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Mama’s Boy, Ch. 02

I only lasted about an hour lying next to Kelly before I decided that I had to go upstairs and see Mom. My cock had gotten a workout already, but I still couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some more action.

You up? I texted, hoping for a quick response. Not even a minute later, Mom answered.

OMG yes, bring me that dick. She included the eggplant emoji, along with an arrow pointing to a peach.

Not one to keep Mom waiting, I slid out of bed, making sure Kelly was still sound asleep. I carefully crept out of the room, avoiding parts of the floor that creaked, and made my way upstairs. Mom greeted me at her bedroom door, already totally naked. She engaged me in a deep kiss while groping my semi-hard cock through my boxers.

“Tell me you still have some energy and didn’t use it all up on your little slut.”

“Always energy for you, Mom.”

“Good. Get on the fucking bed and get these boxers off.”

I did as Mom instructed and she quickly straddled me, grabbing my stiffening cock with both hands and starting to stroke. A few times she leaned down to lick my shaft and balls until I was fully hard. Once my erection had returned, she used her well-practiced mouth to deepthroat my raging cock, choking a few times but managing to keep it down for a quite a while.

“Oh, fuck, I can taste your slut on you,” Mom said with a smile after pulling her mouth away. “She’s delicious.”

“I know. She tastes even better straight from her pussy.”

“I’ll have to try it sometime,” Mom said before burying my cock in her throat once more.

“Fuck yeah, I’ll pound your ass while you eat her out. I’ll fill your tight MILF ass and she can clean my load out of you.”

“Mmmhmm,” was Mom’s only response as she deep throated me like a pro. She looked up at me lovingly as she did, expressing her motherly affection with her oral mastery over my cock. I fucked Mom’s face for several minutes before she pulled off and decided she wanted something different.

Mom turned away from me on all fours, presenting herself to me and glancing back at me over her shoulder. She smacked her ass for good measure.

“Take me, baby. Mount me and take me doggystyle like a fucking whore. My pussy is still so wet from seeing you on camera and I need some cock inside me.”

I wordlessly positioned myself behind her and placed my cock at her entrance. Teasing her with the head, I also placed my thumb on her asshole and pressed lightly.

“I’m going to fuck your pussy but I’m also going to fuck your ass, OK?”

“OK, anything you want, just please get it in me and fuck me. Mama needs this.”

I entered the warm confines of my mother’s pussy and pushed firmly as deep as I could go. She was incredibly wet, and continued playing with her clit as I began thrusting in and out.

“Oh, that’s so good baby! I needed that dick. You’re such a lucky boy, getting to fuck a hot young slut and your mommy on the same night. Not a lot of guys get to do that, you know.”

“Mmm I know Mom, I’m so fucking lucky, getting this cock in two hot pussies tonight.”

“But mine’s the best, right? Better than your little slut?”

“Fuck yes, kartal escort yours is always the best. Nothing beats Mommy’s pussy.”

“God yes, fuck Mommy’s pussy!” she yelled, apparently forgetting the special need to be quiet this time. I clamped a hand over her mouth as I fucked her, leaning down closer to whisper.

“Quiet, mommy slut. Remember that we have to keep this a secret. At least for now.”

“Mmhmm,” Mom agreed through the hand clasped over her mouth. I slowly took it off to allow her to speak.

“Sorry baby, that dick is just so good and I’m used to getting loud for you. Thank you for shutting me up when you need to. You need to take over when your slut misbehaves.”

“I think you’ll need it for this, too,” I responded, placing my hand back over her mouth as I pressed my other thumb into her tight asshole. Mom squealed with pleasure, highlighting the need to forcibly keep her quiet.

As her initial shock wore off, I removed my hand and placed it back on her hips, grabbing hold so I could continue giving it to her hard and deep. My thumb remained in her asshole, working in and out to bring her extra pleasure in addition to my cock splitting open her pussy.

I controlled my breathing as I steadily fucked Mom’s wet fuck hole, savoring the view of my big dick penetrating her dripping hole from behind. Mom was face down, moaning softly as she worked her clit and brought herself nearer to orgasm.

“Not going to take long baby… getting there… so close…”

“Cum for me. Cum for me, slut. Cum on your son’s cock like a good mommy. Show me how you love that dick. Be a good mommy for me.”

Mom began to quiver under me. She soon lost control of herself, bucking her hips wildly as the pleasure overtook her. A low, stifled moan escaped her mouth as she came for me. My dick continued to piston in and out of her, now coated with the cream of her orgasm.

I worked her asshole with my thumb throughout this process. I knew that Mom loved nothing more than to have something in her ass as she came.

“That’s it Mom, keep cumming on me. My cock in your pussy and my thumb in your asshole. Nasty fucking mommy. Is that right? Are you a nasty whore mommy?”

“Y-y-yessssss, oh God yes I am,” she managed to force out through her moans just before they subsided and she came back down to Earth. I pulled out of her and she turned to face my glistening cock, immediately getting down on her knees to suck it.

“That’s good, be my little cock cleaning mommy. Clean yourself off of that big dick before I put it in your ass. That’s it, all the way up and all the way down. Take it all the way down to my fucking balls.”

Mom’s eyes got big at the mention of being assfucked. She pulled off of me but continued to stroke me with both hands.

“Oh honey, are you going to put this big fucker up my ass? In your own mother’s tight butthole?”

“Fuck yeah, I’m going to ram your tight little shit hole and blow a big load inside it.”

“So dirty, baby! Can’t believe you’re just going to shove this huge throbbing meat into my poor little ass.”

“That’s right. Back on the bed, slut.”

I kurtköy escort lubed up my cock and did the same for Mom’s ass, savoring the view of her presenting herself for use like a good submissive whore.

