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Sahil – The author – 20 year old Indian male from Ahmedabad (Western India)
Ami – My beautiful mother who is 43
Arun – My handsome dad – 45

Hello everyone, Sahil is back with his Indian sexploits!


Hi, I am Sahil. A 20 year old Indian male living in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad. I have had a great childhood and was lucky enough to be born into an affluent family with two wonderful parents. My dad Arun 45 is a successful first generation entrepreneur running a textile unit in the city and my mom, the beautiful Ami is a 43 year old homemaker. My parents got married very young, as was the norm in those days in their early twenties. I was born in a year and half.

Let me tell you something about my parents first. My dad was born in a middle class family. Even though he was born in a time when education levels were not that high, he excelled in academics and with the encouragement of his father (my grandpa) he went on to do his Master’s in one of India’s most prestigious institutes. He joined an MNC immediately after his education got over and worked there for almost 5 years. In the meantime he was betrothed to my mother while he was still studying as marriage was (and still is) a very contentious issue in Indian society with most parents having the belief that the earlier their children (even sons!) get married, the better.

I was born the year my dad graduated from his Master’s degree. After working for 5 years in that MNC, my dad being the visionary he was left his high paying job (much to the horror of the society) and ventured into the then booming textile industry in Ahmedabad. With the help of some seed capital from some of his friends and a small bank loan he started a small factory on the outskirts of Ahmedabad city. His hard work and vision coupled with a kiss from lady luck soon brought him great success and he made windfalls by exporting good quality Indian textiles to western countries like the US, UK, France and other European hot spots that were hungry for Indian clothing.

All this success enabled him to provide our family (my grandparents had died before I was 6) with a great lifestyle. I was given a good education from the very start and our house was bustling with all the latest amenities and lots of domestic help for my mom. In short, all was good.

Now, you must be wondering why I am telling you everything in so much detail. Let me get to that now.

Now, with my dad running this great business he had very little time for his own family. My mom didn’t have a lot to do around the house as the staff managed everything. So she took to clubbing, charity work and socializing. But, even all this was not good enough to fill the void in her life for my dad who was busy all day at the factory or on some business trip around the world. In his defence, I must say that he was doing all of this for the good of his family. But then again, there wasn’t much balance in his life between home and work. This affected my mom was well. She only had me to fall back upon at times. But there were limitations on what she could share with me and expect from me.

Nonetheless, things kept moving on until one day my parents had a heated argument over a trivial issue (It was so trivial, I don’t even remember it!) which escalated in a full scale dog fight with both people calling each other names and shouting at each other. I was almost 20 at that time and was mature for my age. I was the only person who could understand the real challenges and pressure both of them were facing. But I also knew that they needed to get this frustration and rage out of their system. I might have tilting towards mom in this case but I felt that I did owe a little leeway to my dad as he was istanbul escort facing problems in the external world that neither my mom nor I could comprehend.

But eventually, it all cooled down. My parents did not talk to each other despite my several futile attempts over the next couple of days. I sensed thawing of the ice between them, after a couple of days. My dad made the first show of goodwill and apologized to my mother. Mom, being the good hearted person that she was reciprocated with a sincere apology on her own. A truce was signed. But not peace.

They behaved a little weird and distant for the next week or so until one Friday evening my dad walked up to me and said “Sahil, we need to talk”. Now, I know that is never a good thing! I started speculating in my mind what the hell was wrong? Were they separating? Were they filing for divorce? Or something even worse?

The three of us sat down in the living room. Dad picked up his Benson, lit it up and said “Son, I know the last 10 odd days have been really complicated for your mom and I and you have been caught in the crossfire. This situation between the both of us has been building up since a long time and we need to face it right now.”

He continued. “So, your mom and I have decided after a few days of discussing this matter deeply that we need to seek professional help. We are going to see a marriage counsellor.”

