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Chap 1

I was 16 years old and had only been driving for about 6 months. I had an old truck given to me. It was not much but it was mine. It had a lot of minor problems, one in particular led to this story: The fuel gauge did not work. Since I had just started driving I was not very good at estimating gas usage and how much I had left in the tank.

It was mid-July and I was on my way home from work. I worked for a local farmer and we had been putting up hay since early that morning. The field we were working was about 20 miles away from town. I thought I had enough gas to get to town but was way off in my estimate.

I was the last one to leave the field and went about 3 miles down the county blacktop road before I ran out of gas. It was no use to go back to the field and siphon fuel from the tractor because it was diesel. So, I dejectedly started walking towards town, hoping that someone would come along. I was not betting on it because this road was rarely traveled and no one lived along it. It was surrounded by farm fields.

I had been walking for about 15 minutes and an I saw an old Dodge van approaching. I was elated, but then thought to myself “what are the chances they will give me a ride?” because I was not a very good sight: I was wearing a pair of threadbare blue jeans that had a couple holes in them. One in particular looked bad – I had caught the left rear pocket on the edge of the hay wagon when I jumped off. The material ripped upward from the lower right corner of the pocket to the belt loop on my left hip. This exposed part of my upper left thigh and my left buttock which was covered by my tightie whities.

My shirt was an old linen shirt that used to be long sleeved. I had unceremoniously ripped the sleeves off which left jagged edges around the arm holes. It looked pretty bad but was comfortable to wear while putting up hay. It was cool but the material was thick enough to keep the hay stubble from poking through to my skin. I also had on a pair of tan, lace up Redwing work boots that were about on their last go around. I generally wore my oldest clothes when putting up hay because they get worn out so quickly from the chafing of the hay.

I was hot, sweaty, and sun reddened from being in the field all day. So, here is a young guy, ragged looking, walking along a remote country road late in the day. Who is going to give him a ride?

Well, the people in the van did! I could not believe my good fortune! At least I think it was good fortune. I am still not sure after all these years have passed.

There were two women in the van. The driver, I will call her “Dee”, and the passenger, I will call her “Pam” since I never did learn their names. Dee was approximately 40 to 45 years old, about 5′-6″ tall, about 170 lbs with 36 B or C tits. She was wearing a pair of cut-offs and a “wife-beater” t-shirt with no bra underneath and an old pair of flip-flops. The stringy edges of the cut-off shorts were sinking into her fleshy thighs and her thumb-size nipples were straining against the thin white cotton of her t-shirt.

Pam was about 35 to 40 years old and rail thin. She was wearing a faded pair of jeans that looked like they were painted on they were so tight. She had a tube top shirt that was well worn and sagged down which exposed the upper half of her perky, 32 B tits. She did not have any shoes on.

Both women had non-descript facial features and light brown hair. They could have been cousins? sisters? I do not know. They were not ugly but they were by no means attractive. Both appeared a little disheveled and un-kept. Sort of looked like they had been camping for a couple days with no fresh clothes or shower facilities – not filthy dirty, but not squeaky clean.

The van pulls over and I see Pam slip between the front bucket seats into the back of the van as I get into the passenger seat. Dee asks what’s going on and I explained my situation to her. I felt a little uneasy – not sure what they were doing out here or why they were giving me a ride. They were not from this area. It was a relatively small town and I knew most of the people in it. There was a river nearby and sometimes people would go down there to fish or swim, but usually not two women alone.

She started to drive off and said she would give me a ride to town. The floor vent below the dash on the drivers side was open and as the van picked up speed the rush of air coming from it hit the back of my seat and caught the torn flap of my jeans and flipped it up. Pam giggled and pointed it out to Dee. I was embarrassed and pushed it back down and tried to set on it. It just flew back up again, Dee said “Don’t to worry – its not the first time I saw men’s underwear”.

Pam, setting in the back, said “From what I see it looks pretty good” and laughed a little. I immediately turned red, more so than the sun had reddened me. I turned to look over my shoulder at her and my eyes, having adjusted from the sunlight, saw into the back of the van. There were no side windows, just two dust covered rear windows, one in each rear door, which cast a yellowish light inside the van. It looked like they lived in there – clothes along the floor on one side and a mattress on the floor on the other side. Pam was sitting cross-legged on the mattress facing towards the front of the van.

I just wanted to get to town and get out of here. The blue jean flap flew up again and Dee said “Just let it go honey”. I was kind of caught off guard by that and just sat there. I could feel the air flowing across my hip and into to gap at the back of my jeans. Pam said “Yeah, I like that, you were right. He is lean and hard”. My mind was racing now, not sure what was going on.

