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(i wrote this story on some background information my best friend gave me. fifty percent of this is true. fifty percent of it i wrote myself)

For years I’ve been thinking about why I joined the Army. Was it because I wanted to serve my country? Was it because I was 18 and wanted to be a man and make my own decisions? Was it because I was tired of being home sitting around on the couch? Well for what ever may be the reason this is where I find myself today.

It’s the middle of the night and I can’t sleep. In less than two hours I have to wake up for physical training known commonly as pt. But I can’t sleep. I’m wide-awake and all these thoughts are coming back to my head. Why am I here? I could have been home or in school. I would have had more time to spend with friends since I was out of high school. Oh, how I miss high school.

My mind started wandering and I found myself thinking and dreaming of this girl I met in my senior year. She was about five feet tall but she had the hottest fucking body I ever seen. I remember just introducing myself to her one day and we hit it off completely. Talking about how school was almost over and why did we have to meet each other so late. Imagine this girl. Five feet tall tanned skin color with a 36 C cup bra size and an ass that you could see from the opposite side of the hallway. I still remember drooling over how sexy she was.

She told me her name was Evelyn and she was Ecuadorian originally from Jersey. Now I’ve seen Jersey Shore before and if she’s from around that area at all like she says she is then she’s my kind of girl. Somehow I had lost track of where I was and really lost myself thinking about her. We had continued communicating through text messages and phone calls that it got to the point that we were going to hook up.

It was around the end of the school year that we decided we were both going to skip school and meet up. I remember it clearly like it was yesterday. We met up at my parent’s house and wasted no time at all. The instant she knew were alone was when our hands were all over each other. I mean there was a little bit of everything. We were kissing; tongue twirling, lip biting, neck sucking, and hand touching everywhere. Clothes came off and on the bed we were….

“Yo what the fuck, I’m trying to sleep”, I heard one of my buddies tell me. Oops I forgot that I was stroking my already hard and wet cock as I guess I was tugging too hard and the bed (bunk bed) started to shake. “My bad dude”, I told him. I continued stroking but softly this time as my mind kept telling me not to stop. As good as that day was it wasn’t as good as one day we hooked up in a hotel room I rented.

After months of being in the Army and months of restarting our relationship Evelyn and I started to go out. As in we were together aka she was my girlfriend and I was her boyfriend. Now I know what you are thinking. How was this ever going to work? Long distance relationships are harder to keep together because one person tends to miss the other or both people in the relationship tend to get lonely and can only hold off so much. And although this was the case between us it eventually became so. But I’m not here to tell you about broken relationships. I want you to read how Evelyn and I fucked each other so much I almost regret not being able to stay. We had been together and couple of months now and I was due to come back home for a few weeks…

Of course every moment I spent here I couldn’t stop thinking about her. How fucking sexy she was. The way her hair looked when she had it loose. The way she sent me pictures in her tuzla escort many goofy face expressions. The way her lips formed a kiss face. And I could only think about her on her knees getting ready to suck me off. The day I came back and we saw each other was a good day. And if it weren’t for the fact that I was wearing sweat pants I think she would have noticed my tent made by the way she hugged me. I also had my hand on her ass. I had been so horny that even a single touch drove me crazy.

I took her and my family out to eat at Fridays. It was a good meal and wonderful time spent with my family. But the real fun wasn’t until that night. I had rented a suite at this hotel that I can’t even remember the name of and took Evelyn there. She was more than happy and of course she knew what I wanted although I know she was there for something too. We had been talking about it for days. Of course we were going to fuck, make love to each other, do each other all night if we could. This was going to be the second time we had sex in a hotel. The first time was more like a quickie but this time it was so much more. She had told me previously she loved to suck dick and was going to take special care of me. Also she told me she would swallow me.

I don’t know why but when a girl tells you that she loves to suck dick and swallow that just makes a guy even more hard and excited. We entered the hotel room, took a look around, talked for a few minutes and then we started on what became our goal of the night and that was to please and pleasure each other.

