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I puttered around the house, starting my fall ritual of putting stuff in the attic, clothing, seasonal knick-knacks and the like, a task that used to be easier when I was younger, and my husband was alive. But as I’m pushing 65 and though still in great shape, going to the gym and running regularly, it is a little more tiring than before. So I rely on the help of my grandchildren, such as this day when 19-year-old Bradley came by to assist me.

Ah, Bradley. I noticed a change in him in recent years, a strapping young lad, college athlete, quite the hit with the ladies, a change that had him looking at me oddly from time to time, particularly when I was dressed for warmer weather. Like today. I had slipped into a pair of mid-thigh satiny white running shorts and a tight white top to hit the gym and left it on when I got home and Bradley pulled into the driveway.

I couldn’t help the feeling he was checking me out, a sensation that first left me aghast, but as time wore on, more than a bit flattered. Being the object of prurient attention by one so young couldn’t help but make me feel better, but at the same time leaving me ashamed for it. The boy would check out his silver-haired granny when I wasn’t totally covered in clothing, and then make an excuse to dart off to the bathroom, where, I imagined, he was relieving himself in more ways than the usual. Still, I shook those thoughts away, deeming them unpleasant and immoral, fighting the ones that were quite the opposite.

This day, the two of us hauled boxes to the attic, taking turns, me getting that unmistakable feeling of being watched whenever I’d bend over to pick something up, on more than one occasion hearing the boy moan almost imperceptibly behind me as I did.

Once, I heard a more frantic moan, a desperate moan and then him gulping, as if fighting something.

‘Good lord,’ I thought. ‘Is he…is he about to..cum in his pants?’

I turned and saw him, red-faced and uncertain, and covering his groin with his hands, scurrying to lift a box for me, figuring I caught it just in time. A sly smile crossed my lips, the reason why filling me with shame and her own uncertainty.

“Uh, Bradley, we’re almost done here, just one last thing,” I said. “There’s a light bulb over in the kitchen that needs changing, it’s pretty high up. Can you get the closet stepladder for me?”

“Sure thing, Grandma,” he said, happy for the diversion.

He set the ladder up, light bulb in hand, as I stood before him.

“You go up, you’re younger than I am!” I said brightly. “I’ll make sure you don’t fall.”

“OK, Grandma,” he said, walking up the ladder to the top rung where he froze the instant I put my hands high up the backs of his thighs to hold him steady.

“You OK, Bradley?” I asked, knowing full well he wasn’t as I felt the heat from my hands through his jeans.

“Uh, yeah, yeah, fine, fine,” he stammered, probably glad he was facing away so I wouldn’t see the bulge in his pants I assumed he had brought on by my hands on his thighs and more than likely hoping against hope he wouldn’t pop a load!

He struggled with the light, a tight recessed fit, but at least it took his mind off the sexual rush that I assumed was overcoming him. I wanted to stop, thought about stopping, but couldn’t. His thighs were trembling in my hands and I found myself gently needing his steely young muscles, making him groan a bit more loudly.

“Uh, better let me up, Bradley, I have pretty skinny hands and fingers, probably work better,” I said, impulsively patting his fanny playfully.

“You…you sure?” he squeaked, no doubt realizing that in my sexy little shorts, getting behind me would mean looking up underneath them.

“I’m sure,” I said, tugging at his belt to pull him down the ladder.

I was right. Moments later, as I stood on the ladder, I knew his gaze was going directly up the backs of my wrinkled yet sexy thighs to the little sweep of my butt visible in my white panties, offset in its paleness by the long tanned legs below. He moaned again, more desperately now and I fully imagined he was about to shoot a load in his pants! It felt so wrong, so perverted, so immoral – and so hot.

I couldn’t help myself and pushed the sexual envelope further.

“Uh, Bradley, hold me would you please?” I said over my shoulder, knowing the effect it would have on the boy putting his hands on the legs I knew he was staring at.

“Uh…ok…Grandma,” he stuttered, closing his eyes and his hands around my amazingly solid calves, getting more solid under the tanned, wrinkled skin as I moved about, tensing them as I maintained my balance.

“Don’t be shy, Bradley, higher, put your hands on my thighs, the way I did to you, it’s safer!” I said, suddenly, shamefully feeling my pussy moisten beneath the matted fur gone damp in my panties, knowing full well what I was doing and not wanting izmir escort bayan to, but unable to stop. “I won’t bite!”

