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Several months have passed since the family openly brought the oldest brother Kyle into the mix of our sex lives. Christmas break proved eventful, even satisfying. Hardest part was having Kyle return to college after the break. I know he believed he would be missing out on all the sex, instead of just delaying it. Being the only male, however, has been a draining experience since late January.

The girls have been just flat nasty during the winter months and spring. Living in the mountains, with our home on a large parcel of land, the girls nearly always stayed naked and horny when home. They have made our lives filled with sexual pleasure that can only be described as approaching nirvana. The old story about sex decreasing in later years has proven totally untrue given my scenario. I blew my nuts at minimum daily, often more times. You can not fuck it off, but you can tire it out. Many times, the girls and mom would strap on their friend and do each other with or without me watching. I even found mom doing her daughter Sara in the laundry room one day. It was rather comical, seeing Sara on the washer, legs propped up, dildo buried deep in her pussy, and mom bent at the waist, leaning over into her cunt and attached to her clit. With an instant hard on, I walked to Lynn and buried my cock deep in her wet cunt from behind. I rode her all the way through the spin cycle.

A fun part to all of this was how open we got about where and when we fucked. It did not require the bedrooms. If I was horny sitting in my office, I could get fucked. If we watched a movie in the media room, and the urge arose, we fucked. Not all had to participate if the desire was not there. But most often, it became a fuck session to outdo the last one. I daily thanked my stars for the relationship we had. Time passed quickly.

Kyle returned from school mid May. He picked up where we left off. Two cocks made life easier for the ladies of the house. Between us, there was more meat available to fill their needs. Finally, the girls graduated from high school Memorial weekend.

Because graduation was on Saturday, we had to delay our Memorial weekend tradition, going to our home located in Grand Lake Colorado on the lake. We made it up Sunday though. It took a couple hours to ready the pontoon boat for fishing. We got out about 5:00 pm to chase the elusive trout. The weekend was nippy, even had some snow falling on and off.

The discussion did not focus much on fish. The topic forced by Sara was on fucking out in public. Had I ever done that? Had her mom? Could we do it without really harming anything? We had to be sure no kids would see us. Could we arrange to use the boat, drop anchor just offshore, below the trail surrounding the lake, but high enough that they could tell what we were doing, but could not get to us? Many questions, many thoughts provided, but no conclusions were reached. By the time we returned to the house, we were randy, ready, and willing to fuck our brains out.

After a quick dinner, we retired to the family room, got a cozy fire going in the fireplace, sat back and relaxed to Pirates of the Caribbean. Casual caresses, soft gropes, gentle massages were the rule for the duration of the movie.

“Tonight, I want your dad to myself,” Lynn let everyone know.

“Can I watch?” chimed Sara.

“Sure,” continued Lynn. “You can even masturbate for us,” she acıbadem escort whispered huskily.

I knew from the sound of her voice that she wanted to fuck like demons. My cock chubbed at the thought of her and what she would do for me. I anticipated the fuck session to come.

“I’m kinda tired,” volunteered Kim. “Kyle, would you be disappointed if we passed for the evening?”

Kyle looked surprised, but shook his head affirmative.

Everyone headed off to their rooms for the night. Lynn and I headed to our bedroom, Sara in tow. It did not take us long to strip down and land on the bed. Lynn was flushed. “I want your cock,” she whispered loudly. “Give me your big cock,” she continued.

“Mommy wants Daddy’s cock,” I challenged her. “Come get my cock, be my cocksucker woman,” I taunted her. I slapped the cheek of her ass. She reached to rub the spot where my hand had landed. “On your back woman,” I told her. She plopped down on the bed, face below my balls. My cock was stiffening as we played. I grabbed my cock, aimed it to her lips. Her mouth opened quickly. I pushed my hips forward, jamming my cock quickly down her throat. I impaled her face with my cock.

