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This story is a continuation of Maggie’s sexual journey. So far she has discovered the joys of her brother Jim. In this episode she finds out some arousing things about her Mom. Enjoy!

‘You won’t mind sharing a room with Cindy will you darling?’ asked Maggie’s mother Annie.

‘Who’s Cindy mum?’ Maggie enquired as she helped her mother to sort out the washing. Suddenly she stopped. In her hands she found herself holding a really hot pair of panties. She didn’t remember them as her own, so she looked enquiringly at her mother.

Annie couldn’t stop a blush from spreading across her face. What was she going to say? She was going to have to own up to them.

‘Oh they’re just a pair of my panties Maggie. You know, I fancied a change of undies.’ She suggested in what she hoped was a convincing response.

‘Come off it Mom! They’re hardly just a pair of undies.’ Giggled Maggie. ‘…and by the looks of it you quite enjoyed wearing them.’

‘What on earth do you mean dear?’ flustered Annie. But she knew exactly what Maggie meant. The crotch of those panties was crusty with dried cum. Why hadn’t she hidden them? This was so humiliating. Her own daughter questioning her about her used panties. Then she remembered her earlier question about Cindy.

‘Well do you mind sharing with Cindy?’ she asked again. Maggie smiled.

‘Mum, I asked who she was. I suppose I don’t mind sharing for a short while, but what’s it worth to me?’ Annie darted a quick look of dismay at her daughter. She knew she was grown-up and certainly looked older than her 19 years, but how was she was so cheeky?

‘She’s your cousin. It’s years since you last saw her, they’ve been in Australia for ages. Now my brother Jack is bringing the family home for a while. As for what it’s worth to you. I should have thought you’d be only too willing to take care of your cousin. You were inseparable ten years ago, before they left.’

Maggie cast her mind back to that time. ‘Oh my God!’ she thought to herself. ‘I remember Cindy. We used to play doctors and nurses.’

‘Maggie! I was talking to you’ Annie said exasperated. ‘Your mind just seemed to wander off. Now do you remember Cindy?’ Sure she did. How could she have forgotten? Sharing a room wasn’t going to be so bad!

‘No I don’t mind sharing with her, if you insist mother. But you haven’t told me about these panties.’

‘You are so cheeky Maggie!’ sighed Annie. ‘I have nothing to tell you about them except that I bought them last week, because I fancied something new, and you know, I wanted to feel different.’

‘You mean sexy mum!’ laughed her daughter.

‘Well, as you so crudely put it, I suppose yes, I wanted to feel sexy.’ Replied Annie as her face began to glow with embarrassment. ‘…but I don’t see how it’s any of your business young lady.’

Maggie had grown in confidence over the previous few months. She had always had a fairly open relationship with her mother, as far as talk about sex was concerned, but they had really only ever talked about her, and even then she’d kept a lot to herself. This conversation was breaking new ground, and she was enjoying every minute of it.

Annie was blushing ferociously, and Maggie knew that she had stumbled on a really juicy bit of her mum’s life. Her mother was a highly attractive woman in her late 30s, and although she’d had two children, Maggie and Jim, she had never lost her outstanding figure. When she wanted to dress up for a night out, Annie could be true competition for Maggie and her friends. Not that she was ever crass enough to want to go out with the teenagers; she had her own friends, not least Jess, her best friend.

‘Go on Mum! Tell all. You know how you always said it was best to be truthful, and not lie to yourself.’ insisted Maggie.

Annie knew she couldn’t keep it to herself, but she didn’t know where to start. She took a deep breath and suggested they go upstairs to the kitchen and have a glass of wine while she explained.

With a glasses chardonnay in hand, the two women settled at the kitchen table and Annie began her story.

‘You know your father and I love each other a great deal’ she started as a way of reassuring florya escort her daughter of the family’s security. ‘Well, it doesn’t mean that I love him any the less for what I’m about to tell you Maggie.’

Maggie nodded, just knowing that she was going to hear a hot story. Her mother took a sip of wine and continued.

‘It started a couple of weeks ago when Jess and I went shopping together. You know for clothes and things. Well, it all began innocently enough; we looked at loads and tried on a few things until lunchtime. We both felt hungry so we went into this Italian restaurant in the High Street, you know, La Scalla, or something like that. The food smelt lovely and it felt so genuinely Italian that we decided to splash out and get a bottle of wine to go with the meal. This typical Italian guy had seated us; you know all dark eyes and tight pants. I could tell Jess liked the look of him; she went all silly and giggly. When he’d gone she told me how hot she felt. I told her it was over heated shops, but she laughed and shook her head.

