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This story is based on situations and characters developed in previous chapters. It is recommended that you enjoy those before continuing with this chapter. – All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.


Late October always meant a school Halloween dance. I went to one my first year, and never went again. I wouldn’t say I had a bad time, but I didn’t have a good time. I was, for all practical purposes, invisible to the girls. Maybe that was due to my costume, but whatever the reason, I marked dances off my list of fun activities. For this reason, I declined Shelly’s invitation to the dance three times before she finally prevailed and convinced me to take her to the dance. Just to be sure I had “a bitching time” as she put it, she would take care of my costume. All I had to do was pick her up and bring her to the dance. She assured me that I would be guaranteed to have a mondo rad time.

The next week I picked her up as requested. Her dad looked at me like I was some slimy creature, but did allow me to take his daughter, who was dressed in a floor-length white, well, dress wouldn’t quite be right. More like a bed sheet wrapped around her body.

She followed me out to the car carrying a paper bag and a small purse. I helped her in the car and then climbed in myself, Shelly having already scooted over to sit in the middle next to me. “Okay. Find a quiet place to change,” she said with a grin as we pulled away from the curb.


“Uh huh,” she said. “You’re gonna have to get naked to put your costume on, so unless you wanna flash the world.”

“Got it,” I answered her. It was already dark when we pulled into the K-mart parking lot. I pulled off into a quiet corner and turned off the car. “So?”

“So. Get naked,” she said, sliding over on the seat to give me room.

“Not even going to tell me what my costume is?”

“Nope. Not until you’re naked. But if it helps, I’m changing too,” she said as she pulled the bed sheet looking thing off over her head. She tossed it into the back seat, leaving only her bra and little white panties on, well at least for the moment. “Come on. Hurry up!” she said with a sexy grin as she reached behind her and pulled her bra off, tossing it into the back as well. She skimmed her panties off, sitting naked on the seat near me, her legs spread, my cock quickly getting hard.

“I know what to do with this.” I said, leaning toward her, intending to suck one of her nipples.

“Uh uh. Not yet. I have better plans than this. Now strip baby.”

I shrugged and quickly pulled everything off, leaving it all laying on the floor in the front seat. “These too!” she said, reaching to snap the elastic waistband of my briefs. Only after I was naked, my rock hard dick poking in the air, did she pull my costume from the paper bag. “Here you go baby!” she said, handing me what looked like a thin white dress. “I see that look. It’s not a dress. It’s a toga. I have one too!” she said, pulling a second almost identical one from the bag.

She helped me put it on, my bare dick still sticking up in the air from under the skirt. With a grin, she gave it a few strokes and then put her own on, leaving as much of her showing as was on me. She twisted on the seat, hanging one leg over the back of the front seat and propping her other foot on the dash board. She reached into the bag and pulled out a condom and ripped the package open. “Okay baby. Come and screw me.”

“With pleasure, but I don’t know why I couldn’t do it with you naked.”

“Method in my madness,” she said, reaching her hands out as I crawled over the top of her. She rolled the condom down my long, hard dick and then guided me to her waiting and already wet pussy. “Ohhhh yeah baby! That’s it. Give it to me!” she moaned as I pushed into her incredibly soft hot tunnel. I much preferred sliding into her without the rubber, but even with it I could feel the heat of her tunnel flowing into me as I started stroking in and out of her. She pulled the top of her toga off her shoulder, letting it slide down her arm and exposing both breasts. I had my hands full holding myself up over her in the cramped confines of the front seat, so she moved her own hands to her tits and began to gently massage and pull her nipples while I pushed in and out of her. My crowned head teased and stroked her tunnel while it tried to grip and hold me back. It felt like the longer I stroked the tighter she got, her moans growing louder by the moment in the car.

Her hips rocked in time with my strokes, her clit sliding down the top of my shaft as I plunged into her, my pace quickening as I drew closer and closer to my own climax.

“YES!” she cried loudly as her body jerked, her tunnel spasming and gripping my sliding cock. “Ohhhhhh damn yes!” she moaned as I continued to plunge into her. She pulled her legs back farther, my thighs now slapping her ass, wet with her cum, as I pounded into her.

“Here it comes.” I grunted, knowing I was moments from climaxing in her.

“Yes. Do it! DO IT!” she cried as my body bucked and jammed my dick into her. I felt my cum surge out, pendik escort trapped from her by the rubber, but my body didn’t really care at that point. Over and over my body bucked, filling the little rubber sleeve with my cum.

