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***This is my first submission, I appreciate your grace in accepting my mistakes and I look forward to reading your constructive criticism. ***


“Wake up Sweetheart,” coaxes a deep, rumbly voice.

But I don’t want to wake up. Midway through my work day, I started to feel like I was finally succumbing to the bug that was going around the office. After lunch, I cut my losses and headed home in hope of sleeping away my headache and fever. It was so rare that I get a chance to be home alone and I was looking forward to napping in peace for a change.

Wait. That’s right. I’m supposed to be alone. Just as I start to panic, I realize that I recognize that voice. It’s you.

“Come on Baby, wake up for me,” you whisper, combing your fingers through my hair.

I roll over to look up into your eyes, the sheet sliding down to reveal my bare shoulders and the curve of my breasts.

The look you are giving me stops the breath in my chest. Your chocolate eyes are molten and sparkling, dark with devilish intent. You reach out a hand to stroke my forehead and cheek, lightly teasing my lips. My lips part in eagerness, a wordless plea escapes.

“What was that, Baby?” you ask.

“Please?” I exhale.

“I don’t understand. Tell me exactly what you want,” you command. Your tone serious, your eyes mischievous. You know exactly what I want, but you’ll make me beg anyway.

“Please…” I start hesitantly. “Please let me suck your dick?” My wide eyes imploring.

Your smile arrives on your lips like the sun in the morning. Faint at first; just a little twitch on one side. Your eyes begin to glow with mirth and the corners of your mouth turn up. My heart starts to beat faster, recognizing the predator hidden in that smile, my instincts telling me to run, but every cell in my body holding me down, as if magnetized to you.

“Touch me,” is all you say.

I prop myself up on one elbow, reaching my other hand up your denim-clad thigh, dragging my nails over the ribbed fabric so we can both sense the miniature vibrations. The sheet bursa escort finally slips down to my waist as I reach for your belt; your eye contact breaking to gaze heatedly at my painfully erect nipples.

I work leisurely to disengage your belt, lowering your zipper agonizingly slow, feeling the tension winding tighter and tighter in between my slick, naked thighs. I lower your boxer-briefs and jeans together, exposing a thick patch of hair. With the waistband pulled taught, I pause before finally releasing your cock – already hard – bouncing upward to meet me.

I lick my lips as I finally drop your pants and reach out to grasp your rigid pole. Delighting in the feel of your velvety smooth skin, I explore the ridges of your veins with my fingertips, smearing the precum gathering on the shiny tip of your magnificent dick head. I love how hard you get for me.

Before I can begin stroking you, you snatch my wrist, squeezing hard, tightening until I start to lose feeling in my fingers. My eyes widen with distress.

“That’s not how I want you, Baby Girl,” you murmur patiently. “Lay on your back, with your hair over the edge of the bed.”

I comply immediately, throwing aside the covers, shimmying down a bit, and turning on the crisp white sheets so that my head now hangs over the edge.

“Good girl,” your voice rasps, hand caressing my stretched neck, lightly pinching my hard nipple, grazing my stomach; slowly, gently. Then you jerk, hand darting for my clit, catching my delicate nub between two fingers.

Your fingers dip lower, feeling for the first time how wet I’ve become in these few short moments. No longer gentle, you plunge two fingers inside me. I cry out sharply at the intrusion, my shock petering out into a moan of pleasure.

“That’s it, Baby,” you growl, withdrawing your fingers, trailing back up my body, tangling in the hair at the back of my scalp. You grasp your swollen cock in the other hand and guide it to my lips. “Swallow this dick!”

Your words make me wetter than I knew I could be as your mushroom tip pops through bursa escort bayan the small ring of my lips. I moan as my tongue connects with your weeping slit, savoring the precum oozing out of your dick. But you keep pushing, I struggle to wrap my tongue around you and then I’m choking as your plump cock nudges and massages the back of my throat.

I place my hands on your strong thighs, nails digging into your skin, your hips thrusting as you pump in and out; fucking my face, forcing me to open further, to take more and more of you.

“That’s it, Baby. Open up for me. Take it all.” You sweet talk me, holding my cheeks so you can reach just the right angle, your balls smacking my face.

“Bend your knees, Kitten,” you order. I obey immediately, first one, then the other, tilting my bare pussy up toward you. You lean forward, over my body placing a hand on either knee, your cock plunging impossibly further into my skull, your hips forcing my head into the mattress, cutting off my air supply. My throat convulses around your thick cock, milking it until I begin to gag beyond control.

You quickly withdraw, your dick popping free of my lips as I gasp for air. You look down at me adoringly, tracing the shape of lips with your cock, around and around, dipping the tip in and out, watching me suckle you.

“Are you ready?” You inquire, a smirk playing on your lips.

A challenging light shines in my eyes as I tease back in a sweet voice, “Please? Please feed me cock?”

You sink back into my mouth, balls deep, groaning; dropping your hands to the bed on either side of my hips you pump fiercely. “Yes, Baby!” you exclaim, sweat beading on your brow. “I bet you taste amazing right now.”

You drop your mouth to my knee, placing a light kiss there; shaking your head back and forth, allowing your lips and beard to gently scratch and tickle my leg. You dart your tongue out and trace a line to my soaking pussy, kissing along the way.

I whimper and squirm as you inch closer and closer to my throbbing clit. You blow a warm breath out playfully over escort bursa my hood and lips, making my hips buck and roll in pleasure, stretching up to get closer, begging for contact with your magic mouth.

You laugh at my struggle, your breath coming out in puffs and you move away, back up my other leg. “I’m not sure you’re ready, Kitten,” you tease. “Are you ready to come, Baby? Are you ready to come for me?”

I nodded my head desperately up and down on his knob, wiggling my tongue along his cock, urging a faster pace.

“Anything for you, Sweet Girl,” you acquiesce. “Sweet, sweet pussy,” your breath whispers across my skin like a caress. Your lips part and close down tightly on my clit, gently at first, but then you suck hard, pulling me deeply into your mouth at the same moment you thrust into my face. I cry out in pain and pleasure, tears starting to leak out of the edges of my eyes. My pleasure building as you alternate back and forth between gentle kisses, and brutal assaults.

“Get ready for me, Baby!” You warn, stroking my clit with a purpose; up and down; faster and faster your fingers pet and faster and faster your hips pump. My mewling and your grunts fill the room along with the slap of your skin against mine.

“Now! Cum for me Baby!” You order, roaring. And I do. Your fingers barely flicking the tip of my clit sending me spiraling, squirting – soaking the sheets, splashing us both.

In my mouth, your heavy cock pulses and pumps heavy ropes of cum down my throat. You pull out and cover my face with your sticky cream, smearing it with your cock.

“Clean me off,” you demand.

I roll over onto my stomach and slide onto the floor beside the bed. On my knees, I reach up and guide your slowly softening dick back into my mouth. Licking, cleaning, sucking.

“Put me away,” you direct. I carefully pull up your pants, place your cock inside your underwear and zip you up. I stand – still with your cum covering my face – and buckle your belt and replace your shirt.

You’ve stood stock still this whole time, allowing me to dress you, not saying a word. Just watching my actions, knowing that you own me; a possessive smile playing on your lips.

“Hope your headache is better, Kitten,” you pinch my nipple sharply, turn around and leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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