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Let me first introduce myself, my name is Nigel and at the grand old age of 22 I still live with my parents which is just as well as for the past ten months I have been unemployed. Seems almost impossible to find work and the longer it goes on the more I get depressed and since I have no money my love life has also vanished without trace.

My parents are pretty good to me considering the grief I give them and it’s just as well they both have good jobs, my mother is a manager of a pharmacy store while my father is a headmaster at a local school.

It all started on a hot sunny morning in July, I woke up around 10am and the house was silent apart from my television that I must have left on all night. I wandered downstairs for a cold drink and took it into the garden where I instantly lit up a cigarette and smoked it as I wandered around. As I passed by the patio doors I caught a glimpse of my father John kneeling in front of an armchair. At first I thought he was searching for something that had fallen down the side of the chair but as I pressed my face up closer to the glass I was shocked to see that he was kneeling in between the legs of another person and it wasn’t my mother. I recognised the person right away as being one of the teachers at his school, but what really shocked me was that the person was male. I silently walked back into the house and by standing in the hall I could see their reflections in the mirror above the mantelpiece. There was no doubt about it the man in the chair had is eyes closed as my father sucked greedily on his cock. My first thought was to go in and surprise them and cause a scene, but then my evil side took over and as quietly and as fast as I could I dashed upstairs to get my digital camera. I was able to take five pictures of the mirror showing the disgusting scene before me, the final picture was as the man came in my father’s mouth.

Returning back upstairs I downloaded the pictures onto my computer and then placed them in a word document with password protection once I had printed off a few copies.

A few days passed while I considered what to do about the obscenity my father had perpetrated, I still couldn’t understand why he had indulged or should I say sunk into being what could only be described in my mind as a pervert.

It was now Saturday and I had been lying awake for a good hour picturing the awful scene in my head when a plan came to mind of how I could turn this to my advantage and humiliate him, as he deserved to be.

By midday I was up and showered and ready to confront him, both my parents were sitting in their normal chairs as I entered the room and flopped down on the sofa.

“Can I have a word with you both?” I questioned.

They both looked at me with a hint of curiosity and closed their respective books indicating for me to proceed.

“Dad, why were you sucking Mr. James cock the other day?” I asked with a hint of uncertainty in my voice.

My ankara escort fathers face went pink with embarrassment and then turned to a ghostly white as my words sank in exposing his debauchery, my mother just sat there with a look of confusion and shock.

“What the hell are you talking about,” he replied trying to bluff it out.

“You see the mirror, well from the hallway I saw everything that happened including you swallowing his come, and if you need me to prove it I also managed to take a few photographs,” I replied with a smirk on my face. “I think you and mum need to have a private discussion so I’ll leave you alone for an hour, but when I return we will discuss this further and I want you both to be here,” I continued.

Even with my music turned up loud I could hear them shouting at each other and some of the language they were using would have been more at home in a prison. I had rarely ever heard either of my parents swear but they were sure making up for lost time.

Once the yelling had subsided I returned to the living room, my mother looked like she was sulking while my father looked shame faced.

“I could publish these pictures on the internet or I could email them to everyone in your address book, and before you even think of it I have taken a back up of all the address’s,” I said as once more I sat on the sofa.

“Why are you saying this, is it money you want, you want to blackmail your own parents,” said my mother gruffly.

“Money I don’t want, well no more than usual, what I want is to have sex with you mum and then I’ll give you all the pictures,” I stated, slightly embarrassed by my own words.

“Are you crazy, are you on drugs or something, I can’t believe you just said that, I’m your mother for christs sake, apart from that being incest and against the law its also unnatural,” she blurted out.

I spoke slowly as I pointed out the consequences of not agreeing to my demands, both of their careers would be in tatters, they would not have a friend left in the world and they may even have to move away from the area.

Julie, my mother contemplated this for a minute, “why do I have to be punished for something your father did,” she pleaded.

“Oh have no fear he will get what’s coming to him too, I’ll even let you have the pleasure of doing it,” I replied with a smile on my face.

“Then I don’t see that I have a choice do I, when will this travesty be taking place?” asked my mother.

“I think now is as good as time as ever, so just do what I say and it’ll soon be over.” I said while my heart beat like jungle drums in my chest.

“Stand up and remove your clothes for me and do it slowly,” I demanded.