I remember we started kissing. She put her hands on my back, and I put mine on her ass. (Typical guy move). As we kissed I slowly pulled her to the bed and sat on it making sure to pull her on top of me so that she was sitting on my lap with her legs around my waist. I wanted to enjoy every second so I in no way rushed it. After sitting her on top of me, and placing my hands on her waist and her arms around my head we continued kissing. Her lips were so juicy as they made contact with mine. I could taste her strawberry chap stick as her tongue connected with mine swapping saliva at that time but no matter to me as I was enjoying every moment. She then proceeded by unwrapping her arms from around my neck; slowly pulling head back and then started kissing my neck. With gentle soft kisses she moved around my neck kissing both sides and slowly making her way back to my lips and kissed me some more. Clothes then started to come off as she helped me take my shirt off and then hers came off. Her breasts looked so sexy in that new victoria secret bra she told me she bought for herself. It was a bright red with lacy strings around them and she stood up and removed her short shorts she had on to reveal her matching underwear. My mouth literally dropped open as to the sight I was seeing. She was wearing what seemed like booty shorts but it was more like a thong as only a see through lace covered the sides and the back. I knew this because she made a slow sexy turn and pretended to dance to music although there was no music being played…

I couldn’t help but smile at her willingness to dance and move her body for me even though there wasn’t any music being played. She grabbed my arms and helped me stand up but she didn’t say a word. She simply got on her knees and unbuckled my pants and let them fall to the floor. There was a wet spot covering the opening to my boxers where I normally would take my cock out and pee. Evelyn smiled, as she knew precum had been leaking out of my cock ever since we first started. Still on her knees she used her teeth to take my boxers off and as they tuzla escort bayan came off my cock almost slapped her in the face not that she would have cared.

I was so hard and could see the glistening pre-cum that formed at the base of my cock. I looked at that then looked at her. She was still smiling and with her tongue out of her mouth, she quickly flicked it at my head licking off a substantial amount of pre-cum off me. She licked her lips and moaned softly “mm-mm”. With force she pushed me on the bed, making me fall backwards but into a sitting position on the bed. I was at the end of the bed and she was in between my legs, this after she unhooked her bra and let her boobs roam freely around my knees. I could feel her nipples, as they were hard from what was either the room being a little chilly or the excitement that boiled up inside her.


I was on my knees in front of him and couldn’t wait to suck his dick. I had been waiting months for him to return so we could have endless sex and fun. I told him I wanted to suck his dick until he came in my mouth and then suck it some more after that. Already being in between his legs I grabbed his hard cock with one hand and stroked it up and down. His pre-cum continued to spread around so I used that for lube as I kept at it with my hands. With my other free hand I played with his shaved balls taking turns squeezing each one and gently probing them. After a few seconds of doing this and feeling my moist panties I couldn’t help it any longer. I open my mouth and went down on his cock. His beautiful white cock. I have to say I was really surprised to see he had such a big dick. I thought white guys wouldn’t be big in this area but I was surely mistaken. To my surprise he was in fact “part black” in the cock department as his cock hung very nicely from his balls.

Back to sucking his cock I bobbed my head up and down feeling his head touch the ceiling of my mouth and throat. His cock felt so natural to me, as this was about the third or fourth time sucking him off. What I most enjoyed was licking his cock with my tongue, without any lip action. I just use my tongue and lick his shaft starting from the bottom and working my way up. I especially enjoyed reaching the head of his cock and licking the slit where I knew I be rewarded later on. I would also close my lips around his head and just suck on it for a while. He told me this made him tingle all over and it provided as a higher sensation. I continued to suck him up and down. I take his dick and hold it with one hand and slap it around my mouth feeling it bounce from one cheek to the other. I then take it out my mouth and slap myself with his cock while he smiled at me.


