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Mre fantasy role playing in this chapter. Again if incest, gay, lesbian,BDSM, kink, taboo or any other topic that’s out of the norm bothers you, then don’t read on. This is only the beginning to my story and things will be more depraved as we go on. If you have negative feedback, that’s fine, but no emails saying I’m gay (I’m actually bi)or emails saying your a horrible writer because I typo-ed replacing “Your” with “You’re”. I never said I was an English major. This is just my fantasies put to paper, or screen actually.

Chapter 2 — The Talk

We laid there for a few minutes catching our breath. As for me, I was spent and honestly if Shelly didn’t pipe up, I would have probably fallen asleep.

“How was that baby?”

“Amazing honey, I didn’t know you had that in you.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“I loved it.”

“What did you like most?” She asked while turning to get a good look at my face to see if my answer rang true.

“I don’t know babe, all of it, I guess.”

She sat up and leaned against the head board. “I think now is a good time for us to talk about what’s been going on.” I knew we had finished playing at that point and the seriousness of what I had brought up was back on the table. I didn’t want to move, all I wanted to do was go to sleep. But after being married for as long as we’ve been, I knew what she meant and I knew I had to give this conversation all my attention. So I sat up next to her, slightly turned in her direction. Both of us completely naked, her with makeup all over her face like she was crying and me with my flaccid cock just laying there drying from the workout it just got.

“Did I go too far with the roll playing?” She asked quietly.

“What do you mean?” I retorted.

“Well… I mean… the whole daddy daughter thing.” She said it out loud but it was barely a whisper. Her shy side showing clearly; she clearly wanted to make a point but wasn’t certain enough about it when she said it.

“No honey, you didn’t go too far. It’s just a fantasy thing.” I answered her in hopes of reassuring her of what she started but had to add; “It’s only a fantasy, nothing would ever happen for real.”

My wife almost looked sad when I said that like it wasn’t the answer she was hoping for and my stomach turned a little. Something weird was going on for her to have that reaction.

“What did I say that was wrong honey?” I asked prodding a little and was praying I got her reaction right.

She took a deep breath and steadied herself, clearly trying to get it straight in her mind what she wanted to say without offending me.

“I need to tell you some things and I need you to be patient and understanding and not fly off the handle. Okay?” My mind tried to comprehend what she just said and I immediately felt like I was about to be in a car wreck. She had to tell me something huge and it was my turn to think she was having an affair.

I calmed myself with a deep breath this time. “Okay honey, you can tell me anything and I’ll do my best to handle it without going crazy.” I didn’t want to do to her what she did to me by asking who she was sleeping with, I know how it made me feel, but I so wanted too.

“Here it is.” She said to start telling me what she wanted to get off her chest. “I know you have struggled with your thoughts of Tina (my daughter). It’s pretty clear that when she prances around in her panties or a bikini that you get physically excited and I can see that it bothers you enough that you leave the room most of the time because it must frighten you to think those dirty thoughts about your own daughter.” She paused; “Am I right?”

I eked out my answer; “Yes”

“That’s okay honey, I understand.” She patted my knee. “I’m having some of those issues too with both of our kids.” She let that sink in.

“What do you mean?”

“Okay, I have a secret that I’ve never told you and please, please, please don’t freak out.”

It was my turn to pat her leg and put her at ease because I needed to hear what she had to say. “I won’t freak izmir escort bayan out, I promise.”

“When I was 18, I had sex with my brother and my sister.” She blurted out.

My head spun with this information. “What?” was all I could say.

“I’m sorry honey, but it’s true, I caught my brother and sister together and, well, umm, one thing, you know, kind of led to another, and… uh” She was trying to get it out but she was struggling to say it.

“Wait, what?” I was putting things together now; “We were already dating at that point.” I added.

“Yeah, I know” she was clearly worried; “It was the only time ever that I cheated on you and it freaked me out.” My wife was close to crying now and that was a big soft spot for me, so I leaned in and hugged her. “You remember the time I told you I needed space and we split up for almost a month?”

I broke the hug; “Yeah I remember, it just about killed me that we were going to break up.”

“Well that’s when it happened and it took a while for me to get myself back together and get over what happened. It was a great experience sexually but it … made me feel like… I still don’t know how to describe it, like, I wanted it to happen over and over again but I just knew how wrong it was and that it shouldn’t happen and well, I freaked out.”

“It’s okay honey, I’m sure incest is more common than we think.” I tried to think of something to make her feel better.

“Well you know I haven’t talked to my brother or sister in decades right?”

“Yes, is that why?”

“Well, yes kind of. Mom and dad tell me they are married and living in California and have 2 kids together.”

