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This is a work of total fiction. It is a fantasy that I’m sure will never happen, though I wish it would. Any simulation between these characters, alive or dead, is purely coincidental. This is also my first contribution. If you want more, let me know.

July 2008


The pool party at my wife’s brother’s house was great. For the first time since my knee surgery I was able to get in the water a splash around a bit, and even swim a lap or two. My 18 year old son had to drive me over for the party because the doctor said I couldn’t walk the 2 blocks from our house to Jim’s, or go to work for 3 to 4 months. My wife would normally do this, but she had to work that day, and the mall is 25 miles away, so she was late to the party.

While playing in the pool with the kids, I took notice, though not openly, of my eldest niece, just 18 years old. She’s tall, like her mom, but unlike her mom, she’s got 40DDs. Her figure, if I had to guess was 40DD, 26, 34. She has long dishwater blond hair that has been highlighted with blond streaks, and of all of Jim’s kids, she’s the most open to new things. He has 4 kids the youngest is 2 years old, all girls, all very pretty in their own right.

But Michelle is absolutely gorgeous. Her long legs, her complexion, and her sweet demeanor make her even more attractive to a 50 year old like me.

Jim’s wife, Suzi, is attractive too, but her oldest eclipsed her from every angle. Jim and Suzi had been married 20 years, while I and my wife (Carly) had been married 24 years. Carly is short at 5’0″ and now, she’s losing weight, she’s down to around 146 pounds. The great thing about her weight is that it makes her tits bigger as it seems that her tits are the last thing to lose fat. I’m 6’4″ and was up to 292 pounds, but being on the same diet as my wife I was down to 245. Only 10 pounds heavier than when we got married.

Jim is 5’10”, brown hair and very hairy. Suzi, even in her younger days, was always attractive. At 5’9″, and 130 pounds, she had stayed slim over her entire marriage. But recently, particularly right after having their fourth child, I had noticed that her figure was much better. They’d also just bought this new house at a steal due to the mortgage crisis. The pool party was a way for us to have a house warming and a 4th of July party.

So, after watching all these half naked women walking around, from my mother in-law (at 68, she’s still in good shape too), to Suzi’s sisters and nieces, I went home in an extreme state of arousal and took my frustrations out on Carly. She actually wondered what had gotten into me, because it had been years since I’d given her 6 or 7 orgasms in one session. I told her the truth, that seeing all those gorgeous women in one place, half dressed, and getting the occasional down blouse, or wet bikini shot, I was horny as hell. Just the thought of it sent me off again, and I proceeded to wear her sore little pussy out again.

Well, a few weeks went by and the Doctor cleared me to walk a few blocks at a time. Suzi had told me to stop by anytime, so my intent was to walk over there, get a cold drink and walk back to the house.

I’d learned many years earlier to carry my digital camera with me, because you never know what you might see. Today, it paid off.

I walked up the driveway, a tiring experience since the new house was on a hill, and came up on the garage side of the house. I started to knock, but noticed through the windows, Suzi laying in a lounge chair out by the pool, her back to me. I decided to surprise her and walk around the garage, to come up on the pool. I was the one surprised. Suzi was laying there naked as the day she was born, except for her IPOD headphones playing in her ears. Her pussy was shaved, her boobs, while not deflated to meat flaps (she’s never been super endowed), were still a bit puffed up from the baby. She’d only stopped breast feeding when the baby had started teething. It was a beautiful sight. I ducked back and pulled out my camera, and turned off the flash. I stepped out and took several side shots, then ducked down and walked around the fence wall around the pool and peered over the top of that wall. Her legs were spread, her eyes closed and she appeared to be asleep. I took some straight in pictures. I could see she was totally shaved, front and rear, and looked as smooth as she could be.

I worked my way around to the pool house and took some pictures from the other side, so I had pictures from the left, front and right sides. And I had a raging hard on poking down through the leg holes in my shorts.

I worked my way around again to straight in front of her, when I noticed my niece coming through the mud room to the pool. I had to wait on this. I noticed also that Suzi had awakened and was slowly beşiktaş escort rubbing her pussy.

