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My name is Matt and I was a single 20-year-old soldier stationed at Fort Bragg in 2006. I would say that I am an average guy. I grew up as an only child in a middle-class home in Central Kentucky in a fairly religious home. I dated off and on in high school but nothing serious and definitely no hanky-panky with the girls I dated. I joined the Army to save money for college but I enjoyed Army life and I had already decided to extend my enlistment. As far as my social life, dating sucked. I hadn’t dated anyone seriously since high school and I realized that there weren’t a lot of good women to date around the military base that wasn’t already taken.

When I returned from my second deployment I went home on leave and visited my parents rather than hang out around the military post. It was great to see my parents, be home and wake-up in my own bed. My dad travels for work all of the time but he was home the first few days I was home on leave and we went fishing and had nice dinners at home with mom.

On the third morning, my dad left for a trip so I slept in. I was in bed and taking care of a morning erection when the door opened and my mom popped in my room. She was talking to me and not looking up as she walked into the room carrying laundry. She had walked halfway across the room before she looked up from the laundry basket and saw me in all of my glory. I was trying to cover my hard dick with my hand and pull the sheet up from around my ankles with the other hand but I wasn’t quick enough.

My mom looked up at me and gasped. Her eyes get wide and her face turned red. She gasped again and dropped the clothes basket to the floor. Her eyes focused on my crotch and then my erect my manhood that was impossible to cover with my hands. I tried to pull the sheet up but it was tangled in my underwear that was around my ankles. She paused in the center of the room looking at my stiff penis for a good fifteen seconds before she backed out of the room trying to apologize for walking in. She looked as horrified. I saw that her eyes never left my dick. She tripped as she left the room and fell back. Ironically her cotton dress flew up as she fell and her legs parted. I saw her pink panties as her crotch came into view. I was able to quickly confirm that my mom had a dark bush since her pink panties were almost transparent. She quickly recovered and left my room.

I was humiliated and my erection was gone. I finally got the nerve to answer her call for breakfast but it was quiet as the two of us sat alone in the kitchen. Mom broke the silence and made small talk but it was awkward. She looked up at me and I saw she was blushing. She cleared her throat.

“I understand. It’s natural. You know, it’s natural to masturbate especially for a young man. But you should lock your door.”

I was red with embarrassment. I felt humiliated. Thankfully, mom had a way of easing tension so by the time we left to visit my grandmother later that day we were almost back to normal.

A few nights later I was in bed and she knocked at the door. She asked if I was decent and, after I covered up, I told her I was fine. I could see she was blushing as she walked in but I was under a sheet and fully covered. After she came in, she sat on the edge of my bed and started asking me about my plans for the remainder of my leave and stay at home. She acknowledged that she was worried about me being in the Army but I assured her that I was fine. She also and thought I needed to find a girlfriend. I explained the dating situation at Fort Bragg. We eventually laughed for the first time since she had walked in on me masturbating a few days prior. She kissed my forehead and left the room. I thought about her pink panties and the dark shadow of her pubes I had seen a few days earlier and I quickly launched a load of cum all over the sheets.

That next night we watched a movie after a day of cleaning out the basement and a nice dinner. I went to bed early. I was just getting comfortable and about to doze off when my mom knocked on the door and walked in. She walked towards my bed, turned on my lamp, and asked how I was feeling. She seemed a little distracted but at first, I couldn’t figure out what was different. As she made small talk and my eyes adjusted to the light, she that she had put on lipstick and some blush like she was going out. I was puzzled because I knew my mom almost never wore make-up and she was wearing a nightgown. As we continued talking she sat on my bed and put her hand on my leg. I felt my dick twitch and I tried not to look at her breasts that were very prominent under her sheer nightgown. It wasn’t long before I noticed that her nipples were erect.

She slid her hand under the sheet and placed it on my hip. I watched her eyes open wide and her lips part when she realized that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. My cock jumped under the sheet as her hand caressed my bare hip and upper thigh. She tried to maintain a normal conversation but she struggled. I saw her blush as she looked at my crotch. My erection had made a tent in the sheet. She izmir escort bayan continued caressing my thigh and her fingers started running through my pubes and getting closer to my rigid pole.