“OH, damn yes.” I groaned, pulling from her before I could soften much, not wanting to leave the huge load of cum inside her if I slipped out of the rubber.

I flopped back on the seat and eased the rubber off, trying to keep as much cum in it and off my car seat as I could. I rolled the window down and tossed the used condom out the window.

“Wow! I so love how that feels,” Shelly moaned softly, still leaned back and teasing her tits.

“Yeah. I agree. You feel fantastic around me.”

“Good. Think you can tell me from someone else?”

“Damn, I don’t know why not.” I answered her.

“Good. Because we owe the girls on the volleyball team. So we’re gonna play a little game. I’m not the only one dressed like this. Some of the girls from the team are wearing the exact same costume. The game, is for us to tease you hard, then find a place to let you screw us. At the end of the night you have to tell me how many times it was me and how many times it wasn’t.”

“Oh geez. I don’t know if I can do it that many times!”

“That’s okay. If you can’t, you can’t.”

“So what are you going to be doing while they’re playing with me?”

“Oh that’s easy. I’m going to be keeping their boyfriends busy. We’re going to change places for a little while.”

“So, they’ll be screwing you?”

“Does that bother you?” she asked with a serious look.

“Yeah, sorta does.” I said with a shrug.

“Awww… That’s sweet,” she said with a smile. “But you do know I’ve been with other guys, right?”

“Well, yeah.”

“So, if I’m with other guys now, that’s a problem?”

“Guess I’m just used to only having one girl at a time.”

“Baby, you better get over that part right now, cuz tonight you’re going to get a sampler platter. The only question is, can you tell me from another? But I’ll do this. I promise not to let anyone else in me tonight. How’s that? But you gotta promise to screw me good every time I come up.”

“How am I supposed to know it’s you?”

“In that case, you better do all of us real good!” she said with a giggle, leaning over and giving me a soft sweet kiss. “Now let’s go to the party, unless you wanna go again?”

“I wouldn’t mind, but since you went to so much trouble,” I answered with a grin.

“One more thing. Not all of these girls are up with doing it. So, you can return in kind. If they kiss, you can kiss, if they feel you up, you can feel her up, if she suggests you find a place to go do it…well, have fun.”

“Sounds like I’m gonna be showing a lot in this thing.” I answered with a frown.

“Uh uh. If they get you hard, they have to provide a way to get you off. They can’t leave you hard and walk off. They could tease you and then come get me… but then what fun would that be for you? Oh yeah. One more thing. They’re all going to claim to be me. You’re not supposed to know who any of them are. All you need to know is that they all agreed and they’re all dressed like me.”

“I guess it’s cool,” I answered with a shrug, not all that bothered by the thought of a bunch of the girls from the volleyball team trying to get me excited. Most of them were pretty damn good looking. Yeah, I know it’s a double standard to not want her to screw other guys while I’m potentially screwing other girls, but to be honest, I doubted that I was going to get a chance to really screw anyone at the school. That didn’t stop me from looking forward to the attempt though.

We walked into the gym wearing our togas and face masks, feeling extremely exposed. I doubted there were many guys walking around without underwear under their costumes, but Shelly was quite insistent. If she was going bare, so was I.

We hit the dance floor to a Bee Gee’s tune and were soon wiggling and dancing, her bare tits barely able to stay in her top as they bounced and shook. I had no doubt that whatever guy was going to be watching her dance was going to get an eye full sooner or later. The song ended and to my surprise Shelly disappeared to “go to the powder room”, coming back a few moments later at least three inches taller and several inches skinnier.

“Hi again.” The girl said with a wide grin. “That was a good dance, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah. Lots of fun.” I answered as we stepped onto the floor to “Shake your body down to the ground”. She shook and wiggled to the music, her smaller tits bouncing in the toga she wore, which seemed to insist on slipping down her shoulder every few seconds. I couldn’t help but think that if it made it over her shoulder I’d have an eye full of titty. Unfortunately the song ended too soon, well sort of. I hadn’t realized just how much my hard-on would show through the toga and watching her wiggle had definitely gotten my motor running.

“I think I need a drink of water,” she said, reaching for my hand and pulling me off the dance floor. We went into the hall where the drinking maltepe escort fountain was, and then after a quick drink, she pulled me down the hall away from the gym. It didn’t take long for us to disappear up a staircase and onto the second floor. She pulled me into a doorway so we weren’t standing in the middle of the hallway, and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my face to hers.