‘… not that sort of hot silly. I mean hot down there.’ And she nodded towards her crotch. I giggled then, as she explained that trying on all the clothes and stripping down to our panties and bras had really got her horny, especially when the sales assistant pushed open the changing room door by mistake, and got an eyeful of my butt, as I bent over for something. I thought back to that moment and realised that the thong I was wearing must have left little to the imagination. Then Jess really amazed me, because she told me how the sales girl had just stood there looking for a few seconds, and then as she apologised Jess had noticed her nipples. She said they were really hard, and pushing through the girl’s blouse.

‘… so you think she enjoyed the view?’ I asked, getting quite hot myself by now. Jess nodded and then turned as a waitress came over. I can honestly tell you Maggie, she was wasted as a waitress. She should be a model or something. Her name was Ana and she had the most stunning figure I’ve ever seen. As she asked us about the food we’d like she leaned over the table and her blouse fell open, right in front of me. I had to stare, there was nowhere else to look. And Maggie, I could see everything. Her beautiful cleavage, and the sexiest pair of nipples I’ve ever seen. They were dark and pointed, pushing right out from her breasts.

Annie shifted in her chair, and Maggie noticed her press her legs together as she remembered. Maggie noticed her own pussy starting to moisten at the story. Her mother took another sip of wine and continued.

‘Well, Jess noticed me staring and when we’d made our order she asked me about what I’d been looking at, so I told her. She wanted every detail, and I could see her planning a way to get a look herself. The waitress came back with our wine and Jess dropped her napkin on the floor. Just as she’d hoped, Ana bent down to pick it up and I watched Jess as she peered into that beautiful cleavage. She was almost shaking as she accepted the napkin from Ana, and could barely string her words together as she thanked her.

‘Oh God Annie’ she gushed ‘Now I’m really hot and wet!’ I couldn’t believe it. I’ve known Jess for years and never thought she might go for girls, so I asked her how long she’d had a thing for women. She told me she’d never really thought about it much. She knew she felt sexy around women as well as men, but had never thought about doing anything about it. Then the other night she’d been flicking through the channels, and came across a really hot porn film where three women were really getting it together, you know, licking each other and all.’

Annie shifted again in her chair and slipped her hand between her legs. Maggie couldn’t tell if she had consciously done it, but the sight of her own mother rubbing herself was really turning her on. Maggie wondered how her mother would react if she started touching her own pussy.

Then she thought ‘What the hell!’ It was her mother who was responsible for getting her into this state. With a quick movement Maggie slipped her fingers between her legs. göztepe escort She was wearing a short denim skirt so it was easy to reach her panty-clad pussy. Her panties were damp already and Maggie knew that if the story got much hotter she was going to fill them with her creamy juices.

Annie could see quite clearly what her daughter was doing, but she’d reached a stage where it didn’t seem to matter that Maggie was openly masturbating in front of her. It was then that she realised that her own hand was stroking her mound through her jeans. She decided to continue with her account of the shopping expedition to see where it would lead with her daughter.

‘Anyway, Jess told me about how excited she’d got watching the porn movie and it was then that she decided she wanted to try sex with another girl.’ Annie paused.

Maggie let out a gasp as she suddenly pictured her hot Mom going down on Jess. Annie continued ‘Our meals arrived then so we both took the opportunity to get an eyeful of the waitress’s breasts again. They swayed so wonderfully, it was all I could do to stop myself from reaching out and fondling them. Oh my God, Maggie I shouldn’t be telling you, this I don’t know what’s got into me!’

‘Don’t worry Mom’ soothed her daughter, determined to keep this story on track. ‘I understand why you appreciate tits, I do too!’

Annie giggled, ‘Are you telling me you’re a lesbian darling, cos I wouldn’t mind you know, in fact I quite like the idea.’

‘No more than you or Jess are mom. I like men as well. It’s just that sometimes I get really turned on by a girl’s ass or her tits, and I do love to flirt with girls.’

Annie poured some more wine and decided to tell her daughter all. But first she wanted to make sure they were both comfortable. ‘Come and sit on the sofa then darling and I’ll tell you the rest!’

Both women moved to the sofa, Maggie tucked her legs under her and Annie sat next to her, but turned towards her so they could look at each other as they talked. ‘Before I tell you what happened I want you to know that I really don’t mind if you want to rub yourself while you’re listening. I know I’m your Mom and everything, but we’re both grown ups and it is a hot story.’ She was blushing as she finished. There was nothing Annie wanted more at the moment than to see her daughter making herself cum, especially if it was while she, Annie, was telling the story.

Maggie smiled and unfolded her legs, she had been prepared to rub herself discretely, but since the offer was there for a more open show she didn’t want to miss it. Annie watched as Maggie pulled back her skirt and revealed her skimpy lace panties. She couldn’t see any hair down there; maybe Maggie was shaving now. Her daughter then parted her legs and placed her fingers over her crack.

‘Go on Mom. You can do it too if you want!’