My mother smiled and looked into my eyes. I had never seen her smile like she did. My very conservative mom slowly stood up and looked over at the open bedroom door and then down at me.

“We are alone. Daddy is over one thousand miles away.”

It was more of a question and like she was asking for permission to do something. She looked down at me and then focused her gaze on my crotch and the bump in the sheet concealing my erection. She took a deep breath.

“I think you need a girlfriend or maybe more than a girlfriend. Since neither one of us has any ideas on who, I thought that maybe you would be open to me. As a girlfriend, maybe I can help you take care of that.”

I was confused. “You want to go out to a movie or something?”

She smiled. “Not exactly.”

I saw her take another deep breath. She stood up and looked down at me and then over at the open door before she slowly pulled her nightgown over her head and dropped it on the floor. I was stunned. I couldn’t formulate a thought in my head much less speak as I saw my mother standing by my bed only wearing a pair of thin cream-colored satin bikini panties. She smiled at me. I know that she saw my eyes were focused on her large tits. I watched her nipples harden. She blushed and looked at the floor.

“I thought you might want a special girlfriend while you were home.”

My eyes went up and down her body. Her tits were large and amazing. When I looked closer at her transparent cream-colored panties it was obvious that she had a thick dark bush. I quickly recalled her pink panties from the day prior and then my mind drifted a few years back to when I would spy on her in the shower when I was in high school. She looked up at me and I saw I was looking at her body. She blushed. I felt my heart racing in my chest.

“I guess I will join you if you don’t mind.”

I slid over in the bed expecting her to sit but she didn’t.

She took a deep breath and bent forward as she pushed her panties to the floor. She paused before she stood back up and looked up at me as her hands were on her panties that were around her ankles. She tried to smile. I couldn’t believe my mom was completely naked. I was numb as I looked at her naked body.

“I didn’t think you would mindif I joined you being naked. You seem to like being naked in bed. I might not be the girlfriend you pictured but here I am.”

My mom is not a beauty queen but she is an attractive middle-aged brunette. She is fuller-figured with thick hips and a slight roll at her waist. At forty-eight, she looks great and her face looks much younger than her age.

My mom blushed as she stood by my bed looking down at my 6-inch manhood standing straight up under the sheet. I saw her eyes follow mine as I looked up and down her nude body. My mom’s tits were large and absolutely amazing. I saw that her dark pussy was hairy and unkempt.

I looked at her and again, my eyes surveyed the nude woman standing by my bed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was deliberately letting me see her nude body. Her DD cups slightly sagged and her large pink aureolas were the size of small tea saucers. Moms nipples were thick and long. As a fuller figured woman, she had a bit of a tummy and wide hips but she looked toned and not flabby. Between my mom’s chubby thighs was a wild dark bush that hadn’t been trimmed or manicured in years.

My mom bent over and I watched her large tits sway as she pulled back the sheet. My hard cock popped up as the sheet uncovered me and now I was on full display to my mothers eyes. I was embarassed that my dick was erect.

She paused and let out a long sigh. She sat down on the edge of my bed and placed her hand on my thigh and caressed it while looking at my dick as it occasionally jerked and eventually stood straight up. She caressed my hip and thigh while letting her fingers run through my pubes and closer to my dick. I looked down and saw a bubble of cum appear out of the puckered slit on the tip of my cock.

My mom slowly moved her hand over and ran her finger over the tip of my cock and looked at her finger. She reached back over and wrapped her hand around my cock for the first time.

“It’s big. I didn’t get as good of look the last time I saw it. This is much better.”

She gently squeezed it. More pre-cum bubbled from the tip and it dripped on her hand. She looked up at me and smiled for the first time since entering my room.

“Wow, I think it likes me.”

My heart was racing out of my chest.

“Scoot over so I can join you in bed.”

She laid down on my bed facing up and cleared her throat. She tried to speak but at first, she couldn’t. My mom took my handin hers and pulled my hand to her breast.

“You can touch me if you want to. I saw you looking at my breasts earlier today when we were working. Do you like escort izmir them?”

I slowly started caressing her breasts and after a few minutes, she pulled my head over to her breasts.

“I hope that this is ok with you.”

