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Alex Clark

Marti was not what you would call a pretty girl. Her face was average to say the least, and she never wore makeup. Her body was more like a guy’s that a girls. Her breasts never really developed more than big nipples on her chest and she was extremely skinny. Her legs looked out of sorts when she wore shorts so she never wore them. Her ass was probably the best feature on her body, but because of the way she looked when she faced guys they never gave her much attention as she walked away.

All thru high school and even into her first year at college she was alone and hating every minute of it. Her biggest hatred was her brother. She despised the very ground he walked on and often wished he were dead. He teased her constantly while growing up and never had a kind word to say to her. Jimmy was always putting her down in front of his friends and in private but when he was around their parents he never said a word so when Marti complained to her parents about him they just could not believe that he would do such a thing.

You see, Jimmy was the exact opposite of Marti, he was handsome and athletic, and their house was cluttered with trophies from various sports of which he was associated with. He was captain of this or number one in that, it sickened Marti. Jimmy got an athletic scholarship to the local university and Marti had to work to pay tuition. All her life it was Jimmy this or Jimmy that. Her parents doted on him and she resented them for that too. Jimmy was given a new car as part of the incentive package to enroll at that university, while Marti was given a used car from her parents that looked as plain as she did. Marti even hated her name, which sounded like a guys.

Marti longed to be hugged and caressed by a guy, but often found herself on the wrong end of a practical joke and so the older she got the less use she had for men. She tried to date a few women but often found the same results that she just wasn’t good looking enough to date anyone. Marti wrapped herself into her own life and became a recluse. She got a small apartment close to campus and rarely went out. Her parents would come to visit and occasionally her brother to check up on her, but other than that she rarely had visitors.

Jimmy lived on campus, part of the athletic requirements of bonding with his teammates and so he would go to his sisters apartment often to get out of the dorms. He hated being in the dorm, but as the university required it he had no choice. Marti really didn’t like him at her place, but she tolerated him because it seemed to her that he was getting nicer to her as the time went on. Maybe it was just because she had an apartment off campus. At any rate, he would buy food and alcohol and keep her kitchen stocked so there was a bonus to his visits.

“Hey Mart,” she hated that name too. It seemed to remind her of K-Mart or Wal-Mart, but it was the only name that Jimmy ever used when he talked to her.

“What’s up Jimmy?”

“You know, you should really give me a key to the place, sometimes I need to chill out and your either at work or school and I’m stuck in that shithouse of a dorm.”

“Yeah, well tough shit bro.”

“C’mon Mart, you know I’ll take good care of the place, I’m not going to throw any big parties or anything like that, I just need to get away from all those stupid juveniles and the dumb ass pranks.”

Marti knew that her brother hated the dorm life and she also knew that he was more mature than the idiots that lived there. Their parents always raised them to take responsibility for their actions so both of them were very mature for their ages.

“I’ll have to think about it.”

“I’ll make it worth your while.” Jimmy was pleading and Marti was gloating. It wasn’t often that she had the upper hand and she loved every minute of it.


“Well, I don’t know, but I’ll think of something.”

“That’s not good enough, I want to know what’s in this for me?”

Jimmy was stunned, it wasn’t often that he had to grovel tuzla escort in the face of his little sister but she had the upper hand and he was at a loss for words.

“Ok, ok, whatever you want, just help me out here, I’m going out of my fucking mind.”

Marti smiled a sly grin. She had him right where she wanted him and now it was his turn to pay. She wasn’t sure what she was going to require yet, but she knew that his time had finally come.

Marti found herself at the Home Depot the next day making an extra key for her brother. How would she make him pay, what devious plan could she contrive to repay for all those years of torment? She considered several plans most of which she discarded as being too trivial. Nothing she could think of would be equal to the suffering she endured over countless days and nights.

“Here, but before you take it know that your going to have to help with the rent.”

“Ok, fine. How much do you want?”

Marti thought for a moment and said, “Two hundred a month should be a good start, depending on how much time you spend here.”

Jimmy reached into his pocket and pulled out $75 and handed it over to his sister. “I’ll give you the rest as soon as I can get to the bank.” Marti frowned, this was way too easy, and she was going to have to come up with another plan. Jimmy had to pay for indignity.

As promised, Jimmy came across with the rest of the money in a few hours. Marti didn’t know what to do, now she had a part time roommate she didn’t want, but here he was. He continued to buy food and alcohol so she wasn’t to upset, but what was to be his payback for the years of torment?

