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The new house was the perfect way to start the new life he had since the divorce was final. Joe felt like a tremendous burden had been lifted from his shoulders as he signed the papers and walked out a free man. He and his ex didn’t have any children so it was concluded pretty quickly.

For the following five years he thought they were going to spend the rest of their life together. When she came home from an out of town trip and announced she was in love with someone else he thought his life was over, but maybe they could go to counseling and get through it he thought.

Trying to talk to her as she packed her clothes he noticed there was someone in her car out front. Bringing her new lover to the house mad him mad as a hornet, “I see you brought the bastard back to our house! I guess you really hate me don’t you?” he stormed out with a baseball bat in hand and pulled open the passenger door ready to swing.

There sat a gorgeous woman about the same age as his wife with red hair and green eyes cringing from his raised bat. His wife grabbed the bat before he could swing it, but he was in such shock he wouldn’t have anyway, “Joe don’t!”

Stepping back he turned to look at her, “Is this just what I think it is? You fell in love with another woman? Christ Jill we talked about a threesome with another woman. I thought you wanted to experiment, you know spice things up. You mind explaining to me what the fuck happened?”

“Now Joe don’t get bent out of shape I just like women more than men. I don’t have to explain to you at all!”

Putting his hands on the top of the bat he looked at her, “Oh you don’t huh? Well you did marry me five years ago and make a vow to stay with me, but you will give me an explanation or I’ll take this bat to your car and your new girlfriend. If the answers don’t fill in the blanks then you’re next. Look at me, you know me; do I look like I care if the two of you get hurt?”

Holding her hands out she told him how they had met and fell in love several weeks ago when she had started to go away overnight for work taking her assistant with her. Peggy was the assistant sitting in the car still cringing as she waited for him to kill her.

Finally getting a hold on his emotions he smiled and went into the house. Her suitcases soon flew out the front door hitting the sidewalk followed closely by the rest of her clothes still on their hangers. When the last of her things fluttered to the ground he wiped his hands together, “Well here’s your shit. If you want anything else tell your lawyer to contact mine. Hand over your set of keys, now!” she nervously tossed them on the front stoop, “Pick up all your crap from my yard by dark. Then drop off the car with the keys in the ignition by tomorrow morning. It’s in the company’s name not mine, so get out and the next time I see you will be at the lawyers office and take your bitch with you!”

He never saw her again, not even at the lawyer’s office. She ended up paying him alimony because she committed adultery and he got a private investigator to film them together the next day having sex at the assistant’s house by the pool.

The judge had just been through his own nasty divorce and sided with Joe getting him the maximum on all issues. She only got half the house which he sold below market value so he didn’t get hurt financially at all. His emotions took considerably longer to heal.

Picking up this moderate sized fixer-upper at auction he soon had a contractor completely remodel it from top to bottom. The house was a three bedroom two story with a large living room, dining room, kitchen and breakfast nook all in one space. The south wall of the living room displayed a very large fireplace with bookshelves on both sides. Next to that wall were three large sliding glass doors which overlooked the in-ground pool with a built in Jacuzzi. At the other end it had a waterfall that spilled into the deep water by the diving board. It was his favorite place to entertain and just spend time relaxing.

Every year he spent a month touring his two factories on the west coast. Taking in the sites and just generally kicking back.

The month was at an end so he shipped his things to the house and flew home. Arriving around nine in the evening he brought his bags to his room and took a long hot shower to get rid of the road blues. The only lights he turned on were the bathroom and closet.

Still naked from the shower he opened the fridge and grabbed some wine. Taking his full glass he stepped over to one of the sliding doors and looked at the moonlight as it reflected on the pool surface.

Almost choking on his drink he noticed two women sneaking through the gate at the back yard. Laughing quietly he shook his head, ‘I did the same thing when I was younger,’ he thought. Taking a chair he set it back from the light coming in the door to watch them.

After looking around they pulled off their tee shirts and shorts to reveal two very sexy bodies and dove in. From the light of the moon he couldn’t tell how old they were, antalya escort he only knew they had nice big tits and cute rounded asses.

Cracking the door just a little so he could hear them he smiled as they laughed and played in his pool like a couple of kids doing something naughty. The taller one with the largest breasts got out and walked down to the waterfall end like she was going to dive in.

