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Chapter 9 : Evolution

The next two weeks were the ones before Christmas break. Marie wanted to treat herself to some early presents. She had the money after all. On Monday afternoon she worked the gloryhole again. However, last week’s fucking had taken it’s toll on her. Her pussy and ass were still sore, so she only fucked a couple of dicks and the rest she served with her mouth.

Peter managed the flow of men at a rate that Marie could handle easily, at least until she built up her skills to handle more and more. Only 28 men for this afternoon and Marie was done in less than three hours. She was starting to love her new job. She could do this every day if she could.

Later in the evening Marie and Jess had plans to go shopping. They saw one another from afar and ran to each other for a hug. Marie had just finished sucking 28 dicks, and Jess, as a pro in the field, understood it immediately. As their bodies touched Jess swooped in and kissed Marie in the mouth shoving her tongue as deep as she could. Marie, caught by surprise, returned the kiss.

“Mmmmm, someone sucked a lot of cock today!” Jess said.

Marie blushed.

“No, don’t be ashamed! I love the way you taste!” she added.

Marie had nothing to say. She wasn’t as sexually liberated as Jess was. Yet.

“Hey, what should we start with?” Marie asked awkwardly.

“Hmmm, let’s get a coffee and then clothes and shoes. What else do you need?” Jess asked.

“You know, I was thinking of getting a new piercing and maybe a tattoo.” Marie answered.

“Say no more! I have the guy for you! Mike has been my exclusive tattoo artist for some years now, and I am more than proud to be his canvas. They run a parlor with Sylvia, she is the most careful and gentle piercer in the world. I’ve done my nipples and all of my clit piercings there.” Jess said.

“All of them? How many do you have?” Marie asked with wide eyes.

“Hmmm, maybe one day you’ll get a chance to see up close!” Jess said and wiggled her eyebrows.

Marie laughed.

“Actually, the piercing I want to do is in my clit, that’s why I asked you to come. I knew you’d be a major help in the matter!” Marie said.

“Awww, say no more my little, innocent Marie! I’ll guide you through the path” Jess said and they both laughed.

The two girls spent most of their evening shopping for clothes. Under Jess’s influence Marie bought things she wouldn’t normally wear. Shorter skirts and shorts than she was used to, a couple of fishnet stockings, some crop tops and blouses that left most of her belly exposed. Jess even bought her a leather choker that wrote ‘slut’ on it, as a joke. She would have never bought it on her own, but Marie thought that it could be useful in some situations.

Later in the evening they visited the tattoo parlor. Mike and Sylvia were super nice people with very good musical taste. Mike was one of the most talented tattoo artists Marie had ever encountered. His drawings were incredible. She browsed through the catalog and saw tattoos in every place of the body. Others were super nice and artistic and others funny or serious or even naughty. Actually Marie realized that Mike did lots of that kind of tattoos. He had a whole page even for the inner lip only. She counted at least a dozen that wrote naughty stuff like ‘cum’, ‘I suck’, ‘slut’, ‘cock holster’, ‘insert here’, ‘yes daddy’ and so on. Mike told her that lots of people chose to tattoo something provoking in their inner lip, as a symbol of a rebellious nature maybe.

By the end of the week Marie had 4 new tattoos and a clit piercing at a very friendly price. They did the clit piercing right away and scheduled appointments for the tattoos. On the weekend she visited the parlor both days and had the strikethrough C tattoo on her shoulder blade, two matching swallows beneath the collarbones and an inner lip tattoo that wrote ‘cum dump’. In fact, it was so cheap and the tattoos so good, that she would do more. Mike and Sylvia were good friends with Jess and now with Marie.

Because of her clit piercing Marie served men only with her mouth for the rest of the week. She visited the gloryhole every weekday, depending on her work and university schedule she worked the gloryhole nights, mornings or afternoons sucking 25 to 30 dicks each day. Although not everyone was new. Peter was keeping her updated of who was a first timer to give him special care. She added 42 to her total number of men she has been with. She was so comfortable swallowing sperm now that she considered it a daily part of her nutrition. Furthermore, she was developing her cock sucking technique rapidly due to the amount of blowjobs she was giving. She could make a dick cum in a few seconds if she wanted, but she enjoyed sucking cock, that’s why she took her time with most of them.

