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“Well, I’m starting to think I made the wrong choice.”

Deborah idly swept the basement of the thrift shop where she worked. Cleaning the basement wasn’t a usual job. Her manager had never told her or any of her coworkers to do it in the seven months she’d been there. She volunteered as soon as the task was offered; any chance for some time away from the asshole customers and her idiot coworkers worked for her.

But upon seeing the state of the basement, she tried to convince her manager that she was just kidding. The space was much extensive than expected; the sprawling area had a concrete floor and unpainted cinder block walls, leading through many doorless doorways into smaller sub-rooms. There was only one door besides the hatch covering the stairs leading into the basement, and it was straight across from the stairs about ten feet away, unmarked, with a rusty lock and door handle. Metal racks holding bins of used clothing too decrepit for purchase from years of neglect. A dry, musty scent permeated the air. The basement was illuminated by a single, uncovered lightbulb swinging from the ceiling

“Ugh, on second thoughts, can’t you just get Veronica, she’ll do whatever crap work you tell her to.”

“Hey, you said you wanted to do this, just sweep and mop the floor, and throw out the clothes in the bins that the moths got to. I’ll send someone down to check on you in a few hours.” Tony said as he ascended the stairs and shut the hatch behind him.

For the next few hours, Deborah swept dust and dirt in a corner and threw hole-ridden fabrics into a trash can. The air circulation was poor, and before long, it began to feel a bit too hot and stuffy for her taste. Finally, the only place she hadn’t cleaned was whatever was behind the door.

She walked up to it and tried the handle. It didn’t so much as budge. “No dice.” she thought. Choking up on the broom handle towards the bristles, she wedged it through the handle and applied pressure downward. Quite a bit of forced caused it to break. The handle went slack, rusted metal dust fell to the ground beneath it, and Deborah heard a clattering on the other side of the door. She pushed it open with considerable effort, and looked down upon the other half of the handle on the floor.

As she stepped into the room, she noticed that the air within seemed cooler and more humid. It was small, barely larger than a closet; rough six by six feet. There were many pipes of varying sizes lining the walls; connecting the ceiling to what seemed to be a water heater. There was single cinderblock on the ground, along with some sort of light green fluid spill covering most of the floor. Deborah grabbed the cinderblock by one of it’s holes, and grunting lightly, slid it up against the door, propping it open.

She poked at the spill with the bristles of her broom, and thin strands of slime were connected to them when she brought it back up. She sneered at it with disgust, then shook her head with a slight smile. “I not even gonna ask.” As she started to turn around to get the mop, a faint groaning came from one of the pipes behind her. She wheeled back around and cocked her head as she stared intently at the pipes. It sounded off again, and she began slowly leaning in to inspect the offending pipe. Upon a closer look, she saw that it appeared to be fractured in several places. Suddenly, the pipe burst open, eliciting a yelp from her, and splattering green slime all over her. She stumbled back and knocked the cinderblock out of place. No longer restrained, the door slammed shut with a resounding boom.

“Uh oh.” she murmured. She began pounding on the door and yelling, “Hey! Someone! Come down here! I need someone to open the door! Hello!” After a few minutes of trying in vain she lowered her arms. Bending over, she inspected the door handle to see if it could be reattached, only to find the metal itself was rusted and shattered. She groaned and pulled her phone out of her pocket. No service. And in addition, it only had four percent battery life. She sighed and tried to calm down, rationalizing izmir escort bayan out loud to herself. “It’s ok, he’ll be sending someone down to check on me in little bit, they’ll definitely check behind the door, just have to wait.” She put her hand to her forehead and recoiled at the sticky coating her skin had, suddenly reminded of the fluid flung on her from the pipe’s rupturing.

“Ugh.” She looked down and saw many large splotches of the light green goo all over her clothes and the dark skin on her arms. She felt her curly black hair, the front half of which was now nearly soaked with the goop, and shivered slightly in revulsion. Without hesitation, she pulled off her blouse and jeans, using the dry portions to attempt to wipe off what she could on her skin. After piling her soiled clothes in a corner next to the door, she put her back against it and slid down to sit on her butt, knees to her chest.

