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Meeting Tex — And My Wife

As it happened, I was kneeling between Tex’s spread legs, his hard cock buried balls-deep in my mouth, his hands in my hair, feeding me his cock. He was moaning about how good it felt, and I was moaning in approval, my mouth and tongue working his shaft, begging him to shoot his hot sperm into my throat. A few minutes later, I got my wish, and felt him pumping hard as his sticky load coated my mouth. I swallowed it down, like a good cocksucker should, and then licked his deflating shaft clean.

I then stood up, my cock pointing at my lover, and he opened wide and took me in, hands moving to my ass, pulling me to his mouth. It felt great, and I moaned in pleasure as he sucked me. This went on for a few minutes, and then I paused to ask him my question: “What would you think about a threesome with my wife?”

Tex paused for a moment, thinking, then relaxed against the couch and let my still-hard cock escape from his lips. “Well, sure, that might be fun, do you have any pics of her?” he asked.

Strange you should mention that, I thought! I just happened to have a group of pics that I had printed out from my computer that morning, various pics of her nude and dressed in sexy outfits, some of her masturbating, some with my cock in her mouth, and some spread pussy shots. I handed him the pics and sat down beside him, watching him as he looked at my wife. My wife, Marie, was a very sexy BBW, same age as me (38 at that time), and loved sex. We had done some group things in the past with another couple, and played with a couple of bisexual guys, but had never had a sustained relationship with anyone else before. I had told her of my adventures with Tex, and shown her some of the pics I had of his hard cock in my mouth, and mine in his, and she was interested in seeing me suck a cock for and with her again.

“Wow, man, she is really pretty! And very sexy, too, I love the outfits she has on. Sure looks like she sucks cock well, and her pussy looks good enough to eat!” exclaimed Tex, with excitement evident in his voice. Evident in his cock, too, as it was soon back to full attention. I was delighted to see that, as we rarely had time for a second round of cocksucking when we were together. I murmured agreement with his statement, and then bent over to take his cock back in my mouth. He was hard as a rock, and I took his shaft deep and began to suck him as he examined the photos. Soon, he tossed the pics to the floor, held my head to his balls, and told me he was going to cum again if I didn’t stop. I had no intention of stopping, and increased my oral assault on his cock. Mere moments later, I was rewarded with another geyser of hot sperm, and I took it all. Finally, he was spent and begged me to stop. I sat up and asked him what he thought.

“Well, you saw how hard her pictures got me, so I’m pretty sure I could get that hard for her in person, no problems there! I take it you’ve, ah, told her about us?”

“I have indeed, and she got pretty excited hearing about it. I think we could do something about this very soon, if you’re willing.” He agreed that he was, and I told him we would look at the calendar and see when we could arrange a meeting. I didn’t think our apartment was appropriate, so I thought we might play at a hotel, maybe something with a Jacuzzi in the room, and he agreed.

Three weeks later, we made plans for a fun Saturday night. I went to get the room, and to figure out the Jacuzzi and get my video camera tripod set up. I didn’t know if this would be a one of a kind deal or the start of more fun to come, but I was going to get it all on film! We were set to go out for a nice dinner, and then we would meet Tex at the hotel at about 7 PM. We were nervous and excited during dinner, talking about the possibilities and what we wanted to do. We had, of course, done similar things before, but this one was different — this was, actually, my introducing my bisexual lover to her, and going from there, something completely outside our experiences. I had thought of asking her to dress in something sexy, antalya escort but realized it wasn’t practical, as I didn’t intend for us to be wearing clothing for too long once Tex arrived. She agreed, but decided to go without bra and panties, just to stay excited. It kept me excited too, seeing her stiff nipples through her blouse as we ate dinner!

Finally, we were back at the hotel and waiting for Tex. I had begun to fill the Jacuzzi, thinking it would take time to get nice and ready, and we were eagerly anticipating the night to come. Tex arrived a bit late, but warmly shook my hand as I let him into the room. Marie stood up from the bed, and Tex walked over to her. She extended her hand, and he raised it to his lips and kissed it, telling her she looked very sexy and that he was eager to get to know her. We stood for a few minutes, not really sure of what direction to go in, when she made the decision for us. Kicking her heels across the room, she turned to me and asked me to unzip her dress. At the same time, she asked if Tex had anything he would like to unzip, and I swear I’ve never see clothes fly off a man so fast!

I unzipped Marie’s dress, and picked it up as it fell to the floor. Naked now, except for a sexy pair of thigh-high stockings, she turned toward Tex and asked him if he would help take off her stockings while I undressed. He immediately went to her as she sat back on the bed, and she arched her left leg up and into his hands. He slowly pulled the stocking down her leg, and I noticed his cock getting stiff with the effort. I finished undressing and saw that Tex had completed his task; Marie was now nude and eager to get started.