I heard him gulp as he slipped up my sculpted calves to the firm lower thighs and beyond, finally cupping around my taut hamstrings, the flesh saggy and wrinkled but hard beneath, the sinewy muscles flowing hot in his hands. I know he was looking up as I leaned up to work the light bulb loose, my shorts riding high, my legs flexing hard, and I felt my butt being exposed as my panties scooted into my saggy ass cheeks! So wrong, I knew it, but with that white flesh of my butt so close to him, I couldn’t help myself and I swear I heard him sniffing, his face inches from my ass, seeking my scent. His hands trembled and I knew his cock, his lovely, young cock, was mere seconds away from betraying his incestuous lust!

“Are…are you almost done, Grandma?” he said in a near whisper, no doubt looking at the tufts of hair peeking out from my panties, his hands quivering as he tried not to massage and caress them, and probably fighting the urge to plunge his face deep into my ass cleavage for a good, deep whiff. “Are you?”

“Almost there,” I said, amused by the irony of the statement since I knew by his weak voice he was almost there himself.

That’s as far as I was going to take it, I’d convinced herself, just letting the boy ejaculate in his pants and being flattered by it. But now my sense of balance betrayed me as I suddenly wiggled back and forth on the ladder, and felt Bradley’s hands slip involuntarily upward, cupping fully the thick flesh of my ass as he tried to steady me.

I gasped, fearful of falling, but did so, backwards, where Bradley’s head was tilted down, and as I opened my legs for balance and fell, they went directly around my grandson’s skull and in a flash, I found myself sitting astride his strong young shoulders, my pussy pushed up against the back of his head which I intuitively gripped with both hands, still fearing I’d fall, and wrapping my fleshy sexy old thighs around it, locking my ankles together.

“Bradley, don’t let go, don’t let go!” I screamed, genuinely fearful of falling.

In this rather awkward position, Bradley stumbled backwards, bouncing off the kitchen island, with his screaming grandmother securely attached to his head with her thighs! I screamed in fear as the boy, blinded with my supple old thighs folded like a meaty scissor around his head and face, couldn’t see, and staggered toward the living room, his hands pulling at the old legs crushing his head.

“Grandma, leggo, leggo!” he hollered, hands cupped around my solid, squeezing thighs.

“Oh dear!” I yelled, slipping and twisting until, to both our horror, I slid around on his shoulders so my crotch was right at his face, my hands now cupping the back of his head, pushing my pussy into him, thighs still strapped to his ears as I tried to stay aloft.

“Mmmgplffff!” Bradley yelled, his voice muffled in the suffocating grip of his my crotch.

As he fell to his knees in the living room with me still frantically attached to his face, I heard his most desperate grunting yet and knew full well his dick was exploding! I could almost smell the sweaty scent of my pussy that I knew was enveloping his face and probably a huge reason why he was shooting his load in his pants, as well as the sight of my pussy as my short legs rode up completely and my panties shifted, putting his face in full contact with my hairy lips!

He moaned as he shot his wad, his hands no longer pulling at my clutching thighs but mauling them, caressing them, feeling their sexy, squeezing power as they clamped around his cheeks and ears. He fell to his back, thrusting his hips into the air as I came to settle atop his face, legs now unlocked and knees splayed wide, my exposed, hairy pussy enveloping his nose and mouth.

I looked down between my tanned thighs, the look of shock on my face matching the one on his. Our eyes locked, and both knew exactly what had happened. A very long moment passed when thoughts consumed us both, and I found myself sitting on Bradley’s face far longer than I should have before I regained my composure and slid back to sit sheepishly on his chest, looking down at the panting boy, and pulling my shorts legs back down as well as adjusting my panties over my crotch.

“Uh, Bradley, I’m..I’m…so sorry!” I said, hands over my eyes as Bradley struggled to sit up and in the process knocking me back where I settled directly on his cum-soaked crotch. “Oh…my…GOD! Did…did I do that…did I do that to you????”

I knew I had, of course, but played it like I didn’t know, not wanting him to realize his premature ejaculation was something I wanted to bring about, ashamed to have done it but at this moment, feeling his wet heat in his pants, so glad I did.

I rolled off him and looked down at the spreading wetness escort izmir in my grandson’s crotch, wide-eyed, ashamed and electrified, all at once.

He lay there, covering his eyes, humiliated.