Dee replied “yes, I think we have a good one here”. I did not really like the sound of that and was beginning to get a little nervous when I felt Pam’s fingers hooking into the elastic around the leg hole of my underwear. I jumped a little and looked down at her hand as she firmly grabbed the elastic and pulled it upward exposing the flesh of my buttock. I felt the material of my underwear crunch my balls as she stretched it upward to expose as much of my skin as she could. “Mmmmmm Hmmmmmm” she moaned. Dee said “take off your shirt – it is awfully hot in here and you will be more comfortable. Being in the hay field all day, you probably want to cool off”. “That’s ok” I replied “It’s not that far to town”.

Pam let go of my shorts, took off her tube top and threw it to the back of the van. I could not help but look at her titties as she sat there giggling. “See, it is much better without a shirt on” she said as she jiggled her titties.

“Besides that” Dee added “I did not ask – I told you to take your shirt off.” As she finished saying that she reached down near her left foot, into the door pocket at the bottom of the door, and pulled something out. That something turned out to be a handgun! She nonchalantly laid it on the dash in front of her with the butt of it resting against the windshield pillar. The entire time she just kept staring straight ahead as we slowly drove down the road.

I was really freaked out now. I had no idea what was going to happen. Did they have more guns or weapons of any sort? Was I going to make it to town? I had no idea but thought my best chance was to just go along with whatever they said.

I took off my shirt and put it on the floor between my feet. I was pretty proud of my body. I did not lift weights but all the farm work did the trick. I was lean and had well defined muscles. Not body builder big, but well shaped and visible muscles. I am 5′-11″ tall and at that time weighed 152 lbs. The work in the hay field the past two weeks had really toned up my upper body.

The air rushing across my sweaty skin gave me goose pimples and caused my nipples to harden a bit as the sweat cooled on them. “Oh my god” Pam gushed out as she leaned forward and began to trail her fingers from my belly button, across my abs, up between my tan pecs and across my nipples. This sent a tingle through my body, both fear and sexual excitement. She quickly leaned around and clamped her lips onto my sweaty left nipple and bit down and began to swirl her tongue around it. This caused me to sharply inhale – both from the suddenness of it and from the pleasurable sensations she was causing in me.

Despite the situation I felt my cock begin to harden. Pam let her fingers slide down my stomach to my crotch. The nervousness I felt was not nearly as powerful as the sexual urges of a 16 year old! She firmly gripped my semi-hard cock and squeezed it. As she did a huge rush of blood shot into my prick and it immediately bloomed to full erection. Pam inhaled deeply, pulled her moth off my nipple and looking at Dee said “My god, his dick just exploded in my hand”. Dee looked over at her and said “Damn it. I told you to not go too fast. Shit!”

“No, no” Pam replied “he did not cum. His dick just went from little to huge in like one second. It spread my fingers apart as it got hard.” She was massaging my cock as she was having this conversation with Dee. I was starting to think this might be ok. I will get back to town safely.

“All right” Dee said “but I want mine too”.

“Don’t worry” I said. Dee asked “what are you talking about – I’m not worried, I got the gun.”

“I mean, don’t worry, I can cum a lot” I replied. Dee said “You better”. I was just trying to diffuse the situation a little because Dee seemed pretty angry when she thought Pam had made me cum already. I decided right then that I would just remain silent for the rest of the time.

“So it’s ok” Pam said as she began to excitedly unfasten my pants. “He can cum a lot so you’ll get yours and I want some now!” She was on her knees beside my seat. She twisted around until her butt was against Dee’s seat and as she unfastened my jeans she told me to raise my ass up. As I did this she used her right arm to reach over in front of me and grab the belt loop on my right side und used her left hand to grab the waistband on my left side.

While she did this I caught a whiff of her right underarm and nearly gagged! There was a very pungent aroma coming from it. As she was jerking down my pants I caught a couple more whiffs of her armpits. To be quite honest, after I got over the initial nasal assault, there was something about it that kind of turned me on. It kind of spoke to something deep within me, something animalistic. It just inflamed my cock even more, making it pulse.

She izmir escort bayan jerked my jeans and underwear down to my knees. My dick bent painfully down until it popped out from under the waistband of my underwear and slapped against my belly with a loud smack.

Pam giggled and immediately, suddenly grabbed my cock and JAMMED it down her throat! This caused my hips to jerk up off the seat. Pam heaved and gagged a little bit, blew a rush of air out of her nose and pulled her mouth off my cock.

