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This is a work of fiction. All characters are fictitious, but not the thoughts.

My daughter Karlie is a gorgeous woman. A 25-year-old brunette, with a body to die for. Big tits, big ass, flat stomach, small waist and tall. 5’10. She was a duplicate of her mother, but with dark hair. She also had a sex drive that has produced two kids. She is very promiscuous. I know of at least 15 partners of hers. She loves sex. It oozes from her. She just kicked out her last boyfriend. He got too clingy for her. Since that time, she has become a noticeably confident woman. Every time she shows up at my house, she is dressed in clingy, summery outfits that always shows her curves. I have a hard time not staring at her curves. But they are evident. Very evident. She has made comments in the past and slid past me in the kitchen always touching me as she goes by. Not casual, always with some intentional meaning. She calls me every day for some reason or another. I would fuck her in a minute if I ever got the chance.

I was sitting at mt desk working and my phone rang. I could tell by the ring tone it was Karlie.

“Yellow!” I answered in my best Dad voice.

“Jesus, you are such a Dad.” I got in response.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I replied “This is Dad not Jesus.”

Karlie laughed and snorted at the same time. She has a big laugh.

“Can you come over and fix my garage door opener? It rarely works and I am tired of not being able to use my garage.”

“I can come over after work, if that’s ok?” I mumbled, focusing on my work.

“You can’t come over now? I work 6-10 tonight.”

Since I was working from home that day, I said sure, grabbed some tools and was on my way. 20 minutes later I knocked on her door.

She opened the door and invited me in. She had on some spandex shorts and a t shirt. Obviously, no bra. Her big tits were jiggling.

I walked into her garage and grabbed the ladder. I climbed up and reset her opener and the remotes. New batteries, new codes was all it took.

“Thanks Daddy!! I was hoping it was going to be easy.”

I climbed bağcılar escort down and she gave me a hug, not her usual hug but a strong hug, pushing her body into mine.

“You better stop, or your old man may have a heart attack!” I said climbing out of her hug.

“You don’t like a hug from your daughter? Wow, that hurt.” She said grinning oddly.

“It is not that I didn’t like the hug, in fact I really did. But it seemed inappropriate.”

“It was supposed to be. I know you are a constantly horny man. I am just like you. I am just like my Mom.” She almost moaned.

Her mother and I had a torrid 2-year affair that produced our daughter. We had sex before work and after work daily for about 2 years. I even nailed her a few times after it all came out into the open and she swore she hated me. She couldn’t say no to sex. She even called the morning she went to have the baby to have sex. Sex at 9 am, baby at 6pm.

“Karlie, this is wrong, and it needs to stop.” I said sternly.

She replied by removing her shirt. Her big tits swaying as she took off her tshirt. Her nipples hardened.

“Tell me I am not something you desire. If you can look me in the eyes and tell me you do not want to fuck me, I will stop.”

She had me. She knew I couldn’t.

What the fuck. “Take off those pants.” I commanded.

She quickly peeled off the spandex, revealing a smooth puffy mound. I could see the insides of her thick thighs were glistening with moisture.

“Your turn, Daddy!”

I undressed and revealed myself to her.

“God, it’s better than I ever imagined. Not too long, but thick.” Karlie purred.

Just then she shivered and shook.

“This will be so hot. I have not even had you touch me yet and I had an orgasm.”

She dropped to her knees and all but begged me to walk to her.

“Dammit, Dad, let me suck your cock. Quit teasing me!”

I walked close enough to her that she took me in her mouth and into her throat. Her nose touching my stomach. Back and forth, I throat fucked her for an eternity bahçelievler escort it seemed. She would pull off every once in a while to catch her breath. String so saliva dripping from my cock onto her perfect chest. I was getting close and she knew it, speeding up her rhythm.

“I’m going to cum Karlie…unnngggggh, Yes Baby, suck Daddy’s cock!!!!”

She grabbed my sack and squeezed, and I unloaded into her throat. She swallowed every drop.

“I want you to fuck me now. I want to have your cock in me.” She demanded.

“Get on your fucking hands and knees. I want to see that beautiful ass bounce when I fuck you!”

Her pear shaped ass and small waist were a sight to behold. I stuffed my face between her cheeks finding her wet pussy. I licked and sucked her until she came.


She was breathing hard when I pulled away from her ass and pushed my cock into her wet swollen pussy. I had never seen a pussy swell like that. It was even more beautiful because it was my daughters. I fucked her slowly allowing her to catch her breath.

“Harder Daddy. I know you are being nice. I like it hard. FUCK ME HARD!!!”

I shifted gears and fucked my daughter, my beautiful daughter as hard as I could. Her gorgeous ass absorbing each thrust. Her lusty moans getting louder and louder. I knew she was close to cumming with me in her. The reality of me fucking my daughter set in. I knew we would never be the same. This would be a thing until she wanted to stop.

I felt her tighten her pussy around my cock and she started to cum.

“I’m cumming Daddy, fuck your dirty, nasty, slut daughter. Cum in me!!!! Shoot your cum inside me!!”

That was all it took. I started cumming. I splashed my seed deep in her womb. Never once did I think about the possible outcome of me seeding my daughter. Never once. Being divorced, I didn’t care. I just shot my load into her eager pussy.

I pulled out and fell bahçeşehir escort on the bed beside her. I was spent. She wrapped her big, perfect tits around my cock and rubbed them up and down on my shaft. The lewd site of her looking at me and rubbing her tits on my cock was bringing life back to my spent member.

“I have masturbated so many times thinking about this dad, Daddy! I am so glad it happened. Will you fuck me when I need it?”

“Yes, dear. We can’t deny the connection between us. I have also thought about you when I masturbated. You have been the fantasy that I use most. It will never compare to the real thing. You are beautiful.”

She had managed to bring my cock back to attention with those magnificent tits.

“What is your bra size? Your breasts are amazing.” I asked dreamily.

“32E.” Karlie said proudly cupping them and squeezing her nipples.

My heart skipped a beat. They were the most perfect, torpedo shaped tits that I could ever imagine. Nipples that pointed up. Orange sized, light brown areolas. The breasts had a slight upward curve. I wanted to suck them but at the same time I just wanted to look at them.

“You wanna fuck them Daddy?”

“I though you would never ask!!”

Karlie rolled onto her back and squeezed some lotion into her copious cleavage.

I straddled her chest and slid my cock between her tits. She held them together and I slowly fucked those gorgeous tits. My hands replaced hers. My cock head popping out the top and each thrust. She never took her eyes off me.

“God dammit Karlie, I need to cum again.”

“Just keep going Daddy! Squirt between my big titties!”

I splashed my cum off her chin and onto her beautiful breasts. Once again, I was spent. I had been at her house for an hour and had cum 3 times.

“I need to get home and feed the dogs, baby. When would you like to do this again?” I asked sounding like an old tired man.

“I will text you my work schedule and visitation schedule. I think we will have 2 or 3 opportunities a week. Think you can survive that, old man?”

I wiped some cum from one of her tits and put my finger in her mouth. “We are only getting started, Karlie. Only getting started.”

I grabbed my stuff and took off.

I was gone about 15 minutes and got a text from her. She had her fingers in her box and a nipple in her mouth. “Something to jack off to tonight Daddy! Love you!”

This kid will kill me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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