Laying down on her, I attacked her cunt with my tongue. No gentle foreplay, I licked her clit quickly into my mouth, pulled it between my teeth, and started flicking it back and forth with my tongue. Her cunt was soaking wet. She arched hard to my face, pushing my head tighter into her cunt. I reached to her wet cunt, dipping my finger quickly between the velvet soft lips. I found her hole, and slid it deeply into her, coating my finger thoroughly. I retreated just as quickly, my fingertip rimmed her tight asshole. Without hesitating, I jammed my finger in her ass. Her body arched hard, she growled deep inside, pulling me harder and deeper down her throat. I pumped my finger vigorously in and out of her tight ass. I sucked her clit deep into my mouth.

For several minutes, nothing existed but sucking her cunt and driving my finger in and out of her ass. I hammered her tight hole. Just as suddenly, I jammed my thumb deep into her cunt, jamming both deep simultaneously and pinching them closed, feeling the wall between them. I rubbed them together, pulling out and jamming them back deep again. I bit, extended, flicked her clit hard between my teeth and lips. I wanted to drive her to orgasm immediately.

Lynn pulled off my cock. “Suck me you stud,” she moaned. “Yes baby, make momma cum,” she continued.

With her body thrashing beneath me, I pulled her cunt harder to my face, focusing only on her clit. My thumb and finger popped out of the holes. I reinserted my fingertip in her ass to the middle knuckle. I wanted to tease her while I finished the task at hand.

Suddenly, Lynn arched high, holding her body rigid. Breathing stopped, groans, growls escaped her. “Fuck,” she screamed as her body collapsed on the bed. I continued my assault, her body humping in short, quick bursts beneath me. She pushed my head down into her crotch hard. “Lick me,” she growled. “Suck my fucking cunt,” she hissed.

Glancing to Sara, Lynn praised my performance. “Daddy sure can suck a cunt Baby,” she whispered. “Come sit on momma’s chest Babe,” she said as she reached for Sara. “Cum for momma,” she continued.

Sara did not need a second invitation. Quickly, she ataşehir escort slid over Lynn’s tits, driving a wet cunt onto her waiting face. She reached to spread her cunt lips, allowing her swollen clit to extend directly into Lynn’s eager mouth. “Suck my clit Momma,” growled Sara. “Make me cum on your face Momma,”

Lynn drove her tongue deep into her cunt, sliding up to attack her clit. Sara pulled her head by the hair, driving her face deep between the folds of her wet cunt. “Oh fuck, suck me Momma,” she half screamed.

I now had a raging hard-on, needing to fuck one of these cunts. My best angle would be to fuck Sara as Lynn ate her pussy. Moving up Lynn’s body, I pushed Sara down over her mom. I pushed my fingers deep into her cunt. Gasping for air, I pulled them out, grabbed my cock, and slid it up and down her wet crack. Aiming gently, I pushed the head between her cunt lips, grabbed her hip bones, and pulled her slowly allowing my shaft to penetrate her. I buried my cock balls deep in her young cunt. Lynn sucked her clit, her tongue washing my balls draped on her chin.

I stroked deep once, twice. “Oh shit, I’m cumming,” Sara was screaming. She ground her cunt down hard on her mom’s face. Seconds passed quickly, Sara’s spasms slowed. Lynn grabbed her ass cheeks, pushing her forward off her face and my cock. She landed spread eagled on the bed just above Lynn’s head.

“I get Dad’s cum,” growled Lynn. Pushing me off her, she rose to her hands and knees between Sara’s legs. “Fuck me hard,” she said turning to watch me approach her beautiful ass. “Drive that monster home,” she followed. She turned, reached to Sara, driving her fingers into her wet cunt. Startled, Sara gasped for a quick breath. Lynn lowered her chest to the bed, arching her ass high. She licked Sara’s ass while pumping her fingers rapidly in and out of her wet cunt.

Lynn’s glistening wet cunt begged for my cock. I moved quickly, sliding my cock up and down her wet slit. Covering the head with new juices, I drove my cock deep with a single stroke. Lynn grunted as I pulled her ass tight against my hips. With a slight hesitation to feel her wetness, softness, I started to hammer her hole with abandon. I drove deep, our bodies slapping against each other. Repeatedly, I assaulted her cunt. I drove my cock deep, ground my hips against her ass, and hammered her again. Faster, harder, I continued fucking her. I could feel my balls expanding, readying for explosion. I became my cock. Eyes closed, all I could see was her wet cunt, her lips stretching to hold me as I pulled back. Then, as I drove forward, the sounds surrounded me. We were lost in the lust only unadulterated sex can bring. Pure, sexual thought. Fucking!

