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Each of them realised where they were, what they were doing and who they were.

Sharon could not believe she had allowed her son to masturbate her, her sister to suck his cock and that she loved every minute of it

She left the room and went to her bedroom, her mind a complete jumble of contradiction.

She loved what had happened but it was wrong.

She tried to listen to music, read a book, tidy her clothes but nothing could distract her. Eventually she sat down with her laptop and started looking. Videos and stories of mother and son, aunt and nephew and threesomes. She spent hours looking, watching and reading.

Michael was delighted. He had crossed a line and wanted to keep going. His ambition was to have sex with his mother and his aunt. Today had been the first step towards that goal. He didn’t know how it would work out but he could not see how they could go back now. Sooner or later they would give in to him.

Susan went home and sat dreaming about the afternoon while her husband played computer games. He was a waste of time but Michael, well he was a completely different story. She wished she had taken a photo of his cock. She could imagine feeling it, tasting it, catching his semen in her mouth. What a delight.

They all went to bed separately but all dreamed of the same things.

Next morning Sharon got up early and went to work, stopping off for breakfast. She did this to avoid Michael. Michael had got up early to avoid his mother, deciding to go for a long run, stretch his muscles and gets some fresh air. He covered izmir escort bayan farther than he would normally run and was covered in sweat by the time he got as far as he intended. Now he had to run back home, but at a slower pace. He stopped for a minute and his phone pinged.

His Aunt Susan. “Get to my house now.”

Oh, sounded like trouble!

He messaged to say where he was and how long it would take to get to her.

“OK.” That was the total reply.

He started his run back, wondering what was so important to his aunt.

When he got to her house, he knocked on the door. Susan opened the door completely naked. Michael liked the look of what was going to happen.

“Oh, you are all sweaty.”

Susan started to pull at his shirt and shorts. She got him naked except for his running shoes.

She started by licking his shoulder, she kept going, running her hands over his body, kissing him. Michael stood and watched, allowing her to do what she chose. Her lips were now on his nipples, nobody had ever done this to him before and it was an amazing feeling. While teasing his nipples Susan also moved her hand down onto his cock. She still could not believe the size and thickness of it. Her jaw still ached from the blowjob she gave him yesterday.

Susan could feel that she was wet. Her nipples were rock hard. Her breathing was erratic and she was aroused beyond anything she had experienced. As she stroked Michael’s cock, he in turn decided to be active. He brought his hand round onto Susans buttocks and started to rub. He made circles, buca escort each circle getting closer to her anus. Susan was trying to enjoy his body at the same time she was very aware of where his fingers were going and that was way out of her comfort zone. Then she thought that most things were out of her knowledge and if she wanted to learn she had to allow him to do what he wanted.

Being naive in your thirties and being taught by your teenage nephew was a new sensation for Susan. She knew her experience was limited but she would ask later how Michael came to be an expert. First she was on a mission to get that thick fat cock inside her.

Michael’s cock was now erect, Susan took a step back to admire it.

“Lie on the floor.”

Michael did so, still hot and sweaty but he obeyed his aunt.

Susan crouched down and straddled Michael’s stomach. Slowly lowering herself down until she rested on him. She reached behind for the monster cock. She then backed until his cock was bouncing against the opening of her vagina. She took one deep breath and pushed downwards. The pain! She kept pushing and slowly and very painfully she could feel this thing inside her. Not much of his cock had entered her, nut already she felt stretched further than was possible. She didn’t have children so she wondered if a woman who had given birth would be able to handle this better. She thought of her sister, Michael’s mother. Oh my, a bit more. She stopped and tried to relax.

Michael stretched up and started playing with her nipples. She had given him great pleasure sucking izmir escort his nipples and he wanted to return the favour. Susan was still upright, working herself down onto this cock, inches at a time. The ridiculous thing was she could feel an orgasm coming just because of the effort getting him in. He didn’t have to move, she had only to rock back and forth and she was getting fucked and filled.

Michael changed the dynamic by raising his knees and making Susan roll forward. Her breasts came near his mouth and he latched on. He then returned to stroking her buttocks.

Susan’s change of position had pushed Michaels cock in deeper and his attention to nipples and ass added to her pleasure. Michael moved once more and she felt something penetrating her asshole. She tightened her muscles to keep the invasion out but Michael told her to relax. She relaxed and his thumb entered her anus.

She now had a mouth sucking a nipple, the monster cock in her vagina and his thumb up her ass. Never before had she had so many wonderful sensations spiralling through her.

Michael needed to do very little. He moved his mouth, he wiggled his thumb and he flexed his cock.

Susan, on the other hand, was starting to shake and shiver. The feelings were getting to her, she knew she would come soon, all the right senses were telling her so. Michael watched her for a few moments more and then started bringing his knees up and down.

Susan felt like she was riding in a rodeo. Her horse was a bucking bronco, she now called the fucking nephew. The feeling was magnificent. The movements caused her to feel, to squeal, to shake and finally to scream.

Now she knew what a hotrod could do. And he more than lived up to the name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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