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By all accounts I’ve led a pretty normal and quite fortunate life. I was raised in a rural area outside the city that eventually became an affluent suburb. I had invested in some property and got involved in the trades when I was young so I was well positioned to answer the need for building and home improvement contracting as our little hamlet grew. Now I have several crews that do the work for me and all I have to do is arrange the schedule and make sure it gets done. When you add in the fact that I have a beautiful full blooded Italian wife that moved to America at the age of 18 I really don’t think things could have gone any better for me, with one small exception.

Although I was born in the US my wife Gina and I are both full blooded Italians. She’s six years older than me and when we got married our intention was to raise a large full blooded Italian family. We used to muse over how beautiful all of our children would be and how proud we’d be of our grandchildren as well. That may be old fashioned these days and I may have been barely 20 years old but it was how we were raised and we were proud of it.

When Gina got pregnant we were overjoyed, but then came the unfortunate part. There were complications and although our daughter was everything we had always hoped for, Gina was unable to have any more children. It was a crushing blow at first but we resolved to accept our situation with all the grace we could muster and we carried on. Life was not what we had been planning, but it was still damn good.

One of the things that made it so damn good was that my wife’s inability to have more children had in no way diminished her sex drive. In some ways it may have even enhanced it! Prior to that all of our sex had been geared towards conception and that meant putting all of my cum “where it belonged”, as deep inside her fertile womb as I could shoot it. Once we were no longer trying to have more children the door was flung wide open as to where I could deposit my load!

I’ll never forget that fateful day. Our little girl Marie was sleeping in the bassinette in our living room, I was sitting on the couch watching TV and Gina started to get amorous. Eventually she slipped off the sofa onto her knees in front of me and started giving me head. I noticed right away that she was applying extra effort on this particular occasion. Previously she had always gotten me good and hard and then mounted me to finish things off. This time however she had gone well past that point. I began to feel my load boiling in my balls so I warned her and began pulling away. Rather than back off she grabbed my hips and dove down even harder on my rock hard cock. I couldn’t believe what was happening and soon I was moaning in delight and she was swallowing like a champ as I emptied myself into her luscious mouth.

After I had recovered from the orgasm and the shock I just had to ask what that was all about! She lifted her head from my thigh where she had been resting it, looked at me lovingly and said in her sultry Italian accent

“I want you to be happy baby. I can’t give you more children so I’ll have to find other ways. Are you happy?”

Boy was I ever!!

After that time to say Gina was adventurous would be an understatement! Not only did she continue to swallow but she also reveled in having me coat her gorgeous tits with cum, rubbing it into her skin as if it was moisturizer and sometimes taking one of her own nipples into her mouth to clean it off, always looking at me lovingly to make sure I was enjoying the show. The day she encouraged me to come all over her ass when we were going at it doggy style and then used her finger to push some of my load up her tight little hole was just one of many mind blowing experiences. She had been transformed into a complete cum slut!! Like I said, life was good. Damn good!

As you can imagine we doted over our little girl Marie and treated her like the princess she was and Gina and I cared for each other as only a loving couple can. As a result Marie thought the world of both of us. In fact I think my wife overdid it a bit as she continually told Marie that she would never meet a man better than me.

Marie went on to be a cheerleader in high school and got into the best of all the universities she applied for. The only down side was that she had to live away from us to go to school but we managed to keep in close contact and she came home often. Just when I was looking forward to her graduating and coming home, hopefully for good, Marie sprang the news on us that she had been seduced by the big city and was going to stay there to begin her career in journalism. We weren’t happy but we understood.

For the next two years Marie was so busy we didn’t get to see her very often but it was obvious she was doing quite well in her chosen field. Then came the day we had been hoping for. Marie informed us that she had been promoted to a position that would allow her to work remotely from anywhere she chose, and that she was choosing to etiler escort move back home with us. The news got even better when she informed us that she saw no reason to get a place of her own since our house was more than big enough for all of us! My wife and I were in heaven!!

