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It was nearly 11:00 AM when I realized I hadn’t seen my lunch date, Fran yet this morning. I walked to her workstation and found her engrossed in a document she’d opened on her computer.

“Morning Fran,” I said as I stopped beside her desk.

She looked up at me and smiled before saying, “Hi Allen, I’m gonna have to take a rain check for lunch today.”

She turned a little toward me providing an opportunity for me to view what she was wearing; a tight pencil skirt with a sexy slit along one thigh and an even tighter white blouse that she’d buttoned up enough to not allow me a view of her soft lush cleavage. Her brunette hair was styled in a wavy haphazard fashion which framed her lovely face and barely touched the top of her shoulders. As always, her crystal blue eyes sparkled, and her brilliant white smile was accentuated by the sexy shade of pink lip gloss she’d chosen for today.

“I’m sorry to hear that, I was looking forward to having lunch with you today,” I replied wondering what had changed since she clearly had dressed like she was also looking forward to some time alone with me.

“Kevin called me into his office first thing today,” Fran said.

“That doesn’t sound like a good thing,” I answered knowing Kevin rarely had anything to do with the common office staff. He normally would have Marge handle those matters.

“Marge gave notice last Friday, she’s taking a job with another company,” Fran explained.

I instantly knew why Richman had called Fran into his office.

Fran confirmed my thoughts. “Kevin wants me to apply for her position.”

“He most definitely does,” I answered knowing Kevin also wants to get Fran is some other less official positions.

“He said he would still have to post the position on the company job board, but if I played my cards right I’d have the inside track on landing the job,” Fran continued.

We both knew what that meant, but I still asked, “You know what that means don’t you Fran?”

She smiled at me and replied, “Of course I do, but the position pays considerably more than I’m making now, and the benefits package is fully paid by the company.”

“So, you’re having lunch with Kevin today?” I asked.

She kind of smiled before answering. “Judging from his remarks earlier I doubt we’ll be eating lunch.”

“He doesn’t waste any time,” I remarked.

“I guess he wants to make sure I’m qualified to take over for Marge.” She answered.

I fought the urge to laugh out loud knowing Marge had none of the qualifications that Richman would be confirming during lunch.

“You’ll have to fill me in later this afternoon,” I said just before I turned and return to my desk.

Kevin Richman is a married man; which meant that an affair with Fran would have to be very discrete. I recall meeting his wife at the company Christmas party and remember her as being thin and rather flat chested but she is a pretty woman and as memory serves has a spectacular ass. I could understand why he showed interest in Fran with her more voluptuous figure. Kevin has never confided in me about his sex life with his wife, but since he clearly wanted to fuck Fran I have to assume his wife isn’t providing what he wants.

Promptly at noon, Fran approached my desk. “Wish me luck,” She said as she strolled past.

Even though I knew luck wouldn’t be involved I still offered, “Good luck Fran.”

I watched as she walked toward the lobby door, her hips swaying as seductively as ever, and was somewhat surprised when Kevin appeared from his office. So much for discretion, I thought to myself as they walked through the door together.

With no one to share lunch, I opted for a hot dog from the corner vending cart. The sun had warmed the air so I sat down on one of the benches outside and enjoyed my small lunch. I decided to give Kay a call to see how her Monday morning had gone.

“Hiya Allen,” she answered my call.

“How’d your morning go?” I asked.

Her voice sounded upbeat as she replied, “Very well, I posted a sign on the front door that the shop would be closed for renovations, then Ginger and I met with a couple auctioneers.”

“That sounds good, did you choose one?” I asked.

“We did, the auction house wants to pick up the inventory we’re going to offer on Wednesday and hold the auction the Saturday after next,” Kay replied.

“Wow that was fast,” I remarked.

“Yes, I’m going to be busy for the next two days, they want me to tag those items I don’t want them to take,” Kay said.

“I can help you after work today if you’d like,” I offered.

“That would be great, I can order a pizza and with your help, we should be able to get through what I haven’t already tagged tonight,” Kay replied.

“I can be there by 5:30,” I said.

“Great; I really appreciate your help hun,” Kay said.

“Is Ginger going to help out?” I asked wondering if Kay and I would be alone.

“No, she’s got some meeting to attend tonight,” Kay answered.

