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I belong to him. Even if he doesn’t want me I’ve given myself to him completely. There is no one else. There never has been…

I think of him as I lie in the bed I have come to think of as ours. My eyes closed, I make myself ready with my hands, gliding them over the womanly places on my body. I rub my breasts and play with my nipples. They become hard nubs as I caress them from the areola to the tip. I then slide my hands down over my belly to my cunt, parting my legs and rubbing my hands over my hairless mound. I keep it shaved for him. It’s what he likes.

I slide my hand over my clit then down along my slit. My own thoughts have already started to make me moist. I slide in a finger and gather some wetness which I apply to my clit. I rub it gently feeling pleasure build in me…

I imagine as I touch myself that I’m in a house with him. Living together day to day and letting him have me whenever he wants. In the morning I take a shower and remember the night before my hands gliding over my body remembering where his hands had touched.

The shower curtain opens suddenly. He’s standing on the other side naked like me. He surveys me up and down with a look that is equal parts love, lust, and possession. He steps into the shower behind me and pulls the curtain shut. In seconds I am in his arms with the water falling down over us, and he is kissing me with a hunger that matches my own. His hands are roving my backside. He fondles my ass and my back. He breaks the kiss and rubs my cheek with his beard and whispers that bursa escort he wants me.

He turns me against the tile wall and then cups my face in his hands. He rubs his thumb across my lips then kisses me again gently. He presses his forehead against mine and looks down my body, watching the water sluice down it. I feel his hot breath upon my face as his breathing becomes unsteady. A powerful feeling of excitement hits me as I feel his desire. There is steam in the shower, and I wonder how much of it is rising off of us.

I reach down and take his cock in my hand. It’s already hard, but I love to touch it. After stroking it for a moment I put my hand on his balls gently touching them.

He moves his hands to my breast to caress them. I love it when he touches me there. He knows how I like it. He holds them in his hand and gives attention first to the nipples then gently massages the full globes in his hands. He bends his head and takes the nipple of my right breast in his mouth softly suckling then grazing it with his teeth. A ripple of pleasure travels down my spine, and my pussy seeps with more juices. I instinctively push my breasts out for more, and he doesn’t disappoint. Before he is done he has given both breasts the same wonderful treatment.

He moves his hand down to my pussy, and I change my stance so that he can touch me however he wants. He slides his hand over my mound, and then uses a finger to play with my clit. I gasp with pleasure as he manipulates it. I can feel my orgasm building, and I grab the hand hold bursa escort bayan above the soap holder in an effort to stay grounded because I don’t yet wish to come.

He continues to attend to my pussy sliding a pair of fingers into my moist slit. I moan with the pleasure he generates in me. He moves the fingers in and out in a steady fuck, and I move with them. I close my eyes and try to concentrate, to gain control. I can’t. It’s too much, and I beg him to put his cock in me because I want it there when I cum. In a heartbeat he is in me, and we move together in a rhythm of our own making. We are joined like this for only a few moments before the orgasm that I’ve been trying to hold off comes. It hits me, and I fall over the cliff…

I sag against him, and I slowly begin to remember where we are. I feel the water again as I press a kiss to his chest. He strokes my hair and whispers to me that he wants to go back to bed…

I fast forward in my mind to me sitting on the bed and taking his cock in my mouth. I love the taste of it. I lick the circumcised head like it’s a decadent ice cream cone. I glide my tongue along the hard length licking off the pre cum at the very tip savoring the flavor. Then I slide my mouth over it taking his cock in as far as I can get it. With my tongue and my lips I work it over with as much skill as I possess for several minutes. I play with his balls and lick the underside as well.

He moans and then pushes my head away telling me no more. He tells me to lie back. When I do he opens my escort bursa legs and puts his mouth to my pussy. In this art he is truly a master. He eats my pussy like a starving man. He relishes my flavor as much as I do his. He alternates between working my clit and thrusting into my slit tongue fucking me eagerly. I feel that familiar build up to my release as I grab the comforter looking for something to hold onto.

He stops, pulling me down closer to the edge of the bed then grasps my hips as he thrusts into to me. I grab him around the waist with my legs, and try to draw him to me as much as can with my arms.

He looks down at me as he moves his cock in a steady fuck in and out. Our eyes meet, and I nearly cum just from what I see in his. The connection we share is always at its strongest when we are together like this. It both frightens and excites me beyond words. He is everything to me. It still amazes me that I have let him this far…

His pace picks up. He leans down to kiss me hard before taking a nipple into his mouth. He thrusts into me harder and faster his cock rubbing against my clit. I begin to orgasm tumbling into paradise. I ride out one then suddenly another incredible one as he joins me there thrusting in one last time as he empties his seed into me. As he cums my pussy grips his cock drawing out all there is. He looks down in my eyes and the emotion there pushes me further into one last orgasm…

As I make myself cum, I wonder whether I will ever know this fantasy as real life. I have waited longer than most to feel this thing I never thought that I would feel. I have let him into places in my soul that no one else has been. Will he ever accept me, and all I have to give? There is no one else, and there will never be another…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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