Big streams of saliva dribbled out of her mouth onto my cock. A little bubble of snot was barely visible in her nostril. I thought I was in trouble – I thought I had choked her when my hips shot up.

“Fuck me…………mmm” Pam breathed out, “He has a nice cock” she added. She went back down on it again. I felt it hit the back of her throat and she just raised up a little and jammed her face down until her nose was buried in my sweaty pubes. She bobbed a little and pulled back up and began licking my pee hole. “I want to see it” Dee impatiently said.

Pam pulled her mouth off my cock and, with her right hand around the base, holding it upright, she leaned back to let Dee see it. “Ohhhhh Fuck, I want that now” Dee breathed out. I have a decent size cock – just a little over 7 inches long (measured along the top side) and just under three inches thick (measured about halfway up the shaft). Since I am not of monstrous proportions I think a lot of what was making them so hungry for my cock was that I was a young, hard, 16 y.o. farmboy with lots of energy?

Dee reached over and started jacking my cock as Pam held the base of it. Dee kept trying to watch the road also. As she was doing this I noticed that her arm was brushing against Pam’s tits each time she stroked my cock. This really turned me on – it was like I was dicking Pam’s tits by proxy. She did have nice tits, perky with small, hard nipples. Dark pink buds surrounded by a dark brown circle of flesh about the size of a half-dollar.

Dee saw a lane up ahead and let go of my dick and turned the van off the road. She accelerated and we bumped down the lane. Pam’s tits jiggled wildly with the motion of the van. We approached a curve and she slowed down, tree limbs started scraping lightly along the sides of the van. The lane opened up into two farm fields and went in between them. Off to the right was a small wooded area. She pulled the van into the field along the woods. She nudged it into the deep shade between two trees just off the edge of the field. We were about a tenth of a mile off the county road.

As Dee put the van in park and shut it off Pam started crawling towards the back of the van while tugging on my left arm. I somewhat reluctantly followed. Although very, very horny, I still was unsure of how this would all play out. But, the little head was about to take over and after that, no thoughts of that kind would come up again!

When Pam got to the mattress she laid down on her back, spread her legs, and still holding on to my arm, pulled me down on top of her. My boner jabbed against her jean covered pussy and the rough material scraped against my knob. Dee was right behind us. Dee reached between my legs and squeezed my balls as she leaned over my back and bit my neck. I felt her big tits against my back and felt her hardening nipples pressing into me.

Dee’s body weight pushed me down closer to Pam’s face. Pam wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled her lips up to mine. She bit my lower lip before shoving her tongue into my mouth and swishing it around. Her lips and nose had my aroma on them and her mouth had a hint of the taste of my precum. Dee slid her hand up from my balls and started playing with my asshole. I was getting quite excited and I could feel my cock twitching as Pam squirmed around underneath me.

Pam guided my mouth down to her nipple and I greedily sucked it in. I began to roll my tongue around the stiff flesh and occasionally bite it. She reached down between us and unfastened her jeans. I lifted up to give her room to work. Dee lifted up off me, bent over and gave my asshole a quick flick of her tongue. I shuddered with the suddenness and unexpectedness of this. She then laid back on the pile of clothes and proceeded to strip. In no time she was completely naked. She had long, saggy tits that looked like soft water balloons. She had one of the thickest patches of pussy hair I had seen. It was roughly trimmed into a triangular shape but it completely covered her pussy with a little trail of hair going down toward her asshole.

As Dee lay on her back with her feet on the floor, knees bent, she looked over at us as she reached down and started rubbing her furry pussy. Pam was struggling underneath me as she peeled her jeans off. Dee said “C’mere baby. Eat my pussy and give her some room to get her pants off”.

I let Pam’s nipple slip out of my mouth and crawled over to Dee’s pussy. Just as I was about to stick my tongue between her lips I got a whiff of it. It had a very strong aroma of sweat and pee. It made he hesitate for a second then she grabbed my hair and smashed my face into her thick pussy lips. I immediately began to lick it, finding her hard clit and punishing it with my tongue. “That’s it, eat that nasty pussy” she moaned out as she arched her back and pulled my face harder into her pussy. It had kind of an acrid, salty taste which after a while did not seem too bad. She let go of my head and put her hands behind her knees and pulled them up near her tits. “Lick my shitter” she forcefully said. I did not hesitate. The fuck hormones had completely engulfed me and I was in this for the long haul and was so excited I thought I was going to burst! I moved my lips down to her asshole and began to suck on it and run my tongue around the rim.