I liked the idea of spending the evening alone pendik escort with Kay but knew she’d want to stay focused on the task at hand, so I didn’t expect we’d be having sex in her shop before the contractors began tearing it apart.

“I’ll see you around 5:30 then,” I said before we hung up.

I returned to the office and as the elevator door opened our receptionist Janice was sitting at her desk.

“Short lunch Allen?” she said as I approached reception counter.

Janice doesn’t normally make an attempt to strike up a conversation so I was surprised that she’d mention how long I was gone.

“I’ve got some things I need to finish up this afternoon, and I’d like to cut out a little early today,” I offered.

She smiled and said, “Did you see who Kevin left with earlier?”

I played dumb, “No I hadn’t noticed.”

Janice continued smiling as she said, “He and Fran went outta here like two peas in a pod.”

“Really,” I replied.

“Does that make you jealous?” she asked.

I didn’t like where this conversation was going, Janice obviously had been listening to Marge’s gossip about Fran and me.

“Why would that make me jealous?” I questioned.

“Well, Marge…” She started.

But I interrupted her and replied sternly, “Don’t believe everything Marge tells you, Janice.”

“You do know that Marge gave notice last week?” Janice asked.

“I hear a rumor to that effect,” I answered.

Janice was clearly positioning herself to take over as the office gossip and said, “I just assumed that Fran is already looking to take over Marge’s position.”

I leaned over the counter and said, “You know what they say about assuming something, Janice.”

She just smiled and said, “Well we’ll see.”

I left it at that knowing I’d have to warn Fran about the new office gossip.

I got engrossed in my work and lost track of time. A little after 2:00 I heard Fran’s voice behind me saying, “Thank you, Mr. Richman.”

I turned and caught Kevin smiling broadly at her as she started toward her desk and he headed for his office. She didn’t look any worse for wear with the exception that her white blouse appeared to have a couple wet spots down the front.

She walked with her normal sexy stride and as she approached my workstation she glanced over her shoulder to see if Kevin was still watching. As she strolled me past me she whispered, “Lunchroom in five.”

I figured she wanted to fill me in on her lunch with the boss.

I grabbed my coffee mug and headed to the lunchroom five minutes later. Fran was standing at the sink and was wiping her blouse with a damp paper towel.

As I approached her I asked, “Are those cum stains?”

She turned toward me, smiled and replied, “He packs one hell of a load.”

I laughed knowing that she’d sucked him off and couldn’t take his entire cum shot.

“Where’d ya go?” I asked.

Fran continued working on her blouse as she replied, “While he was driving out to Lakeside Park, he said that if I wanted the fast track to Marge’s position I’d have to suck his cock.”

Richman has always been very blunt when talking to me and it appeared he was just as blunt with Fran.

“That’s Kevin,” I answered.

“When we got there, we walked to a secluded part of the park and he told me to sit down on a bench. My butt had hardly touched the seat before his limp cock was staring me in the face,” Fran said.

“A quickie,” I remarked.

Fran smiled then continued, “That’s what I thought too, his cock got instantly hard once I’d wrapped my lips around his shaft and I figured that in a few minutes he’d blow his load, but was I wrong.”

“Oh yea,” I commented.

“I must have sucked his cock for a half hour until he finally growled and started cumming,” Fran explained.

I just smiled at her.

“I tried swallowing it but he still filled my mouth with his thick hot cum, it squirted out around his shaft and left me with these,” Fran said pointing a finger at the stains on her blouse.

I laughed knowing even after her blouse dried it would still be stained with his sperm.

“Well look at it as the first rung on the Harper Apparel corporate ladder,” I replied.

Fran had done all she could to remove his cum stains from her blouse and tossed the paper towel in the wastebasket and said, “I can hardly wait to feel his hard cock pumping that kind of load inside my ass.”

In her own way Fran was telling me that Kevin would be on her radar down the road, perhaps he and I could tag team her at some point in the future.

As she slipped past me she whispered, “I like the taste of your cum better than his.”

I just smiled at her and gave her a wink of my eye.

Fortunately, the rest of my day was uneventful and about a quarter of five I shut down my computer and headed for the lobby.

Janice was all smiles as I approached. “Told ya so,” she remarked to prove that she’d taken notice of the cum stains on Fran’s blouse also.

