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This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 4 – part 3
As the party in Gryffindor common room raged on, Draco Malfoy sat in the empty Transfiguration classroom with his girlfriend Pansy Parkinson. Draco was shaking with anger and fear as his eyes began to water. Malfoy looked a state. His usual shining white blonde hair that he combed back was hanging all over his face in a tangle. His fair, complexion had gone a mottled grey colour and dark circles clung to his piercing grey eyes.

‘There there Draco,’ sighed Pansy as she stroked Malfoy’s back. Pansy was not the slightest bit interested in Draco’s feelings and for a few weeks now was looking for an excuse to break-up with him. Pansy was attracted to power, and though the sex with Malfoy was good, it was not enough to satisfy her. The Malfoy’s were a declining power. Draco’s father Lucius had been put in Azkaban after his balls-up of the Harry situation at the Ministry last summer. Money was tight, and Draco’s popularity around school was waning with his embarrassment at today’s Quidditch match finally tipping Pansy over the edge. Harry on the other hand, Pansy thought; now there was a man……

‘It’s only a stupid game of Quidditch,’ Pansy continued as Malfoy sobbed silently.
‘It’s not just that you stupid woman!’ Malfoy blurted out, ‘it’s the Dark Lord; he’s set me an impossible task. He wants me to kill Dumbledore, the greatest wizard of our time! How the fuck am I meant to do that?’
‘The Dark Lord wouldn’t set you this task if he thought you couldn’t achieve it,’ replied Pansy impatiently.
‘Plus it’s not just that,’ Malfoy continued, apparently not hearing what Pansy had said, ‘he wants me to corrupt one of Potter’s best friends so they can supply him with information. He says he’ll kill me if I don’t do it. Pansy….I don’t want to die.’ Malfoy blubbered as Pansy rolled her eyes to the ceiling. She rose from the table as Malfoy looked up at her.

‘O it’s always you, you, you, isn’t it Draco…look I’ve had enough of your whining, consider yourself dumped!’ Pansy exclaimed as she began to stalk off.
‘No…..wait!’ Draco called desperately, reaching out and grabbing Pansy by the wrist.
‘Don’t touch me!’ shrieked Pansy as she spun round and slapped Draco hard in the face. A trickle of blood started to form at the corner of Draco’s mouth. Malfoy spat blood from his mouth.
‘Little bitch!’ he cried as he clenched his fist and punched Pansy hard in the cheek, sending her flying across the floor. Malfoy shook his wrist as his hand began to throb. Pansy lay crumpled in a heap near to the door. Suddenly, she turned round on the floor, her wand raised, directly pointed at Draco’s chest.
‘CRUC…..’ Pansy began.
‘EXPELLIARMUS!’ Malfoy cried too fast for Pansy as he whipped out his own wand. Pansy’s wand flew from her hand and landed with a clatter on the floor by Malfoy’s feet. Draco grinned wickedly.
‘Tut tut Pansy, going to use an Unforgiveable Curse on me were you, you fucking whore.’ Pansy looked on in fear.

‘Stupefy!’ Malfoy cried. A beam of red light erupted from his wand hitting Pansy in the chest. The power of the spell lifted her izmir escort bayan off the ground till it suddenly forced her violently backwards. Pansy’s back slammed into the cold stone wall. Pansy crashed to the ground, blood oozing from a gash in her head. Draco twirled his wand around his fingers as he hummed to himself. He walked slowly over to Pansy and bent down, so he could whisper in her ear.
‘Don’t ever try that again bitch, who do you think you are?’ he said gruffly in her ear. Pansy responded by spitting a spray of blood and saliva into Malfoy’s face.

