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“Baby, can you come here please,” it wasn’t a question; she never called me ‘baby’ unless she meant business.

I walked into the bedroom to see her sitting on the end of the bed; she had on a tight T-shirt and her panties and some cute little socks. A few items lay on the bed, but what made me catch my breath was the strap-on she was wearing and the way she was smiling at me.

“Come here,” she said, waggling her finger enticingly.

I moved right up close to her and she told me to kneel down in front of her. She moved forward a little, her legs open… she was already stroking her ‘cock’.

“I hope you enjoyed last night baby, I loved watching you squirm as you rubbed your cock against my sweet pussy, up and down, just letting the head peek between my lips. I know you wanted to put it in me so bad, but you know the rules… not until I say.”

She leaned forward and whispered, “I am so lucky to have such a sweet husband who would suffer all that and still eat me to three wonderful orgasms…”

I bit my lip, remembering how she had bucked and writhed under my tongue and how much I had loved giving her those orgasms, even though my cock was aching to cum the whole time, even though I knew she probably wouldn’t let me.

This was our sex life now, I had wanted it and despite her initial reservations Cara had realised the benefits and grasped the opportunity with both hands, now I never knew what was coming, but I knew it was always going to be good.

“Mmm, I think you need to show me how much you love my ‘cock’ baby, c’mon and suck it for me.”

I leaned forward and took the tip of the soft rubber cock in my mouth, I’d lost count of the times she’d fucked me with it. The last time she’d even ruined me just by fucking me and rubbing it against my prostate, I couldn’t believe it, but I’d been nearly a hundred days without any release at all, so I guess it had to happen sooner or later.

“Good boy, take it deeper…”

Cara began moving her hips, fucking my mouth with her rubber ‘cock’, I was still self-conscious about doing this even though I had prompted the idea, I guess it’s hard for an essentially ‘straight’ guy to completely accept his own quirks…

“Mmm, that looks so hot; I wish I had a real cock that I could fuck you with… I would love to dump my cum right down your throat.”

Cara pulled my head forward so that I was starting to gag on the rubber cock, I’m not going to lie, I kinda liked it when she did that, especially when she teased me at the same time.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you? You’d love it if I had a real cock and you could swallow my load all the time… instead of having to wait months and months for your own.”

I grunted my agreement, fuck this woman knew how to push my buttons, my cock was crushed inside my jeans and was aching to be stroked but I knew better antalya escort than to even think about it without permission.

Cara pulled me down harder until I gagged a little and then pulled my head off her dick, then she kissed me deeply, out tongues meshing, both of us breathing hard.

“That’s enough for now baby,” she said playfully. “I have something else in mind today.”

I raised my eyebrows and she smiled.

“But first I need you to get up for me.”

I stood up and she turned me round, then grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind my back. She slipped a Velcro cuff on each and then clipped them together.

“Perfect!” She said, spinning me back round to face her.

“Now kneel down again baby, and then I’m going to put this on you.”

I knelt and she grabbed my blindfold from the bed, it was made of rubber and was quite oversized so peeking out was difficult. The darkness enveloped me and I heard her moving about. First the sound of her unclipping her strap-on and then the sound of her moving off the bed to stand in front of me.

“Could you take my panties off for me baby?”

I started to say I couldn’t as she’d just tied my hands behind my back, when she added.

“You can use your mouth.”

My cock throbbed hard and I leant forward slowly. I caught the material of her panties in my teeth and gently pulled them down. It took a while and Cara giggled throughout, telling me how horny she was and couldn’t I hurry it up.

Finally I got the panties past her knees and she stepped out of them.

“You know, it’s such a shame you can’t see me right now… because this afternoon I shaved my pussy for you.”

I gulped audibly, I had been asking her to do that for so long, but she never would and now she had and I couldn’t see it!

“Here,” she said, pulling my head closer.

My lips touched her completely smooth mound and she sighed softly, enjoying the feeling of my touch.

“Taste it,” she purred.

I stuck out my tongue and eased it between her smooth, wet lips… she was already very turned on and as always she tasted absolutely incredible.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “That is so good.”

Abruptly she pulled away and bent down to kiss me, tasting her own juices on my lips.

“You love that taste so much don’t you baby, I’m so lucky to have a husband who loves my sweet pussy so much.”

I mumbled my appreciation; truly I was the lucky one in this relationship, whatever she might think.

“But tonight I want to do something different, I know you’ve wanted me to shave my pussy for so long… but there’s something else you’ve always wanted me to do as well isn’t there?”

“Yes,” I groaned heavily, not entirely sure what she was referring to, but willing to take an educated guess.

“Uh huh, and maybe one day I will let you do that… antalya rus escort but for now I think I just need to practice on my own, so…”

I felt the head of her favourite dildo pressed against my lips and I opened them to allow it to fill my mouth.

“Get it nice and wet for me baby, you can do that can’t you?”

