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When Melissa slipped in her cottage garden she was momentarily immobile, unable to get back to her feet she laid among the cabbages she was just spraying to rid the caterpillars.

It was no good yelling for help because the neighbours were at work and her late husband insisted on the high fence all around for privacy, so she could not be seen either.

Her only option was to get to her mobile phone and call for help. But with the weather being warm she’d removed her cardigan and placed it over the back of a garden chair. The mobile was in one of the pockets.

She tried the best as possible to stop the bleeding on her ankle by tying a handkerchief around which seemed to help a little.

But really she knew she had to resist pain in her leg and drag herself to where she could grab the phone.

Although in her early seventies she was still very agile and by taking rest intervals, she was eventually able to reach her phone.

By chance and fortunately for Melissa, Tom, her young gardener turned up, which was unusual on a Tuesday but she was so glad to see him. He said he’d come to ask if he could make it Tuesday instead of Wednesday to call on her. He had become a gem in her life and seeing her dilemma he quickly assisted her back on her feet and had her sit on a garden chair whilst he checked her bleeding ankle.

You don’t mind if I role back your dress so you Melissa” the lad asked, so I can check the damage?”

“Well you have been there before you naughty boy.”

“Well you don’t seem to be too badly hurt, have you any bruises do you think”

“Maybe behind?.”

“If you can make it back to the bungalow, I will help you, I can dress that wound and see if you have any serious bruising behind,”

“You are a bit of a nurse too are you Tom as well as my toy boy gardener.”

“I have done a first aid course but I can call a doctor if you prefer, Melissa?”

She looked at him admiringly and thanked him for being there in her moment of crisis… And just like the woman she was she said she would reward him especially.

“Any excuse” Tom laughed teasing her. “You seem to enjoy it enough; I have never known cebeci escort a woman like you who can make it so wonderful.”

He found some lint and a bandage and strapped her up. “It is only a scrape” he said, “you are very lucky.”

“I expect you will want me to take my dress off so you can see my bum eh?”

He smiled and said that he ought to give it a check just in case.

“Any excuse” said Melisa. It was her turn to tease now.

He gently helped her remove her dress and, gently twisting around on the settee, she displayed her bum without any hesitation at all, like she was really enjoying it.

“For a woman of your age you have a wonderful bum” Tom commented.

“Flattery will get you everywhere” Melissa said

“You are lucky there are no bruises, lucky girl!”

“Thank you dear Tom, You are my special toy boy, should I remain like this, I mean just in my bra and pants? I know you like me to be like this when I spoil you?”

“Hang on Melissa, The fall may have shocked your system, you may have aftershock, and perhaps we had better leave it today?”

“Tom, that would be sacrilege, you are too considerate sometimes, if you think I am going to go without my weekly treat you are grossly mistaken, this woman may be getting on in years, but she can still enjoy some hanky-panky, especially with such a lovely well equipped eighteen year old boy like you.”

“Well only if you want too, but if you feel dizzy or anything just say, okay.”

“If I don’t get my cockadoodleloo, I won’t be pleased, Tom. It has become part and parcel of my life, you know that. You have revived the passion I thought had been lost forever and I felt like an old dried up walnut. But you have changed all that, Tom”

He looked at her with a abroad smile and he did enjoy being with her very much. And it wasn’t just for her sexual prowess but everything. He never ever imagined an elderly lady could turn him on so much, but somehow he could still see the young girl in her when she smiled and her eyes glittered when she touched him

She was slim, generally unwrinkled and quite delectable in those very private cebeci escort bayan places.

For her, she had become very lonely and dispirited. But no more, and today she really wanted to show her true appreciation.

She made her move as always and began to unzip him.

“No kneeling for you today Melissa, you stay seated on the settee, I can stand for a change and you can do it like that.”

“But I always kneel, you know that, I enjoy it like that when I have full access and it won’t be the same.”

“It is hardly any different,” Tom chuckled. “You can still enjoy me this way.”

“I guess you are right, stand nice and wide for me so I can really appreciate you, you look so diving in boxers, I guess you know how much I adore you in blue.”

She began to caress him over his boxers and mumbled her appreciation. .Slowly she squeezed and felt him everywhere and watched him rise up gloriously.

“Sheer heaven” she sighed edging down his boxers to expose him to the full. His pride was already erect and throbbing and awaiting Mellissa’s mouth.

But she kissed it first, stretched back his foreskin and sniffed him, then gently licked the tip with gentle and careful deliberation.

“It is beautiful as always, Tom” and she drew him deep into her mouth and slowly cherished him with gentle recurring sucks and gentle moving finger tips.”

“You do it so wonderfully Melissa. Where have you been all my life?”

Melissa drew back and paused what she was doing, leaving Tom with a strong jerking action which Melissa loved so much, “Where have I been, you ask? Maybe I have been waiting for you to grow up” and then she instantly submerged him tightly into her mouth again and lavished feeling the surge.. And now she peaked feeling him move in her mouth as she caressed his balls with equal zeal,

She so enjoyed her toy boy and took time with the oral spoiling, finding different ways to taste and suck him, experimenting holding her breath and deep throating.

For Tom, he had never known such spoiling and appreciation before and loved to watch her head bobbing to and fro as she suckled him.

He escort cebeci knew she would give the signal when she wanted it inside her.

But for Melissa she hung onto the moment, like she never wanted it to end.

“You can tie him if you want too, to make him last a bit longer Melissa”

She had absolutely neo qualms about that. In fact it was all part of the thrill of having him. She paused to remove her panties and tied them tight around the stem of his offering. She tied it tight as she could and then she was in a rapturous world of her own again.

Melissa must have spent a whole fifteen minutes just enjoying her heaven; her moans expressed her sheer delight. She paused again to take a breath. Tom leant down to kiss her lips.

“You know I could do this forever, you make me so happy, you don’t know what you mean to me.”

Tom gently brushed her hair with his fingers as she continued moving herself to the edge of the settee and, seeing her begin to gently massage herself there, he knew shortly she would be ready for him. He pushed himself out, his cock standing upright as she licked his length down and whispered she was ready.

“We won’t do it with you on all fours like usual, because of you injury” Tom said removing the tie as she watched admiringly.

“You just stay as you are and I will enter you this way.”

He adjusted himself so he was kneeling and gently prompted her to open wide so he could perfectly edge himself between and find her femininity, which was already wet and ready for penetration.

He went in dead calm and she uttered her approval.. “That feels so nice Tom, you have come into my life heaven sent and —-” She stopped talking when she felt him thrust into her and joined him in a wonderful serene and beautiful fuck.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of him so deep inside her; it was like being twenty again with her very first boyfriend.

He mouth was numb with all the spoiling she had done to him and now she was enjoying her time, and it was beautiful.

After the fuck was done and they both relaxed she whispered that she loved him, but quite understood if eventually he wanted to find a younger woman.

“Don’t be daft Melissa, when I have you?, you are everything to me.

She gently kissed his lips and felt him once more before he had to go.

“Keep it warm for me until next week” she said with a glint in her eye that said it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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