‘Oh shit! She doesn’t know about the ledge!’ he thought quickly setting his glass down he got ready to go out in case she hit it.

Taking a running leap she dove right under the water where the waterfall hit, which was the same place the underwater seat was. He held his breath but she didn’t come up. Pulling open the door he yelled for her friend to call 911 and he dove in the get her out. Because the lights were off he could barely see her lying on the bottom with a cloud of black blood floating around her head. Grabbing her arm he dragged her into shallow water. Picking her up he laid her across the edge of the pool and started to administer CPR.

Her friend came out holding the portable phone watching them, “Is she going to be ok?” she said in a shaking voice.

Feeling her neck he found a weak pulse, “Come here quickly! You have to help me please!”

Pulling her head back he breathed in her mouth after pinching her nose. Taking his hand he started to do compressions on her chest, “You do the breathing in her mouth for me, five shallow breaths like this,” he showed her, “When I stop pressing on her chest you breathe, you can do it. Come on we’re a team!”

They could hear faint sirens when she coughed and spit water out on the concrete then she took some deep breaths coughing and retching.

“Yes! I knew we could do it! She hadn’t been in very long.”

The other girl started to cry as she held her friends hand.

He patted her shoulder, “It’s ok, she’s going to be ok. Why don’t you go upstairs and get some towels so we can keep her warm until the paramedics get here, ok?”

Looking at him she smiled and giggled, “Maybe you should do it.”

“No it’s ok go ahead.”

“I was thinking you might want to put on some pants,” she looked down at his cock swaying back and forth.

“Uh, yeah maybe I should get the towels after all. Sorry about that,” it was a good thing she couldn’t see his face.

After he went in she sighed and patted her friend’s hand, “Mandy are you ok?”

Clearing her throat she coughed, “Yeah I’m fine, thanks. What happened anyway?” she sat up and immediately started to cough and throw up pool water.

Patting her back until it subsided, “I think you hit the pool wall or something. This guy just came out of nowhere and dove in to save you. Oh he was naked too! You missed it.”

“Did you say a naked man saved me?”

Her friend nodded and smiled, “Yup, and he was nicely hung too!”

Laughing Mandy started to couch again.

Joe quickly pulled on some shorts and grabbed a couple of towels running down stairs he opened the door for the paramedics who had just arrived, “Follow me guys she’s back here,” they all went to the patio. Joe handed the towels to Mandy and her friend then stepped back out of the way until he remembered his wine. Slipping back inside he took it outside to the patio and sat on a chair to watch the action.

They loaded Mandy on a stretcher for transport and before they took her away she waved Joe over.

“Hey, how are you doing?”

Still coughing a little she smiled at him, “I’d like to know my hero’s name before I go?”

“My names Joe and I’m glad to meet you.”

“Well Joe my names Mandy and I’m real glad to meet you! Come here.”

He bent down closer and smiled at her.

She put her hand behind his head and planted a soft kiss on his lips, “Thanks Joe, if you hadn’t come home when you did I might not, uh well I…” she started to cry and pulled him closer for a hug.

“Hey it’s going to be ok! You’ll be fine these guys will take good care of you. When you get better come back and you and your friend can swim anytime.”

Tears running down her face she nodded and they took her away. Her friend came over with their clothes on her arm, “I don’t know if I should ask, but can I change in your bathroom?”

“Sure go down the hall and there’s a small bedroom to the right and a bathroom on the left. If you’d like I’ll get changed and take you to the hospital to see Mandy, ok?”

With a smile she shook her head and stuck out her hand, “I’m Stephanie by the way, glad to meet you.”

He smiled at her blue eyes and cute dimples, he already knew what her body looked like in her bathing suit, “I’m Joe good to meet you. You did great saving your friend by the way.”

They walked in the house and she turned to look away, but he saw her face get red. “Not me, you told me what to do and I did it. You’re the real hero Joe and I’m real glad you came home when you did.”

He hadn’t been around many beautiful sexy women for a while so he blushed and shrugged fethiye escort his shoulders, “Well to be honest I, uh, I came in took a shower, grabbed a glass of wine and was going to sit on the patio then hop in the Jacuzzi to relax. When I saw you two sneaking in I laughed and decided to watch you instead. Honestly I was only going to watch for a little while then go to bed!”

