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American Dad

I would strongly suggest reading my first two chapters before taking on this one. It will make more sense. Constructive comments are always appreciated, and don’t forget to click on as many stars as you think appropriate. I thank you.


Misty Reynolds dropped her son David off at school, as usual. She was carrying a mix of feelings, running in endless circles inside her head — raging lust, overpowering desire, a kind of euphoria, and a giddiness she couldn’t define. And then there was the guilt. She pushed that from her thoughts. Rather than go directly to yoga, as was her usual, she drove straight home from the school. In her room, she put on the slinky purple tube-top mini-dress DeShawn had given her. She wanted to see herself in it one more time. This time she liked what she saw. Her hard nipples practically tore through the spandex material, and when she turned around and leaned over, her thong panties were plainly visible, as was the bottom half of her ass. She decided to wear it for DeShawn today. He had told her he would come back, hadn’t he?

She was still waiting by the door two hours later when Elaine called her cell phone. She let it go to voice mail. Surely DeShawn would be there soon. He’d promised her, she thought. Her memories of yesterday were cloudy, after the sex in that bar with James and the others. And the white powder she had unknowingly consumed, and that still seemed to be giving her boundless energy.

By 2:00PM Misty hadn’t eaten anything for almost thirty hours. Now she was ravenous. Throwing out the spoiled leftovers from the fridge one after another, she decided to swing by a drive-thru. There was no need to change, she reasoned. ‘I’ll be in the car the whole time.’ She left a note on the door for DeShawn, telling him she had dressed for him and asking him to wait for her if he came by before she returned. She headed to McDonald’s, just down the street.

Somehow, in her distracted state, she missed it, and actually got lost for a little while. She was confused, unable to think about anything but the previous night. There was an Arby’s ahead. Misty pulled into the line, ordered two roast beef sandwiches and a Diet Coke, and fumbled in her purse as she pulled ahead. There was a young black kid at the window, tall and skinny, with a huge afro hairdo.

He was used to hot women using the drive-thru. It was one of the perks of the job. Sometimes he got to see boobs, sometimes drunk teenagers, who would flash him. But as Misty stopped beneath him and he looked down, her panty-covered pussy was in full view. He stared at it as she produced a debit card, and only then did he look at her face. She was gorgeous, though her makeup was a little messed up.

“Damn, girl,” he said softly, “I do like that dress! You hittin’ someplace up? ‘Cause I’m on break in a few.”

Misty looked up at him and smiled. Her pussy tingled, knowing he could probably see her panties. “Just my house,” she told him, then added, “I’m waiting for someone.” She tried to pull the hem of the dress down, but she was sitting on it, and it would stretch no more. ‘Fuck it,’ she thought, ‘I probably brightened up his day!’ In truth, his ardent approval touched on an area that was still aroused. She glanced down at her nipples, and they were like erasers beneath the thin material.

“So,” he said, taking his time swiping her card, “you need any company while you wait? They don’t call me stretch for nothin’.”

He handed her a paper receipt. “Ms. Misty Reynolds,” he read from her debit card before handing it back to her. She moved to take it, and he held onto it for a few seconds longer. “You sure are a pretty thing. Why don’t we wait together?”

Misty stared at the card and the long black fingers holding it. She dropped the receipt in her lap, temporarily distracted by his compliment and the suggestion he had made. She was very horny, and probably not thinking straight, but he was handsome and his confidence reinforced her submissive nature. “Sure,” she said, putting the card in her purse.

“Pull up at the other window,” he told her, “then wait at the exit. I be right there, pretty lady.”

Misty felt her panties dampen at the thought that she could so easily entice a young man, by just being herself. The thought that her manner of dress — that of a slut — made her intentions clear to anyone, didn’t occur to her. She saw herself only as a sexual woman; something she hadn’t felt in years. When she parked in one of the spaces by the exit, she was no longer interested in the food she’d bought. She wasn’t even sure what she’d ordered. She wanted; no, she NEEDED to get fucked.

When the eighteen-year-old appeared at her side window, she simply inclined her head towards the passenger side. He climbed into the mini-van and closed the door, staring at the way she sat with her thighs apart, giving him a clear view of what were obviously wet panties.

“So, you got a boyfriend comin’ over?” he began.

