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Two months ago, Men’s night out…

“Damn! The girls in here are colder than a witches tit tonight,” Jim remarked.

“Yeah, let’s call it a night and go back to Jacks place; at least there we can brush elbows with a young-one,” complained Bill.

It was one of those nights, like so many others I remembered before Annette came into my life. No matter how hard you tried, you could not even get out on the dance floor, let alone make any headway with the opposite sex. Not needing to pick someone up, I was just out for some male camaraderie and some fun.

“I’ll tell you Jack,” Ray started,” it just doesn’t seem fair you get to go out and still have a fine piece waiting for you at home.”

“That’s the advantage of one old enough to do it, yet under bar age,” I gloated. “You know a lot of times she leaves before you guys do, and there’s no piece at all, ” I continued. “Besides, I only go out stag one weekend a month, not all the time,” I reasoned.

“The Boys” as they were known to my girl, almost always ended up at my place. It wasn’t for any other reason than that she would be there. Though Annette did not seem to mind, there were those times…

“We all appreciate being able to go to Jacks after hours, it’s just that, we would like to have someone waiting for us too.” Jim admitted.

“If you could get Annette to bring a couple of her school friends over, we could all have a real good time!” said Bill hopefully

“You guys know how she feels about that. She doesn’t want anyone at her school to know she screws like a mink!” I said.

“Well! If she’s that good and willing, maybe you could rent us a piece, or share a little.” Jim stated.

“Whoa Guys! I thought I was more than fair with you. Everyone here has had a good feel or two, and more than one chance to kiss her. Most guys would not even let you get near their girlfriends. I just can’t ask her to hop in bed with someone else, or let you grope her all over if she objects. IT IS HER BODY!” I snarled.

I felt I gave way beyond the bonds of friendship, and I was hot! Where to hell were they coming from?

“Chill out Jack! You’ve been an excellent sport! You have allowed more than most of us would have in your shoes. We know you two love each other deeply. We would never try to steal her away, it’s just… I haven’t had any in so damn long now, I get an erection when I see a board with a knothole!” exclaimed Ray.


What did I expect? Four horny guys and one gorgeous girl! I tried to rationalize what had happened for almost a week now. I relived every minute detail over and over:

Coming back from the kitchen with the requested new round, she walked between the couch and coffee table. Making the guys move their legs and taunting them was one of her favorite things to do. There are “those individuals”; that just have to play with fire! Annette always seemed to get off on pushing it to the edge, and loved the added attention. She set two of the beers on the ends of the table. The bottle for the center she raised to he lips and downed a goodly portion.

“Hey, That’s my beer!” Ray yelled.

“So what!” She barked.

“So maybe I don’t want your damn germs all over it,” he spat.

“Funny, you didn’t seem to complain about it earlier when you tried to stick your tongue down my throat,” she reminded.

She put on that prissy look of I can do anything I want and you can’t stop me. She knew she had him going now, and she was going to twist the knife again for all it was worth! The she devil cometh alive. The girl then proceeded to suggestively lick the entire bottle from stem to stern, just to cement her defiance. I half expected a chorus of “Na, na, na, na” to break forth. Ray was not about to let this die here!

“You want something to lick? I got your something RIGHT HERE GIRLFRIEND!” he blared grabbing his groin.

Ray had definitely lost it big this time. The fire in his eyes had been fuel by weeks of pent up frustrations, and the dauntless teasing of this nymph. He was hell bent on revenge, and could hardly wait to get even. She was going to pay and pay dearly! No matter how long it took this wench would regret the day she crossed him.

“You’d like that now wouldn’t you? Poor Ray babeeeeeeee,” she continued pouting her lips.

The audible grown was punctuated by Ray’s inability to speak.

“You! You! You,” he paused to collect himself “YOU BITCH!”

I was wondering where this was heading by now, but enjoying it none the less. The rest of us gaped wide when we saw Annette doing the unthinkable act of dumping some beer in his lap.

“THAT’S IT! I am warning you…a girl could get herself spanked for a lot less than that, and I have half a mind to take you over my knee right now and teach you some respect,” Ray challenged.

If anyone was half asleep in the room, they were not now! These two just could not back it down. This contest was going to blow wide open at any moment, and Annette was adding more fuel.