“Now I’m going to punish your asshole, Mom.”

“Punish? What for, baby?”

“For spying on me and my date. You violated my privacy so I’m going to violate your tightest, most intimate hole.”

“Please honey, have mercy on my poor little asshole.”

“No mercy for sluts like you. Now be a good mommy and take it.”

I pushed hard into Mom’s ass. I knew she could take anything I gave her with my cock and she would be loving it regardless of how much she pretended to protest. She put her own hand over her mouth to avoid screaming as I began to brutalize her anal passage.

“That’s a good little buttslut,” I whispered to Mom as I used her. “Nasty anal fucktoy. You can’t say no to an assfucking, can you?”

“All for you baby… I’m your little anal slut. Any time you need Mommy’s ass, it’s yours honey. Always… always open… open for your cock 24/7. Mommy loves you so much and she wants her ass to be your property.”

“Fuck, I love you so much, Mom. Such a good mommy. Willing to do anything for her son.”

“Yes baby, anything. Anything my boy needs.”

I sped up my thrusts, forcing Mom to muffle her groans of pleasure and pain as she withstood the anal assault. She was face down in the pillow, hands flat on the bed, with her ass sticking up in the air. She was fully exposed to me as I had my way with her. I railed her a few minutes like this before pulling out to change positions. Mom whined pitifully as I pulled out, surely feeling a sudden sense of emptiness.

“Ride me,” I commanded. “That’s how I want to cum.”

“Mmm yes, I’ll ride that big dick with my naughty shit hole.”

I positioned myself next to her on the bed, lying on my back, as she moved to straddled me and place her asshole above the towering pole of my stiff cock. The look on Mom’s face was priceless as she lowered herself down slowly. Her eyes were half-closed and she was breathing deeply, trying to readjust to the cock that was steadily stretching her ass once more.

“Oh… oh fuck… feels so big from this… this angle. Oh God, so deep in me. So deep in my… mmm my fucking asshole. Deep in your sweet mother’s asshole.”

“Hell yeah, it’s where this dick belongs. Right up your fucking ass. Every day.”

“Every day, baby. Every day. Any time. Just bend Mama over and take what you want. Or make her ride this perfect piece of meat. Or just put me on my knees and fuck my face. Anything you want. Mama’s boy gets anything he wants.”

“Can I shoot my big cum load right up your asshole right now?”

“Oh God yes, please give me that load. Give it to my ass.”

I slowed my pace to hold off just a little longer and pulled Mom down to kiss her deeply on the lips. Our tongues danced passionately against one another as I fucked her slowly, making sure to savor every moment.

“I love you, Mom. So much.”

“I love you, baby. Making love to my ass. My boy is just… fucking maltepe escort his mom’s ass like a good son. So deep and so loving. No one has ever fucked my ass like my sweet son does.”

“So close now. Gonna fucking cum. Gonna cum in your ass.”

“Don’t hold back. Just do it. Do it for Mommy.”

“Cumming. Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

Mom kissed me deeply as she rode the orgasm out of me. She began to moan as she felt her tight back passage being flooded with thick spurts of semen.

“Oh, I feel it. So much cum for my asshole. You really filled me like a good boy. You make Mama so proud when you do that.”

Mom rose from my cock as she said this, already beginning to leak my load from her ass. She gasped lightly as the head of my dick left her tight back passage. Once she had entirely removed herself from my stiff pole, she lay down next to me on the bed and we both stared at the ceiling in post-coital bliss.

“You need to get back down to your slut. You don’t want her noticing that you’ve been gone for so long.”

“Wish I could stay here with you, but I guess you’re right.”

“Get back down there, mister. If she wakes up, see if she needs any more dick. Be a gentleman.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, affecting a whining tone. I rose from the bed after giving Mom one more peck on the lips, and put my boxers back on. I blew Mom one more kiss before exiting her room and closed the door behind me.

Heading back down to my room, I was relieved to see that Kelly was still out cold. Making as little noise as possible, I closed my bedroom door and slid back into bed next to her. As I got comfortable, I accidentally bumped into her, causing her to groan slightly and roll over towards me.

“Mmm welcome back. Where’d you go?”

Not expecting to be questioned — and not having a ready answer — I stumbled with my words.”

“I… um… just had to… just had to go upstairs and check on the cat.”

“Oh. So sweet. And did your mom get home okay from her night out?”

“Her too. She’s fine, just passed out in her bed.”

“I see… so, she won’t hear us if we go again?” Kelly gripped my cock through my boxers as she said this in a way that said she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Suddenly she seemed completely alert and awake.

“I don’t think so… I’m up for it if you are.”

“Fuck yes, I was dreaming about more of this dick. Let me suck this thing.”

“Oh no, you don’t have to…”

I tried to stop her, not wanting the possibility of her tasting my mom’s ass on me, but she was determined to pull it out of my boxers and get her mouth on it.

“Mmm, such a delicious cock. Tastes even better the second time.” Kelly was now fully engaged in working her mouth up and down, getting me back to full erection in no time. Once I was sufficiently rigid, she pushed me back into the bed and straddled me, wasting no time in positioning my dick at the opening of her pussy and pushing herself down on it.

“Fuck me. Fuck this pussy with that big piece of meat.”

“Hell yeah, such a good pussy. Feels so good.”

Kelly looked down at me with an odd smirk as she rode me. I looked up at her curiously, wondering what was so funny to her. After a few minutes of savoring my cock inside her, she slowed her pace and leaned down to kiss me.

Suppressing her moans of pleasure, she moved her lips to my ear and whispered.

“Now that I have you where I want you, tell me the truth. Do I fuck as good as your mom?”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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