I summoned every ounce of saliva I could and left the surface of the rubber cock as wet as possible, finally she removed it from my mouth.

“That’s lovely baby, I know this is going to feel so good inside me.”

I heard her lean back on the bed and start working the dildo between her legs, she was so wet already, having me suck it for her was as unnecessary as it was enjoyable for both of us.

“Mpfhhhhhh! God that feels good…” she sighed.

I listened carefully to every movement she made, robbed of my sight it was all I could do to enjoy every second of this experience.

Cara moaned as she rode her dildo, obviously I couldn’t see but I’m sure her finger was rubbing her clit too and before long I heard her breathing start to become laboured.

“I’m… cumming,” she panted.

If she hadn’t secured my wrists together I really don’t know if I could have resisted the temptation to rip my blindfold off, the thought that my wife was getting her freshly shaved pussy off just inches away from my face was one of the most frustrating and erotic experiences of my life so far, I loved how cruel it was and couldn’t help but admire her creativity.

Cara bucked on the bed, moaning loudly through her orgasm and then gently fucking herself with the dildo as she came down from her high. I heard her move on the bed and from the way it sounded she was turning over onto her front.

“I’m on my knees now baby, if only you could take that blindfold off, you’d be able to see my beautiful shaved pussy and my ass… I know you love looking at my ass don’t you baby, looking at it, touching it, tasting it… what else would you like to do to my tight little asshole sweetie?”

“I want to push my cock inside it,” I croaked, barely able to speak at this point.

Cara chuckled, and I heard her move again.

“I’m pulling the dildo out of my pussy now baby, it’s so fucking wet… I know you want to clean it for me, but I need it nice and wet for what I’m going to do next.”

My mind raced, she had to be kidding… first the shaven pussy and now this! I pulled at the restraints in frustration, they were firm and deep down I knew she’d be annoyed if I ruined her game, but dammit this was driving me crazy!

“Mmmm,” moaned Cara. “It’s pressing against my asshole baby; it feels nice, just like when you touch me with your fingers or your tongue.”

I could just about hear her moving, inches away from where I knelt.

“Ooooh, the… the tip’s inside antalya ucuz escort me baby, it feels bigger than I thought it would.”

Cara’s dildo was about seven inches and shaped like a real cock with a pronounced head. I wondered if she had bitten off more than she could chew, maybe she would cry off sooner rather than later?

“Oh fuck, that’s big,” she hissed. “Oh… fuck, it’s stretching me so bad!”

Again my cock pulsed at the thought of her virgin ass finally being penetrated, and I began to wonder, what would happen next. Would she let me fuck her ass after she got used to the dildo, or was that hopelessly wishful thinking? Damn my cock hurt so much!

Cara breathed heavily for a minute or two as she worked the cock deeper and deeper into her ass. Occasionally she stifled a cry as she pushed it in, the head proving more difficult to take than she anticipated.

“Oh God, this is too much…” she wailed. “I can’t get it all in, but I’m sooo close!”

Cara gave one final grunt as she forced the dildo all the way in and then started fucking herself with it.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK!” She cried as she pounded her asshole. “It hurts, but it feels so fucking good!”

I listened to every sound she made, every word she uttered and prayed that soon she’d at least take the blindfold off and let me see something… anything of this!

But then I heard her move again, and give a moan of relief as she pulled the rubber prick clean out of her ass.

“Oh my fucking God…” she breathed. “I never knew it could hurt so good, no wonder you love it when I fuck your ass.”

By now I really couldn’t speak, I felt her moving closer and sensed the dildo hovering near my mouth.

“You loved that didn’t you baby? Even though I was too mean to let you watch.”

“Yes,” I croaked.

“And you know what you have to do now, don’t you?”

Seriously, after putting me through all this torture she was going to make me suck her dildo clean…

“I mean, you wouldn’t want me to make you wait until I’d grown my hair back to let you see my pussy again… would you?”

“No… please don’t do that.”

“Well, then…”

She placed the tip of the dildo against my lips and I opened them to let her push it inside. I felt the rubber slide along my tongue and I tasted her sweet pussy juices but nothing else.

“You really thought it was in my ass didn’t you baby?”

I almost choked on the rubber cock as I struggled not to laugh. Damn this woman really played me like a fool…

“I’m so mean to you aren’t I baby, but you love it don’t you… maybe tomorrow I’ll let you rub your cock all around my silky smooth pussy, would you like that baby? Would you like to rub your poor aching cock all over it and maybe put the tip inside for a second or two? Would you?”

“Yes,” I gargled as she fucked my mouth with her dildo.

“Maybe I’ll even let you cum on it and lick it clean, I know you’d love that wouldn’t you baby? You’d love to lick all that creamy cum off my slippery smooth pussy wouldn’t you?”

I nodded slowly.

“I know you would. Well… maybe, tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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