As Michelle came outside wearing only a bright yellow towel, she asked her mom if she wanted some more sun tan lotion. Suzi told her to pour it on. Michelle started at her moms shoulders and worked out to her arms, then came in and started working the lotion into her tits. I heard a moan from Suzi! My God, this woman was enjoying her daughter rubbing her down. The camera clicked and the rub down continued. Down Suzi’s stomach, and sides, then Michelle skipped her moms pussy and moved down to her legs. She straddled her mom, ass toward her mom’s face. I’d worked over to the fence gate, still unseen. Michelle continued rubbing her mom’s legs, but as soon as she touched the inside of Suzi’s thighs, Suzi came. She grabbed Michelle’s hand and placed it over her pussy. As I watched, Michelle inserted first 2 then 4 fingers, then finally her entire fist. She fisted her mom’s pussy for near 10 minutes. I thought Suzi was going to go crazy.

Then Suzi reached up and pulled the towel off of Michelle. She was wearing nothing underneath. Those beautiful tits were hanging down begging to be sucked. Suzi started rubbing Michelle’s pussy. She even slipped a finger in Michelle’s little asshole.

Bent over as she was, Michelle couldn’t stand it. She was shaking her head left and right, and moaning out loud for sweet mom to keep going. Suzi pulled Michelle down to sit right on her face, and quickly began eating her daughter’s pussy.

My camera was burning threw a 2 gig memory card! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. I wanted to join in so bad, but the time wasn’t right…yet.

After about 5 minutes of constant manipulation, Michelle came. She was a squirter! She squirted thick jets of female cum right into her mother’s face. Suzi licked it up as quickly as she could. Michelle turned around and began to kiss and lick her mom’s face and tits. This started the arousal all over again. Suzi spread her legs further, and Michelle dove for her mom’s cunt. It was as she stepped over her mom that I saw that her pussy was shaved too.

I watched and waited and took pictures. I’d filled up one card, and had nearly filled the second card when I decided it was time to make my presence known. Rather than open the gate, I eased over the fence. Yeah, my knee hurt, but my dick hurt worse. I took a few more pictures, close up, and then put the camera in my pocket.

“Is this a private party, or can anyone join?” I asked. Both women stopped and had that “deer in the headlights look”.

“Syd, you’re not supposed to be here until…”, “12 o’clock” I finished. It’s 12:45, Suzi, I’ve been here and watched the entire show.” My dick was pointing right at her. Suzi was so horny she couldn’t stand it, and Michelle was already reaching for my dick.

“So it looks like your lucky day, Syd. Your sister in-law, and your niece at the same time.” I smiled and said “Why don’t we go inside where we’ll all be a bit more comfortable. I asked about the other kids and it turned out that one of the grandparents had the baby for two days, and the other two girls were at camp for the summer. I knew Jim was working 12 hour days with an hour drive home, plus he always called when he was on the way home, and Carly was working until the mall closed for the day. So I had from almost 1 o’clock until at least 7 or 7:30 to work out all my frustrations on these two beauties.

Inside, we had a cold drink, but my hard on didn’t reduce at all. These two women were completely nude and it was driving me nuts.

Finally, Michelle came over and said “Mom, it looks like poor Uncle Syd has a bit of a problem! Would you like to help him out, or should I?” Suzi said, “Baby, you’ve got it in your hand, why don’t your start, and then I’ll help you out.” Michelle knelt down and began to give me one of the best blow-jobs I’d ever had. She had just the right tempo to keep me hard, but not fast or hard enough to get me off. Seems she was well practiced. Suzi had disappeared, but now came back in with a washcloth that was warm and wet. She proceeded to wash the sweat from between my balls, legs and ass cheeks (Suzi was a nurse in her younger days, so she liked to make sure everyone was clean).

She tossed the cloth into the sink and told me to stand up. As Michelle continued to felate me, Suzi got between my legs and began to suck lightly on my heavy balls. She took both of them into her mouth and put just enough pressure on them to pull them down at a steady pace. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I reached down and started fondling my niece’s tits. Damn they felt good.

They were round, heavy, firm and soft at beylikdüzü escort the same time. I rubbed her nipples and she moaned, so I took her nipples in my finger and lightly pinched them. She shivered in pleasure. I started to remove my fingers and she reached up and put my fingers back on her nipples. So I pinched, slightly harder, eliciting another moan, and then harder still, this time she came. Her mouth clamped down on my dick and her breathing sped up considerably.