Of course with all that busy schedule Marie forgot to go get tested for any STDs from the night she fucked nearly 50 guys bareback. Alas, the reminder came two weeks later on a Monday ankara sınırsız escortlar morning. By then she had visited the gloryhole another 4 times, sucked and fucked 108 guys, 37 of them were new. And she had made 8000 pounds just from the gloryhole. She had also fucked a couple of times with Andrew, Peter and Ben from the pub. She treated these guys like they were her boyfriends, kinda. They had romantic dinners, or nights out dancing and drinking and then hot intimate sex. For Andrew and Peter, time with Marie was free, but for Ben, it wasn’t. Actually, he started ‘paying’ Marie with gifts. They both felt better this way. Clothes, a new smartphone and she was sure many more would follow.


Marie woke up and went to the bathroom to pee. This was when she felt her pussy burning while peeing. She touched her vagina and she could feel it swollen and painful to the touch. By the end of the day her underwear was dirty with a smelly discharge. While in a university bathroom she took pictures of her vagina with the flashlight and could also see little red spots or pustules on her pubic area. She started freaking out.

On the evening of the same day she visited a gynecologist to get tested. His name was Dr. Bernstein and she heard that he was very good. He was a 40 year old fit guy that had recently started having some grey hair. After the awkward examination he said to Marie that she had a bunch of STIs. Chlamydia for sure, yeast infection and another thing called MCV-2 or molluscum, that he treated right away and maybe something else like HPV or genital herpes. But he wanted to take back the lab analysis results to tell her for sure. He asked if she had unprotected sex with multiple partners and of course she answered yes. Then he also took a sample from her mouth to test it for any oral STIs. Marie had started to tear up and he calmed her down saying that 80% of people some time in their life can get infected with what Marie had and that is very common. He suggested that Marie should have safer sex practice or, if she insisted on having unprotected sex, she should at least get vaccinated against HPV, Hepatitis and take PrEP medication to be sure that she could be protected in some extend from the worst diseases. Of course the doctor said to absolutely never mess up her contraceptive pill schedule.

The doctor wrote her prescriptions for her infections and advised her to take some time off from having sex, at least for a week. He also told her to call anyone that she had sex with recently and inform them so they could get tested too.

Nevertheless, Marie called Peter, Andrew and Ben later that evening to inform them about getting tested. However, none of them was surprised and, in fact, the three of them were very supportive and that took a big load off Marie’s conscience.

The next day she was able to continue working the gloryhole as the doctor called her and informed her that, fortunately, she had nothing else. Marie started her medication immediately and after some reading on the internet decided to get vaccinated and even add the PrEP medication along with her contraceptives just to be safe. She was losing control too easily the last few weeks and supposed that accidents like that might happen again in the future, so it would be better to be prepared.

The week of Marie’s abstinence from sex was a real torture for her. Peter’s aphrodisiacs were supercharging her libido and she could get no relief. Every time she masturbated she was hurting too much. By the end of the week pain and pleasure was one thing for Marie. Fortunately, her symptoms were starting to get better as the days went by.


The last day before Christmas break came and Marie wrote down in her diary the number 380 and 194. She had sucked at least 380 men and she had fucked 194. It made no difference to her now. It looked just like a high score in a game to her. Only the game’s name would be ‘How much of a slut are you?’ Marie smiled because she knew she was winning in that game.

Peter and Marie knew that with the Christmas break their little enterprise would have major losses. The university was going to be closed, or at least have limited access, and too many men waiting outside the two storage rooms would raise suspicions. Peter found the solution to their problem. After searching for many days he finally found a venue that could host their little enterprise.

It was an adult shop, located near the campus. They offered gloryhole booths with anonymity. Peter of course haggled for the prices, based on the huge clientele they were going to bring to the shop. They weren’t going to make as much as they could in their public gloryhole but it would be something. They kept a bunch of guys, that were students of the university, for the morning schedule in the library and transferred the rest for the night shifts at the sex shop.

