before pressing her lips to her sister’s once more.

Jenna moaned, defeated, finally stopping her struggle and opening her legs to give Ashley easier access. It felt so wrong, but so good at the same time. How could this be happening? How could she be letting it happen? The questions continued to run through her head as she made out with her younger sister, feeling her knee rub against her increasingly warm pussy. Finally, Ashley broke the kiss, leaning down slightly to take one of Jenna’s nipples into her mouth, while caressing the other breast. Jenna’s hands instinctively cradled Ashley’s head.

“Ashley…I-I’m straight…we’re sisters,” she weakly protested.

“I thought I was straight too, and sisters just means we trust and love each other,” she found herself repeating the same thing she’d told Charlie. “If it feels good, just go with it.”

Jenna closed her eyes. The hot water, steam of the shower, and her sister’s hot, wet body pressed against hers was sending her so easily into overdrive. She still couldn’t believe she was going along with it, but at this point, all the fight had left her.

After giving both of Jenna’s breasts attention, Ashley sunk to her knees and pushed open her legs farther, revealing a tight, pink hairless pussy. “It’s so pretty,” Ashley said smoothly, before planting a kiss on Jenna’s clit.

Jenna leaned against the shower wall again and moaned, both hands still resting on Ashley’s head. “Oh god, sis…”

Ashley opened her lips and gently nibbled on her sister’s clit, suckling it into her mouth. Jenna moaned louder, her fingers gripping her sister’s wet hair. Ashley released her grip on Jenna’s clit, running her tongue from it down into the soft, wet folds of her sister’s labia. She lapped from the crevice all the way to the clit repeatedly, lingering on Jenna’s clit every so often. Jenna’s hips began to gyrate as her sister went down on her. She could feel herself rapidly approaching the brink. She was made hornier, just like her brother before her, by the fact that this was so forbidden.

She forced her eyes open to look at her baby sister on her knees, face buried in her pussy. She had never realized just how hot Ashley was, and that was amplified by her current position. She couldn’t help but close her eyes again as she felt her orgasm draw near. “Oh god Ash, I’m gonna cum…ohgodohgodohgod…”

Ashley ate her sister’s pussy with a passion, tasting the bittersweet juices bahis şirketleri as they willingly flowed across her tongue as her sister came. She slowed her lapping, again gently kissing Jenna’s clit before standing back up and kissing her sister. Jenna moaned again, tasting her own pussy on her lips, before finally Ashley pulled back. “Now wasn’t that fun? She giggled. She then quickly turned and disappeared from the shower. Jenna peeked her head out of the curtain to see Ashley wrapping a towel around herself and gathering her clothes.

“Hey wait…is that…are we finished?”

“For now,” Ashley said with a wink, before leaving the bathroom. Jenna remained in the shower, thinking about what had just transpired.

Now hornier than she’d ever been in her life, Ashley returned to her room and closed the door. Dropping her clothes and the towel in a pile on the floor, she lay down on her bed and began rubbing her clit with one hand, and inserted two fingers of the other into her sopping wet pussy. She came in almost no time at all, all the while thinking about what she’d done to her brother and sister. Things around the house were definitely going to get a lot more interesting.

Act II: Escalation

Somehow the kids all managed to get through dinner with their parents after the encounters they’d had. While Ashley was the architect of the lewd plans, little did Charlie and Jenna know that the other had been orally pleasured by their own sister. Derek and Julie were none the wiser as well, carrying on the typical dinner conversation about work and school.

Later that night, once everyone had retired to their rooms, Ashley lay in bed pondering the day. Regardless of her self-medication earlier, she was still so horny. Now that she thought about it, she wondered why she didn’t have Charlie or Jenna return the favor for her that she’d given them. She briefly considered sneaking to one of their rooms, but suddenly had another idea. Dressed in only a pair of teal boyshort-cut panties and a white spaghetti strap tank top, she slid off her bed and crept from her room and down the hall to her parents’ room.

As she tip-toed closer, she considered her options. Her siblings were one thing, but her parents? She could get herself into some serious trouble this time. She weighed the risks in her head, but as she drew nearer to the door, those thoughts were abandoned by what she heard. She distinctly picked up the sound of her mother moaning. This made her extremely giddy and she crept to the door, cracking it open just slightly so she could peer in.

Inside, Derek was fucking his wife with a passion doggy style. Julie arched her back, balanced on her hands and knees as she moaned again. Ashley could clearly see her father’s dick sluicing in and out of her mother’s dripping wet pussy.

“Not too loud Jules, don’t want the kids to hear,” Derek whispered in the most controlled voice he could muster, as he continued to thrust his hips.

“God it just feels so good,” Julie moaned again, her hands gripping the sheets as she tried to keep her voice down.

Meanwhile outside the door, Ashley knew she wanted her parents as much as her siblings, seeing them fuck in such a primal fashion. She slid her hand into her panties, rubbing her clit and leaning against the door frame as she watched her parents fucking. “My god this is hot…” She whispered to herself.

Derek savored the feeling of his wife’s pussy gripping his cock as he thrust in and out. He’d always been faithful, never wanted anyone else, as she seemed to be insatiable as he was. After their third child she had decided to have her tubes tied so they could continue the fun without risk of other pregnancies. And continue the fun they did.

“I’m gonna cum…oooh fuck yes,” Julie moaned again, keeping her voice as quiet as possible as she thrust her hips back to meet Derek’s.

“Oh yeah mommy, me too,” Ashley whispered as she rubbed her clit more feverishly. For just a second she froze and her heart skipped a beat. She could swear Julie had turned her head and saw her, but if she had she made no indication of it as she arched her back further and closed her eyes, her body shaking from an intense orgasm. Ashley resumed rubbing her clit, bringing herself to her own sublime orgasm.

Now it was Derek’s turn. “Oh here it comes,” he moaned, his thrusts becoming more erratic.

“Cum on my face, Derek. I want to feel your hot cum tonight.”

Derek pulled out and grabbed his dick, covered in his wife’s nectar as she quickly rolled over on her back with her face just underneath. He pumped his dick furiously for a few moments before convulsing and groaning, spurts of thick, hot white spunk landing on her cheeks, chin, and lips. She opened her mouth to catch some as well, swallowing it and licking her lips with a satisfied giggle. Derek collapsed next to her, and the pair lay side by side, panting and out of breath, but fully satisfied.

Ashley couldn’t believe what she’d seen. She thought things like that only happened in porn movies, but to see her parents act it out? She quietly closed the door and practically ran back to her room to masturbate again, passing out with her hand still in her panties after her final orgasm of the day.

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