‘Bad mistake,’ Malfoy replied, wiping the spit from his face, ‘wingardium leviosa!’ Draco said, his wand pointed at Pansy. Pansy rose 6 feet into the air and hovered as Malfoy controlled her movements with his wand. Malfoy started to swish his wand violently through the air, causing Pansy to fly around the room like a rag doll, smashing into walls, desks and the floor. After a few minutes, Malfoy stopped, causing Pansy to fall to the floor, battered and bruised from the assault. Draco chuckled gleefully to himself as he surveyed the carnage he had created. Some desks had smashed into pieces whilst chairs and tables had overturned. A few of the windows had also smashed, spraying broken glass all over the floor. He looked down at Pansy who had still not moved. Her skirt had rolled up, so that her ass cheeks were on show to Malfoy. Draco felt his dick starting to tingle. He and Pansy hadn’t fucked for 3 weeks and Malfoy’s cock had been aching for some pussy for ages. He had been whacking off his slim but long, pale 7 inch cock twice a day for weeks to dirty images, such as ravishing the mudblood Hermione and the blood traitor Ginny.
Draco, with no second thoughts, marched over to Pansy and dragged her up by her long dark hair. Pansy moaned in pain; scratches and cuts covered her face.

‘Bitch!’ Draco sneered as he then spat in her face. Pansy began to cry. Draco threw her to the nearest desk, which she landed in a heap on top, her ass raised high in the air. Pansy no longer had the energy to fight back, as she felt Draco’s pale, strong hands begin to rip off her skirt, revealing her round ass to him. Pansy was not a particularly pretty girl but she was by no means an ugly girl either. She had pale skin like Draco, which her long dark hair accentuated. She had a very slim build with a rather flat ass; but her tits must have been at least a delicious D size, which looked overly big in comparison to her slim body.
Draco lifted his t-shirt from over his head, revealing his pale, strong torso which had begun to glisten with sweat in the low light. He quickly kicked off his white pump styled shoes and then pulled down his grey joggers and boxers, allowing his cock to spring free. It had fully hardened to its long 7 inches and though it was slim, Draco had a big pair of firm balls, which hung from his cock like an apple on a tree branch. Malfoy roughly ripped off Pansy’s thong, revealing her bare pale ass, which a dark bruise had started to form on her right cheek. Malfoy slapped the wound hard with his hand, making Pansy cry out in agony.
‘Shut it slut!’ Malfoy cried, as he grabbed the back of Pansy’s hair and slammed her head back into the desk, breaking one buca escort of her teeth. In anger, Draco began to tear away the rest of her clothing till she was lying fully naked, face down in the desk.

‘Draco……please….’ Pansy mumbled through a fat lip and blood in her mouth. Draco’s response was to pin Pansy’s body firmly down to the desk with his right hand, whilst with his left, he spat on his hand and peeled back his foreskin; beginning to pump his dick to lubricate it.
‘AAhhhhhhh hahaha,’ Malfoy panted then cackled in glee, as his cock slammed into Pansy’s dry pussy. After a whole year of sex with Draco, Pansy’s pussy was by now stretched perfectly to fit Malfoy’s cock and she had no means to stop him as she cried into the desk.

‘Draco……please stop…..I beg you…’ Pansy wept; in between Draco’s deep thrusting.
‘What’s that?’ Draco replied mockingly, ‘you want more do you?’ Pansy began to cry even harder, the pain was unbearable. Draco grabbed Pansy’s ass with both hands and started to ram Pansy’s pussy hard and fast. Pansy tried her best to force Draco out of her, but only succeeded in wrapping her pussy even more tightly around Draco’s dick, which sent him into even more wild thrusts. Draco continued slapping Pansy’s ass hard, so that angry red marks formed on her cheeks.
‘Pansy’s cunt feels so good on my cock,’ Draco thought. He spread her ass cheeks as far as they would go and spat into her crack. Draco watched as the saliva oozed down, past her ass-hole until it reached her pussy and landed on his cock, lubricating it even more. Draco removed his cock from Pansy’s pussy and began slapping her clit hard with his cock. Suddenly, Draco licked his index finger and placed it near Pansy’s ass-hole.

‘NO……Please!’ Pansy screamed, knowing what was coming. Draco smacked the back of her head hard and then shoved his finger into ass, knuckle deep.
‘AAAAHH!’ Pansy screamed in agony as Draco laughed. Pansy’s ass was so tight. He began to circle his finger inside her ass for a while until he started to feel it loosen. He placed another finger into Pansy’s ass and continued to explore her ass. Draco then removed his fingers and licked his hand; rubbing his shaft so that it was even more lubricated. He stepped closer towards Pansy, his back arched backwards and his hips forward. He guided his cock towards Pansy’s ass. Pansy’s tight ass managed to resist at first but eventually, Draco managed to ease his cock in inch by inch. After a while, a good 6 inches of his cock was deep inside Pansy, who was close to passing out.