She kept looking at her phone only to keep track of elapsed time, not wanting to drain it completely. With every minute feeling like hours, she tried to pass the time by scrutinizing the room. The more she looked, the more cracks she noticed in not just all the pipes, but also the water heater. Speaking of which, it made no sounds and showed no signs of being active at all. She eventually fixated on the dripping water from the broken pipe, settling on counting the drops. After the 204th drop, a small amount of deeper green goo came out instead of water and hung at the edge of the pipe. She leaned forward slightly, waiting for it to drop, but it stuck stubbornly, simply growing bigger gradually as more slime flowed into it. After nearly five minutes of watching the slime accumulate, she stood up and walked up to it. She tentatively poked it with one finger, surprised to learn that along with a thicker jello-like texture, it was slightly warm. It jiggled independently under her touch, and she drew her hand back to her chest. It slid out of the pipe and moved up onto the intact part. It was lime green in color, about the size of a golf ball, amorphous in shape, and slithered along similar to how a slug would, albeit faster. It positioned itself directly in front of Deborah’s astonished face, flattened itself out, and promptly leapt onto her left cheek.

She shrieked and swatted it off of her, smacking herself in the face in the process. It splattered against the wall, but quickly congealed back into its former shape. It slid down the wall at roughly the speed of a cockroach, and raced towards her along the floor. She frantically attempted to stomp it, but it evaded her each time, eventually jumping onto her calf and slithering up her leg. She tried to hit it off again, but this time her hand simply glided over it. Undeterred, it scurried between her legs and stuck itself over her panties, right onto her vulva. She frantically began grabbing at it, her fingers simply passing through its fluid form. Without thinking, she yanked her panties off and flung them into an opposing corner, where the she saw the blob rustle beneath them.

“What the fuck…” she whispered, backing away to the door. Shaking, her stomach dropped as she saw more blobs begin to emerge from the burst pipe. Worse still, even more of them started to seep through the cracks in the other pipes. They all varied in size; ranging from the size of a ping pong ball to a softball. They all raced at her with no hesitation, and in a matter of moments, they were swarming all over her body. Deborah cried out and wildly swung at every inch of herself, managing to knock a few of them off. But the majority remained on her, and those thrown off quickly returned to her. She could feel so many slithering all over her; slimy and leaving thin trails that combined left her glistening in the dim light. Many of them converged in certain specific areas; around her vagina and anus, over her bra around her nipples, and up her neck. She desperately clawed between her legs, intent on stopping the incessant mass wriggling in the area, which, to her horror, felt both disgusting and slightly arousing. This was however, buca escort for nought, her fingers simply passed through their gelatinous forms, taking only small traces of goo with them. Her body suddenly tensed up completely, and her face contorted in terror as she felt one of the smaller slimes begin to slip inside her pussy. She squeezed her legs together as hard as possible, seeking to prevent the entry, but this was no problem at all for the diminutive blob, as it’s amorphous body allowed no barriers to entering hers. It succeeding in sliding inside of her, and she screamed as she felt it moving further up inside of her. She sensed an even bigger one beginning to do the same, and worse, yet another starting to probe her asshole. She pounded on the door, seeking any kind of assistance. “HELP! Please someone help m-!” Her plea for help was cut short as a larger blob shoved itself into her wide open mouth.

Her eyes widened as the slime in her mouth attempted to wriggle further. Deborah tried to spit it out, but its resistance was too strong. She felt another approach the corner of her mouth, and instinctively closed her mouth, unwittingly allowing the previous one to slid into her throat. Consequently, she gagged, causing her mouth to re-open, permitting the entry of the next one. Tears rolled down her cheeks as the blobs probing her penetrated her ass and pussy, while the one in her throat slipped into her stomach. Deeper within herself, she felt the first slime started to push itself through her cervix and into her uterus, squeezing through the tiny hole.

She screamed, muffled by the goo in her mouth, as she felt the one that entered her anus slide past her rectum and further into her organs. As the ooze slipped down her throat again, she tried to take a breath, only to suck another one in. They slithered in with increasing frequency; pushing themselves as deep as they could and swirling around in her insides. She felt a great deal of pressure in her abdomen, and looked down to witness her stomach beginning to distend outwards. She could also see that they were bulging through the skin on her belly. Her pain was growing along with her body; as the slimes stretched her womb, stomach, and intestines to their limits. To her own horror, their writhing in crotch was stimulating her against her will, and she was becoming less and less able to fight the sensations. Her cheeks burned a deep crimson as her knees began to shake. She heaved large breaths through her nose, feeling each one of them slide through her passages; exploring her innards.