I slowly started kissing her breasts and sucking on her swollen rubbery nipples. Her tits were amazing and firm. She purred as I took her rubbery nipples into my mouth and sucked on them. After a short period of time, I got more comfortable being naked with my mother. I enjoyed touching and exploring my mother’s naked body. Her skin was soft and warm. She pulled me close to her.

“Tonight I am not mom. Ok, I am your girlfriend tonight. No one needs to know. It’s our secret.”

My mother raised up and kissed my cheek. “Don’t tell your mom on me. She ill think I am a bed girl.”

My mom leaned back on the bed as I fondled her breasts and caressed her body. I felt the weight of her tits and massaged them in my hands. I was in heaven as our naked bodies touched and I explored her naked curves and soft skin. Initially, I was embarrassed that my hard cock was pushing against my moms bare hip but over time I got more comfortable. She seemed almost embarrassed as I kissed and played with her tits and let my hands wander around her full figured naked body. The longer I caressed her tummy and hips the more comfortable she got. I felt more comfortable touching her after I realized she was open to my explorations. I even humped my cock against her hip after she reached down and stroked my shaft and gently squeezed my hairy balls.

With her hand gently squeezing my balls, I got the courage to explore further. I slowly let my fingers swirl in her thick dark pubes. I finally touched her pussy after trying to decide if shewas really letting me get that personal and sexual. I was expecting her to pull my hand away but she responded in the opposite way I thought she would as I felt her pussy for the first time. She moaned and slowly opened her thighs to give me better access.

I was a virgin and up until then, I had never been past second base. My mom’s pussy was wet and, as she relaxed, her thighs opened wider and I had full access to her pussy. She propped one knee up and she reached down and held my hand against her pussy. After my fingers had started to explore and I found her clit, she started moving her hips and humping up against my hand. As she humped my hand she took my cock in her other hand and started stroking it. I heard her moan and assumed she was going to give me a hand job.

I slipped a finger into her warm pussy and she moaned. She started shaking and making a strange squealing noise as I slid my finger deeper. Her wet pussy felt so soft and warm. I slid my finger deeper and felt the wetness and warmth of her pussy as it melted around my finger.

“You are making me want something else of your’s inside of me. Are you sure you want to do this with me?”

I was expecting her to jerk me off and leave but she remained in my bed while I finger fucked her. She gasped and then she held my hand firmly against her crotch as she humped up. She humped my hand and started breathing deeper. She looked over at me and moaned. Her eyes closed as her head turned away. She pulled her knees up and held them together as she continued to shake and make strange noises. Her pussy was soaked.

I realized that I was watching my mom orgasm. I felt a sense of pride as I laid there and watched her shake as I continued to slide my finger in and out of her.

After a few minutes, she pushed my hand away. Her body laid motionless and I noticed her breathing had returned to a normal rate. I laid there looking at her for a while. She looked so beautiful. She was right, tonight she wasn’t my mom. She had never looked so vulnerable and yet so beautiful. I saw something in her I had never seen and it was like she a different person. I saw a younger and more vibrant woman in my bed. I noticed that she had tears in her eyes when she turned her head towards me.

“You are so wonderful to me.”

I thought it was over and I wasn’t going to complain. I was waiting on her to get up and leave, I now had enough jerk-off material in my head to last a lifetime. I had never seen her look at me like she did. I saw something different in her eyes and I saw the girl my dad must have seen years before. She smiled and kissed my cheek. I knew our relationship had changed forever.

“I want you to come over and go in me.”

My mom lowered her knees until her feet were back on the bed. She let her knees fall open and slightly pulled me towards her.

I was in a state of shock. I wondered if she really wanted me to move over and get on top of her. I thought I was in a dream as I looked over and I felt her hands pull me towards her. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Had I really heard my mother say that she wanted me in her. Was she suggesting what I thought she was? Was she really pulling me over onto her so I could fuck her? Did she really want what I thought I heard her say?

Even though izmir escort I was a virgin, it was like nature took over as rolled over. I looked down on this beautiful naked woman in my bed as I rolled over onto her and got on my knees between her open thighs. I looked down and saw my mom as a beautiful woman and not just my mom for the first time. She no longer looked like the mother I had seen as a strict disciplinarian for the last twenty years but she looked like a beautiful, desirable and vulnerable woman. Her size 8 was suddenly the perfect body.