I maltepe escort didn’t acknowledge that Janice was right about Richman and Fran and left without responding.

I was lucky enough to get a parking space a few spots from Kay’s shop, and as I approached the front I noticed that not only had she hung a sign in the door about being closed for renovations, but she’d also hung brown craft paper in the windows blocking passers-by from seeing what was going on inside.

The front door was locked so I knocked lightly and waited for Kay to let me in.

“You’re early,” Kay remarked as she opened the door.

“I cut out fifteen minutes early,” I replied.

After I entered the shop Kay closed the door and turned the deadbolt. She was wearing a dark blue turtleneck sweater and a pair of tight-fitting jeans. The sweater was a little baggy but I could tell by the way her tits swayed as she moved that she was still going braless.

“You look fabulous,” I commented just before she hugged me and planted a light kiss on my cheek.

As we hugged Kay rubbed her tits against my chest confirming my earlier assessment that her tits were still bruised.

“All we need to do is place one of these stickers on each item that isn’t going to auction,” Kay explained while holding a sheet of little red stickers for me to see.

“Sounds easy enough,” I remarked as I looked back through the shop.

“Let me order our pizza,” Kay said as we started walking toward the middle of the shop and stopped when we reached the sales counter with the phone. She picked it up and as she started to dial asked, “What toppings do you like?”

“Anything besides pepperoni, it gives me heartburn,” I answered.

I walked toward the back of the shop and noticed what I thought was a lot of red stickers on items. It seemed like Kay was marking second-hand merchandise in addition to the remaining antiques that hadn’t yet sold.

“Pizza will be here in half an hour, I hope mushroom and meatball is ok,” She said as she joined me in the back of her shop.

“Sounds good,” I replied.

“Ginger called earlier, she’s arranged for a contractor to stop by tonight to get some measurements of the shop, he’ll be here around 6:30,” Kay said.

Kay seemed very upbeat and I didn’t want to upset her, but I knew I needed to talk to her about some of the items she had marked to remain.

I took a round-about approach to what I foresaw as a problem. “You know every item tagged with a red sticker will have to be moved to storage during construction.”

She smiled and replied, “Yes, but I just know that some of these items will sell eventually.”

Her comment led me to believe that Kay was having trouble letting go of the second-hand merchandise that filled her store. “Eventually is part of the problem Kay, we want to stock your new shop with items that will sell now,” I said accentuating the word now.

I could tell she was a little upset, but when she said, “I guess you’re right, and I’m sure Ginger would be pulling stickers off stuff too.” I knew we were making progress.

We spent the next half hour removing red stickers from merchandise, Kay had already marked all the antiques.

“What about this brass post bed?” Kay asked.

It didn’t really qualify as an antique, but it was an item that I felt would sell so I gave in and agreed the bed should stay.

Kay smiled in acknowledgment of her one little success at holding on to her old stock.

The pizza delivery guy banged hard enough on the door to cause the tiny brass bell to ring, and Kay quickly grabbed her purse and headed to the front.

“Let’s eat,” she said as she walked toward me holding our dinner.

“There are some sodas in the frig Allen,” Kay said as she slid the pizza box onto the sales counter.

I walked into the stock room and grabbed two diet sodas from the refrigerator.

As she flipped the pizza box open I asked, “Are your bruises still as bad as yesterday?”

She smiled at me and said, “They’re getting better.” Her hands grabbed the bottom of her dark blue sweater and lifted it up for me to see her tits.

I love the way Kay sometimes lets her exhibitionist side show and always welcomed the opportunity to survey her lovely big breasts. While the bruises didn’t appear any different from Sunday, I enjoyed looking at her pink areolas and the taut nipples centered in each.

She wiggled her shoulders some causing her big soft tits to sway side to side and I reached across the counter to gently caress one and then the other breast pausing to tweak each erect nipple.

She tilted her head back, closed her eyes and cooed softly as my fingers pleasured her sensitive flesh.

“Too bad there’s someone coming later, I’d love to have you fuck me on that brass bed,” Kay remarked as she pulled her sweater down again.

I laughed and replied, “Let’s try to stay focused, Kay.”

She giggled and reached for a slice of pizza.