I could feel every crinkle of the flesh around her hole as the tip of my tongue circled around it. “Make it really wet” Dee said. I raised up a little and let a big gob of spit fall onto it. “Now finger my ass and suck my clit” Dee demanded. I slid my middle finger into her asshole and started pumping it as I sucked hard on her clit. This went on for about 5 minutes and she let go of her legs and let them fall over my shoulders. She clamped her thighs against the sides of my head and began to squeeze a little as she moaned and wiggled around under my tongue.

After Pam had stripped she moved up beside Dee’s head and watched as I ate her pussy. Pam reached down and begin to pinch and stretch Dee’s nipple as I sucked hard on her clit. This really got Dee excited. “Fuuuuck yes, pound my ass, suck that clit, yess, mmm” Dee moaned out. Pam let go of her nipple and Dee’s tit flopped back onto her chest. Dee began to arch her back a little as I picked up the pace of my finger in her ass. I sucked her clit HARD and rapidly flicked my tongue across the tip of it. My arm and jaws were getting tired and starting to ache a little but I sensed she was close so I did not stop.

I glanced up at Pam. She was furiously fingering her bald little pussy. She had her two middle fingers in her wet pussy with her thumb, index finger and pinkie splayed out. She was jamming her fingers in and out so hard and fast that her whole body, despite being very tensed up, was shaking. Every time she jammed her fingers into her pussy the palm of her hand mashed her clit and made a squishing sound. The thin little lips were stretched tightly around her fingers. “Oh fuck, yesss, yesss, mmmmmm…” Pam squealed as an orgasm hit her and her hand went lightning fast, her fingers a blur going into her pussy.

“I want to taste it” panted Dee as she craned her neck over towards Pam. “I want to taste your cum NOW” she barked. Pam quickly twisted onto her side next to Dee’s head and threw her right leg over Dee’s face. Pam’s orgasm was subsiding but when Dee’s tongue hit her clit it peaked again. As soon as Dee got a taste of Pam’s pussy her own orgasm erupted. Her thighs clamped down against my head and she arched her back up off the van floor. I sucked her clit with more intensity as I plowed my finger in and out of her asshole. I was jamming her hole so hard I thought my entire hand would go up her ass. The bones in my neck popped as she twisted and jerked around as she rode out her orgasm.

Dee collapsed limply back onto the floor of the van releasing her thigh-grip on my head as my finger slid from her asshole. Pam rolled off Dee’s face and leaned against the side of the van. I lay back against the opposite side of the van. A light breeze came through the windows cooling our sweaty bodies. A thick scent of sex and sweat hung in the air. “That was a pretty good start” Dee said as she scooted up the side of the van. She told Pam to move over next to me.

“Suck his cock” Dee ordered. Pam eagerly obeyed. She leaned over and spit on my twitching cock and smeared it, along with my precum, up and down the shaft. She then grasped it firmly around the root and aimed it upward as her mouth engulfed my knob. I was about to cum and knew this would not take long. Dee sat there idly playing with her pussy as she watched Pam suck the head of my cock. Pam’s hand began to slowly slide up and down my slick shaft as her tongue bathed the head of my cock. I could feel the tingle in my balls. I was debating whether or not to warn her when I was ready to cum when she suddenly took my whole cock into her mouth. When my knob hit the back of her throat her head jerked a little and she repositioned herself slightly and then shoved her face all the way down my cock! That was more than I could take! I groaned loudly. As her throat flesh massaged the head of my cock and her fingers played with my balls I cried out and erupted sending two spurts of warm cum down her throat. She shook her head slightly which caused her throat to massage my cock even more. My super-sensitive knob was screaming with pleasure with each tiny movement of her head. Every muscle in my body tensed up and felt like they would snap as my balls emptied into her throat. She pulled back slightly as a third rope of cum shot into her mouth. She tried to swallow it but needed air and kind of choked a little. She kept licking the head of my cock as she jacked the slick shaft. Several more little spurts seeped out of my slit as she tongued it.

I finally could breath again and sucked in a deep breath as I relaxed back against the wall of the van. Fuck, that felt fantastic!

Chap 2

Pam sat up and had a dollop of my cum hanging from her lip. As she leaned buca escort back against the van wall, next to Dee, the dollop of cum started to slide down her chin. Dee leaned over and sucked my cum off Pam’s chin then proceeded to kiss her hungrily! This was hot! I had never seen two women make out like this before. They were not the best looking women I had seen, but when they are naked and making out they seem to look a lot better. Just knowing that they were swapping my cum back and forth was a real turn on for me. I had been with several older women before this, but never two at the same time, of any age.

