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A few weeks ago after a long shift I decided to frequent one of the local massage parlours on the edge of town. I knew what to expect since I was no stranger to them, especially this particular one, which looked a bit run down but provided some great service, and was one of the few establishments open really late.

The masseuse that I always go to was off that day so the girl behind the desk asked if I preferred any of the other girls. After asking who was available I chose the older blonde Marlena. I figured since I was always with a young girl I wondered if this 34 year old knew some secrets to provided great massages.

After a few minutes in the waiting room Marlena walked in and greeted me in a sexy light blue negligee which clearly showed her panties and the lack of a bra. She gave me a warm smile and after a few formalities and greetings walked me to the room. After a quick shower Marlena walked in and asked me to jump on the table face down.

“Would you like the basic massage hun, or something extra?”

“Let’s go for something extra.” I replied as I glimpsed at her body through the mirrors that surrounded the room. She was no model, but curvaceous in all the right places. As she slipped off her negligee her large mature breasts sagged just a bit.

“You like them.”

“I sure do.” I replied as I pendik escort looked over her body, from her shapely thighs which must have come from playing lots of sports as a kid, to her large natural breasts with large areolas.

“You’ve got some sexy legs too hun, and a sexy bum. You play a lot of hockey or soccer?” She asked as she noticed me looking her over.

“Just some weights and running. I don’t have much time anymore for sports.”

“Well, they are sexy, it gives me some nice manly muscle to work my hands into.” With that she started working her hands into my legs and back.

After only a few minutes I knew that Marlena was a real talent at her job. She knew exactly where to touch and work her hands to both make me feel nice and relaxed and aroused at the same time. In particular her fingers would grace the crack of the my ass and I knew that area had to be explored more. As I moaned in approval with each passage of her fingers she understood perfectly well what I liked.

After twenty minutes or so she asked me to turn over. “You like what I do?” She asked.

I didn’t speak, I was too lost in the moment. I just reached up and stroked my hand up her thigh and gently squeezed her ass.

“I’ll take that as a yes hun.” And with that she took one hand and wrapped it around my now fully rigid cock and tuzla escort the other she slid down between my ass.

As she stroked me off she bent down and blew her hot breath onto my cock.

“Oh god that’s hot.” I mumbled as she continued teasing me as if she was going to give me a blow job on the spot.

“If we had some more time I could give you a real treat.” And as she glanced at me she winked and licked her lips.

With that I burst and shot cum all over her hands and tits.


For the next few weeks that offer, if it was an offer, was all I could think about. So one sleepless night I decided to give it a shot. I called ahead to the parlour and asked if Marlena was available for a session this late at night. No sooner was I walking through their doors. There was Marlena waiting for me in sexy blue bra, panties, hose, and garter belt. She escorted me to the room and left for a few minutes to undress and shower. Just as she was about to leave I whispered if she would like to join me in the shower. She winked and quietly said that she’ll be back really soon.

With that I slowly took off my clothes and slowly started showering hoping that she would come back soon. Not long after she walked in and started taking off her lingerie. Watching her peel everything off was quiet the show from beneath the kartal escort shower. She then slipped into the shower behind me trying hard to avoid getting her hair wet.

“I’ve missed this ass. How you been hun?”

“I’ve missed your ass more. And your sexy legs.” I replied as I turned around and offered to wash her back. If was just an excuse to get her to turn around so that I could admire her figure. She complied with her sexy wink. “I never knew that a masseuse does such things with her client.”

“Well you’re the first client that I had a crush on. I’ve seen you come and go, and I always thought that you liked the younger girls.” With that she pressed her ass into my hands as if to prove that she had more to offer.

“Then consider me converted.” I replied as I soaped up her ass, legs, then moved to run my hands around her sensuous hips. Her skin was wonderfully smooth, and just having her naked in front of me got me stiff really quickly.

“Sorry hun, I don’t do anal.” She said as she felt my member press into her ass.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to, he’s just a little happy.”

“Then let’s give him something else to be happy about.” She then quickly rinsed off, shut off the shower, got to her knees and lightly blew her hot breath onto my cock. “You remember this? Remember what I told you before? Well now we have plenty of time hun.” She then engulfed my cock with her sexy lips.

“I’m glad I came today.”

“You should be, because tonight I’ll give you a massage you will never forget.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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