Of course that meant Marie would work double shifts most of the holidays. She convinced Andrew to lie ankara suriyeli escortlar to Mark about the Christmas holidays and the reason she wasn’t going to be able to work at the pub. She told Andrew to say that she would visit her parents but also needed some days off. In fact Marie was planning to visit her home country for some days near the end of vacation, but of course that would be after New Year’s Eve.

On the first week of the holidays Marie worked her ass off. She lost track of which dick was new and which was a returning client. She just worked as fast and efficiently as she could for the hours that she had booked. This was a professional booth and was kept neat and clean. It also had three holes and a screen on one side, where you could pay to watch some porn while being sucked. For the guys that provided an STD test and were clean the owner provided a bracelet that they had to show through the hole, if they wanted to fuck Marie bareback. Of course Marie had to show the same documents every 4 days. This booth also came equipped with cameras. It was a premium service where a guy could pay more to watch the one that sucked his cock. So, Marie always wore a lace mask to obscure her features. Many of them paid the extra money to watch her.

Marie felt awkward and ashamed at first, but then she got used to it. After a couple of times she started playing with the camera, showing the load and then swallowing and opening to show her empty mouth. She always smiled at the camera and sent kisses after a guy had finished his business. She wasn’t just sucking and fucking dicks anymore, she was performing and she loved the attention. People were really forming a line this time.

She was the most popular girl of the gloryhole and, of course, she did anything she could to keep that popularity up. Marie started to like the thought of being the girl that all these men fantasize about all the time until they would come to stick their dicks in the hole for her to suck or fuck. She was getting more and more exposed each day and there was an unprecedented thrill in this. As days went by she started noticing a guy or two checking her out, trying to figure out if she was the redhead in the gloryhole, or at least she thought so. It might have been that she was walking around with so much more confidence and sexuality now that all the looks were drawn on her.

Some of these nights Peter dropped by and they had some fun in the booth. He would fuck Marie while she sucked dicks and take load after load of cum in her mouth and her face. He also recorded some videos of her to add to her collection, and his of course.

While fucking in the gloryhole Peter asked jokingly Marie what would Annie do if she found herself in a place like this.

“Hmmm, you are trying new stuff right?” Marie asked, moaning.

“Yes, but I don’t know if she’s even close to your level, Marie. She would freak out if she ever experienced something like that.” Peter said.

“Don’t be.. Aaahhh… so sure!” Marie said, getting close to her climax.

“Maybe you should take her with you one day and show her how to be a good cumslut then!” Peter said and increased the fucking pace on Marie’s pussy.

“Well… fuck…ooohh…maybe I…aahhh… will!” Marie said.

“Fuck I’m cumming! Yes, like that fuck me hard!” she said again to Peter.


It was finally New Year’s Eve. Marie was back at her room after working for 6 hours in the gloryhole. She had sucked and fucked 57 guys today. Another personal record she thought. She burped and the semen aftertaste came to her mouth again. Her belly was full of sperm. Her knees were hurting, from all the time she was spending on them. They were red and had skin blisters, she had to put band-aids to keep them from getting worse. But other than that she was ok. She had built strength in her jaw muscle and could suck for many hours before she would get tired.

She was invited to a New Year’s Eve party that some of Peter’s friends were having. Annie had left some days ago to visit her family, Jess & Andrew were working at the pub so Peter and his friends were Marie’s only choice not to spend New Year’s alone.

Marie had a warm bath and cleaned herself thoroughly. She did her hair in a more waved style, added nice classy and sexy makeup and wore her back mini dress with black fishnet stockings held by black lace suspenders, matching black lace bra and black high heel boots. Furthermore, a simple and elegant retro black lace choker adorned her neck. Of course, her ass was plugged with her jeweled buttplug held firmly in place by her black lace g-string. She took a look at herself in the mirror.

“Wow, I’m hot as fuck!” she said, not believing the image in the mirror.

She snapped a few selfies. She sent one to Peter asking ‘Am I too overdressed for this party?’, one to Andrew writing ‘What do you think?’ and one to Mateo with the captions ‘Girls New Year’s Eve night out!’.

Unconsciously, sincan türbanlı escortlar she was teasing them and it was becoming so natural for her to want to attract male attention.