Annie wanted to touch herself so bad now that it took no further persuasion from Maggie to convince her. She raised her hips from the sofa and unbuckling her jeans she pushed them down her legs. Maggie watched, heart racing, as her own mother displayed her bared pussy to the world. She hadn’t even been wearing panties! Her mound was as bare of hair as Maggie’s and her plump labial lips pushed out from her excited crack in a delicious mess of pink flesh. Maggie also noticed the strong aroma that emanated from her Mom’s pussy. She took a deep breath and enjoyed the sweet smell of wet cunt.

Annie looked down at herself and slid a finger gently into her welcoming hole. Then as she slipped her digit up and down, and Maggie rubbed herself through her panties, she continued.

‘Jess looked at me and winked, and then she asked Ana when she got off work. The waitress smiled and looked us both up and down, and then she looked at the clock and said she had an hour to go. I couldn’t believe Jess had actually asked her, but then she went on to ask if Ana wanted to join us in a drink somewhere. She agreed that she would and as she disappeared again Jess turned to me smiling and remarked at how easy that was.’

Maggie giggled, ‘Ana must have really liked you two!’

‘She halkalı escort did’ replied Annie as she brushed her fingers over her clit. She let out a little gasp and pressed her nub of flesh with greater pressure. Her pussy was filling up with juices now, and she hadn’t even got to the best part of the story yet.

‘It took about an hour for us to finish and as we paid Ana was waiting for us. She told us she only lived round the corner and we could have a drink at her place. We looked at each other excitedly and followed her to an apartment up the street. She led us into the elevator and as the doors closed she looked Jess in the eye and smiled.

Then in her lovely Italian accent she said ‘You want to fuck me don’t you?’ Jess couldn’t believe that Ana was so upfront about it. She nodded and her face blushed uncontrollably. ‘Well that’s all right because I want you too, in fact I want both of you. I learned long ago that when you want something, you should come right out and say it, it saves so much time and misunderstanding!’

‘By this time I was filling my panties Maggie, Ana was so hot and I never believed I could get so turned on by another woman. I looked over at Jess and could see that she was really turned on as well. She smiled at me and then as the elevator carried us up she stepped towards Ana and kissed her. I watched as Ana returned the kiss; they seemed to get really carried away with it, Ana’s hand moved round to Jess’ ass and she started to squeeze and fondle Jess. Jess did the same to Ana; their bodies were so close together, with their tits pressed hard against the other. It was so hot, I started to touch myself while I watched.

‘When the doors opened they were groaning and writhing against the wall. We all stumbled out and as soon as Ana had opened her front door she grabbed Jess’ skirt and pulled it up, then she pushed her hand between Jess’ legs. I felt like I’d be missing out if I didn’t join in, and I really wanted to feel Ana’s tits. So I put my arms around her as she felt up Jess and started pulling on her delicious breasts. I could feel her nipples hard against my palm and I so wanted to pinch them that I pulled away her blouse and took each nipple between my finger and thumb and squeezed. She moaned with a sort of pleasurable pain, and her nipples seemed to get even larger. I just loved feeling her tits Maggie! I’ve been dreaming about them ever since, and every time I do I soak my panties. That’s why I didn’t have any on just now, I had to take them off they were so wet.

‘Jess was moaning by now and Ana’s fingers were inside her panties. I looked down as I played with Ana’s tits and watched as my best friend suddenly let out a scream of pleasure and came in a gush of cum over Ana’s hand. Her juices were pouring down her legs, and Ana didn’t stop she got down on her hands and knees and started licking Jess’ thighs. I was so turned on that I was desperate to cum myself. I pulled up my skirt and moved round in front of Jess, she giggled and put her hand on my mound, and I immediately felt a tingle of electricity run through my body, from my clit to my nipples and back again. Jess pressed her fingers through my soaking panties and into my pussy, while I watched Ana attacking her pussy with her tongue. Ana’s beautiful tits were swaying around as she bobbed up and down, her nipples huge with really gorgeous wrinkled areola.

‘Suddenly I felt Jess’ fingers slip under the edge of my panties, and into me. I’ve never had another woman touch me like that before. My whole body shook and I came instantly over her hand. My pussy was on fire Maggie! I almost collapsed onto the floor as Jess started to cum again while Ana licked her out. I have never in my life been so turned on and aroused. Jess was leaning back against the wall while Ana, on her hands and knees was sucking and licking her pussy.

‘I don’t know if I’d have done it normally, but I was so hot by now that when I noticed her ass bobbing around I immediately got behind Ana and pushed my hand between her legs. She was soaked in her juices, and her thighs were really slippery where cum was dribbling from her pussy. My fingers went straight into her and she pushed back so they went in further. Jess was just watching with her mouth hanging open and her hands rolling her breasts around. Ana moaned and writhed on my fingers until I felt her cunt contract round them, and then she let go a rush of hot cum. My hand was covered Maggie.

This is the end of Part One. Part Two will follow very soon!

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