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John came home from a bad date, sexually frustrated. As he came in quietly as to not wake up his mother, he heard noises from her room. Her door was ajar, so she must not have expected him home so soon. He peaked in to see his mother fucking herself with a vibrator.

John has always been attracted to his mother since he was a horny young teenager. Then something caught his eye, her old pair of panties he came in were on her bed. Shit, he thought, she discovered them under my mattress. He made a worried sigh as he tried to hide behind a corner behind her doorway incase she heard him.

Inara had heard the door creaking downstairs and knew her son was home and probably frustrated again. It was time to make her move. She had laid everything out and had heard his footfalls on the stairs. She started the vibrator and her moans, and then called out, “I’m in my room son, if you want to talk about it.”

“About what mom?” John asked, feeling guilty it was the panties of hers that she found under his mattress.

“About you’re getting turned down again. Would it make you feel better if there was a woman for you to fuck?”

“That’s always preferable mom… “John said as he walked in and stopped in his tracks as he stared at her fucking herself with the vibrator. He figured he’d play along as it seemed she was going to let him live his fantasy of fucking his own mother.

“Come and make me scream. I’m sure you can do better than my vibrator,” Inara purred.

John grinned at his mother, his hard-on making a tent in his pants. He asked in disbelief, “Are you serious mom?”

“Very taksim escort bayan serious. Come on, big boy. Show mommy you know how to use it.”

John grinned wickedly and stripped down to be as naked as she was. He lay on top of his mother, he kissed her deeply. He eased his cock head to her pussy lips for the first time. His dick sinking deep in his mother.

“Yes, son, yes,” she purred.

John thrusted in harder and harder, faster and faster. This was no trick or trap; this is for real John thought. He grinned his wickedest smile and thrusted his cock deeper and deeper into his mother’s womb.

Inara dug her nails into his shoulders to urge him on.

John moved with even more force and speed, “Ohhhhh Mom!”

Inara moaned. She had waited a long time for this moment. Her grown-up son riding her like the man she knew he was.

John was excited to finally get to fuck his mother, even more glad and surprised to find she is more than willing. He had waited for this night since he was thirteen. He was now 18 and getting ready to start college. Now he wanted to live somewhere near campus so he didn’t have to leave his mother. He pounded her pussy harder and deeper with these thoughts.

“Oh, yes, oh yes,” she moaned.

John plopped her tit in his mouth as he had his way with his mom. He sucked on her nipple for the first time since he was a baby. His cock slid in and out hard and fast. Fucking her deeper by the stroke.

“Yes, momma’s boy, momma’s boy.”

“That’s right mommy, ümraniye escort bayan I’m your little boy. Look at me, look at me mommy, I’m fucking, I’m fucking you mommy,” John replied as he plowed into his mothers cunt harder and faster. Feeling a pressure build in his loins, he knew he would cum soon.

Inara gripped her son’s face and pulled it down to hers so that she could kiss him hard while he rode her.

John kisses his mother very deeply. He sucked on her tongue as she sucked on his in the kiss. He jammed into her womb deep, releasing his first load of cum ever to be injected deep into his mother’s cunt.

John thrusted in and out, trying to rock his mother’s world.

Oh yes he was making Inara so wet, “Harder son harder. Fuck me like I’m your last breath.”

“As you wish, mom,” fucking my mom harder and faster, deeper and deeper.

Inara spread her legs wider and gasp as he hits her g-spot. “Oh yes! OH YES!”

Pounding his mother’s pussy harder and harder, deeper and wilder, “OH MOM, oh god MOM, YES!”

Her muscles squeezing him in deeper working him towards cumming, “I’m going to cum my son!”

John moan as he fucked harder & faster, “Me too, mommmy!”

“I can’t hold back,” Inara screamed as she started cumming on her son’s cock.

John’s cock spasms as he shoots his sperm into his own mother’s womb “Mmmmmmmmmmm, yes mother!”

“That’s it baby boy!” She digs her nails into his back marking him as her own.

“Mmmmmm yes mom. But, what if I get you pregnant?” üsküdar escort bayan he asks, breathing hard.

“Then we will raise our daughter,” she replied.

“Want to move somewhere else and live as a couple?” John asked.

“I would love to my son,” Inara replied. She added, “As long you continue to fuck mommy like this, I don’t mind.”

“It’ll be my pleasure, mommy!” John exclaimed.

“Good now I want you to fuck me in my ass,” Inara demanded of her son.

John pulls his dick out of her pussy with a plop sound, “Roll over, mom.”

Inara eagerly rolls over already getting wet again at the thought of her son’s cock invading her tight ass hole.

John shoves his dick in his mother’s asshole, fucking harder and faster, holding onto her hips, “I love your tight ass, mom.”

Inara moans, “I love you fucking my tight ass son.” She moans some more.

“Oh mom, you’re the best lover I’ve ever had,” John said fucking his own mother’s ass harder & deeper.

“I know son, I know,” Inara moans and can feel her ass getting nice and sore from the fucking. She moans, “My pussy is so wet I’m about to cum again.”

John reaches around his mother, rubbing her clit with his fingers as he fucks her ass, “I love you. Mom.”

“I love you too son!” she replied.

“Glad I’m finally fucking you. I wanted to fuck you since I was 13, mom,” John admits while fucking her ass harder and deeper.

“That’s right, ride me baby boy, ride me,” Inara moans.

John pounds his mother’s ass harder and faster, “Mmmm Mom.”

“Oh yes my son yes!” Inara moans out.

“Ohhh, mom, your great at this,” John fucks her ass wilder and wilder.

Inara clenches my ass, drawing John in deeper.

Her squeezing ass milks his cum from his balls, into her.

Inara screams her release and lay there happy and content.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I love you, Mom!” John exclaimed.

“I love you too son,” Inara replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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