“You have antalya escort the Half a Mind part right, but frankly, You Haven’t Got The Balls!” she dared sticking her backside in his face.

Having his bluff called made Ray’s face only a few shades of red less than the skin tight slacks covering her bottom. Time stood still, while the others egged him on. His indecision was momentary; he grabbed her and set her in his lap, and with the help of Jim and Bill, he laid her out across the three of them. The struggle was short, and her futile screams of “No!” went unanswered. Ray’s first swat was enough to wake her up. But his hand drifting lazily over her exquisite curves. Four bulges were growing in the room. His next was a resounding smack that echoed around the walls followed closely by her whimper. She struggled to cover the target, but other hands were there to hold fast her arms. She tried to roll off onto the floor, but Bill captured her right leg on the floor with his legs, and locked his arms around her left. This position gained Ray a lot more access to her forbidden possessions. Taking the liberty he explored deeper, harder, and longer with each administered swat. After rubbing her femininity to the point of objection, Ray finished with a flurry of swats that was sure to warm anyone’s bottom.

She looked at me wantonly; I just chuckled. My heartstrings caught as I thought I saw tears in her eyes. But she had gotten herself into this mess and she did deserve what ever she got. If she had ever had a naughty girl father fetish, her dreams had materialized. The easing of their grip gave a hint of escape.

“Where do you think your going?” They asked.

She pleaded that she need to go potty. Her release to do so, was predicated by solemn promise to return to their laps. She reluctantly agreed only after their pledge not to punish her again. The guys were having a great time, and I was getting a major hard on.

Upon her return, Annette, laid down across their three eager laps. Touch was now the order of the day, and she was treated to a total back rub. Between the quantities of beer and the massage, she wilted into total submission. It was plain to see that she was enthralled by this comforting activity. Ray was in total bliss, as his position granted him the luscious curves of her buttocks. Jim stroked her long soft auburn hair with ample attention to her shoulders, back and neck. Meanwhile Bill, sort of left out in the cold, kneaded her long beautiful legs wandering higher and higher in an effort to share in the fun.

Annette’s attendants were to soon become discontented, and so she was assisted face up. Six excited hands were intently exploring her every inch. Time passed. Beer flowed. Passions rose until lust dominated the scene. Her lack of resistance shocked me. I was puzzled, pleased, and excited. Bill had removed her shoes to provide the luxury of a great foot massage. His desires clearly concentrated on the curves of her inner thighs. Jim’s gentle touch of her face had her looking directly into his eyes. Annette was responding. You could feel the desire in the air. He bent slowly and lips met. A Lovers kiss. Passionate tongues probing, with time exceeding far beyond my comfort level. Concurrently his right hand dove beneath her open neckline. Ray was massaging her lower belly circling higher up her sensuous mounds. He had my full attention! I was about ready to climb the walls. Ray leaned out over her to take Jim’s place in a deep French kiss that seemed to last forever. I touched my own lips. I could taste her sweetness in my mind. When they broke free, our eyes locked. The search for understanding and approval sailed the courses of these uncharted waters.

There was now a large expanse of fair skin and a black lace bra visible where once her teal blue satin blouse had been. Somebody had been busy! She glanced down upon herself, she lifted the satin material, and let it fall at her sides. I was unable to move. My attention was riveted on the touching, the cupping, and the squeezing of her treasures. Every squeeze seemed to pull the lace higher up the soft hills of flesh. I heard a zipper giving way, but its’ meaning did not penetrate my trance. Higher! And Higher! My heart was pounding. I could hardly breathe. She was thrashing about as her breasts began to appear beneath her bra. Four hands were pulling and pinching. She was arching her back, but why? Were they pulling on her nipples so hard she was avoiding pain, or was she lost in her own pleasure? The question was answered in less than a heartbeat. The deafening pop of her snap crossed the room, mixing with her escalating moans. It shook me to the core! My eyes danced from breast to groin and back. I could see Bill’s fingers inching under the sheer black panties in the open “V” of her slacks. His other hand was working forcefully at the widening wetness of material being forced up inside her. The first hint of her nipples showed as Bill crossed pubic hair. I gasped loudly and stood up; fearing for the first time that lara escort these guys were going to gang rape her in less than two minutes! One look at my contorted face and she fought for her freedom…