When Dee broke their lip-lock she looked over at me and saw my still hard cock. “Maybe you were right boy” she said as she reached over and stoked my cock a couple of times. “Maybe you can keep on going”.

Dee got on her hands and knees on the mattress and told me to come up behind her. Just as my hard cock grazed against her buttock she reached back between her legs and grabbed my hot shaft. She placed the head of it between her meaty pussy lips and rubbed it up and down her slick cleft. She then positioned my knob at her entrance and said ‘push it in slow……I want to feel every inch of that hot young cock as it slides into me.”

I looked down and spread her ass cheeks wide as I watched my cock slowly slide into her pussy. Her meaty lips bulged around the head of my cock and it felt like I was sucked into her as the crown passed through. She groaned deeply as my cock slid into her wet pussy. As my balls came to rest against her she reached between her legs and roughly squeezed them against her clit. She moved her hand back up to her tit and started to roughly twist her nipple. Her thick pussy hair clung to my shaft as I withdrew all the way until just my knob was between her lips. I slowly slid back in her, watching her hair stick to my cock and reluctantly let go of my shaft as it eased into her cunt. I spread her ass cheeks further apart, stretching her asshole into an oval shape, my fingers sinking into her fleshy buttocks so I could get a better view of my cock as it impaled her. This was excruciatingly pleasurable – to watch and feel my cock slide in and out of her. I could feel every little movement on the head of my cock. She started clenching her vaginal muscles around my cock heightening my pleasure.

“Faster….fuck me hard” she ordered. I needed no more encouragement and let go of her ass cheeks, gripped her pillowy waist firmly and began to jack hammer her as hard and fast as I could! She started to meet my thrusts, grunting deeply each time my cock bumped against her cervix. To my amazement she increased the pace! I could not keep up so I just leaned back a little, thrusting my cock forward and just let her ride my shaft.

She started crying out and grunting like some wild animal in heat as she fucked herself on my cock. Pam was getting a little agitated as she watched us. She was fingering her pussy and playing with her firm titties. She moved over next to us and lay down and began to suck on Dee’s swinging boobs as she continued to finger her own pussy. I felt Pam’s other hand come up between Dee’s legs and rub her clit as my cock slammed in and out of that wet pussy.

Suddenly Dee bolted upright, pressing her back against my chest, her breathing coming in big, deep breaths. “Eat me” she ordered. Pam, still laying where she was, scooted around into a 69 position and Dee went back down on her hands and knees, my cock still deep in her. She wrapped her arms around the outside of Pam’s legs, dug her fingers into her pussy lips and spread them wide open. I started fucking her hard again as she sucked on Pam’s clit. I felt Pam’s nose against my cock as she licked Dee’s clit. I fucked harder, as if I was trying to slam Dee hard enough to knock her mouth off of Pam’s clit. I was so fucking turned on it was unbelievable. The adrenalin coursed through my body as I picked up the speed and length of my thrusts.

I pulled back too much and my cock popped out of Dee’s pussy and slid up across her clit, banging into Pam’s lips and chin. “SHIT!!” Dee screamed “PUT IT BACK” she panted as Pam grabbed my cock. I pulled my hips back quickly and Pam guided my cock upwards and I jerked my hips with all my strength! In the heat of the situation, all the frenzied movements, Pam’s aim was a little off and my cock slammed into Dee’s ass in one gigantic thrust! She screamed and her ass spasmed and felt like it would cut my cock off! I freaked out and immediately jerked it out of her ass! Dee was still screaming and grinding pussy on Pam’s face and frantically saying “Put it back..FUCK MY ASS..FUCK MY ASS! I’m so close!”. Apparently what I thought was a scream of anger, pain, or frustration when I jammed my cock into her ass was a scream of orgasm that was almost initiated by the sudden anal intrusion of my cock!

I grabbed her gyrating hips and aimed my cock at her asshole. In my excitement I fumbled a little. My cock head slipped around a couple of times because she was moving so much. “SHIT” she screamed again then my cock found its mark and I slid it back into her snug asshole. I began to slam fuck her ass, trying to drive Pam’s face into her Dee’s cunt hole! I could feel cum building again and knew I could not hold out any longer. I cried out “FUCK YESSSS” and felt my cock start pumping cum into her ass. “NOT YET” Dee wailed but it was too late. Fortunately my 16 year old cock never missed a beat and I kept on slamming her ass like nothing happened. The extra lube supplied by my cum allowed me to fly in and out of her ass easier. Dee let out a muffled scream around Pam’s pussy as her orgasm exploded through her. Sweat was dripping off my chin and falling onto Dee’s fleshy ass as I kept pumping my cock into her.

