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It felt strange to have a man lying next to her again, thought Madison. She had forgotten how nice a man could smell, and there was something about having a warm male body pressed up against her that made her feel safe, if only for a short while. Of course, her best friend Raine just happened to be pressed up against his other side.

The ham in the sandwich was Sean, a medical intern, who just happened to be her boss Tony’s son. The carpet they were lying on also belonged to her boss, as did the house they were in. Tony’s annual ‘Whose line is it Anyway?’ games night was well under way. As was the bottle of red wine that Madison had brought with her. The living room was a bit cramped, so the three of them had ended up on the floor. Ah, alcohol, thou doest remove our usual decorum.

‘So Madison, I think the last time I saw you was at the company Christmas party,’ said Sean, ‘with your husband.’

Raine nudged him with her elbow in an attempt to shut him up, but he continued, ‘and just look at us now!’

‘Hell, yeah! Three cheers for divorce.’ Madison retorted, ‘Best thing that’s ever happened to me.’

‘Listen, would you two like to come back to my place for coffee? I think my dad’s finally run out of crazy games for the evening.’

Madison looked over at Raine who was giving her a lift home and raised her eyebrows in a question.

‘I’m keen if you are,’ said Raine.

Sean made them a pot of coffee and invited them into the TV room. The sofa was soft and comfortable, and not surprisingly, he positioned himself in between the two of them.

Madison found herself admiring her friend. Raine was a classic beauty, with high cheek bones and a strong jaw line, and as tall and skinny as a model. She just had to walk into a room and she had the attention of every man. She was flirting with Sean now, circling the camp so to speak.

But then he suddenly turned to Madison, ‘I didn’t mean to be flippant earlier,’ Sean said, ‘you know, what I said about you being married and all that, I didn’t mean to offend you or anything.’

‘No, it’s fine.’

‘But I’m sure that this must be quite a stressful time for you.’

‘Yeah,’ not trusting herself too much around kindness, ‘it’s been a bit rough.’

Sean turned and put his hand on her shoulder and gave it a light squeeze. ‘Wow, you are really tense! Sit here in front of me and I’ll give you a bit of a rub.’

Doing what she was told, Madison couldn’t help feeling a bit like Alice down the rabbit hole. The touch of a man’s hands on her made her want to cry. She didn’t feel like dealing with the jumbled rush of emotion that his touch was releasing within her. She was also painfully aware that for once Raine wasn’t getting all the attention. She didn’t know how her friend was going to handle that, not ever having had it happen to her before.

A few minutes later, ‘Thanks Sean, that was great, but I think it’s pumpkin time for me.’

On the drive home, ‘Oh my God, I think he likes you! Oh God you are so lucky! He’s so cute! I had such a crush on him about a year pendik escort ago, but oh my God I think he likes you!’ Raine gushed.

So at least it looked like Raine wasn’t going to poison her for inadvertently catching the attention of some guy she had seen first.

She received the first text message the next day, ‘Hi! Hope you got home before you changed into a pumpkin! Sean ;)’

‘Thanks, made it just in time! Where did you get my number?’

‘It helps being the boss’s son!’

‘True. I forgot that.’

‘How’s that shoulder tension?’

‘It’s still there, unfortunately.’

‘Dr Sean might be able to assist.’

‘And what does Dr Sean have in mind?’

‘He can think of a couple of good ways of releasing tension.’

‘Oh yes?’

‘If you’re interested I could write you a prescription…’

‘So I’d still have to go out and get it filled?’

‘Dr Sean would personally see to it that you get filled.’

‘Oh, really? And when would he do that?’

‘He could come around this evening if you liked.’

‘The lady likes.’

Madison sat for a while, not quite sure what she’d just typed herself into. She was feeling a bit reckless and not her usual self. Although she wasn’t quite sure just what her usual self was anymore, she knew that this type of impulsive assignation was definitely out of character for her.

As she opened the door for Sean that evening, she felt a thrill of excitement spinning inside her, tempered by a sudden shyness. She made idle chatter while making them coffee, sneaking a peak at Sean when he wasn’t watching. He wasn’t her usual type, but he was real and male, and he had chosen to be here with her, and that was all that mattered.

Suddenly she felt hands on her shoulders, a warm body behind her. His fingers gently squeezing, his mouth by her ear, ‘the Doctor just needs to examine his patient.’

She closed her eyes as her breath got stuck in her throat. His hands felt so strong and confident. Finding a knot on the side of her neck, he worked it persistently.

‘So what’s the verdict Doctor,’ she breathed out softly, ‘am I going to make it?’

‘I’m very afraid my dear lady, that further treatment is going to be necessary,’ as he let go of her and turned her around to face him. They looked at each other for a long drawn out second.

She gave herself over to recklessness, ‘I’m in your hands Doctor,’ she said as she reached for them and placed them over her breasts, covering them with her hands. He drew in his breath quickly as his mouth opened in surprise. He bent in towards her and kissed her. Her mouth was open and willing. Their tongues met and tousled urgently. As his hands tightened over her breasts she put her arms around him and grabbed his ass. God it was tight and delicious. He was pressing her up against the counter and it felt so good, not being able to go anywhere. She couldn’t remember the last time kissing had made her feel this giddy, or this horny.