She decided she wanted to enter the Jacuzzi, and made her way over to the tub. Satisfied that it was warm enough, she entered and sat down, relaxing in the hot water. Tex entered the tub opposite her, and sat to talk with her. Since there really wasn’t room for more, I went behind Marie and sat on the tub rim, kneading her shoulders. They talked for a little bit, and then I suggested we might move on to other activities. Taking both her 36C’s in hand, I began rubbing her luscious breasts. She moaned, and spread her legs, inviting Tex to explore.

Tex moved forward and gently began to play with her pussy, and Marie groaned as his fingers entered her. With both of us rubbing her, it didn’t take long for her to have a small orgasm, arching her back and bringing her pussy out of the tub. Tex took this as an opportunity to show off his oral skills, and he dove tongue-first into Marie’s soaking cunt.

Marie groaned again as his tongue penetrated her sex, and pulled him closer to her, enveloping him in her wetness. This went on for several minutes, and Tex ate her to another small orgasm. As they recovered, I suggested that we move things to the bed, so as to allow all three of us a chance to enjoy each other. Marie stood, and I took a towel and began to dry her off, while Tex got out and toweled off. He moved to the bed, his erect penis leading the way, and we soon joined him there.

“Hmmm, seems like someone got excited eating my pussy, is that right?” asked Marie, staring at Tex and his erection. “Well, since I’ve heard that my husband likes to suck that cock, why don’t you two show me something hot?” With that, Marie reclined on her side on the bed, idly toying with her erect nipple, anticipating what we might do.

Moving between my lover’s spread legs, I licked and began to suck his hard cock as he relaxed on the bed. Marie moaned her approval, seeing his cock enter my mouth, and eagerly watched me make love to his cock. I slowly licked up and down his shaft, savoring the familiar taste and feel of his cock. Moving lower, I licked every inch of his balls, feeling how heavy they were, and left not a millimeter of his cock untouched by my tongue. I noticed Marie playing with her pussy now, and suggested that she might like to sit on our lover’s face while I sucked him. She moved immediately over his face, and settled her pussy on his mouth, facing me so she could continue to kemer escort watch me suck. I worked his cock for another fifteen minutes, bringing him to the edge several times, without letting him have an orgasm. Marie came loudly as he licked her, and then announced she was ready to fuck.

I had brought a few condoms, and rolled one over his hard cock as Marie waited patiently. She loves being on top, and as soon as he was ready, she mounted him. She moaned loudly as her greedy pussy swallowed every inch of his dick, and she finally bottomed out, all of him now inside her. She slowly began to pump him, hips rolling, and he put his hands up and began to play with her plump tits as they fucked. I watched them for a few minutes, and then moved down to lick his balls as he pumped her. Moving towards her, I decided she needed some cock in her mouth while she rode Tex, and I stood up and brought my erection to her mouth.

“How nice, now I can suck my husband while OUR lover fucks me!” Marie exclaimed, just as she took me down to the balls in her mouth. I was excited to hear her use the phrase “our lover”, and hoped that meant this would not be a one-of-a-kind evening. I held onto the wall with one hand, and tangled my other hand in Marie’s hair, bringing her down on my cock. As she sucked, Tex pumped harder and faster, and I knew he would be filling that condom soon. Sure enough, five minutes later and he orgasmed, moaning loudly as he came into the rubber. I pulled out of Marie’s mouth and allowed her to dismount Tex, then went in search of warm wet towels to clean them both up.

After cleaning my wife and our lover, we all took a minute to catch our breath, agreeing that we were having fun and more was to come. Marie announced that it was time for her to fuck her husband, but that he needed a stiff cock before she could do that. She sat on my face, begging me to eat her, and I felt Tex move and take my cock in his hot mouth. Tex worked my cock to full erection, licking and sucking my shaft and balls, and I had to stop him before he took me too far. Marie moved to straddle my cock, and we repeated the earlier scene as Tex brought his cock to her mouth. We worked as a team, me fucking Marie’s pussy deeply, Tex feeding her his cock, until it looked like Tex was about to blow in her mouth. I didn’t want that, as I had other plans for his load, and we stopped and relaxed back on the bed.

Tex was vasectomy safe, and I had known that since I first sucked his cock. I hadn’t told Marie, because I was hoping she would let me fulfill another fantasy while we were together. Bending to whisper to her, I told her that he couldn’t get her pregnant, was completely clean as we were, and would love to come in her pussy. I had always wanted to eat a creampie from her beautiful pussy, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Even if she disagreed, I figured there was nothing to lose by asking, and she was usually more agreeable to sex games while we were in the mood and already playing. She thought about it for a minute, then smiled and sat up.