I was a little startled on hearing this. Indians (even educated ones) have this wrong notion that seeking any type of personal or couple counselling signifies the end times of a relationship. But I knew my parents better than that. They were going to do this the right way and try and work their way out of what was only a rough patch in their relationship. All in all, I was relieved on hearing this declaration. My fears were unfounded. I applauded their maturity. “I think it’s a good idea dad. Mom and you have been going through a rough patch since some time. Some independent and professional help will do a lot to straighten things out between the two of you.” I said.


My parents started seeing one of the most renowned marriage counsellors in Ahmedabad, Dr. Shah. Dr. Shah had made a niche in the marriage counselling arena and had assisted many high profile couples from breaking up and made their lives much better. I was hopeful he would make the same wonders for my parents.

And boy, things started to improve almost immediately. Hardly three weeks after my parents started seeing Dr. Shah I noticed a great change in them. Their behaviour and attitude towards each other changed drastically. It was as if my parents had morphed into a chic young couple who had just tied the knot a few months ago. They openly flirted with each other in my presence and sometimes even in front of our domestic help which made them rather uncomfortable. Sometimes it made even me somewhat uncomfortable. After all they were my parents!

After a couple of months, I noticed an even bigger change. My mom, who until recently dressed rather casually (not conservatively) started wearing more revealing clothes. For example, until recently she never wore sleeveless blouses (for saris) or sleeveless T-shirts. She always wore round neck T-shirts that did not expose her cleavage and her breasts in a revealing manner. But that changed. She started wearing shorts (a taboo for most women her age in our rather conservative minded city) and sleeveless blouses and sarees (no longer taboo but frowned upon by most). She continued to accelerate her flirtatious behaviour with dad in front of everyone.

I was quite uncomfortable with all this for some time. But as time passed, the discomfort started to fade and even curiosity creeped kadıköy escort in. Curiosity kills the cat. But in this case as you’ll soon know, it killed my virginity!


After more than two months of this radical change in the behaviour of my parents to each other my curiosity of what was going on between them reached a fever pitch. I wanted to get to the bottom of this and know what the hell was going on. I had an inkling that this must have something to do with their counselling with Dr. Shah but I never asked them as I considered this to be a private matter between them. They too, never told me anything about Dr. Shah’s sessions.

I had read in many relationship and sex columns in magazines and newspapers that sex is one of the most powerful tools to replenish the charm and excitement in a relationship. And given the way my folks were behaving, I suspected something “sexual” was afoot in changing their attitudes towards each other. But I didn’t know exactly what it was!

One fateful Saturday night I decided to find out! My parents, even in their tougher times always made it a point to go out with friends Saturday night and have a good time. But since, the counselling started they hardly went out on Saturday evenings. They locked themselves inside their rooms after dinner. At first, I thought this was kind of strange but soon realized that they were probably screwing their brains out!

Our house was a two storeyed building with both our rooms on the second floor with a common balcony which could be entered into by two separate doors in both our rooms. That meant I could go to my parents’ room from the balcony if they hadn’t locked it.

Being the master planner that I was I made sure that their balcony door remained unlocked from the inside. I maintained a spare key for their balcony door just in case they re-locked it from inside before starting their “session”.

As luck was on my side, my parents did not bother to check their balcony door from the inside before getting into each other’s pants that night. Like clockwork, they locked each themselves into their bedroom at 9 pm. I could see from my side of the balcony that their lights went out at around 9:20. The games had begun!

I made my move around 9:45 when I slowly tiptoed towards my parents’ bedroom from the balcony. I slowly opened the door making sure there was no noise. The curtains were closed so no light from the outside could penetrate into the room. My parents’ bedroom was divided into two parts, one was their personal living room and the other was their bedroom. The balcony opened into their living room. So there was no imminent danger of them seeing me.

Making sure I did not crash with anything I managed to reach their bedroom end which was separated from the living room only by a large curtain. As I reached the curtain I could hear some pretty heavy thuds and panting. Yes! My parents were fucking. This strangely turned me on as I hadn’t thought of my parents as sexual people until then.