“Wow.” Was all I could manage.

“Yeah right!”

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law were brother and sister, living as a married couple and had 2 kids together. It explains why we haven’t had contact with them in 20 years. I guess the secrets that families keep run very deep.

“So what does this all mean?” I asked my wife to get to the point gently.

“Well now that you know my biggest secrets and that incest runs in my family. I need to tell you that I’ve been struggling too looking and Nick and Tina.” She sighed; “I’ve had my own troubles fighting my feelings the same way you have. So you see why?”

I thought for a moment about what to say and what not to say and honestly almost came up blank until I blurted out; “Has anything happened? You know … between you and the kids?”

“No… well kind of…but nothing physical.”

She peaked my interest. “Kind of?”

“Well… I, … well” She wanted to tell me but she didn’t have the words.

“It’s okay honey, just say it, whatever it is, no matter what it is, we’ll get through it.” I tried to give her my most reassuring tone.

“Okay…Well I’ve found myself flirting a lot with Nick, I mean a lot and even dressing sexier around him after I caught him, masturbating.” She stopped awaiting my reaction of which I tried hard not to show any. So she continued; “I’ve had sexual feelings for him since and I have to admit fantasizing about him when I play with myself.” She shivered a little like she had a mini orgasm.

I couldn’t help myself either; my cock started to stiffen again listening to my wife confess her sexual feelings towards our son. “I have to admit that I find that very exciting.”

“You do?” she asked and I glanced down at cock to redirect her attention to it. “I guess you do.”

“Have you done anything about it?”

“No, god No. I feel so guilty about even thinking about it. But…”

“But what?”

“Oh my god I get so turned on thinking about his big cock and sucking it and feeling it inside me.”

My cock was full on hard again thinking about my wife blowing our son or being bent over the kitchen counter while he pounds her from behind. My god I’m a pervert I thought for this exciting me so much.

My hand found my hard cock and began to slowly stroke. My wife watched with an amused expression of her face as she could clearly see that naughty thoughts were flashing escort izmir in my mind.

“Is that all you fantasize about?”

“No, I fantasize about Tina too.” She admitted.

“Oh fuck that’s hot” ran through my mind. “Tell me?” I croaked out.

“I’ve seen how you look at her. I’ve seen the hard on in your pants when you try to leave the room and I can’t help picturing you fucking her tight little pink pussy as I sit on her face and make her lick my pussy until I scream in a fabulous orgasm.” My wife’s hand made it to her own pussy now, the dirty talk taking us both over as we’re masturbating ourselves in front of each other talking sexual fantasies about our own flesh and blood.

I couldn’t hold back anymore, I took my wife and pulled her on top of me, getting as flat on back as much as I could. I positioned her over my hard cock and pushed forward until I was in her as deep as I could get.

“Fuck me like you want to fuck our son, fuck me like I’m Nick. Fuck me mommy!” I said to her out loud, reversing our roll play from earlier when she played our daughter Tina for my sexual gratification.

Shelly’s eyes rolled back in her head while she adjusted to my thick long cock impaling her. Her mouth hung open slightly and now that I knew her fantasy, I wanted her to enjoy it the way she allowed me mine. “Fuck mom, your pussy is so tight and wet. I’ve dreamt of fucking you so many times, fuck me mommy!”

“Oh baby, your cock feels so good in mommy’s pussy. I’ve thought about fucking you so many times baby. Go slow baby and fuck me good, mommy wants to cum on your big thick juicy cock. I want you to cum inside me baby, I want to feel my baby boy shoot his load in his slut mother. Fuck me baby.”

I started pushing up into her and pulling back against the bed slowly, the look on my wife’s face was nothing less than ecstasy.

“That’s it baby, fuck mommy.” I obliged.

“Oh mom.” Shelly started to rock front to back, grinding her pubic bone onto me.

“Oh baby, I’m so close to cumming all over you big cock, baby, that’s it fuck me, fuck your slutty mother, make me cum all over you. Oh fuck Oh god”

Her rocking got faster, so I sped up my pushing, to help matters more I held her hips, pulling her into me as much as I could while pushing. “Cum for me mommy.” I whispered.

She went into a frenzy, her hips flying back and forth, her mouth was wide open, her eyes shut completely inside her fantasy. “Oh fuck mommy’s cumming all over you baby, mommy’s cumming on her own sons big cock, oh my god I’m cumming for you Nick!” Her voice was getting a little loud now and I started to worry about the kids hearing us through the walls.

Shelly came to a complete stop and sat bolt upright, her wet tight pussy was clamping down on me and her whole body started shaking. She was cumming hard and it didn’t look like she was about to stop.