Coming up for air, ‘Let’s go to the bedroom,’ she said. Strong arms lifted her and she wrapped escort pendik her legs around his waist. Giggling at him when he wouldn’t stop kissing her, bumping into walls because he couldn’t see where he was going. They flopped onto her bed, Sean on top of her. The weight of him comforted her in its containment.

‘Doctor, I’m still feeling quite tense…’

‘What about here?’ kissing her neck, then down to the little u-bone at the base of her throat, his fingers loosening the buttons of her shirt one by one, kissing each bit of exposed flesh until it all lay exposed before him. His fingers brushed over her breasts lightly, causing an immediate tightening of her nipples and a thrill that went right through her. He played his finger along the edges of her bra, lifting the silky black fabric, giving her gooseflesh all over.

‘It hurts real bad there…’

He pulled the fabric away and lowered his face to one breast. As his lips touched her, she gasped with pleasure. She could feel herself getting even wetter, even hotter. She squirmed as she tried to push more of herself into him. She let out a moan as he sat up. He pulled off his top and undid his pants, pushing them down, kicking off his shoes and socks. His Spongebob Square Pants boxers a ridiculous contrast to the tumble of flesh and lips and wetness.

Madison unbuttoned her jeans, lifting her butt as she forced them down exposing tiny black panties. Sean reached over and pulled her jeans off and threw them behind him triumphantly.

‘Nice,’ he said as he moved towards her. She couldn’t help but be impressed with the tight six-pack and the well-defined torso. He was quite a change from her flabby ex husband. She sat up so that they were kneeling in front of each other.

She put her hands on his chest, feeling his firmness, ‘Nice yourself,’ she replied. Running her hands down to his boxers she slowly started easing them down. And then she found the real change, and by God was it a change from what she’d been used to. She literally couldn’t believe the size of his erect cock. She put her hands on it almost reverently. Grasped two hands one above the other and there was still more cock! Her ex had barely had one handful.

‘Oh my God,’ was all she could get out before her mouth wrapped around his cock. She started caressing his balls with one hand and pumping up and down his shaft with the other. She rolled and flicked her tongue against him as her mouth slid up and down his full length. His hands grabbed the back of her head as he let out a low moan. After a few minutes he pushed her back onto the bed and spread her legs wide with his hands. His mouth hovered over the delicate, sopping wet fabric of her panties. He breathed hot air onto her clit and she arched her back as she lifted her pussy to his face, desperate for his mouth. With his tongue he licked her clit through her panties, slowly, maddeningly teasing her. She reached down to try and remove her panties, but he grabbed her wrists with one hand and denied her access. Biting into the fabric he pulled it aside with his teeth, exposing pendik escort bayan her swollen lips.

‘I think I’ve found the problem area,’ he said slowly, looking up at her with a cheeky smile.

‘Yes please…’ she felt like weeping.

‘But I’m going to have to investigate further just to be sure,’ as his fingers started to separate her lips, gliding in her moisture, seeking entry. With two fingers inside her, he started moving them as his mouth found her clit, worrying at it, tormenting it. Madison was so wet and aroused that it didn’t take long before she felt her orgasm building, felt it flooding through her in waves, until it slammed into her, shaking her from top to bottom.

Sean rolled a condom onto his cock and then started teasing her pussy with it, slipping just the head in and then taking it out again. She thought she was going to go crazy. Finally he tired of this game and slowly, inch by inch, he started pushing himself into her. She had never had such a huge cock in her before, so when he was fully inside her she was astounded by the feeling of fullness. It felt like he was touching every part of her.

And then he fucked her the way that she liked, hard and fast, the way no one else had else been able to fuck her more than 30 seconds without coming. Sean didn’t come. The question must have been on her face because he said, ‘I’m on anti-depressants – I hardly ever come.’ ‘ Oh, wow, that’s… well, unusual.’

‘A lot of people suffer from depression.’

‘I’m sorry, I meant the not coming, not the depression,’ suddenly aware that a total stranger had his dick inside her.

Gripping her by the hips he rolled onto his back still encased by her, ‘Just use me. Fuck me just how you want to. Use me to come baby, just how you like it, you don’t have to worry about me.’

Madison edged forward to lay on top of him, his cock deep inside her. She started fucking him with a slow, rhythmic movement that rubbed her clit against him in just the way that she liked. As she felt her pleasure build she increased her pace, kissing him frantically, gripping his shoulders until her second orgasm overcame her.

She laid her head on his shoulder and draped her arm over him as she willed her body to drink in the feeling of him against her. To store the impressions as memory to be accessed later when she was alone.

‘So how did you find my bedside manner?’ Sean asked, idly reaching over and tweaking her nipple hard, ‘I hope you approved of your treatment plan.’

‘Oh thank you Doctor, I’m very impressed.’

‘I’ve got some bad news though.’


‘I think you’re going to need treatments on an ongoing basis.’

‘Oh dear, and I suppose that this,’ stroking his cock, ‘is going to be your preferred method of treatment?’

‘You are a very astute young lady,’ he said as he reached for her and kissed her deeply.

Sean asleep beside her, Madison reflected on the fact that although the life that she had known was gone forever and that she didn’t really know who she was anymore, the game of life was definitely still playing and she had just climbed back into the saddle — in more ways than one. As she sank into the first non-drug induced sleep that she had had for a while she smiled as she let herself relax into warm arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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