As we ate our pizza, Kay and I talked about how kartal escort she envisioned the new shop would appear, she liked the idea of bright colors and directional lighting to highlight individual items or groups of items. I mentioned that instead of furniture the inventory should be more decorative items for the customers’ homes. I also said that if possible the old wide plank flooring could be sanded and refinished with a lighter stain keeping with the lighter, brighter motif.

“We should start consolidating the items that will go to storage in the back of the store so when the auction house comes for the stuff they won’t damage any of the antiques,” I suggested.

“Good idea,” Kay replied.

“I’ll bring the pieces back and you can wrap them for protection and box them up,” I said.

I made several trips carrying items to Kay when I heard a knock on the front door.

I unlocked and opened the door. “Hi, can I help you?” I asked already knowing this guy was the contractor Ginger had referred to Kay.

“I’m looking for Kay Dunlop, I’m Mike Greth owner of New Look Construction.” He replied.

I shook his hand as he entered, “Kay’s in the back,” I said pointing toward where she was working.

Greth looked the part, his strong handshake, muscular arms and rugged outdoorsy look all gave the appearance that he’d spent most of his time on the job instead of behind a desk.

Kay had already started walking toward us and smiled widely at us both. Her tits moved seductively as she walked and I was certain he was admiring her, if not already undressing her in his mind.

She extended her hand as they neared and said, “Hi I’m Kay.”

He took her hand in his and introduced himself as just Mike.

“Ms. Ashcroft tells me you’re looking to do a complete make-over of your store.” Mike began.

“Yes, that’s the plan,” Kay replied.

“I’ll want to do a detailed drawing of how the shop looks now, then I’ll be able to show you overlays of several plans on how it might look when complete.

“Is all that necessary? I thought I’d just tell you what I envision it to look like,” Kay replied.

Mike smiled before answering, “I like to give my clients several options to choose from.”

“Okay, I guess options are a good thing,” Kay answered.

I saw no need for me to be involved at this point so I said, “Kay I’m gonna continue with what I was doing if that’s okay with you.”

“That’s fine,” Kay answered.

Mike used a laser measuring device to gather the dimensions of the store making notes about the current location of the sales counter, electrical outlets, lighting fixtures and the position of the wall that separated the sales floor from the back room. While I couldn’t hear what he was saying, whatever it was caused Kay to smile or nod her head in agreement. I did notice that occasionally he would reach out and touch her arm or place a hand on her shoulder. The entire process took about an hour and as he closed his job book he said, “Give me a couple days and I’ll get in touch to show you some options.”

I had most of the antiques moved to the back of the shop and was standing by the sales counter when together they approached.

“Here’s my card, if you have any questions please give me a call anytime,” Greth said just before he left.

Kay walked him to the front door and this time when they shook hands he used both to cradle hers between his large strong hands.

As Kay walked back toward me she was smiling widely, “I like him,” she said.

“He seems competent enough,” I answered.

She smiled again then added, “Did you notice how he touched me as we talked?”

I replied, “I did, is that why you like him?”

“He certainly knows his business, but I think he was coming on to me,” Kay remarked.

I laughed then said, “You think, I’m fairly certain if I wasn’t here he’d have tried to seduce you.”

“You really think so,” Kay replied.

“There’s one sure way to know, give him a call and ask him, he did offer to answer your questions anytime,” I said.

“Oh my gosh Allen, that would be so forward, I couldn’t just call him and ask if he wants to fuck me,” Kay answered.

“So, give it a day or two, when he contacts you to review his first plans invite him to your place and see where it leads,” I suggested.

“You want me to seduce him?” Kay asked.

“I wanna watch you fuck him,” I answered.

“From your place?” Kay asked.

I smiled than suggested, “Yes, but this time I want you to call my cell phone and leave it connected so I can hear too.”

“That’s so fuckin’ hot Allen,” Kay replied.

She smiled at me and as she turned and began walking toward the back of the store said, “The idea of you being able to hear us makes me really horny.”

“Me too,” I answered as I started toward her.

Kay stopped beside that big brass bed and I could see that the waistband of her jeans loosened. She looked over her shoulder and asked, “Do you wanna fuck me now?”

Dumb question I thought to myself, “Of course I want to fuck you,” I said.

She slowly began wiggling out of her jeans and to my complete surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties, her creamy smooth ass coming into view as her jeans slid down her long sleek legs.

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