Her hands grasped her own tits and she pulled her nipples straight out and twisted, she was adding to her orgasm in another way I’d never seen her do before. If I hadn’t cum too long ago, I’m damn sure I’d be shooting hot white cum in my wife’s tight cunt right now.

Finally her shivering came to an end and she collapsed down on my chest. “Oh baby, you gave mommy an incredible orgasm.” Her breath was heavy and forced. “You didn’t cum yet did you baby?”

“No mommy, I was waiting for you to tell me when it’s ok to.”

Her head was next to mine so she couldn’t see my face, I tried to keep the fantasy image in her head that she had just fucked her own son alive in her mind. “Good baby, good. I want you to cum all over mommy’s face, will you do that for me baby? Will you cum all over mommy’s face?” she asked.

“I’ll do anything you want mommy.”

“That’s a good son. Giving his slut mother what she wants.”

Her breath finally settling, “Baby, I want to lay on my back with my head off the side of the bed, will you please fuck mommy’s mouth and pull out and cum all over my face like a good slut deserves?”

“Yes mommy, anything you want. I’ll do anything for izmir escort you mom.”

She pulled herself off me and got settled on her back, her head hung off the side of the bed awaiting her son’s cock to be inserted into her mouth and throat. Awaiting the cock that she would never have, could never have; the cock she wanted so badly, the cum she wanted so badly.

I hurried off the bed and positioned myself in front of her, the bed was a little too low, so I had to spread my legs a little more than was comfortable but it was worth the discomfort.

I pushed forward and my prick entered her mouth at an angle we have never tried before, it looked difficult for her but it’s want she wanted. The angle seemed to shorten the distance from the entrance to her mouth to the entrance of her throat. I didn’t get that far in before she started to gag so I started pulling out.

That’s when I felt her hands on my ass pulling me forward as hard as she could. She wanted her son’s cock as deep in her throat as possible. She wanted to feel like a slut gagging on her own son’s cock. She got my cock as deep as it would go and then she pinched my ass. There’s that sign again.

I pulled back and she gagged and coughed but that didn’t stop her. “Fuck mommy’s face baby and cum all over me.” Her words as nasty as I’ve ever heard from my prim and proper wife.

I leaned in again, her words turning me on, but I didn’t insert my cock this time, I landed my balls on her face for her to suck on. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for her to lick and suck me where she’d only done it once before and she didn’t pass it up either. Her tongue traveled all over my balls and taint, licking, kissing and sucking everything and anything she could reach. I felt her hands on my ass cheeks again and she pulled me forward enough to get her tongue in my ass.

“Oh god that feels so good.” My wife was tongue fucking my asshole while her hands spread my cheeks as far as she could get them, only the second time in my life have I had a tongue in my ass and it has me on the edge of cumming. I reached around with my right hand and pulled her head up into my ass to get her tongue as far in as she could, my left hand took one of her tits, found her nipple and pinched, pulled and twisted.

I felt her moan into my asshole, I felt the vibration and heat of what little breath she could exhale and she pinched me again.

So I lifted my ass off her face and placed my cockhead on her cheek. “You like that baby? You like mommy tongue fucking your ass baby? Your mommy’s a slut! You know that.”

She maneuvered my cock into her mouth and I pushed, and then pulled, while bending down a little to play with her fabulous tits and hard nipples.

With my cock buried as deep as I could get it the urge to cum overtook me, my body clenched and Shelly knew I was about to cum. She tried to push me back but my body didn’t react fast enough, my first shot of cum entered her throat, I started pulling back and the second rope of cum coated her tongue. My cock exited her mouth and a third shot rocketed onto her chest.

I was locked in orgasm and a fourth and fifth shot covered her face in thick white goo. She was gasping for breath and cum got in her eyes and nose like she was being water boarded with cum. But that didn’t stop her from grabbing my cock any rubbing the remaining cum all over her face and lips, licking up every morsel her mouth and tongue could reach.

It was a torrent of sexual frenzy, a debauchery of our morels as my wife feasted on cum that she imagined was her son’s.

If you had told me yesterday that I’d be having the best sex of my life today with my wife, I would have thought you were crazy and laughed it off. Yet here I was, doing things that I’d never done before with a woman that I’ve fucked thousands of times before. It just wasn’t the same as any of those other times. It was better, it was kinky, it was taboo and it was fucking hot.

I don’t know what came over me, but I pulled back, bent over and licked a glob of my own cum of my wife’s face. Tasting it, I decided it wasn’t too bad and I could certainly see me tasting more of my cum in the future. I swallowed my own cum and got down on my knees to French kiss my wife in a way that we’ve never done before.

What a crazy night.

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