“Damn, damn, damn,” she muttered as she kissed me urgently, reaching under my toga for my hard shaft. She wrapped her hand around it and started to stroke it. “Oh baby. I can’t believe this.”

“Why not?”

“I didn’t think she’d actually let me,” she mumbled as she jerked on my shaft.


“Oh damn. Yeah. Okay, we both know I’m not Shelly. Now take my panties off.”

“Sure,” I said, pushing the shoulder of her toga off, letting it slide down her body, exposing her bare tits. She dropped her arm and let the material fall all the way to the floor. I reached for her panties and pushed them down, kneeling down in front of her as I pushed them down far enough for her to step out of them. Her lips were fat and round, framed by tiny blonde curls, only the slightest bit of her inner lips showing at all. I stood back up and she pushed the shoulder of my toga off and left me standing as naked as she was while I stared at her bare body. Her tits were small enough to cup with both hands, but not so small that anyone would call her flat chested. Her nipples were rock hard and she was clearly excited. She turned herself around and bent over, pushing her ass out at me.

“I wanted to do this ever since the shower,” she said softly. “But you better hurry before someone catches us.”

“Um. Yeah. Sure.” I answered, aiming my dick at her pussy and rubbing it up and down her lips. I teased her lips apart and lubricated my head with the juices already leaking from her pussy and then pushed my head into her. She wasn’t as tight as Shelly, but she felt heavenly around my bare cock. I pushed several inches into her and then pulled back, sliding right back into her again. In and out I slid, working more and more of myself into her until my mushroom head was knocking on the end of her tunnel and her cervix.

She moaned loudly as I slid my hands up her chest from behind, cupping her little tits and squeezing her nipples between my fingers like Trina had shown me. “Ohhhh yes.” The girl in front of me moaned as I pumped my shaft in and out of her slick soft pussy. I pushed in and out as she rocked her hips in time with my strokes. I left one hand on her right breast and slid my left down her body, reaching between her legs and teasing my fingers right at the juncture of her pussy lips, finding the hard nub of her clit and stroking it in small circles. “Oh my god yes! Ohhhhh damn yes,” she moaned as I continued plunging into her, her body starting to tremble and shake.

I felt her first spasm grip my cock as she shuddered in front of me, her breathing coming out in little gasps as her orgasm washed over her body. I kept jamming my dick in and out of her pussy, my own excitement growing by the second.

“SHIT!” I grunted as my body jerked, jamming my cock deep into her and unleashing a gush of hot cum into her pussy. Over and over I jerked, filling her still trembling body with my cum, panting for breath as I stood there locked in mutual climax.

“Oh damn. Ohhhhhhh damn,” she moaned softly. “God you were so big in me.”

“Glad you enjoyed it,” I said as she pulled off of me and turned herself around to face me.

“Oh trust me, I did. Damn, am I leaking like a faucet! You really filled me up! Good thing I have panties or I’d be dripping this all across the gym.”

“Yeah,” I answered as she bent to pick up her panties and step into them. She pulled them up her legs and covered her already dripping pussy, the crotch of the white material clearly wet by the time she had her toga pulled back over most of her body.

“Okay. We better go now. Thank you,” she whispered, leaning toward me and kissing my lips forcefully. I followed her down the hall and the stairs, the two of us sneaking back to the gym door and avoiding the teachers that were prowling the halls to prevent what we just did. She led me onto the dance floor and then after two dances, disappeared from in front of me.

The hand that slipped around my waist from behind belonged to a girl nearly as busty as Shelly. Not because I could see her, but because I could feel her tits and hard nipples pressing against my back as she slipped her hand down under my toga, wrapping around my cock. As we danced, she rubbed her tits on my back and stroked my cock, getting it to grow quickly. “Come with me,” she whispered from behind me. By the time I turned around, she had her back to me, and I had little idea of who it was that was leading me across the gym. I followed along, her hand in mine, as she tugged me out of the gym and down the hall. She led me up the stairs I’d gone up before with my last “friend” and then was led down the hall. I stopped as she pushed a door open labeled “teachers’ lounge”.