“Grandma, I’m so sorry, please…I just couldn’t…that always happens…it’s just…” he babbled.

“Shh, shh, shh, Bradley,” I said soothingly, scooting up close to caress his face as I knelt beside him, looking down at his wet crotch where his cock was fully erect still. “I understand, young men…sometimes…they…”

I couldn’t stop myself, reaching for his cock with my bony old hand and watching him jump when I made contact, my fingers closing around it.

“Grandma, what????” he said, eyes open and full of tears.

“Shh, shh, Bradley,” I said in a husky voice that took me by surprise as I watched my hand leave his cock only to undo his pants and slip them down over his thighs, Bradley offering only token resistance.

“We’ve…we’ve, uh, gotta take care of you, we have work to do, and don’t need, well, any distractions….”

His eyes went wider still as I encircled his gorgeous young cock, hard as stone and a good seven inches long and wonderfully thick, in my fingers, stroking it, the cum already there acting as a lubricant, the squishy sounds sexual and obscene, causing me to stroke him faster and faster, my own eyes half lidded as I felt the smoldering desire well up in my own crotch as I jerked him off.

“But…but…but…” he moaned, succumbing to me, relaxing back on the floor as I stroked his cock faster and faster, using my other hand to squeeze his beautiful, hairless balls, eager to milk them dry.

“Oh, God, Bradley, oh God,” I moaned.

Within a minute of stroking his dick, and only a few minutes after he’d cum in his pants with my pussy in his face, he came again, the first rope of sperm shooting two feet in the air and striping across my shocked face. Instinctively I popped my mouth over the jetting head and felt the scorching heat of several more thick jolts of his cream fill my cheeks, as I used both hands now to stroke him, twisting them back and forth, up and down, the poor boy screaming in pleasure and uncertainty as he filled his grandmother’s sucking mouth with his wonderfully tasty, gooey seed. I swallowed down quickly, the load seemingly never ending until he finally settled back down to the floor and I continued to stroke his cock into my mouth, my pussy absolutely soaked in my panties as I was wonderfully close to orgasm myself.

I finally popped my mouth off his dick, squeezing the last drop out with my hand and lapping it off. I sat back, smiling, wiping the cum from my face off with my fingers and slowly sucking them clean.

“My, my, my, Bradley, you young ones deliver SO much!” I laughed, leaning forward to kiss his trembling lips and shooting my tongue inside his mouth to let him taste his sperm. “And really, you’re STILL hard!”

We both looked down to that impossibly erect dick, slick with his juice and my saliva, bobbing up full. He smiled sheepishly at me and then looked on incredulously as I slipped off my shirt and bra, my saggy white tits bouncing free, and then my shorts and panties, kneeling before him only in socks and sneakers. Astonished, he watched as I climbed atop him, gasping as I fisted his stiff young dick and fit it to my hairy hole.

“Grandma! No! This is…so wrong…!” he moaned.

I smiled at him as I settled down fully, taking his long, thick shaft inside me, feeling it fill my pussy in a way no man had ever done before. I felt his hot nuts brush my ass and I moaned in pleasure as I leaned forward on his chest, pumping up and down slowly, feeling his fullness enter and leave me with each delicious stroke up and down, my tits swinging at his wide-eyed face.

“It’s been soooooo long, Bradley, so terribly long,” I hissed, leaning further down, holding my wrinkled tits in my hands, offering him the thick brown nipples that he anxiously sought out with his mouth, suckling at me, nursing me like a baby at his mother’s teats.

“Oh, God, Grandma,” he moaned, eyes closed, that hot tongue washing over my nipples, sucking one then the other into his mouth, then slurping over the creamy white flesh around them as his hands, trembling, closed over my saggy old ass that was pounding up and down around his cock with mounting frenzy.

We locked into a rhythm of long-time lovers, he thrusting up, me thrusting down, my ass meat jiggling and quaking in his hands that cupped and caressed the flailing flesh, for long, sweet minutes. He continued to suckle at my old breasts and I wrapped my arms around his head, cupping his face to my tits, smiling over the top of his head, as he ran his tongue into the deeply wrinkled flesh of my cleavage and to my neck, madly suckling the creased flesh of it, flesh I hated for the way it sagged but loving the attention izmir escort the dear boy was paying to it now, mouthing it to hold in his lips and running his tongue over the salty meat.