The NYE party was in one of Peter’s friends’ houses. He had a spacious flat close to the center with a nice view. His father was a very wealthy businessman and he could afford renting a place like that. Peter picked up Marie with an uber and they arrived at his friend’s flat around 10 o’clock in the evening. Loud music was playing and there was an open buffet with expensive drinks, champagne and finger food.

Marie noticed that most of the people in this party were guys and a couple of girls, who were obviously there with their boyfriends. Peter introduced Marie to everyone he knew and they got to talking and drinking. After some time had gone by and while Marie and Peter were refilling their drinks Peter said to Marie.

“Do you wanna know a secret?” he asked.

Marie looked at him trying to understand what that secret might be.

“Yeah, what is it?” she asked.

“You see all these guys here?” he asked again, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes… what about them?” she asked again, starting to get anxious by Peter’s cryptic mood.

He leaned in Marie’s ear.

“Well, you have sucked or fucked most of them in the gloryhole.” he said with a smirk.

Marie froze in place. She almost choked with her champagne.

“Fuck…” she said.

“Peter, what the fuck! There are a dozen guys here! Have I sucked all of your friends?” she asked, not able to believe the situation.

“Yep, all except those two.” and nodded her towards the direction of two guys that were talking by the window.

Marie’s underwear were soaked in seconds. She felt her juices dripping on her thighs and her breath became heavy. She couldn’t handle how turned on she was by the fact that she was in a room surrounded by men that had fucked her or she had sucked their dicks and swallowed their cum.

“Oh my god..” she said, again and again staring at all these people.

“Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.” she said to Peter.

She gulped down her champagne and ran to the bathroom.

Marie stood in front of the mirror and took a look at herself. The only thing she was thinking was her juices running down her thighs and how bad she wanted to be fucked. She looked at the girl in the mirror again. A redhead with piercings and tattoos and eyes filled with lust. She finally saw what Peter and other guys were seeing in her, a cock hungry slut. If she wanted she could have all these guys at once. A nice gangbang to celebrate the new year.

Oh, how badly she wanted to be fucked. She imagined herself getting ravaged by multiple men at once fucking all her holes. But was she ready to take this step? Working at the gloryhole behind the veil of anonymity was easier, here she would be totally exposed. Everyone will know how much of a slut she is. Was she ready to embrace this aspect of herself? To surrender to her carnal needs and be fucked until her lust is satisfied?

She sat on the toilet seat, pulled up her mini dress and started furiously masturbating. Marie thought that if she could have an orgasm she would be thinking more clearly. Unfortunately, one of the girls walked in on Marie in the bathroom. Luckily, she didn’t understand she was rubbing her pussy on the toilet. Marie left the bathroom even hornier than before. She would have to ask Peter to give her a good fuck to relax.

There he was, next to the open bar, talking with two of his friends. Marie approached them and joined the conversation and Peter could see that she was uncomfortable. Something was troubling her. After a while he found an excuse to take her and go somewhere where they could talk.

“Hey Marie, what’s the matter, you seem a bit off.” he said.

Marie looked at him thinking about saying what she was about to say.

“Peter… I’m fucking horny as fuck! You have to help me! I need a good fuck to calm down a bit. Jesus, I was thinking what it would be like if I had a gangbang with all of your friends.” she said.

Peter hesitated a bit.

“Well… would you like that?” he asked.

“What? A gangbang? With 15 dudes?” Marie asked with widened eyes.

“Uhhm, yes.” Peter answered.

“Dude! What the fuck are you talking about? I do what I do in a gloryhole so that I can protect my identity and not earn the fame of being the nastiest slut in the University, and now you’re suggesting a gangbang with all these guys. Everybody will know tomorrow if I do something like this.” Marie said.

“No no, these guys are not like that. I can make them promise me they keep their mouths shut. If you really like to fuck them all tonight I can assure you that nothing will be heard outside this flat.” he said

Marie took a couple of moments to think about it and she finally decided that she had to be gangbanged. After all, it was one of her wildest fantasies and now she was closer than ever to make it real. She was finally ready. Ready to take on 15 dudes.

“Ok! I’m down for it. But please promise me that they will keep this a secret between us.” Marie said to Peter.

“I promise you Marie, these guys are alright, they know how to be discreet.

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