Suzi said “HEY!!! My turn, all I’m getting is these super heavy balls in my mouth, I need some satisfaction too.” I suggested we adjourn to a bed room because the dining room was pretty uncomfortable. Rather than go to the master bed room, we went to Michelle’s bedroom. Michelle has a queen sized bed that is a plantation bed, that is, it’s about 40 inches off the floor. It was just the right height.

Suzi got on the bed first, and put her arms around my neck drawing me in and planting a deep passionate kiss on me. Her tongue could have taken my tonsils out. Michelle climbed on the bed with me and Suzi kissed her the same way. Michelle started rubbing her own pussy and her mom’s tits. As I watched, I saw Suzi’s tits start dripping milk. Her left boob started dripping, and as Michelle manipulated her mom’s right boob, Suzi started squirting all over me. I nearly blew my load right then.

I swooped down and took Suzi’s left boob in my mouth and started sucking. I quickly got a mouthful of sweet, rich mother’s milk. Michelle was working on the other boob. Suzi said “I need a dick inside me, and if it’s not yours, I’ve got a strap-on that Michelle can use.” I rolled over on the bed, my 7.5 inches pointing straight up. Michelle remarked that it seemed bigger than her boyfriends, and Suzi said, “Baby…this one is bigger than your dads; I can’t wait to see how it fills me up.” Then she threw a leg over my waist and bent down so that her tits were dragging across my face. I caught a nipple as she kept going. Michelle guided my dick directly into her mother’s pussy. No lubricant, no rubbing, Suzi was as wet as a water fall.

Michelle straddled my face, facing away from her mother. I ate her tight little twat for all I was worth. I spread her lips apart and found her clit. I took it between my teeth and gently scraped it. Michelle screamed in delight. “Again, Again.” Like I was a carnival ride. This was one ride I didn’t mind completing. I scraped her clit again, and she came again, this time covering my face with her cum. Suzi reached around and started playing with Michelle’s huge tits, and then she pinched the hell out of her nipples. When she did, I got a second dosage of cum. These had to be the most sensitive tits I’ve ever seen.

Soon the rhythm of Suzi’s riding got quicker, and quicker, harder and harder. She was holding her daughter’s tits, and riding me for all I’m worth. I was close to blowing my load and told her so. She moaned “Go ahead baby, cum in me, I’m about toooo….oooohhhh,” and I shot my load. Rope after rope of my pent up sperm filled her tight pussy. Just an hour ago, she’d had a fist in her pussy, but now, she was as tight as she could be. This woman was a real sex machine. She kept riding me and her pussy was milking my dick like I had milked her tits. The sucking action was amazing. Not a drop of cum leaked out of her pussy. As she lifted herself off my dick, Michelle descended on me and began sucking my dick back to life.

Amazingly, I started to rise to the challenge once again. This time, Michelle mounted me with a slightly faster rhythm. Suzi stood up in front of Michelle, and Michelle proceeded to eat my cum out of her mom’s pussy. Suzi came standing up, and nearly fell down on me when she came. Michelle was pumping faster and faster. Suzi went around and started licking my balls and ass hole and said “Just a few more strokes baby, and Uncle Syd is going to fill you up.” As my balls tightened, I loosed a jet of cum that was longer and thicker than what I’d given Suzi. Over and over, I jetted into this 18 year olds beautiful, tight pussy. Suzi kept licking the oozing cum from my niece and my dick from Michelle’s pussy.

I was exhausted. The girls decided it was time to shower, and I let them go. I guess I fell asleep, because the next thing I heard was giggling coming from the bathroom. I got up to see what was happening. Again, camera in hand, I eased into the bathroom to find Michelle and Suzi locked in an embrace and rubbing their bodies against each other. Tits and pussy’s and asses and hands all moving at once. I snapped a few pictures (again no flash, there was plenty of light).