The girl that kartal escort had brought me pushed me gently through the door and then closed it as she stepped through behind me. Inside were two other white toga wearing young ladies, both tall and slender and looking very similar. The room had a worktable, a wide array of chairs to relax in, a sofa and a large, flat, wooden coffee table in front of the sofa. The two girls stood between the sofa and the coffee table looking quite nervous. “Okay girls.” The one behind me said, prompting the two by the sofa to take off their togas, though one did so quite a bit more hesitantly than the other. I saw a toga fly past me toward the sofa, and while I was still looking at the two in front of me undressing, felt my toga being pushed off my shoulder to fall to the floor. The tits pressed against my back again, this time, completely bare, both arms circling around me to close around my hardening cock.

“I’ve been thinking about this since the showers,” the girl behind me whispered as she stroked me.

“Yeah?” I asked as I looked at the two tall slender girls standing somewhat shyly by the sofa. Both were tall and thin, their tits the size of medium sized oranges, their nipples perky and erect, centered in the middle of small, maybe half dollar sized areola that looked puffed out slightly. They were clearly twin sisters, in fact, even though this whole setup was designed to keep me from knowing who was who, there was no mistaking the Olson twins.

“Oh yeah. Let’s face it, you have a really damn big cock and who doesn’t like fucking a big cock. Now lay on the table. I think the girls have something they want licked,” she said with a giggle. “Me? I’m going to ride this fantastic prick. That is if you don’t object to a hot wet pussy riding up and down your cock.”

“I’d be kinda stupid to object, right?”

“Oh yeah. You’d be a real dork if you did, and from what I’ve been told you’re not the dork you’ve been portrayed to be for the last few years.”

“No. I’m not,” I said as she let go of my dick. I moved to the table, turning around to sit on it, finally getting a look at the nude body behind me. She was completely shaved with big round tits and rock hard nipples easily as big around as my finger. The fuzzy mask over her face obscured her from her nose up, the curly red hair left me with little doubt about which of the volleyball team was about to ride me.

I lay back and she stepped to the table, straddling it with her legs as she reached for my cock. She worked her way along the table, her legs spread wide and her pussy only inches above my legs as she waddled clumsily along the table until my cock was pressing against her bare soft mound. “Damn,” she swore quietly as she shifted her weight and tried to work my long shaft down between her legs. She finally lifted one foot onto the table to get enough height to work my length down between her lips. “Ohhhhhhh my god,” she moaned loudly as she sank down on me, my cock slowly engulfed by her hot wet pussy. “Jesus this is sooooo fucking hard,” she moaned as she shifted her foot back to the floor and started to slowly bounce herself up and down several inches, her ass slapping gently against my hips as she dropped down my shaft.

“Good or bad?” one of the twins asked.

“Sooooooo fucking good!” She moaned in response.

“Well. If we’re going to do this…” The other twin said, taking a deep breath. She stepped over to me, my head at the edge of the table, and turned to face away from me. She bent at the waist and looked down at me, her face clearly nervous even with the mask blocking most of her eyes. I reached my hands for her hips and pulled her down lower, pulling her obviously wet pussy down toward my face. Her pussy lips were full and round, only a little bit of pink inner lip peaking at me from between her lips, tiny whisps of brown curls covering her mound and the upper half of her lips. Lower, down near where the entrance to her depths was, she had yet to grow hair.

“Ohhhhhhhh god damn,” she groaned as I pressed my tongue up in between her fat lips, trying hard to push it slightly into her. She pulled off my face momentarily, working her feet farther apart so that her legs were spread more, also allowing my tongue to more easily spread her pussy lips. I pushed into her again and then stroked along the length of her slit, keeping my tongue as deep as I could, searching for her clit like Trina had taught me. I felt the hard little nub with the tip of my tongue and spent several seconds teasing it, making her moan softly and rock her hips slightly in time with my tongue.

“Jesus.” The twin on my face moaned as I let go of her hips and reached up, finding both her tits and covering them with my hands. I squeezed her orange sized mounds in time with my licks, my hands squeezing her each time I pushed my tongue into her entrance, letting my fingers slide down her soft skin so that only her nipples and puffed areola were between my fingers and palms as I attacked her clit. “Ohhhh fuck yes, yes!” she cried loudly as I drove my tongue along her slit again and flicked across her clit. As she became more and more excited, her clit became easier to stroke and I spent more time teasing it as the redhead on my cock bounced more wildly. I wished I could see her tits as she bounced, but if I had, I probably would have fired by now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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