My mother stood up and began unbuttoning her cardigan, I could see her hands shaking as she fumbled with each button. She removed the cardigan and dropped it onto the sofa it was followed by her tee shirt and a gasp from me as escort ankara she lifted it above her head forcing her bra covered tits to thrust forward. I was no judge of sizes but I guessed they must have been at least 36C. Reaching behind her back she unclipped the bra allowing her tits to hang free, not bad for a 39 year old I thought as I felt movement in my trousers. She looked at me, her eyes screamed for this to stop but I ignored the torment that was visible in her face. Her hands fiddled with the belt on her jeans before continuing to undo the button and slide the zipper down, she stepped out of her jeans and I was sure I could see a damp patch on her panties but she removed them quickly before I could tell for sure. She now stood before me her nipples were rigid and the patch of hair between her legs hid the treasure that I sought.

“Sit down and place a leg on either arm of the chair and play with your pussy please mother until I tell you to stop,” I said enjoying every minute of the power I now had over her.

She did as she was told exposing her wonderful slit to me before slipping one of her fingers inside her hole. I glanced towards my father whose gaze was transfixed on Julie and a visible bulge was appearing in his trousers. The dirty sod was enjoying his wife’s degradation, but he’ll get his soon enough I thought to myself.

I walked over to my mother and removed her finger, there was some resistance as if she wanted to continue and her breathing had become slightly irregular. Kneeling down in front of her I used my hands to pull her pussy open revealing her love bud which I caressed with my tongue. A moan escaped her lips and I knew that it was a moan of pleasure and not disgust. I sucked gently on her clitoris while moving my hands up to stroke her eager nipples, her breathing became faster and faster until with a long moan an orgasm erupted between her legs shot up her body and exploded in her brain. Looking up towards her perspiration covered face I could see the look of sheer joy, she could not hide the fact that she had just come.

“Did you enjoy that mother?” I asked looking at her directly in the face while feeling her juices run down my chin.

Her silence spurred me on, “would you like me to fuck you now?” I enquired not really interested in the answer. “If you want me to fuck you then you have to ask me,” I continued.

“No, no, no,” came the answer and was quickly followed by yes please.

“What do you want mother, say what you want and you might just get it,” I said taunting her.

“Fuck me Nigel, fuck my cunt, I want your cock inside me, fuck me until I can’t walk straight but just fuck me,” came the whispered reply.

I turned towards my father and told him to take his clothes off, he complied without any argument. Once he was naked he sat back down, his cock standing to attention with precum oozing out of the end. His cock was longer than mine by about two inches ankara escort bayan and I thought my seven inches was pretty good but what I lacked in length was made up by my the width. Turning back to my mother I pulled her forward so that her pussy was close to the edge of the chair, she was about to be filled with her son’s cock. Leaning forward I placed the end of my cock against her pussy and glided it up and down her slit before placing the tip at her entrance. I pushed forward and as inch by inch it slipped into her cunt I thought she would squeeze me to death, my mothers pussy was so tight. Finally I was up to the hilt inside her, my balls resting on her ass, it was time to fuck my mother. I started slowly slipping in and out of her each thrust causing her to gasp, the faster I fucked her the faster her tits would bounce up and down. Tried as I did I could only last a few minutes before pumping my seed inside her while at the same time she once again had an explosive orgasm I lay there my cock still inside her until it began to slip out and my breathing had slowed down.

As I got up my mother tried to close her legs but I told her to stay as she was and beckoned my father over, I think at first he thought I was going to allow him to fuck her.

“Dad as you seem to like come in your mouth you can now lick mums pussy and don’t stop until she comes again,” I instructed.

While he was engrossed in licking her pussy I dashed up stairs to retrieve the final part of his punishment. When I returned he was still at it but my mother was on the verge of coming and did so without any shame as her screams of joy echoed around the room.

I turned his armchair around and got him to lean over the back with his legs open exposing his asshole, I don’t know what he was expecting but he remained silent and obedient. I took hold of my mother’s ankles and pulled them together, taking her hand I helped her to her feet. I removed a large double-sided strap-on from the bag and began to fit it to my mother, I inserted the six inch dildo into her pussy and fastened the straps around her. The other end sported a twelve-inch dildo and she needed no instruction as to where she was to stick it. I generously lubricated the long tool and led her forward, she must have been extremely angry with him as she pushed it deep into his ass without caring whether it hurt or not. A yelp escaped my fathers mouth as it rapidly sunk into him, I watched in fascination wondering how much he could take, it was now half way in but still she pushed forward. He screamed and begged her to stop but still she continued until the full length was implanted in his hole. She then began fucking his ass so fast and hard the action before me was nothing more than a blur, she screamed as the dildo in her found its mark bringing her to another orgasm. This was quickly followed by my father letting out a long loud groan as I watched his cock erupt onto the back of the chair.

A week has since passed, I returned the pictures and deleted any evidence I had on my computer, but my mother asked if she could keep the strap-on and from the moans and groans I hear late at night I think they use it quite often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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