I got a boner!

I slowly took a sneak peak out of the side of the curtain wanting to get a glimpse of my parents. And hell, it was a treat. My dad was on top of my mom in the missionary position and humping her like crazy. Mom had her legs crossed around dad’s ass and was slowly moaning. I didn’t know my dad could hump like that as he wasn’t the type would exercise a lot. But he was humping my mom like a teenager. The moonlight from the corner of a window on the opposite side of the room made it easy for me to see them as it was pitch dark otherwise.

I could see mom’s the expressions on mom’s face which ranged from immense pleasure to pure animalistic lust. She kağıthane escort was biting her lips and moaning. Her manicured nails were buried in my father’s back who was now groaning louder and louder like some wild animal experiencing pain and pleasure at the same time.

My cock was as hard as it could ever be. I fought the urge to masturbate myself by concentrating on the scene in front of me. But it was too much for me to fight the urge to jerk my thing. I knew it was dangerous to jerk myself off as even the slightest mistake would get me caught. Imagining what would happen next was enough to make me successfully prevent jerking off.

Instead, I had a better idea. I wanted to do this since so long to someone. I did not know it would be my parents. I always had a thing for voyeurism and exhibitionism. So I took out my camera (ironically gifted by my parents on my 19th birthday), put it on video mode with night vision and started filming my parents having passionate intercourse with each other. Yes, even I thought I was a sick bastard.

Ironically that turned me on even more!!

Dad kept on humping my mother meanwhile. After a while they stopped. Dad got up from top of her and mom got up as well. Dad rested on his back and mom got on top of him. It was time for mom to become a cowgirl and ride my dad’s cock.

Now I got a good glimpse of mom’s body. She had almost perfect 34 boobs, a slightly large but attractive ass and the sight of her breasts bouncing up and down riding my father’s tool was beyond words. I nearly came right then and there. I was capturing all of this on the camera.

I kept on checking the camera to see if the night vision was functioning properly. The greenish hue of the picture of my parents fucking reminded me of the Paris Hilton sex tape. Only this was much much better!

After around ten or twelve minutes of my mom’s riding, dad yelled “Ami I’m gonna cum”. My mom immediately got off him and without any delay took my dad’s manhood into her mouth. I got a look at my dad’s cock for just a fraction of a second. It wasn’t that big but it had decent enough girth. My mom took it all in and started giving him head. She kept on licking the tip of his cock until my dad swirled violently before giving out a big groan and shooting all his load in mom’s mouth. She greedily milked his cock until every drop was out. She swallowed it all.

They kept on panting given the marathon session that they had just gone through. My dad got up and buried his head in my mom’s privates. I couldn’t make out whether she was shaved or not in the darkness but I could sure as hell hear her loud moans. It only took dad a few minutes before my mom came. Dad moaned a little and then buried his head even deeper to soak in mom’s juices. He made slurping sounds and licked off mom’s juices. He was behaving like a greedy animal consumed with lust for its fellow mate.

I was in seventh heaven seeing all this. I felt revolted with myself for peeping in on my parents while they made love but at the same time it was a turn on unlike any other.

Both of them lay still for a few minutes panting heavily. Mom was almost completely out of breath and was finding it difficult to take in the air. She eventually settled down and her breathing became somewhat normal. Dad crawled up and went to his side of the bed and was fast asleep in seconds. Mom was out cold in a few minutes as well.

I still could not believe it. I had filmed my parents having sex like wild teenagers. This beats all the porn I’ve ever had. I was excited beyond any stretch of imagination.

Little did I know what I was in store for in the near future!

Continued in Part 2

Sahil Ahmedabad, India

I would love to hear your views on this story with any suggestions/opinions/criticisms that you may share. I welcome feedback from all genders. Although, I am interested in hearing some fantasies from the female readers about their fantasies. I wish to incorporate them in future stories. Please be frank in your feedback even if it is less flattering.

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