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(You may want to read any of the other chapters you missed before reading this one since this is a continuing story about my missionary mother, our house girl and other going-ons. If you are offended by the nature of this story then please don’t read it, but it is true to how Zimbabwe was in the 1950’s and 60’s and it is true that missionaries are not all pure. I also offer my apologies for the bad editing which is solely my fault. Some wording in this chapter was taken from a comment. I want to thank everyone who made comments. Writers write for themselves because they cannot help themselves. They have to write, but it is nice when people acknowledge they read what you wrote by commenting.)

Our house girl Rose and I sneaked away again at night not long after Mother made her and our garden boy perform for us. John had a monstrous pecker. It was so big I thought he had killed Rose, but then my mom took my attention off them.

So what if John has a cock four inches longer than my eight and a half inch fat cock? I got nothing to worry about. I have a fine fat cock; one that fits real well where I want it most to go which is up the wonderful hairy hole between my mother’s legs, the same hole I came out of.

My mom loves her darling baby boy totally and unconditionally. She’s there to take care of all my needs, especially the needs of what I had jumping around in my canlı bahis pants. A boy knows that no one can ever have the love and concern for his young cock that his mother has. She loves her boy’s cock when it’s soft and just hanging down over his balls. It’s so damn cute she tears up with sweet motherly affection, and she loves his cock when it big and hard; proud and reaching for the sky. That’s when her cunt runs like a river, her juices streaming down her legs and ass. She spreads her legs wide and a boy like me just shoves his fat young cock up where he last was 18 or so years ago. I love unloading my hot young balls and shooting her huge twat full of my warm creamy cum. Better, lots and lots better, than any freak show put on by the help.

As I was saying Rose and I snuck away from the house again. This time to see Joe and John see if they could rid a man’s wife of a demon he said she had. He claimed she had a sex demon because he caught her playing with her cunt on a number of occasions even after he had just fucked her. I was surprised to see it was a white woman. It was the wife of the Afrikaner who was the foremen of the African workers on the mission. She was a big boned woman. She was about 5’9″ and weighed about 200lbs. When we got there they had her standing up in front of everyone stripped naked and Joe and John were looking her over and talking about her body.

“You ever bahis siteleri saw such hanging tits on a thirty year old white woman John?”


I thought how much better my Mother looked and she was older than Mrs. VanDerk. My mom’s breasts were big even if they drooped a little and her pussy lips were fat and inviting. This woman’s cunt looked like an opening to a cave. It stood open and you could see the moistness deep in it. I know now that she was very excited about getting fucked by two big black cocks because her husband’s cock was only a little over three inches long.

“Well Mr. VanDerk the only thing we know to do to get rid of that sex demon is to fuck it out of her,” Joe told him.

“Get to it boys,” was his only reply as he went to a chair that had been carried down by someone for him to sit in and watch.

John and Joe stripped and Emma, Joe’s wife, started sucking the two of them hard. As soon as she did Mrs. VanDerk’s hands went between her legs and her fingers went at her pussy. John was the first hard and went and bent the woman over the other chair that had been brought and without saying a word rammed the entire twelve plus inches in her cunt. Her cry sounded like a wild animal. Rose grabbed between my legs and was soon on her knees in front of me sucking away at my hardon. Her mouth wet and warm. Taking me deep and them slowly backing off and then bahis şirketleri taking me deep again.

When Joe got there John went around and stuck his cock in her mouth while Joe fucked her pussy. That stopped the screaming. Her husband had his little cock out stroking it with two fingers. Emma came over and pulled her dress up over ass and bent over and backed up to me so I could fuck her up her asshole. My god her asshole was tight and Rose was licking my balls and asshole as I fucked Emma. I don’t know if they got the demon out of Mrs. VanDerk, but when I pulled out of Emma’s asshole and Rose took all my fat cock down her throat I unloaded a massive amount of white stuff in that girl’s mouth. She chocked some, but got it all swallowed.


The next morning mom woke me with my cock in her mouth. Without saying anything, I turned her over on her back and spread her legs and had her put them on my shoulders. I put my fat cock head at the entrance to my Mother’s vagina and rammed it all the way home. I heard a big intake of breathe and I just held her tight with my cock buried to the hilt in its home. She started to cry and her titties shook as she did making my cock grow even bigger inside her.

“I am crying for joy.”

“I am growing bigger inside you because you’re crying makes your chest shake and that shakes those big pretty tits of yours.”

“I know you are. I can feel it.”

“I am going to cum in you.”

“You may make me have another you. You are so deep your sperm will not have to travel far.”

to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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