As Dee’s body calmed down I stopped pumping her ass, leaned back, and my cock popped out of her asshole. As I sat back on my haunches trying to get my breath I saw some of my cum leak out of Dee’s gaping asshole and run down between her cunt lips. To my amazement Pam greedily sucked it up. Dee rolled off Pam and lay spread-eagled on her back, arms above her head, breathing heavily. Her tits sagged down her sides and kind of wallowed back and forth with each breath she took. I just sat there, trying to comprehend all that had just happened and wondering what else would happen.

Chap 3

Pam rolled over onto her stomach, her face near my knees and looked up at me. “My turn lover boy” she said as she smiled at me. At this point I did not really have a great desire to continue but was not going to turn it down. Pam raised up on her hands a little and took my slimy cock into her mouth. Just the though of her sucking my cock after it had been in Dee’s ass was enough to almost make me bust a nut again, let alone actually watching her do it.

My semi-rigid cock quickly firmed up under Pam’s tongue.

She lay back on the mattress, spread her legs and beckoned me to her. I got between her legs and leaned down on one hand, my other hand aiming my cock at her pussy. With no formalities I slid it into her very tight little pussy and started driving in for all I was worth. She tensed up a little and pushed back on my stomach. “Slower” she said “give me a minute to loosen up”.

I started half stroking my cock into her, going a little deeper with each thrust. After about 15 or 20 strokes I was balls deep in her cunt. She moaned deeply and whispered “his cock feels so fuuuucking good” as I kept up a steady pace. “Tell me about” Dee replied. Pam went on “I feel the head of that big, young cock sliding up and down my pussy walls, those balls pressing against my ass……….mmmmm”. “I feel my pussy lips being spread by his cock, feel them clamping around it as it slides in and out…..”. The dirty talk coming out of Pam’s mouth was inflaming me. She had a dreamy look on her face as I fucked her and she murmured out a descriptive dialogue of what she was feeling. Dee started stroking her tummy and titties with her fingertips as she lay there watching me fuck Pam and listening to Pam’s running commentary. This went on for what seemed like forever.

My pace slowly increased as both of us neared orgasm. Pam never stopped talking, telling Dee everything she felt. I had both my hands on the mattress beside Pam’s head and her knees over my shoulders. Her back was arched up off the mattress as I pushed her knees towards her chest. This opened up her little pussy to allow me maximum penetration. I raised up a little so I could see my cock going in and out of her. It looked so much different than when I was fucking Dee. Both of them looked good! Pam’s bald pussy lips were stretched thinly around the base of my cock when I was balls deep in her. As I pulled my cock out of her those thin lips came together, keeping a snug grip on my cock. I leaned back into her and started pounding her harder. I was nearing orgasm again and had to concentrate or would not be able to cum. It is very difficult for me to cum so much so close together. I clenched my eyes shut and let all my upper body weight press against the back of her thighs as I pounded her pussy faster and harder than before. I was close, almost there. I could feel the sweat running down my back and down my face. Pam’s running commentary had been reduced to grunting loudly with each of my thrusts. I felt her chin bumping on the side of my face as I pressed down harder and drove my cock forcefully against her cervix, trying to get that little extra stimulation to put me over the top. The orgasm was painfully close, but just a little out of my reach – just s few more hard thrusts.

Pam started huffing and grunting loudly and excitedly and her body began to quiver as her orgasm ripped through her. She suddenly grabbed both sides of my face and turned it towards hers. She pulled my mouth roughly down to hers and french kissed me hard as her orgasm peaked. The taste of Dee’s pussy, ass, and my cum on Pam’s mouth drove me wild again and I started to cum very hard. I slammed my pubic bone down onto hers each time my cock spasmed, pumping thin squirts of cum into her tight pussy. I kept spasming and jerking my hips long after cum stopped squirting out. The feeling was intense. My cock was so sensitive I could not stand to move, but could not stop the involuntary jerking of my hips. Finally I just collapsed onto her and we lay there breathing heavily, one big sweaty, stick heap. Pam pushed me off to the side and I lay on my back trying to get my breath back. “My god” Dee murmured “that was so fucking izmir escort hot. I got to get me some more of that”. For the first time in my life I dreaded the sound of a woman saying she wanted to fuck me.