She looked at erotik film izle him, liking what she saw. He was tall. She liked that, having discovered a love of being dominated recently by much larger men. He was handsome in his own way, but she wasn’t particularly concerned with that. She kept remembering him saying he was called ‘stretch’, and that was what her mind fixated on. She had just enough of the powder still in her system to do away with any sense of decorum.

“Never mind that. You got a big dick?” she asked, staring down at his crotch.

He grinned. “Well, yeah. Sounds like you got an itch you need scratched.”

Misty leaned against her door, spreading her legs further. “I got an itch,” she confirmed. She moistened her lips, then suddenly leaned towards him and reached for his zipper.

His cock was long, a good eight inches, but much narrower than DeShawn’s. And it was certainly nothing like James’s, but it didn’t matter. It was a cock, hard and shiny black; a vessel to deliver the pleasure she craved. She went down on it immediately.

The kid, whose name tag said JARED, pushed his pants and boxers down as the blonde blew him. He was gonna tap this MILF’s pussy so hard! He let her suck him for a couple of minutes, then pulled her head up by her hair. She was panting, hot and ready for him. Jared grabbed her right leg by the knee and pulled her across the bucket seat until her head was resting on the armrest. Her ass was hanging in the space between their seats, one foot on the floor as she waited for him to work her panties off and position himself between her thighs. It only took a moment, but to Misty it seemed too long.

He breached her sopping entrance with his cock head and she gasped in pleasure. It felt so good to have another cock inside her; it had been a full sixteen hours, which seemed like a lifetime to her. She reached for his ass with both hands, drawing him deeper. “Yeah, that’s it,” she whispered, “give it to mommy good. Fuck this pussy!”

Her nasty words urged Jared on, not that he needed any urging. This white slut was hot, and so down to fuck his friends would never believe him! He hammered into her tight squishy cunt as her fingers clung to his ass cheeks, telling her, “That’s right, mommy. You a hot little slut. I’m gonna turn this mommy’s pussy inside out!” She was already so wet his balls slapped against the juices running down her ass cheeks, and her cunt gripped him like it never wanted to let go. He felt his orgasm coming after a few more minutes. He fought to prolong it, but he knew his fifteen-minute break would soon be up. He had thought he’d be lucky enough to get a phone number or maybe set up a date; he never dreamed he’d get to bang this MILF in the parking lot!

Misty was getting into it. Her head banged off the door as she slumped further and further down off the seat and he hammered her cunt, but she didn’t care. A little discomfort was all part of her sexual life these days. This teenager’s cock was all she cared about, and the way it made her feel. Then she felt his thrusts deepen and his rhythm alter. She could tell he was almost there.

“Nooo, baby!” she groaned, “not yet!” Then she felt his first ropy jet of semen hit her cervix, and she grasped at his waist, holding him tighter. She hadn’t cum yet, but she was close. So close! “Stay with me,” she begged, as he thrust decisively into her sopping hole, spending the last of his cum inside her.

Jared groaned. He didn’t want to cum so soon, but he had to go! He could imagine his manager watching the clock, as she always did, ready to dress him down again for getting back late. ‘But, damn! This was so worth it!’ he told himself. He pulled from the little blonde’s embrace, patting her leg.

“Hey, that was hot, miss, but I gotta get back. Come by at four o’clock when I get off, okay?” He sat up and pulled his shorts and pants back up from where they were pooled around his ankles, then opened the door and got out quickly. He came around to her side, where she was still laying spread-legged, with his cum dripping onto the floor. “What was your name again?” he asked.

Misty ignored him. She had gotten so close! Now she was hornier than ever; still not at all hungry. When he turned and left, she sighed and sat up. Her panties were on the floor where he’d dropped them. She put them in her purse and turned, startled, as she heard a voice.

“Oh my god, that was fucking hot!” the young white man said. His face, and another, were in her passenger window, staring at where her dress was still bunched up around her hips. The other face said, “did you just fuck that guy right here?”

They looked like surfers, both blonde and tousle-haired. In their mid-twenties, she thought. She managed a rueful grin and said, “Well, you know…”

Another face appeared behind her, in her driver’s window. He was also around their age, but darker-haired. Good looking, muscular. “I know, right?” he said. “Sometimes you just gotta go for it.” He, too, stared down at her bare film izle hips and pussy, after smiling at her.