Once Marie had moved back home and settled into a bit of a routine I began to notice that something had definitely changed about her. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first but gradually I came to realize that my little girl had grown into an incredibly sexy young lady. I mean, she was always beautiful, but now she was just plain sexy, and not just a little bit either. It was the way she carried herself that had changed. She exuded confidence and it showed whenever she walked through or entered a room. And the way she dressed!!

She didn’t need revealing or slutty outfits to look hot. On the contrary, she wore classy, form fitting attire like you might see a hot female news anchor or weather girl wear. It was always a dress or skirt and it was always just high enough above the knee to show off her long legs with 4 or 5″ heels and just enough cleavage to get your full attention. And she dressed like that around the house all week long! I was in awe!!

As we all got used to having Marie back home it came as no surprise that her and her mother were enjoying being together again. In fact it seemed as though they were thick as thieves, always going shopping or planning something. Gina didn’t have to work so she volunteered at our church much of the time. I was in charge of my own schedule since my contracting firm was pretty much on autopilot so we all had plenty of time together. Once again, life was good. The only thing I can say that I didn’t really care for was the fact that for some reason Gina’s sex drive had slowed down since Marie had come home.

I wrote it off as having to do with her being preoccupied with having her daughter around again but that didn’t help my situation. And the longer it went on, the harder it was to ignore my daughter’s incredible assets. My troubles were compounded by the fact that Gina was as flirtatious as ever and had started dressing up more too.

She told me “I can’t just let Marie be the prettiest woman in the house without at least giving her some competition.”

It all added up to one giant case of blue balls for you know who!!

On the days I decided to hang around the house Gina often decided to go and volunteer at the church. That left me home with Marie pretty often. She was always so pleasant, upbeat and attentive to me when her mother would leave us I actually began looking forward to the attention. When I asked her why she got all dressed up just to work around the house she told me that she had a great wardrobe and didn’t want it to go to waste. When I agreed with her on that note she immediately told me how happy she was that someone appreciated her appearance.

From that point on it became a little game where she would solicit my opinion on her choice of clothing and would perform a little fashion show for me on the mornings we were alone. This included Sundays before church as her mother always had to leave early to help set up and fulfill her role as a Eucharistic Minister.

The longer this went on, combined with my wife’s recently subdued sex drive, the more I looked forward to these little fashion shows and the more honestly I expressed my opinions regarding my daughter’s attire. She soon realized that I like the high heeled, open toed shoes that made the most of her perfectly pedicured toes. She also came to understand that shorter and more flowing skirts and dresses were sure to gain quick approval.

In time it seemed that she had begun teasing me with her choice of clothing by always saving my favorite outfits for the mornings that her mother wasn’t home. And, even though I had given my approval in the past she still made a point of striking several, increasingly provocative poses in them and asking my opinion.

On one such morning I was already sitting out by the pool when I heard her come up behind me and say “What do you think of this outfit Daddy?”

I turned around and the sight before me took my breath away! There Marie stood in a pair of black open toed 5″ heels and the most revealing black bikini I had ever seen! When she saw that she had left me speechless she smiled and twirled on her painted red toes exposing the fact that the bottom of the bikini was just a thong. I tried to say something but I had no words! In fact I couldn’t even close my mouth! All I could do was gawk at the incredible woman before me.

Marie curled her bright red lips into a smile as she stopped her twirl and in the confident, sexy manner of a model strutting her stuff on the runway she walked over to me and sat on the side of my lounge chair facing me.

When I tried to avert my eyes she put her hand on my thigh and gently told me “It’s OK Daddy. I like it when you look at me. I’m fındıkzade escort used to men looking at me that way and I’ve missed it lately. Please don’t stop or feel embarrassed.”

Then with a quick glance down at the bulge in my swim suit she continued “And I especially like the fact that I get a … reaction from you”.