Suddenly, Deborah groaned loudly and shuddered violently as they finally brought her to orgasm. Her vaginal walls clenched; simultaneously pushing a slime out and another deeper inside her. Unfazed, the blobs continued to enter her holes until none remained outside of her body. She could feel it within her; the slimes had coalesced into larger masses inside her uterus and guts, and were slowly writhing around. Looking down, she saw that her body had the appearance of a woman who was approximately seven months pregnant. She attempted to push it out from both holes, to no avail, as the goo simply moved more violently inside of her when she did, causing her to cry out in pain.

Deborah fell to her knees and began to sob with her face in her hands. She attempted to form thoughts regarding her situation, but was far too distraught. All she managed to do was sit down with her back to the door and weep a bit more softly. Once she did, she examined her belly; poking, prodding, and rubbing it. She had felt the stomachs of pregnant women before, and this was a very different sensation. Hers felt more akin to a bag of warm jello, and it jiggled a great deal with each small movement.

Suddenly, the slime within her churned violently, and she yelped in surprise. It began to vibrate and oscillate back and forth in her passages. She began hyperventilating as she felt slime beginning to exit her cervix and slide into her rectum. She spread her legs as wide as she could, assuming she was about to participate in something similar izmir escort to birth. Her assumption was proven correct, as the goo began to slide out of her anus and vagina, slinking out in a manner similar to how they entered. However, on exit, it stayed in the form of one shape for each hole. Deborah also noticed, reluctantly, that it’s departure was a much more pleasurable experience, as the slime caressed her walls softly as it flowed out of her at a much more modest pace. She found this very sexually satisfying, though she also wondered if part of it was the growing feeling of relief that it was leaving her. She watched as her stomach steadily began to shrink back to its original size. Suddenly, the goo slid its way up her throat and out of her mouth. She didn’t mind however, she was pleased it decided to leave even more quickly. As the last of it finally exited her, she had a light orgasm; her eyelids fluttering and her breathing shaky.

The three large blobs formed into one at on the ground and quickly rushed to the water heater. It seeped into cracks in it and disappeared within it. She sighed and smiled slightly; just glad her ordeal was over. She stood up, turned to the door and remembered her predicament. “Oh right, I’m still stuck in here. Great.” She grumbled. “Well they’ll find me eventually if I just keep banging on the door.” She turned to pick up her soiled clothes when she heard a groaning sound from the water heater. “No…” she whispered, right before it exploded outward, and a giant slime nearly as large as Deborah’s body leapt out of it towards her.

She shrieked, but it was quickly cut off by the goo engulfing her entire head. As it leapt onto and wrapped around her, the weight of it knocked her down, so that she was laying on top of it on her back. The blob covered most of her body, leaving only her hands and feet exposed. She screamed inaudibly, the bubbles from it very slowly rising up though the mass surrounding her head. Wasting no time, the slime began to stream into every orifice it could find: mouth, vagina, ass, urethra, nostrils, it even began to somehow enter her nipples. Despite the lack of oxygen, the warm blob steadily flowing into her holes was somehow giving her intense pleasure. The goo caused a strong tingling sensation, and massively increased the sensitivity to any body part it touched. She came over and over again uncontrollably, as the slime flowed into her body at an incredible rate; at the entrance on her holes, it appeared as though a drain whirl-pooling into every entrance it could find. Her belly swelled rapidly, becoming much bigger than it was before. The goo gushed through her cervix, flooding and expanding her womb, and filled her digestive organs near-to-bursting. The slime around her diminished until finally, with a slurp and a popping sound, it disappeared within her completely.

Deborah coughing hoarsely and greedily sucked in air. Her massively swollen stomach was now nearly four times larger than a fully pregnant woman. It was an amorphous shape itself, it churned, bulged, dimpled, and jiggled erratically. Her breaths were short and ragged from the pressure the weight was putting in her lungs. She felt an intense feeling of nausea and overwhelming fullness, but, surprisingly, no outright pain. She once again tried to push it out; pressing down on her stomach and contracting her passages. None of the blob exited her, but she cried out as she began to feel incredible internal pressure. She looked down and was shocked to see that her roiling belly was slowly, but steadily, shrinking. Even more surprising to her was the fact that she didn’t feel any slime coming out. “Oh my god,” she realized, “I’m absorbing it!” Her stomach groaned, more quickly reducing in size as the slime became integrated with her body. Deborah moaned loudly during the entire process, until, after some time, her abdomen had gone back to its normal size.

She panted heavily on the ground, finally able to take deep breaths again. She lay on her side, sweating and shivering. As she began to cry softly again, she heard the heavy metal door creak open behind her. Attempting to cover herself, she turned her head and saw Veronica standing above.

“Oh my god, Deborah, are you ok?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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