‘Damn, there’s good-looking guys everywhere,’ she thought happily. Glancing at the two opposite her again, she saw where they were looking, and hiked her butt up to pull her dress down. As she’d found, it was a useless gesture. “I… guess I’d better go?” She left it as a question, hoping they’d pick up on it.

The first guy who had spoken looked across into her eyes. “Hey, what for, you know? I mean, you got a van…” He glanced towards the back of Misty’s mini-van. “Don’t those seats fold down?”

His meaning was not lost on Misty.

Not five minutes later, the Voyager’s second row of seats was stacked out of the way, and the rear seat was folded out flat. Two of the guys, whose names Misty never asked for, sat on the edge of the ‘Convert-a-bed’ feature, while Misty, on her knees atop some old beach towels, leaned forward and kissed first one and then the other. The third young man positioned himself behind her, pushing her dress up once more over her ass and running his hands over the bare skin of her mommy-hips. Her cunt nestled just below, plump and ready.

“I never knew these seats did this,” she giggled, as she felt the hands slide down her thighs. She could hardly wait to get another dick inside her; her cunt felt so empty! One guy slid the tube-top dress down off her tits as the other made out with her. Her bite marks and hickeys could be seen by all. “Mmmm,” she moaned, as they exchanged grins.

“You like your titties messed with, huh?,” the young man asked.

Misty just groaned. She didn’t want small-talk. “Fuck me,” she begged, looking at the two before her. “All of you. Fuck me now.”

As if by magic, there was a cock out before her, and she lowered her head to engulf it in her mouth, just as another thick slab of meat slid between the glistening, swollen lips of her pussy.


The boy behind now pumped energetically into her, knowing he was getting sloppy seconds but not caring. This older woman was hot and tight, and this was free pussy! Her legs had gone apart as soon as he slid her dress up, inviting him to fuck her without even asking his name. When he slid into her, she was hot inside, and sticky, but what the hell. His balls were swollen with cum. Time to drop a load in this slut!

He thrust harder into her, eager to add his cum inside this horny MILF. Her cunt squeezed his cock like a vise, milking it of its potent load of semen, and with a loud groan, he blasted his seed deep inside her.

“Agggggghhhh, FUCK!”

Misty pulled off the cock she was throating long enough to emit a squeal of pleasure. Her climax, the one that Jarod hadn’t allowed her, followed right behind the stranger’s climax. It was as if his hot semen had finally brought her kettle to boil! She fully enjoyed her orgasm as it radiated through her, with her face laying on another stranger’s thigh.

They switched then, the guy behind pulling out at last and allowing one of his buddies to take his place. The first guy settled far back on the fold-down seat, leaning against the rear hatch with his cum-covered cock ready for her to clean. Misty was pulled forward so her upper body rested fully on the seat. As she took the slimy cock, which was still thick from the blood pumping through it, into her mouth, she felt another enter her from behind.

This was where she wanted to be!

It was a round-robin from then on, one man dumping his hot load into her sloppy pussy, then rotating around to have his dick licked clean. Their stamina was amazing! After taking no less than eight helpings of cum Misty was still horny, though her buzz seemed to be coming down. She looked forward now to getting home, and hopefully being fucked by DeShawn. After the young men had finished with her and clambored out, she found she was hungry again. She retrieved the bag of sandwiches from the floorboard, where it had been thrown when the first boy showed up. As the guys high-fived one another, she pulled out of the lot, attacking that first soggy roast beef sandwich like a wolf.

At home, she found a note from DeShawn, scrawled on the back of her own:


Misty was crushed! She sat down on her ass on the front walk and began to sob. It was true, of course. She had gone off and fucked someone else, while wearing the very dress that DeShawn had given her. It was a breach of trust, something Misty had always tried never to do. Of course, she had done a lot of things she never thought she’d do in the last week, she reasoned. Staring off into space, she tried to justify her actions. She had fallen into a pit of sexual pleasure, and she didn’t know if she wanted to climb back out or not. Even now, she was feeling that urge again. She was like a junkie. She needed sex!