Then she leaned in and gave me a brief, tender kiss on the lips, got up, slipped out of her heels and dove into the water. All the while I was unable to speak or tear my eyes away from her!! As she came to the surface of the water I excused myself with a stutter and went into the house to relieve the obvious pressure in my balls.

By the time I got to the bathroom I was ready to explode so all it took was a few short jerks on my cock and I was spewing cum like a geyser. When I went back outside Marie climbed out of the pool, slipped her heels back on, walked up and wrapped her arms around my neck.

She allowed her wet body to settle up against mine and commented with a knowing smile “That didn’t take long.”

Then she gave me another slightly longer kiss on the lips before telling me she needed to get some work done and she would see me later. I watched in breathless amazement as she walked into the house and was embarrassed when she paused at the door and turned back to find me watching her every move. Then with a smile she disappeared inside.

I had no idea what to make of all this. I mean, she had flat out told me that she knew looking at her got me excited and she liked it! How is the father of an incredibly gorgeous woman supposed to act after that? Especially when he hasn’t been getting nearly the amount of sex that he is used to lately! It was a Monday and I knew my crews were starting some new jobs so I decided to go to work in order to distract myself from the situation. When I got home Gina and Marie were cooking dinner and yacking it up like only two women can and everything seemed normal. Little did I know it was going to be a long week.

The next morning I was torn between two desires. On one hand I wanted to leave the house early and avoid Marie, but on the other, hornier hand, I wanted to be home and hoped her mother would leave so that I could see what Marie might decide to wear and how she would pose for me in it. As you will soon find out, I was not disappointed!

I got out of bed and made my way downstairs in time for Gina to hand me a cup of coffee and tell me she was leaving to run some errands. She gave me a hug and a nice lingering kiss and mentioned that we might be able to squeeze in a little “alone time” when she got home that afternoon. Needless to say I was very happy with that idea and sorry to see her leave.

I went to look out the window and as my mind drifted towards getting between my gorgeous wife’s legs I heard someone behind me. I turned around and was shocked to see Marie standing in the kitchen doorway. I just couldn’t believe what she was wearing. Once again she had left me absolutely speechless and I was unable to keep my eyes from wandering over her body.

She was wearing the same black open toed shoes she had worn by the pool the day before, only this time she had on black stockings that shimmered on her long, slender legs. As my eyes traveled up to the hem of her black skirt I was amazed at how short and tight it was. So short that I could even see the lace at the top of her stockings. Slowly my gaze reached even higher and I was treated to the sight of her breasts doing their best to escape the confines of a tight blue silk blouse that matched her eyes perfectly. Her long dark brown hair was draped perfectly over her shoulders, she was leaning in the doorway with her arm against the wall in a “come hither” pose and she had the most devilish grin on her face.

When I looked in her eyes it was obvious that she was pleased with my reaction. She was even more pleased when she looked down at my crotch and saw the tent in my pajama bottoms. I got flustered and mentioned that I couldn’t imagine her wearing that outfit to work as I turned around and faced the window in an effort to conceal my hard on.

I heard her heels clicking across the floor in my direction as she explained “Of course not daddy. I would wear this outfit to go out clubbing with friends.”

And then as she slipped up next to me she said “I just thought there was no sense letting clothes this nice go to waste.”

As I tried to ignore her she placed her left hand on the small of my back and reaching around in front of me grabbed my cock through my pajamas with her right hand.

She leaned in close and while slowly rubbing me and causing my knees to quiver she whispered in my ear “I hate to see something this nice go to waste too, but from what I heard of your conversation with mom this morning I shouldn’t have to worry about that today.”

Then she released my cock, turned my face towards her and kissed me on the lips. I knew I should pull away but I couldn’t. göztepe escort It just felt too damn good! Her hand made its way back to my cock and she continued to rub and kiss me for what seemed like forever.

Eventually she broke our kiss and looking into my eyes told me “You don’t ever have to hide this from me daddy. I’m flattered that you react to me this way. I want you to react to me this way. I enjoy you reacting to me this way.”