“I want you if that’s ok with you,” she said in a faint raspy tone that sounded sexy and alluring.

I recalled thinking back to all of the times I had masturbated while thinking of fucking her. I had jerked off countless times since puberty thinking of her nude or partially nude body. I had jerked off in her panties and even snuck a few secret photos of her wearing panties and a bra. None of those times had she looked as beautiful and sexy as she was now. I couldn’t believe she had already let me playfully suck on her large tits and finger her forbidden pussy. For the first time in my life, I was going to live a fantasy. I realized that the beautiful naked woman in my bed was my mother and I was really going to fuck her. I felt strange. Was it really happening? I wondered if it was a test and if she would stop me just before I tried to enter her.

I looked into her eyes and I saw a sparkle. Her smile was warm and inviting. I saw her tits as they fell slightly off to her sides and then I looked further down and focused on her open pink pussy. I couldn’t believe that it was real. I couldn’t believe she was real. Who was this beautiful naked and sexy woman in my bed?

My mom’s pussy was really hairy but nestled in the middle of the thick jungle I saw her large pink labia. I reached down and ran my finger over it to prove that I wasn’t dreaming. Her pussy was slightly open and glistening. I had already had my finger in her but maybe that too was a dream. I had a strange desire to taste her but I refrained only because my desire to feel my dick in her was far greater. My mom brought her knees up and guided me into place between her open thighs by placing her hands on my hips. Her large were tits rising and falling as her deep breaths filled my ears. My heart was racing and I could tell she was nervous too. I could smell her sweetness. I saw her eyes were closed and I wondered if she really understood that her son, and not her husband, was preparing to enter her. I looked down and saw that my curved virgin dick was as hard as a rock.

I couldn’t believe my mother wanted me to have sex with her. Of all people, why me? I balanced on one arm and adjusted myself on the bed until my other hand, wrapped around the shaft of my swollen cock, was able to guide my cock to her warm pussy. My inexperience was obvious. I waited for her to stop me but instead, she opened her eyes and smiled.

“I want and need you. I hope you understand.”

“Yes,” was all I could say as my cock touched her wet pink lips.

I saw her thick clit and heard her take a deep breath as I moved the swollen head of my leaking dick back and forth over her clit. I felt so naughty and yet so alive as I realized my dick was actually touching her pussy. I guided my head to her opening and I felt the warmth and the softness of her pussy lips surround the swollen head of my dick. I watched the pink flaired head of my cock slide between the large wet lips of her pussy. I felt her warmth and wetness. I was shocked she wasn’t stopping me. Seeing my dick against my moms pussy was surreal. I had masturbated more times than I could count just thinking about seeing her naked and now she was actually going to let me fuck her.

My mom moaned as I lowered my hips. My cock bowed as I was at a bad angle and her pussy initially resisted me. She reached between up and took my cock in her hand and aligned it to enter her.

“There, now try.”

She gasped and let out a long low moan as my rigid cock slowly slid into her. I was awash in the physical and mental feeling that flooded my head as I lost my virginity in the most sacred of pussies. My moms warm pussy squeezed my cock as it descended into the most forbidden of places. I wasn’t prepared for the pure pleasure that came with my dick being in a woman.

“Oh my. You surely didn’t inherit your that from your father.”

I pushed my hips down and felt her warmth and wetness caress and squeeze the length of my shaft. Now that it was offered, I couldn’t be denied what I had dreamed of for so many years. It was really happening. I heard my mom gasp as I pulled my dick out and slowly push it deeper into her warm pussy. I felt a slight resistance deep in her pussy as the thick ridge on the bloated head of my cock pushed deeper into her.

“Oh my. You are deep. Are you sure you have never done this?”

I lowered my hips down again and I slid most all of my cock into her soft and warm pussy. My mom moaned and I pulled my hips up again. I readjusted my knees and lowered my hips sending my cock fully into my mothers wet and warm pussy. The sensation was incredible. I felt my balls against her ass and I felt the head of my cock bump against something deep inside of her. My mom groaned.

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