Chap 4

I did not think I could fuck again right away. My cock was about half way deflated and I thought it would be a while before I could get it up again. But, that made no difference. Apparently Dee thought the same thing or else she just had something else in mind, I don’t know. Probably she just wanted what she wanted, regardless of my current state. Fortunately she did not want fucked right away.

“Suck your cum out of her pussy and give it to me” Dee said. I was relived to find out she did not want to fuck right away, but was a little turned off by having to suck on Pam’s cummy, sweaty pussy. It smelt a little before and now was stronger. At least it was partially me that added to her aroma. I rolled over and got between her Pam’s legs and saw my cum dripping down her ass crack. I stuck my tongue in at the bottom of her ass crack and slowly drug it up to her pussy, collecting as much of our juices as I could. I then leaned over to Dee and kissed her. She hungrily cleaned my mouth out with her fat tongue and shoved me back toward Pam. I planted my mouth entirely around Pam’s pussy, shoved my tongue as deep into as I could and felt my cum and her juices pool up on my tongue. I cupped my tongue and slipped it out of Pam’s pussy and moved back to kiss Dee. She held my face in her hands, just an inch above hers and opened her mouth. I opened mine and let our sex juices and some of my saliva drip out into Dee’s wanting mouth. As the first big gob hit her tongue she went wild. She jerked my mouth firmly down onto hers and started swishing her tongue around inside my mouth while twisting my head side to side with her hands. She started chewing on my tongue and biting my lips. Her breath was flowing heatedly out of her flared nostrils. Finally she let loose and shoved my back saying “eat my pussy now pretty boy”.

I stated sucking on her hairy mound again and ran my fingers over her asshole. I felt that it was still a little distended from the anal pounding I had given her earlier. She seemed to enjoy it, but at the same time seemed, bored?? She started to idly play with Pam’s body as I ate her pussy. I slipped two fingers into her ass as I continued on her pussy. I could feel her sticky pubes against the sides of my mouth as I burrowed deep into her folds and sought out her clit. I got the little nub between my lips and started sucking on it and rolling my tongue around it. Pam scooted over beside Dee and lay facing her. Their hands started roaming over each others body as I ate Dee’s pussy. I felt Pam’s foot rubbing on my tummy, her toes lightly dragging across my skin. I felt the familiar warmth start in my loins and begin to slowly spread as the blood started flowing back into my cock. Both women started to moan quietly as their fingers became more insistent with each other.

I bent my fingers at the knuckles, as if I was trying to get into Dee’s pussy from her asshole. I kept working her clit as I increased the pace of my fingers in her ass. I felt Pam’s foot brush up against my semi-rigid cock. As her toes played with my cock head and balls I felt my cock harden. Pam started mashing my cock against my tummy as her foot rubbed up and down my shaft. Dee started to squirm a little. Pam said “he’s ready again”.

I moved up, planning of fucking Dee, I figured it was her turn. Instead, Dee sat up, spun around on the mattress and lay back down with her head against my knees. She pulled Pam around into a 69 and they started eating each other like there was no tomorrow. This got me really hot. I could not see what Pam was doing but I assumed it was similar to how Dee was ravaging Pam’s pussy. Her fat tongue was frantically working between those thin lips, batting against her clit, bathing her asshole. I started stroking my cock as I watched the show. Dee strained her neck to reach up and tongue fuck Pam’s asshole. My balls were being tickled by Dee’s hair as she moved her head and as I stroked my cock. They were both moaning and squirming around. Dee laid her head down on the mattress and motioned for me to move up.

I moved up between Pam’s legs, my knees straddling Dee’s head. Precum started to drip from my cock in a long, thin tendril. Dee lapped at it with her tongue and then grabbed my cock and aimed it at Pam’s pussy. I pushed into her tight little pussy and started pumping her hot tunnel. Pam kept eating Dee’s pussy. I felt Dee begin to massage my ass and balls as I fucked Pam. This was overwhelming to me. If I had not cum so much already I would have shot another load right then. This was happening just before you started seeing a lot of stuff like this in porn movies. I had never seen or been involved in anything like this before and was loving it.

Dee put her hand against my hip and pushed. As I withdrew she continued to push until my cock popped out of Pam’s pussy. She then grabbed my cock and started sucking it! My god, this was so fucking hot. My cock had just come out of a pussy and was right back into a mouth! I looked at Pam’s gaping, reddened pussy as I saw Dee’s lower lip and chin as she worked my cock into and out of her mouth. I could feel her breath from her nose as it played across my nut sack. She pulled my cock from her mouth and put it back into Pam’s pussy. This went on for about 7 or 8 cycles – pussy to mouth to pussy to mouth. Each time my cock slipped into Dee’s mouth I felt like I was going to cum.