Then she gave me another short kiss on the lips and started walking out of the kitchen. When she got to the door she turned around to see that I was staring at her and had replaced her hand on my bulge with my own. She looked at me and when she noticed where my hand was she turned around and bending over slightly at the waist looked over her shoulder, pulled up her skirt exposing the fact that she wore nothing but a thong underneath it.

“It really is short isn’t it?” And then, she was gone.

I simply could not control myself. Without thinking about where she was or whether or not she would return I turned toward the kitchen counter grabbed a handful of paper towels and holding them to the end of my cock started jerking off furiously. It didn’t take long and I was cumming so hard my knees were buckling and I had to lean against the counter for support. As I leaned there catching my breath I thought I might have heard the faint sound of high heels clicking slowly away in the next room but I couldn’t be sure, and to tell you honestly, I didn’t care.

After I got dressed I left the house for the day and when I got home Gina was already there. I desperately wanted to fuck her since I had spent the day thinking about what happened with Marie that morning. Luckily Gina made good on her promise and I had her in our bedroom plowing my cock into her even before she had a chance to start making dinner. When it became obvious I was going to cum she tried to get me to pull out so she could take my load on some part of her body but for some reason I would have none of it.

I had been daydreaming about filling my daughter’s pussy with cum all day and it was Marie I saw underneath me as I closed my eyes, buried my cock to the hilt and shot stream after stream of cum into my wife’s pussy.

Afterwards as we lay in each other’s arms she kissed me on the cheek and commented “Well, aren’t you a tiger today baby? And so insistent about cumming inside me. Does having Marie back home have you trying to make another baby?”

I didn’t know what to say so I just gave her a deep kiss and thanked her for a wonderful fuck. Soon she was slipping out of bed and getting ready to make dinner.

I would love to be able to tell you that the rest of the week passed uneventfully but it didn’t. Every day for the rest of the week found me home alone with Marie in the morning, and every day she teased the crap out of me with progressively sexier poses in her most revealing outfits.

It got to the point where not only did I give up on trying to hide my erections but some mornings I would blatantly start rubbing myself in front of her while she posed for me. This seemed to please her to no end and she purposely extended her shows for my benefit. When she was sure that I was good and revved up she would come over to me, start rubbing my cock for me and give me a long lustful kiss. Then walking away she would tell me she was going to leave me alone so I could “take care” of myself, and take care of myself I did, often standing or sitting in the exact spot where she had left me.

Sunday came quickly and Gina had already left for the church when I woke up. I took a quick shower and then went downstairs. As I entered the kitchen there stood Marie leaning against the counter in her most revealing outfit yet. It was a white baby doll nightie that was so sheer that I could clearly see her nipples through the material and so short I could see where her equally sheer panties disappeared between her legs.

Once again I was speechless and hard as a rock. Marie, seeing my dilemma set her coffee cup on the counter and walked towards me. As she approached she cupped my manhood in her palm and whispered in my ear.

“I’m going up to get dressed for church Daddy. We don’t want to be late. And besides, it wouldn’t be right for me to tease you or for you to jerk off over your daughter right before mass now would it?”

Once again I was speechless but as she disappeared up the stairs her words rang in my ears. All I could think was “She’s right. Don’t jerk off over your daughter before church!” and somehow I managed to control myself.

A few minutes later Marie came downstairs and as always she looked stunning. Usually she was a bit more conservative when we went to church but this outfit was still pretty darn sexy. It was a white sun dress that was gathered under her boobs and flowed freely from there to just above her knees. The thin white straps left her tanned shoulders completely exposed and she wore strappy open toed, high heeled sandals.

She stood before me and gave herself a twirl which sent the dress billowing outwards and revealed the fact that she was wearing nothing but the sheer white thong that matched her nightie underneath. I caught my breath quickly and managed to mumble something about us needing to get going.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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