Without deliberately thinking about it, she climbed back into the mini-van seks filmi izle and drove to the neighborhood where James had his little bar. She knew he would be up for a hard fuck, and that was what she was craving right now. Maybe it would take the pain away. Parking out front, it looked quiet, like before. ‘Good,’ she thought, ‘he’ll have time for me.’

But when she pushed against the door, it was locked. She pulled her phone out and checked the time; it was near three o’clock. Maybe he opened then. She decided to wait, and got back in the car. Her pussy was soaking! She remembered she’d never put her panties back on, and dug them out of her purse. They were still wet, as well. She balled them up and tossed them out the window. Grinning, she decided that NOW she truly was a slut!

James arrived ten minutes later. Misty bounded out of the car, calling his name excitedly. He looked shocked, but once he saw who it was he got a big smile on his face. He had no doubt of her need; her whole body telegraphed that fact!

“Hey, slut,” he said, not remembering her name but remembering that sexy body, “what you doin’ back here?” They hugged and he whispered in her ear, “You need some dick, don’t you?” Misty nodded against his shoulder.

James locked the door after getting her inside, and Misty headed straight back to the little office behind the bar without being told to. She dropped her purse and sat on the edge of the dirty mattress, waiting for him as he put some things away.

‘Why was he taking so long?’

James walked into the office, observed the slut sitting in the half-darkness and grinned. ‘Oh, she got the bug all right,’ he thought. He fingered the little vial in his pocket, then decided he might not need it this time. This slut was on her own high! He pulled his undershirt off and approached the cot. Misty leaned back on her hands, offering herself to him. He straddled her and began kissing her, his hands yanking the top of the dress down and going to her breasts. As he mauled them, twisting and pulling on her rigid nipples, she slowly sank backwards. She lay with her mouth open, already gasping, as his lips closed over her nipple.

For the next hour, Misty went from one climax to the next, her body reacting so violently to James’s fat cock that she lost all sense of time. He couldn’t help but notice from the get-go that the little blonde was already leaking cum. That fueled his sadistic use of her cunt, as well as her breasts, which he slapped and tugged at furiously, bringing her to tears, and yet begging for more. After exhausting himself, he opened the bar and opened the office door to his patrons.

Misty came around hours later to a stranger thrusting between her legs. He was a black man, older than James, and behind him stood two other men and a woman, urging him on. Despite her fatigue, she reached for his waist, looking up into his old eyes with a need she couldn’t shake. The man finally came inside her and leaned over and kissed her quickly. He said, “Thanks, sweetie, you made an old man happy.” She began to softly cry, believing she had just done something admirable.

James used her for his own pleasure once again, then roused her with some coffee. They chatted for a while, and Misty told him she had a young son. He knew the boy would be wondering where his mother was, so late at night. “You best get yourself together, baby,” he told her.

Misty was shocked to find it was past ten o’clock. How many men had there been? She hurriedly washed her face in the sink behind the bar and combed the tangles out of her hair with a borrowed comb, complaining to James that he should have told her the time earlier. “What am I going to say to Davey?” she whined.

He only laughed. “Hey, you was the one takin’ on every man-jack that come through the door,” he told her. “Not my fault you can’t control that monkey.” He handed her her purse and slapped her on the ass. “Now, git!” he ordered.

On the drive home, Misty heard his words echoing though her head. He was right, of course. She had to get herself together, in more ways than one. She had ignored her friend’s and her son’s repeated calls, her body was sore and full of multiple loads of cum, and she might have contracted who knew what disease? Misty felt an enormous guilt. Her cheeks were wet with the tears she couldn’t stop as she drove.

At the house, David was sitting with DeShawn, outside under the porch light. ‘Oh my god,’ she thought, ‘what have I done?’ Neither of them spoke, and that was worse. They went inside. David brushed his teeth, kissed her. He only told her that he was glad she was alright and then went to bed. DeShawn sat watching her, his jaws pressed tightly together. His eyes displayed his hurt so much that she couldn’t look at him.

“DeShawn,” she finally said, “I’m sorry for what I put you through. I’ve got a lot to work through, and I think I need to be alone for a while.”

DeShawn nodded, but pulled her in for a hug and a lingering kiss. In those moments that their lips embraced one another’s, she thought she felt him forgive her, and she grew even closer to him. ‘He loves me,’ she told herself. When he broke the kiss to leave, she held onto him like a drowning person clings to a life raft.

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