Dee started fingering Pam’s asshole as this pussy to mouth fucking continued. I was sweating like a pig again – the heat in the van was building up even though it was cooling off outside. I did not know how much more of this I could take. Dee started moaning loudly and she stopped sucking my cock. Pam’s ministrations had her cumming again. I kept fucking Pam’s well used pussy as Dee’s orgasm faded. Dee pushed back on my hips again and took my cock back into her mouth. It was all I could do to keep from cumming. I did not want this to end! Dee was panting heavily from her orgasm and continuing excitement. She took my rigid shaft from her mouth and placed the spit slicked head against Pam’s asshole. I nearly fainted! I had been wanting to fuck Pam’s little pink hole since I saw it earlier. I started to push forward as Dee held my cock in place. Pam hunched up her back a little and moved slightly forward, trying to get away from my cock. Dee grabbed Pam’s thigh with her free hand and held her in place as I resumed shoving my cock against her tight asshole. I looked down and saw that my cock head was pushing Pam’s asshole inward. So much so that it appeared that half my knob was in her ass when in reality I had not yet penetrated her ring. Her skin around her anus was taut and straining against the intrusion. I kept pushing – I wanted my cock deep in her bowels! Suddenly her ass opened up and the my cock head popped inside. Like a trampoline rebounding, her taut flesh popped back to its original shape, driving her asshole about a third of the way up my shaft! She screamed like a banshee. I hesitated and Dee let go of my cock and grabbed my nutsack and pulled forwards and downwards. The jolt of pain caused me to lurch forward and bury my cock all the way into Pam’s ass!

Dee’s firm grip on Pam’s thigh kept her from moving forward to ease the assault of my cock on her ass. Pam was wailing and although I felt bad for her, I was overcome with a primal instinct to just FUCK. I was so close to cumming and had been for so long I just could not stop myself! I grabbed Pam’s little waist and began to pummel her ass. I saw her little pink ring going in and out each time I stoked my cock in her ass. It was like turning a glove inside out each time I stroked. I was getting close and there was no stopping it this time. I was pulling out of her ass until I felt her ring bump against the edge of my knob and then slamming back in until I felt my balls hit her pussy lips. Dee started dragging her tongue along the underside of my cock as I stroked Pam’s ass. This was too much for me and I cried out and with every ounce of my strength I pulled back on Pam’s little waist as I slammed my hips forward and my cock exploded! I pulled back in order to slam forward again and pump another rope of cum up her ass when Dee suddenly pushed me back further causing my cock to tear out of Pam’s distended asshole.

The next shot of cum went up on Pam’s ass as Dee grabbed my cock and aimed it at her mouth. I already had some forward momentum from my interrupted fucking of Pam’s ass which drove my cock into Dee’s mouth! I went fucking ballistic!! My GOD, straight from ass to mouth in the middle of my orgasm! This was so fucking nasty, so fucking good! I had never had it happen before but my orgasm just started all over again and the fury with which I was going to fuck Pam’s ass got unleashed on Dee’s throat! I still had a firm grip on Pam’s waist but was fucking Dee’s throat for all I was worth as the cum was squirting out of my cock. I kept my cock buried in her throat, my balls mashed against her nose as I gave her the most brutal skull fuck I think she ever had. I felt her heaving under me but could not back off. I was a total fucking animal. “Okay you dirty bitch, take that nasty ass covered cock, eat it you whore” I screamed as I threw my head back and quivered as my orgasm finally subsided. Mt muscles relaxed and Dee shoved me back, loosing my cock from her throat. She sucked in a deep and then just lay there breathing deeply as Pam collapsed, her pussy pressing against Dee’s flabby tit.

No one said anything or moved for a few minutes. The two women got up and started dressing. Dee got into the driver’s seat and backed the van out and headed back out to the county road. It took Pam a little longer to get her tight jeans back on but once she did she got into the passenger seat and grabbed my shirt and threw it back to me. As I finished dressing we got back onto the county road. I traded places with Pam and after about two miles Dee stopped the van saying “OK, you can get out now”. I was stunned, did not say anything, just got out and watched them drive off. I never did see them again. I had a lot to think about on my walk to town for gas so the time, nor the walk seemed that long! There were some things about this experience that were disturbing to me, but there were many things that were not. I used to ponder it a lot, be conflicted by it, but not anymore. I do not focus on those emotions, just the great fucking time I had and all the things I experienced. Many of them for the first time.

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