‘EERRrrrr……AAHHhhhh!’ Draco began to pant as he started to thrust into Pansy. His thrusting was slow at first, but as Pansy’s ass began to loosen, he began thrusting with ease, as if it was her pussy he was fucking. Draco grabbed both of Pansy’s ass cheeks in a tight grip as he plunged deeper and deeper into her ass. After a good 10 minutes of pounding into Pansy’s virgin ass, Draco began to tire so removed his cock with a wet pop and flipped Pansy over so she was facing him. She looked a mess.

Cuts and scratches cris-crossed her face and one of her eyes had swollen up. Her front tooth had chipped away and her hair lay plastered across her face in sweat. Draco was pleased izmir escort to see though that her body looked pretty much unscathed. He dove his face down into Pansy’s chest and began to suckle on her large breasts, grabbing her teat between his teeth and biting hard; causing Pansy to cry out. He kept grabbing, slapping and pinching at her breasts with both hands, pushing them towards each other so that her nipples were barely an inch apart from one another until he slapped them away from each other again. Whilst doing this, Draco grabbed his cock and slid it into Pansy’s cunt with ease. He began thrusting into her with long, slow, deep thrusts, admiring the noise his hips and balls made when they smacked into Pansy’s pussy. By now, all 7 inches of Draco’s cock was slamming into Pansy’s pussy, helped by the lubrication of Pansy’s pussy juices as with tears in her eyes, she went through a forced orgasm. Draco, feeling the pussy juices on his dick, leaking out of her hole and dripping onto his large balls laughed at her.
‘You fucking love this don’t you, you fucking little whore!’ Pansy could only sob in reply. Draco suddenly felt a strong tingling start in his balls which began to spread quickly to his cock and then to the rest of his body. Draco began to thrust more quickly, losing his steady rhythm as his pounding become more wild and untimed. Just before the moment of climax, Draco saw his wand and an idea sprung to him.

‘Lets…..ahhhh…..see if you…….MMmmmmmmm… what you were……going to do to me,’ stammered a hot and sweaty Draco as he felt his climax beginning to start.
‘CRUCIO!’ Draco exclaimed in hatred, focusing every bit of anger and hate he could towards Pansy. A black beam erupted from the end of his wand and hit Pansy in the chest.
‘ARGHHHHHHHHH!’ Pansy screamed, as her eyes rolled up into their sockets and her body seized up. Pansy’s body began to shake uncontrollably in Draco’s grip and Draco felt he pussy walls clasp his cock in a vice like hold.
‘HAHAHA….AHHHHH…….UURghhhhhh!’ Draco panted in ecstasy as the feeling of Pansy’s pussy clamped around his dick finally made him cum. Draco fired string after string of his hot, pearly white cum, deep into Pansy’s pussy. Draco’s body tensed and his toes curled as his body felt like it was set alight until finally, the electric feeling in his body began to subside and his body collapsed onto Pansy’s, his face resting on Pansy’s large tits like a pillow.

After a minute, Draco removed his cock as it began to soften and watched as his cum began to leak out of Pansy’s gaping pussy. He shook his cock twice on to Pansy’s body, so that the last few drops of his juices fell free from his cock. Draco quickly found his boxers and joggers and put them on, not bothering to put on his t-shirt as he was still burning hot. Pansy had still not moved from where Draco had left her on the table.
‘Clean yourself up,’ Draco said, ‘you look fucking disgusting.’ Pansy curled up into the foetal position on the desk as Draco began to see her shivering. Draco went to leave the room.
‘You tell anybody about this and your fucking dead you hear me? It’s not just you I can hurt, one word to my Death Eater friends and I can have them kill your family.’ Draco said commandingly. Pansy shook her head slowly in acknowledgement.
‘Fucking whore,’ finished Draco, leaving Pansy in the room, cold, hurt and very much alone.

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