“Joe, don’t be embarrassed you caught two strangers without permission sneaking around your back yard. You had every right to call the cops, besides I don’t think it qualifies as a peeping tom when your inside and we were outside breaking the law.”

“I don’t want you to think I’m some kind of pervert.”

Opening the door to the bedroom she grinned at him, “Oh I think a little perversion is healthy once in a while!”

He felt his eyes go wide as the door closed. ‘Wow and she’s cute too!’

He ran upstairs and changed quickly then cam down to wait in the kitchen for her to come out. Stepping out to the patio he turned off the pool filters and made a mental not about getting it drained and disinfected. Coming back in he could see Stephanie standing by the door in her short skirt and tight thin tee shirt, “Will you be warm enough to go in the hospital with just that?”

Looking down she ran her fingers lightly across her nipples making them poke out, “Oh yeah I’ll be fine. If I get real cold I’ll snuggle up to you for warmth, ok?”

“Sure, that’s sounds great! Oops, sorry that came out way to desperate didn’t it?”

She giggled at his embarrassment, “Joe how long has it been since you dated anyway?”

Taking a big sigh he grinned, “It must be pretty obvious it’s been a while. Two years since my divorce and I was married for five, so three years almost. I feel like I’m out of touch.”

“Try not to be too anxious, that’s all. Just be yourself, I know it sounds trite, but remember I saw you during a crisis and that spoke a lot about your character. You helped someone that needed it and didn’t grab the video camera or just call the police.”

They got in the car and were almost there, “Want to know what I thought was the best part?”

“Sure, what?”

Turning to him as he parked and opened the door, “The best part was you didn’t even put pants on, you just ran out in your birthday suit and dove in. Then gave Mandy CPR,” she hopped out and stepped away from the car heading for the doors, “Oh, you look real good naked by the way!”

“Uh, thanks!” but she had gone in already. It felt good to get a compliment from a pretty girl. He hadn’t gotten any since college, compliments that is.

They went to Mandy’s room and found her leaning back on some pillows talking to her nurse, “Hey Stephanie. Who’s your friend?”

Mandy came over and stood next to the bed, “This is the guy who rescued you dopey. Don’t you remember giving him a kiss?”

She looked perplexed so the nurse filled in, “She has temporary amnesia her doctor said. It should clear up in a few days though,” walking by him she shook his hand, “I wish more people would act like you did, it would make my job a lot easier. You’re a hero!”

“I’m sorry I don’t remember you, gave you a kiss, huh?”

His face got red again so he nodded.

“I must not have hit my head that hard then. You deserve a lot more than a kiss, what’s your name again?”

“Joe Morrison.”

“Joe, come here.”

He stepped closer and she took his hand pulling him down next to her face, “Can I kiss you without getting a punch in the nose from your wife?”

“I’m not married anymore so I guess…”

She didn’t wait any more just put both hands on his head and planted her lips on his in a passionate embrace. Stephanie could see her using her tongue to probe his mouth. When she released him he croaked out a thank you and stepped back, but Mandy held his hand.

“You don’t get away that quick buster. Steph, would you find out when I can go home with this gorgeous man?” she started to run her fingers up and down his arm.

“Oh no you don’t darling I saw him first and you get to stay the night or until the doctor let’s you go! So relax and I’ll take care of Joe until you get better. That ok with you Joe?”

“I, uh, well, I guess. I am so confused right now I may need a bed here!”

Pulling the sheet open, “I got room sweetie, just snuggle in here with me.”

He laughed and pulled the sheet back in place, “I want to, but I also won’t take advantage of you while you’re on drugs either. You get better then we’ll talk.”

“Oh fine, well kids I feel really tired. See you later Steph and Joe I’m going to hold you to that,” her eyes slowly closed, “I love you guys!” she mumbled then dropped off to sleep.

As they walked down to his car Stephanie giggled a few times then when they got to the parking lot she laughed out loud.

Looking at her for the second time he smiled, “OK what is it? You’ve been giggling ever since we left her room?”

“Sorry, it’s just that you have no idea kaş escort how funny it is for her to act that way. It took me over an hour to convince her to sneak in to your pool!”

“Oh so you’re the instigator!”

She looked at him with a sly grin, “Yeah I’m the bad girl. Do you like bad girls Joe?” she put her arm through his pulling him close.