The weeks pressed on and Marti did find that Jimmy was not there a whole lot, but she could tell when he was. It wasn’t that he left a mess, but when you live alone you can always tell when someone enters you place. A little thing is out of place, the stove was used, items moved in the fridge, there is always a tell tale sign.

Jimmy was true to his word and rent was always paid on time and in cash, so she had no excuse to push him out. She did feel a bit compromised in that she no longer had the place to herself and was about to tell Jimmy that very thing when she came home one night early from work and saw that he was there. Afraid of how he would take the news, she quietly entered her place. The lights in the living room were on but no one was there. She looked in the kitchen and den, but again, no one. She walked down the hall to the bedroom and was stunned into disbelief. Her brother, the state jock, the envy of more women than she could remember, the pride and joy of their parents, was on his knees with a stiff dick balls deep in his mouth.

“That’s it Jimmy boy suck me off good.”

This stranger was face fucking her brother and she had no idea who he was, and Jimmy was sucking for all he was worth.

“Yeah, ok you little cock sucker, here I cum.”

Marti watched as the legs of the man Jimmy was sucking buckled and she saw her brother swallow load after load of the cum this stranger was dumping down his throat. She backed up a bit out of the light from the bedroom and tried to regain her composure. Jimmy? Gay? What the fuck was going on?

“Oh yeah suck my ass.”

This wasn’t over? Now what was happening? Marti snuck up closer and watched as Jimmy was sticking his tongue deep into this guy’s ass. The man was obviously digging it because he was bucking back against her brother. Jimmy then stood up and shoved his cock deep into this ass he had just sucked. The other guy just pushed back and said, “Yeah fuck me stud.” Marti couldn’t believe her eyes or ears. This was way too much information and she was overloaded. It was then she noticed that her own pussy was flowing with juices and her panties were sopped. She put a hand to herself and had an orgasm, which caused her to gasp and the guys stopped and looked in her direction.

Marti immediately took charge of the situation. atalar escort “What the fuck are you two doing?”

Jimmy fell to the floor and covered himself up and the stranger got up, grabbed his clothes and ran past Marti tripping over himself as he tried to put on his clothes leaving the apartment.

“Well, answer me faggot.”

Jimmy crawled to a corner and started to cry.

“So this is what you wanted a key for? So you could come over here and fuck guys and act like a faggot?”

“Please don’t tell anyone, it would ruin me,” Jimmy sobbed.

All of a sudden, it dawned on Marti this was her revenge. She had a plan to make sure she would make him pay for all the humiliation she had endured over the years.

“Get your ass up and get dressed. Just make sure you’re here on Saturday cause we have plans.”

Jimmy’s eyes were red from crying and he could barely see, but he nodded assent and quickly got dressed. He was afraid of the coming date but knew that if he missed it he would pay dearly.

The days flew past much to quickly, but Saturday came and he went to his sister’s apartment to await his judgment. Marti was waiting for him to arrive and had gathered some things she had bought for the day’s festivities. Jimmy knocked on the door and Marti opened it and said, “What the fuck worm, you have a key, use it.”

Jimmy walked in the living room and stood dumbfounded. It seems Marti had been shopping for all sorts of devices. She had clothes; various sex toys and some DVD’s assembled on the coffee table. What have I got myself into he wondered?

“Strip faggot.”

Her voice was so commanding he was startled.

“Move asshole.”

Without thinking he removed all his clothing and stood naked before her. “That’s better, now get on your knees.”

Jimmy obeyed and knelt before his sister. This is the first time he actually looked at her. She was dressed in black stockings, garter belt, and had a push up bra that did little to help her tiny breasts but they did seem to appear bigger. What really scared him was the huge black strap on dildo she had between her legs.

“That wasn’t your first time sucking cock was it?”

Jimmy shook his head no.

“You look like you’ve had lots of cocks in your mouth.”

Jimmy didn’t move, but the embarrassed look on his face told Marti that she was right.

“Suck this faggot.”

Jimmy opened his mouth and she forcefully shoved the dildo down his throat. It was bigger than anything he had ever had in his mouth and he gagged. Marti just shoved it further into him. There was a strange taste to this phallus that he could not quite grasp and as his mouth and throat adjusted to the intrusion he had the feeling that it might be the taste of pussy.

“That’s right faggot suck this big cock and make me cum.”

Marti face fucked him for a bit and then pulled the dildo out of his mouth.