“Tex, my husband has a special fantasy that we would like to fulfill. I understand that you had a vasectomy, correct? Well, if you would like to, what would you say to fucking me bareback and coming in my pussy? Would you like that? Pumping my tight cunt, and then letting all that hot, creamy sperm loose inside me? Then we could both watch him eat me clean, wouldn’t that be hot?” Her eyes sparkled as she said this, and her nipples were as stiff as bullets with anticipation. Tex nodded, and Marie pointed to his cock, now back to erection. “Well, hubby dear, you’d better suck our lover fully stiff, and get him wet and ready to take my pussy!”

I couldn’t get his cock back in my mouth fast enough! He lay back as I sucked him, working quickly to get him wet and ready to fuck Marie. She relaxed on the bed and began to masturbate, spreading her pussy wide and ensuring it was wet and ready for his cock. Finally he was ready, and I moved to get the camera so I could photograph the first konyaaltı escort completely bare cock, besides my own, that would get to fuck my tight, hot wife.

Tex knelt before the altar of my wife’s glistening wet cunny, priming his stiff penis to enter her, as I took several shots. Closer and closer he got, finally pushing the head inside her and mounting her. Marie groaned as Tex penetrated her, slowly sliding his naked cock inside her hot pussy. Once he was completely inside her, she wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him in, telling him to fuck her bareback and fill her pussy with hot come!

“That’s it stud, fuck me with that hard cock! Take me bareback, the way SLUTS take hot cock! Ohhhhh, that feels so damn good, fuck me Tex, fuck me HARD!” she yelled now, making me think we might be thrown out of the hotel. “Fuck me, fuck me, just fuck me hard, dammit!” she continued, grabbing his ass and begging him to fuck her harder. They rode hard for twenty minutes, her begging for cock, and him feeding her every inch. I moved several times and watched, taking pictures, and occasionally kissing her or biting her nipples.

Finally, Tex could take no more of Marie’s tight pussy. Groaning that he was going to fill her with come, he proceeded to slam hard into her and pump like a madman. I’d never seen him this aroused, and was proud that Marie’s pussy was doing that to him. Suddenly he stopped pumping, and I knew her pussy had been filled. He collapsed on top of her, and they both took a few minutes to calm down.

Tex then moved out of her pussy, a thin line of sperm briefly connecting them together. I licked it up eagerly, then put my mouth on his cock and sucked, tasting their combined cream. Marie lay back on the bed, legs spread wide, and reached down and opened the lips of her pussy, matted together with our lover’s sticky sperm. “Honey, don’t you have something you need to do over here?” she said.

I took a couple of shots of his sperm, just beginning to leak from her cunt, and then handed the camera to Tex. “Mmmmm, creampie dessert!” I said, diving face-first into her gooey pussy. I heard the camera clicking behind me as I ate, savoring the combined taste of both my wife and our lover. Marie moaned, pulling my face into her and nearly smothering me in wetness. I moaned too, both from pleasure and for air! Using my tongue, I licked her wetness like a lollipop, using broad strokes and circling her clit and labia to get all the creamy wetness out of her. This went on for several minutes, finally ending when she pushed my head back, telling me she couldn’t take it anymore and collapsing on the bed.

Tex chuckled, and mentioned that we apparently wore poor Marie out, and I agreed. My cock was stiff from eating her, and I needed to come. I sat in the chair and began to masturbate, getting my cock well in hand. “Seems a shame to have you do that by yourself, would you like a hand?” said Tex, bending down to take my cock in his mouth. I moaned as my lover began to suck me, and he worked me over for a good ten minutes. I needed to come, and told him I’d love to have his cock in my mouth when I did. He understood, and rose to place his cock, soft now but still tasting of my wife, into my mouth. I moaned at the taste of his cock, and pumped my own furiously, ejaculating all over my chair as I came.

From the bed came a chuckle, and I saw Marie resting on one elbow, watching what had just happened. “All that sex, and you still wanted to suck him one last time, didn’t you?”

“Well, sweetie, what can I say? I needed to get off, and you know how much I love sucking his cock, and it just worked out that way!”

With that, Tex got dressed and kissed Marie goodbye, thanking her for an incredible evening, and hoping that we could do it again. She said that we could, and that she hoped he enjoyed himself. She also told him that she enjoyed hearing about the experience he and I have had, and that he’s welcome to enjoy her husband any time. Tex left, and we settled down to sleep, both exhausted after our adventure this evening. I smiled, knowing that there would be much more to come!


I welcome feedback, and I’d like to know if you would like to hear more about our adventures. If this turned you on, particularly if it inspired an orgasm or two, please let me know what it did for you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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