He laughed, “Apparently I do, my bitch of an ex-wife was a bad girl too, but she was completely different from you. She only liked to be bad in bed not in public.”

“Only in bed? How boring, if you take me back to your place maybe I’ll show you how a bad girl should act?”

Thinking he would call her bluff he opened her door, “I think a real bad girl would be the same in the house or wherever she happened to be?” bending down he gently kissed her lips. ‘That ought to stop the teasing,’ he thought.

Wrapping her arms around him she pulled him closer and pushed her tongue in his mouth exploring him with it. He responded by moving his hands up to cup her breasts which were loose under her shirt.

They both knew it was late and they were the only car in the lot far from the lights and camera’s.

Breaking the kiss he took a deep breath, “Sure you want to do this?”

She was breathing hard, “Oh shut up and kiss me,” her hands went to his pants and unbuttoned them then drew the zipper down. Her hand slipped inside and wrapped itself around his throbbing cock.

Joe was an average size guy with an above average cock. His measured almost eight inches in length and pretty thick. It had been a long time since a woman had a hold of it and his juices were running like a faucet.

Stephanie was a petite woman with above average full breasts that when she was aroused, like now, got very sensitive to the touch. Her nipples would get rock hard and ached for attention.

She pulled his pants down to his knees and engulfed him in her mouth sucking his length deep past her tongue making him moan with pleasure.

As he continued to caress her tits and squeezed her nipples she would moan around his meat stick while slobbering all over it. Her other hand caressed his balls, rolling them in her hand.

He could feel his orgasm coming fast, stopping her he pushed her back on the seat and pulled her short skirt up to discover she wasn’t wearing any panties. The clean shaven glistening opening to her pussy invited him down for a taste. Getting on one knee her buried his tongue deep in her sex which made her jump.

“Oh God, yes! Eat me Joe, lick my pussy baby!”

He was only happy to oblige. Using his tongue he parted her pussy lips and probed her deeply then sucked her clit between his teeth. While nibbling on it he sucked her gently driving her to the limits. Soon she was in the throes of her first orgasm, bucking against his face she pulled him closer as she soaked him with her secretions.

Slowing down he continued to kiss her pussy as he sighed, “Oh shit Joe fuck me honey, I need it real bad!”

He stood up and quickly slid his full length deep in her cunt making her let out a small scream and pulling her legs back to give him better access.

“Hard Joe! Fuck me hard, I need it baby!”

He was only too glad to oblige. Grunting and moaning he ground his cock deep in her pussy. Slamming into her he lost track of how many times she came and with a final thrust he pulled her ass close and dumped his load deep in her spasming box, “Oh fuck!”

As his cum sprayed her insides she came again then wrapped her legs around him pulling him closer. Planting her mouth on his she stuck her tongue in and touched and sucked his until they parted still catching their breath.

“Damn Joe, how long has it been?”

“It’s been almost three years, why?”

“Well I’m sorry you waited but, damn I’m sure glad I was the first. Baby you sure can get my juices running! I can’t wait to tell Mandy about you!”

Slowly pulling his shrinking cock out they watched as his sperm ran out on the edge of the door and the ground. It looked like a lot too.

“Wow, that’s a lot of cum! I felt like a hose had been turned on when you came. What do you want to do now?” she ran her fingers through the cum dripping out.

He shrugged and pulled his pants up glancing around. Looking back at her he smiled, “Well, first I want to go home and shower with you. Then I want to do the same thing we just did, but in a bed!”

Grinning she closed her legs pulled her skirt down and turned in the seat, “What do I look like, one of those easy girls to you? First you feed me, then we fuck, sound good?”

He kissed her and ran around to the driver’s door, “Sounds great, that little snack didn’t have any calories, but the flavor was fantastic!”

“Yeah that’s what Mandy says too.”

He almost wrecked the car, “What did you say?”

Pressing her breast into his arm she placed her hand on the growing bulge in his pants. Leaning close to his ear she lowered her voice, “I said that Mandy thinks my pussy tastes good too,” she rubbed his shaft as it thickened and stretched down his leg.

“Oh, that’s what I thought you said. So are both of you bi-sexual?”

Giggling she squeezed him, “Yes we both like to eat a good juicy cunt or a nice hard dripping cock, why do you think that’s bad?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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