I was completely lost in the shameful sensation, the forbidden lust consuming me as I came, again and again and again, huge, quivering orgasms followed by smaller ones, a nonstop parade of pleasure I had never felt before. I pulled back and off him suddenly, smiling at his surprised look, then turned to face away from him, fitting him back inside me, affording him the view of my wrinkled ass around his cock as I leaned forward on my hands and humped him madly, on my knees, the flesh of my butt quivering and quaking as I slammed up and down on his beautiful young cock.

“You like that view, Bradley?” I found myself asking, looking over my shoulder at his face staring at my wrinkled ass in a quivering frenzy around his prick. “You seemed to like the view of my butt when I was on the ladder, you must love this!”

He moaned reaching out to gently hold my hips as they continued to pound up and down, my butt shaking and jiggling around his dick.

“God, Grandma…damn…gonna…you’re gonna make me…..” he moaned as I slammed up and down harder, my pussy flooded with my own orgasmic juices, the sloshing sounds wet and wonderfully obscene filling the air around his moans.

“Cum, boy, give Grandma your hot, sweet cum!” I growled.

His third load filled me, not as large as the last two but still larger than anything my late husband ever gave me and I felt its forbidden heat overwhelm me as Bradley’s sperm barrel into my milking womb. I screamed in orgasm as he did in his, until we both finally stopped, me leaning forward on his trembling legs, he laying back, both of us sweat soaked and panting for air. I was overcome with desire, still, and slowly, very slowly, pulled off his stiff dick and inched my way back, feeling his eyes on my ass and gaping pussy and the thick well of his hot cum that was poised inside, dripping slowly down my hairy lips.

“One more time, Bradley, one more time,” I hissed, feeling him tense up at the sight of that cum-filled granny pussy making its way toward his face. “Lick me, boy, lick your grandmother’s hot, filthy, cummy cunt!”

These were words I never imagined myself saying but I was too far gone to stop now and even as he protested, I pushed back, planting my dripping hole on his face, pulling it deep inside my wrinkled ass flesh and feeling the cum squirt into his sputtering mouth.

“Grandma, no, no, no..mgmpflff!” he said before I scooped his face deeper into my cummy hole with my hand, clamped my muscular old thighs around his face and secured it by folding one calf across the back of his neck, hooking that foot under the other leg, a figure-four scissor that completely buried his mouth to my dripping sex.

“Lick, lick it, suck your hot load and make me cum again!” I heard myself screaming, squeezing his head in my thighs, taking that protesting face deeper still, the hot cum flooding out and filling his mouth where I heard him desperately swallowing, gulping it down, his chin on my clit that I banged into with my humping hips. “FUCK!!!!”

As I came, I looked at his stiff dick that was again ready to burst and slipped my sucking mouth over the thick cap, jerking him in both hands, corkscrewing that slick meat into my lips, moaning as I did, my pussy continuing to drench his scissored face in our combined fluids. In less than a minute, my blowjob forced Bradley’s fourth load of the last half hour or so from his tireless balls and cock, his load seeping into my mouth, again filling my cheeks as I moaned and thrust my cummy pussy harder and harder into his lips, feeling the last drops of his last load ooze into his gulping mouth.

I finally stopped sucking him and released his face from my scissoring legs, turning to lay next to him, his arm around me and mine draped over his sweat chest. I giggled like a schoolgirl and licked his cum and mine from his face, then planted my lips on his, making out with a young man, my sexy, young grandson nearly 50 years my junior, our tongues doing battle with each other. We stopped, then stared into each other’s eyes.

“Ah, my little preemie, how was that?” I laughed, leaning to nibble at one of his nipples.

“Un…unreal, Grandma…just unbelievable…” he smiled.

“Do you have this…uh, problem with cumming quickly with your young girlfriends?” I asked.

“Always,” he said, shyly, blushing and turning his face away from me. “I mean I…I cum in my pants just kissing them! It’s awful…”

I turned his face back to mine, kissing him.

“Never again, boy,” I smiled. “Any time, any time at all, when you’re going on a date, you just come visit your old granny….I’ll take the edge of for you…”

“Really?” he said with eyes wide and a beaming smile on his face. “Well…I, uh, actually have a date tonight…”

“Not a problem,” I sighed, slipping to lay on him face to face, gripping that only slightly flagging cock in my thighs and work it toward my hungry pussy. “Not a problem….”

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