Lost in slamming my cock deep into her body, we were all grunting, screaming, grinding our bodies hard, feeling every inch, every thrust. My balls were slapping her clit, Lynn’s hand was buried deep into Sara’s cunt. Each was screaming about cumming. We all lost coherent thought. Arching hard, I drove my cock deep, pulling her hip bones hard, grinding my hips against her ass, I started cumming. Spurt after spurt erupted from my cock, squirting into the depths of her body. “Jesus fucking Christ,” I screamed. Her cunt was sucking each spurt out of me, begging for me. Squeezing tightly, her cunt forbid me to withdraw. I shuddered, a quaking that started içerenköy escort at both ends of my body, moved both upwards and downwards to focus on my cock. It forced quick, grinding hips, and moved out and through my cock. I was drained.

All I could do was focus on my self. Feeling focused on my cock. Deflating, shrinking, he was retracting from her cunt. Exhausted, my head began to clear.

“Oh fuck mother,” Sara was whispering. “Oh fuck, Oh fuck,” she continued. I assumed she had cum.

“Holy fuck,” was all Lynn managed to growl out as she collapsed beside Sara. I reached out and slapped her beautiful ass playfully.

“Hi, let me introduce myself,” I chuckled as I moved to lay between the ladies. All I could do was groan contentedly.

As we quieted down, I became aware of sounds permeating the room, no longer us, but had the familiar ring. Rising slightly, I found Kim bent over the arm chair, hands busily working on her clit, with brother Kyle buried balls deep into her sweet cunt. He was hammering her as well, driving every inch he could into her willing body.

Grunting loudly, he was cumming. Kim screamed, fingering her clit hard, joined him. A minute or two passed as they allowed their bodies to absorb all the glow of cumming. Quickly and quietly, they moved to our bed.

“God damn,” Kim voiced. “How could anyone not want to fuck with the noises you three were making,” she continued. “It made me wet just listening to you.”

“And me hard,” interrupted Kyle. “We opened the door and could not stop ourselves. Damn it was hot!”

“Big brother has a great cock,” cooed Kim as she reached to stroke his flaccid tool.

“Your Dads’ is not so bad either,” laughed Lynn.

“Hey, I have an idea how we can play and tease some unsuspecting people,” I volunteered. “Anyone interested?”

“Absolutely, Yes, How,” they all chimed.

“Well tomorrow is expected to be much warmer than today was,” I started. “Let me tell you what might work,” I continued.

Over the next several minutes, I laid out a plan that would allow us to inconspicuously fuck our brains out, allow ourselves to get “caught” without really being caught, and protect unsuspecting children in the process. We assumed most grownups would love to see another couple or three doing the nasty. And depending on the reaction, could finish our lovemaking or make our great escape.

It was decided. Early the next morning, Sara, Lynn, and myself would be the voyeurs, and Kim and Kyle would be our eyes for sake of safety. We would beach the pontoon boat along the back side of the lake below the hiking path that surrounds the lake. Once they were ashore, we would move the boat 40-50 feet offshore, and anchor the boat. The other two would position themselves hidden along the hiking trail to watch for hikers. If no kids were along, we would get a call on our cell phone that we had live ones.

Our job on the boat was to enjoy ourselves. Have a threesome, fully aware that we may be watched. Our hope was that the hikers would so appreciate our show that they would begin their own play while watching us from the trail. If so, Kim or Kyle would video tape the couple fucking for us to see later. If nothing happened between them, at least we would have video coverage of the response we got.

Sara was most eager! She had a look of lust in her eyes. During our discussion, she had sat quietly, stroking Kyle. Now, after hearing what to expect, she leaned to suck his growing cock into her mouth.

“Come on baby, I need fucked,” she said as she headed off to her room. Kyle followed quickly.

The game was afoot. We would have a story for National Nude Day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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