After she had her fun sucking me off I grabbed her face, pulled her up towards me and made out with her some more. I then got up on the bed and lay down on my back and made her get into a 69 position so that I could eat her out. So after she removed her wet undies and threw them to the side, she got on the bed with me and put her ass in my face slowly making it rise as to give me a view of her wet dripping pussy. I have to tell you the smell of it was so erotic. Her pussy smelled so hot, and I couldn’t wait to tongue fuck her and taste her in my mouth. Her aroma was intoxicating enough to make me pass out but what fun would that be? I grabbed her bubble butt and pushed down, my tongue was out and when the two connected I could have cummed right there, but held back. I started to lap at her pussy like a hungry dog. My whole face was drenched instantly as she was pouring her pussy juice all over my face. escort tuzla I even had to close my eyes as to not get any inside them. Fuck it; I didn’t care if I did. I was in pure ecstasy as I ate out her pussy out. As this was going on I knew I was doing a good job as she was grunting and moaning as she tried to continue sucking me off. I don’t think she could continue so I flipped her over and stared into her eyes, and with my face and mouth and nose filled with her pussy juice I came closer to her and stuck my tongue in her mouth forcing her to taste her own pussy. She clamped on my mouth and we kissed some more for a few seconds.

I knew she wanted my dick inside her but I decided I wanted to torture her a little more. I started kissing her all over starting at her neck. The same way she kissed me is the same way I kissed her. Gently, and softly I worked my way down to her breasts. They almost felt un-real to me but I knew they weren’t. Her 36 c cups in my hands felt soft and delicate as I squeezed them, taking turns by taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking on it for dear life. I felt her slide her hand down her pussy and she rapidly started to rub herself. I heard her plead to me to feed her my cock. To please put it in already, and fuck her all night long. She desperately craved my cock inside her that I told her she wouldn’t have to wait any longer. After biting down on each nipple I continued working my way down her stomach nibbling gently at her smooth skin that tasted like strawberries. She must have applied lotion earlier. I worked my way down to her thighs and kissed her some more, her wet mound covered in juice. After a few more kisses inside her and some flicking to the clit I finally entered my dick inside her pussy and as she gasped for air I put my hands on her shoulders. Her stretched wide-open legs allowed me to enter my entire nine cut inches inside her. Even though she was as wet as any girl I’ve ever fucked I still felt some pressure on my dick. Her pussy was tight as fuck but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. I kept shoving my dick inside her and her gasps and moan then turned into screams of pleasure.


“OH fuck me baby, fuck me”, I moaned. Give me that dick baby I pleaded with him. His dick inside me felt so fucking good I didn’t want him to stop. He kept pushing it in me and with every push I pushed backs. I stayed in motion as he filled me up. So I begged him to put it back in me when he suddenly stopped. I noticed it too. His cock was shiny from my wet pussy that he went back down to it and starting eating me out again. With his tongue he licked all around my pink lips and with his teeth he bit my clit, which sent me over the edge as I had the biggest orgasm of my life pour over me. I felt my pussy muscles clamp up and then a torrential of cum came slashing out and yet he didn’t budge and drank me until he started to cough. I got on top of him and started to ride him still recovering from my orgasm. The fun wasn’t over yet as he soon told me he was going to cum and after a few minutes of riding his manhood I plopped my mouth over his cock and felt his balls tighten and his cum splash the back of my mouth. He seemed to be draining his full load as shot after shot exploded into my mouth. After a few seconds and tons of cum swallowed. I licked and sucked off his dick clean and then looked into his eyes as he was regaining his own conscience.


“ready for some more baby?”


“fuck yes baby,” I responded as I sucked his limp cock into my mouth slowly feeling it grow again. He fucked me three more times and each orgasm was bigger than the last one.


I finally woke up from this memory flash I was having only to be surrounded by my whole platoon and company commander staring at me bust another load over myself. Fuck!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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