“Get on you hands and knees and turn around cum slut.”

Marti grabbed a tube of lube that was on the coffee table and squirted a generous amount on his asshole and then some more on the strap on she wore. She got on her knees behind him and shoved the dildo into her brother. He winced at the intrusion and cried a bit at the forcefulness of her assault but she didn’t bother to pay attention. She continued to shove the monster deep into his bowels until she could feel his legs against her own.

“You like this pussy boy?”

Jimmy didn’t answer and she shoved a little harder making him yelp.

“Answer me fuckwad.”


“That’s yes MISTRESS.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Jimmy felt her start to fuck his ass and the pain started to ebb and pleasure took over. The huge dildo was stroking his prostate and he was getting into it. He started to push back and fuck his sister.

“That’s it Jimmy boy, fuck me, make me cum.”

Jimmy started to fuck harder and slam his ass into the monster that was invading him. Jimmy was on cevizli escort the verge of having a massive orgasm when his sister suddenly started bucking wildly and fell backward on the floor pulling the fake dick from his ass. He turned around to see Marti lying on the floor shaking from what must have been her own orgasm. Jimmy looked between her legs and saw her juices flowing down them and leaned over to lick them up.

Marti has had sex before, if that’s what you want to call it. She had coerced a couple of guys over to “get their dicks wet” but that was it. They didn’t stay long nor did they do anything to help her achieve an orgasm. Even the few women she dated didn’t want to eat her out, she was always the giver, not the receiver, so when Jimmy started to lick her legs, it felt wonderful and she parted them a bit. Jimmy saw this reaction and moved the dildo out of the way and moved closer to her pussy. When she felt his tongue on her pussy, the first one she ever had, she exploded again.

Jimmy grabbed her legs and pushed them up gaining better access to her and opening her up more. He tongue fucked her and sucked on her pussy feeling her buck and grind herself into him. He moved his tongue downward to her asshole and as he stuck his tongue into her and she climaxed again. He continued to suck on her womanhood until she finally relaxed. Jimmy placed his head on her thigh and lightly kissed her pussy.

“I love you Marti.”

Marti? Did Jimmy just call me Marti? In 23 years I’ve never heard him call me by my full name. Did he just say he loved me? What the hell is happening?

Marti sat up and grabbed Jimmy by the hair and pulled his head up.

“Did you just say you loved me?”

Jimmy looked deep into her eyes, “Yes. I’ve always loved you and always wanted you.”

“You hate me, all those years of calling me names and tormenting me, now you say you love me?”

“I was always afraid that you would find out my true feelings for you and shove me away. All those guys I fucked in the ass it was you I was thinking of and wanted to be with you. I did those guys because they reminded me of you, I love your boyish figure and want nothing more than to spend my life with you.”

Marti was stunned she let go her brother and sat there confused and dazed.

“You can do anything you want to me, just let me be with you forever.”

She looked at her brother for the first time. In his eyes was the answer she sought. He was genuinely telling her that he loved her. Jimmy moved up her body and kissed Marti on the lips. Her response was a confused kiss back, but she did little more than that. Jimmy rose and grabbed his sister by the hand and pulled her to the couch and sat her down, sitting next to her. He kissed her again and this time she responded by throwing her arms around him and kissing him deeply.

The one thing in life she longed for was happening to her right now and she was stunned that it was her own brother that brought out these feelings. The very one only a few minutes ago she was fucking in the ass and acting out her revenge for years of indignity. How her heart was tearing itself apart. She was utterly confused and happy at the same time. This handsome man was kissing her and fondling her like a lover starved for attention and she couldn’t help but feel aroused.

Jimmy had removed her bra and strap on leaving his sister naked except for the black stockings she had on. He kissed her face and moved down to her chest and sucked on the little tits, which caused Marti to inhale shoving all of her breast into his mouth. He then moved downward toward her pussy that was already getting wet in anticipation. She pulled him up and kissed him on the lips.

“Fuck me, I want to feel your cock in me.”

Jimmy crawled between her legs and placed his cock at her love hole. He pushed slowly in feeling the tightness of her pussy. Marti threw her legs around his waist and pulled herself on to his dick thrusting it deep into her. Her orgasm was immediate. Jimmy pumped into her quick and hard.

“Fuck me you fucking stud.”

Jimmy came quickly and slumped onto his sister. They kissed and remained together for the rest of the evening, slowly making love over and over again. Marti finally got her wish; she was in love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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