I guess I was not quite ready to let things go that far. I was too afraid I would lose her forever. And although it was extremely exciting, let’s face it, I was jealous! True, bondage, you name it, had crossed my mind over the last few months. I was totally immersed in her sexuality! Part of my being needed to strip her naked, tie her to a lamppost, and share her beauty with the world. I wanted the guys to see her nude, to touch her, and to experience first hand the lust I felt every moment that I was near her. Yes, I had thought of making her have sex with someone else, or to trick her into it some how. That thought really excited me. But would she allow it? Or perhaps even like it? My fear of reproach held me in that catch 22. I was afraid to ask. She seemed so receptive up until I had lost it. And after I kicked the guys out, we made the most passionate love we ever had! I felt like a heal for how I had carried on and made them leave…

Daylight strategies…

It was as if none of it had taken place in just a few days. Annette and I were still in love, and the guys were forgiven. After all, I had to forgive Ray; he was the only person on earth that knew my every thought.

“Jack it won’t hurt to use her to set your friends up with a good time. One word from you and she would do it. She loves you more than you know, and I think I can read her a lot better than you can. Besides, if you worked it right, i.e. a bet… If she did not deliver you could have one of your fantasies… Jack can you say? “Slave Girl all night!” ” Ray plotted.

With the idea planted in my head and some brainstorming; the trap was set…

“”I can’t believe she didn’t see right through that one,”” I thought, as I tried to calm myself for the kill.

“Uh, uh.” I started. “You will get uh… three girlfriends to come with you for a private party or uh… else you uh.. have to uh.. be my slave for twenty four hours.” I managed to say.

I was so nervous I could not keep from shaking. I had not been this excited since that one time in high school, when I made my usual trip to my locker 5th hour fifteen minutes to the hour. It was an act of fate that I had been ten feet from the door to the girl’s locker room, just as that nude junior girl was pushed out into the hall and the door locked. I’m surprised my eyes stayed in my head. I can still hear her screaming, “Let me in, Let me in!”

I was frozen in my tracks, captivated! I could see the red over take her whole body when she turned and saw me. Her scream was enough to wake the dead as she wailed and beat the door, “THERE ARE GUYS OUT HERE!!!”

Guys? I looked behind me; the hall monitor had come around the corner to take note of the noise. No one would have ever believed what I had seen; If not for the monitor spreading the hottest gossip of the century. I was considered one of the luckiest guys on the face of the earth the rest of my school days. Then of course there was also the matter of the cute little beauty who could never again look me in the eyes, without turning an elevated shade of crimson. Could an adolescent ever get over such an erotic experience, without…?


“Twenty-four hours Ray! Twen-ty-four-hou-rs. What should I do?” Bubbled my excitement.

“The sky is the limit my friend, the sky is the limit! I know what I would do in your shoes, and my friends would not go home unsatisfied, I can tell you that!”, Ray schemed.

“But I just couldn’t ask…” I started.

“Knock off the I couldn’t Bullshit! You can and you will! She is yours to command, Not Ask!” Ray Ordered.


“No Buts! I will tell you what to do..” Ray interrupted.

Living with a constant state of butterflies over the next two weeks did not help in getting the tasks done. I went over the lists and plans, more to stem my nerves than any other reason. I found it very enjoyable shopping for that very short red party dress, though I could never share with Annette the excitement of seeing that black haired sales girl model it for me. Some of the items were so embarrassing to shop for. I did not think I would survive the trip to “Frederick’s” for the sheer black underwear. Two identical baby-doll nighties, one opaque blue satin, one totally sheer. A vibrator, and handcuffs? I had no idea why Ray had me get these things. “Just get them.” is all he would say.

He seemed so sure of himself, but I just could not keep from worrying about it being okay with Annette.

The stage is set…

It was 4:00 in the afternoon when she walked in my door, though her enslavement would not start until 8.00 PM. A kiss and casual conversation ensued to the main event.

“Okay one last chance out, are you sure you are okay with this? I do not even know what might happen.” manavgat escort I warned one last time.