I stepped into the bathroom and started for the toilet. The girls grabbed me and pulled beyoğlu escort me into the warm shower. This did nothing but make me have to piss all the more. Suzi reached around and took my dick in her hand and pointed it down, and said, “So go.” Like it happened every day. Well I guess it did in her world with a baby in the house. So after a few moments of hesitation. I started to release my stream. Immediately, Michelle stepped in front of my stream and I pissed all down her chest. She rubbed it in, and held her hands together to gather some. She took her hand full and started rubbing it on her mothers ass, and legs. As I finished, they handed me the bar of soap and simply said “Wash us please.” What a pleasure. I started with mom, from top to her tight ass, then moved over to my niece and I washed her, pinching her nipples as I went. Both women were fingering each other. Suzi took the shower massage down and put it on pulse and was massaging her pussy, then she turned it to Michelle and massaged her pussy. I watched in fascination.

We finally got out of the shower and dried each other off. It was three thirty, so we still had hours to go. As we exited the bathroom, I grabbed the bottle of baby oil and headed back to the bedroom.

Michelle was climbing up on the bed on her hands and knees. I said “Stop Michelle.” She stopped and looked back over her shoulder. I opened the bottle and liberally covered her ass and pussy with the baby oil. Suzi understood right away, and ran to the other room to get her strap-on. I started massaging the oil into Michelle’s ass and swollen pussy lips. She put her head down but kept her ass up, moaning in pleasure. As Suzi came back in she was all smiles. The strap-on’s dildo was much smaller than I was, so the transition wouldn’t be exactly easy, but easier than me plunging right in.

Suzi started the dildo in Michelle’s tight little pussy. Rubbing it length wise, hitting her clit about every other stroke. Finally she slipped it into Michelle’s pussy and turned the vibrator on high. Michelle nearly jumped out of her skin, but quickly settled down. A rhythm was established and as the rhythm repeated I slowly pressed a finger into her ass. She was so ready, I don’t think she even noticed. The I slipped in 2 fingers and got a moan. I took the dildo from Suzi and eased my fingers out, and slipped the dildo in, very slowly. Michelle clutched the blankets and moaned “more….more”. I was impressed. 3 inches in, and asking for more. I left it there for a few seconds when I noticed her asshole visibly relax. The dildo slipped all the way. I stroked her for a few minutes and eased the dildo out. Then I pressed my dick against her ass hole. It slipped in just past the head and Michelle gasped. As she relaxed I pressed in further, until finally all 7.5 inches was deep insider her. Suzi had climbed up on the bed to comfort her daughter, and for the first time I could compare their asses sided by side. Suzi’s ass was sexy and shapely and ever so slightly wider than Michelle’s, but tight and firm nonetheless. Michelle’s was shapely and sexy very much heart shaped, rounded just right.

I stroked and stroked, then, while fucking the ass of my niece, I squirted baby oil on Suzi’s ass. I massaged it in, and took the dildo to her. I pulled the dildo out, and I pulled out of my niece and slipped into my sister in-law. The difference was amazing. Michelle’s ass was tight and firm, as was Suzi’s, but Suzi knew how to use her ass. Massaging my dick with her ass. Thought I didn’t want too, I pulled out of Suzi and moved over to Michelle. I kept this up for about 4 rounds.

I announced that I was about to come again, and the girls said to come on their chest. So the flipped around and Michelle started blowing me, then Suzi blew me, swapping back and forth until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pulled out and came on Michelle’s tits, then on Suzi’s tits. I came so hard I could hear the cum hit their beautiful bodies. Smack! Smack!

Then they turned to themselves and cleaned each other off. My dick just oozing cum. I stood there watching in amazement. Two of the most beautiful women I’d ever known, eating cum off of each others tits. Then they turned to me and cleaned me up.

It was only 4:45 and we still had a couple of hours to go. And go we did. Not only that hot July day, but on through the summer. Suzi had her sisters and their daughters over on special occasions when we knew that our spouses would be working long hours. I was one of the most memorable summers I ever spent.

As the daughters went off to college that year, they each told me that when they came home, they wanted at least one reunion day. Their mothers and I managed to keep things going all through the winter and right up until each girl came home from her respective college.

Most of the daughters are married now, 6 years later, but the moms are all looking good, and I’ve even persuaded Carly to join in the mix. As far as I know, or want to know, I’m the only guy. I’ve set up video in a couple of the homes for these special dates, and the DVDs I make really add to the mix.


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