“As long as you guys do not get too wild, I will be fine. I do have my limits.” She reassured me.

I wanted Annette to be pampered and well fed, before her ordeal would start. Starting with a massage, then followed by a nice relaxing hot bubble bath and some soft music. Meanwhile I attended to the candlelight and wine dinner yet to come.

She dressed in the attire I had placed upon the bed, the Frederick’s personal ware, black thigh-highs, and the short red dress. Annette finished with red heals, earrings, necklace, bracelet etc. Her hair was curled, nails were painted, and makeup exquisitely applied. Perfume was just being added when I popped in the door to check the progress. The reflected image in the mirror was staggering. She was knockdown gorgeous! The lump in my throat would hardly let me speak. I finally got the words out, “God you are so beautiful!” An ascending crescent formed on red glossed lips. The stare of green eyes permeated to my soul.

Some small talk eased the tension, and I showed her the satin nightie she would ware later. We had a wonderful dinner with some great wine. I did not want to take my eyes off of her. The menial tasks of clearing away the dishes were moments to remember as I drank in her every movement. We sat together, held hands, talked, and waited for the others to arrive.

In The dark of night…

The wait was not long as three very excited bodies showed up thirty minutes early. She greeted each of them individually with a kiss, while the others drooled like children taking in her every curve. But she stuck to her guns, and made it certain, they would not get close to her again for the full 30 minutes. Their lust waited an eternity, while she snuggled by my side. The excitement began building with every increment of time. The butterflies were fluttering inside me, and I could not help wondering if she was as excited as I. Jim was frozen on the clock calling every minute, then half minutes then seconds. These guys were so excited they could burst.

“Time!” Jim announced plenty loud for all to hear.

“And the fun begins,” said Ray slyly.

It all started pretty soft, with the four of us warming up to the idea of slave masters. Some simple games, dancing, getting things, feeding us etc. took place for a few minutes. But this rapidly gave way to kissing and sitting in laps. In less than 30 minutes the guys were trying to undress her. I tried to slow things down a bit after all we had all night. My mild protests did not cut any weight with this crowd. I knew what I hoped would probably happen later, but I needed a lot of liquid courage before we crossed that bridge.

It was not much later that Ray told me to take her to the bedroom and put her in something that showed more skin. I knew what he meant, and glared at him for stepping up the tempo this early. I did as I was told which for me was going to be a real turn on. I could hear the guys excitement building in the other room. You see everyone here knew what was up except for Annette. Our little surprise for her, she would find out later.

First I blindfolded her so she could not see. I told her to undress and put on the nightgown I showed her earlier. While she was busy, I watched her strip out of the corner of my eye. Meanwhile I removed the nightie and replaced it with the matching one that was all sheer. She would not know she was showing it all for quite some time. She need a little assistance with dressing and as she finished I pulled her arms together behind her and locked them in handcuffs. I told her simply we could not have a slave trying to runaway.

The look of total awe on their faces was priceless. I was taken aback as I rounded the corner leading my blindfolded slave in her totally revealing nightie. The game was for her to serve us drinks and such with the blindfold and cuffs on. Then if she spilled or failed to complete the task we could punish her. The guys were having a great time making her bend over, and feel for things, which she found some things she was not expecting. Punishments, feelings, and kissings, were administered freely, and fun to do. She was supposed to remain mute unless instructed otherwise.

Ray had purposely made her fail the last three times, and it was starting to be a concern. So when he announced he was taking her outside to be corrected in public, I had to protest. Annette said nothing, but she was not aware of what she didn’t have on. I did not want her to be arrested for indecent exposure! Tempers were a little hot for a while, until Ray backed down.

“Have another drink Jack,” Ray said, “Its cool, No harm done. Jim will mix you up one of your specials just for you. We’ll all just sit back and take a break”

I steered Annette away from them and had her sit by my side. With her beautiful warm body in my arms, I began to feel better. Now things were back under control again, and I had set the limit. I was resting there with my drink enjoying the warmth as it traveled down my throat. I began feeling warm. Too much excitement I guess. I downed my drink. Warm. Warm and fuzzy. I felt so, so, tired… My eyes closed… “I think he’s… were the last conscious words I understood.

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