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Anissa Jolie

That same Saturday night, Rose was standing in the middle of her apartment, feeling her nerves and the anticipation of what she was about to do. Rose was naked except for a gorgeous silk robe which hung open at the front. She ran her hands down and over her body, feeling her own curves. Somehow that made her feel more comfortable, ready for what was to happen.

In her late thirties, Rose was in good shape. It was true she’d had a little “help” to keep looking her best. Rose justified that by telling herself that she could afford such luxuries. Besides, as the Principal of Hanson House it was important that she presented a certain image.

The reason for her nerves was Jack. He would arrive any moment. Having Jack in her house was forbidden, of course. The fact that this young man was enrolled at Hanson House made the encounter terribly risky. It wasn’t the risk that was making her nervous. Rose rarely succumbed to the charms of such a young man.

Jack was an outstanding student, a trainee Dominant. That posed its own special challenges. Rose very definitely was a “top” both at work and in bed. For tonight she’d need to curtail her natural urges. Jack was, after all, still learning how to be a successful Dominant and it was important not to confuse the young man. Jack liked older women and that made it easier. Rose had an urge, a need, to take Jack to her bed.

He’d already shown his prowess with bored housewives who’d paid Hanson House to allow a young man to spank them and fuck them. Now it seemed he was destined to be assigned to Miss B. She was a good client, an older woman who’d been following Jack’s progress towards graduation and his likely assignment as her live-in Master.

From his arrival at Hanson House, Rose had been very pleased with Jack. Later, she’d been impressed with his abilities and his natural charm. Finally, she’d found herself turned-on by this special young man. It was then that she had decided to have him for herself for just one night. And so her plans had been laid.

As the doorbell rang, Rose allowed the silk robe to part a little further. There was no sense in having to work too hard for the young man. Plus it was a good way to deal with her nerves, reminding herself that she was sexy and desirable. The size of Rose’s tits ensured that her robe fell open enough to display some of her treasures.

Jack stepped in and instantly his eyes widened. Of course he’d had an inkling of the purpose of his being invited that night. The warnings of complete secrecy had fired his imagination. Seeing the Principal, Mistress Rose, almost naked was a pleasant shock all the same. First his eyes fell on her generous cleavage. Then he saw the jewel that hung from her navel. He cast his eyes further down to her bare cunt.

There was no more doubt as to the reason he’d been summoned to her apartment. And her warm smile made it clear she was almost as happy to see him as he was her.

“I’m glad you’re here Jack,” she said softly. He responded with the usual pleasantries, trying not to embarrass himself and not to stare at the gorgeous body in front of him.

“I feel very honoured Mistress Rose. Its so great to see you in a more relaxed place.”

She took his hand and drew him closer. She had to seal the deal now or send him home. He was only inches from her almost naked body. Not that Jack, such a star pupil, should need to be told.

“Jack, remember that you can never reveal any of this to anyone. Promise me that I can trust you.”

He nodded solemnly. “Mistress Rose, I will never tell another soul. I respect you and Hanson House too much.”

She smiled again, pleased to hear the right words come from his mouth. “But call me Rose for tonight, OK?”

Jack nodded and slid his hands inside her robe, moving up to her C-cup breasts and gently squeezing them. That made Rose shudder – after watching Jack so many times she finally had the chance to feel him skin-on-skin. For his age, Jack showed surprising confidence. This was what Rose had counted on – Jack’s training had made him ready to perform as her lover for the night.

Clearly he’d been aroused by the sight of her open robe. Jack was many things but above all he remained a horny young man. As a student, even a novice Dom, he never got as much sex as he felt he could handle. Rose had counted on that to help make the night a success. Vanilla sex it might be but he’d hardly complain. It was a kind of reward for the student after all his hard work.

She pulled him to her and there was no mistake about the reaction in his pants. “You like older women, don’t you?”

“I do, yes,” he moaned as he finally got to touch the wonderful teacher. “I guess that’s what I’m being trained for… Rose. But mature women, they are so much more sexy and adventurous than girls my own age.” That was the sexual peak at work, of course. Rose herself was well aware of the power of the sexual urge in mature women. It caused them to want more sex and more adventurous sex. kartal escort bayan For generations, young men like Jack had marvelled at the capacities of older women.

He’d gotten to experience it first hand with those housewives, all hotted-up after reading “50 Shades of Grey”, who’d paid well so each could take Jack to a nice hotel for an evening of illicit sex. They’d lived out their secret fantasies, screwing a younger man and allowing Jack to use them sexually. It had helped to prepare Jack for his likely future role as a Dominant. He had learned his way around a woman’s body and the additional sexual experience would be a bonus for the future client.

Now Rose had the chance to sample for herself what Jack had to offer as a lover. Taking his hand, she led him across the apartment to her bedroom, allowing her robe to slip to the floor as she went. Rose smiled to herself, confident that her backside still looked good and that Jack would be enjoying the view.

Jack was a beautiful young man. Thinner than Rose usually liked, but that merely underpinned his youthful looks. Many women found that attractive. Already such women had paid money to have Jack fuck them and abuse them.

Not wanting to wait any longer, she slipped his shirt off. Rose had looked on this young man many times but had never had the opportunity to touch. His limbs were slender, perhaps never to bulge and ripple like those of his more mature counterparts. It fit the needs of Miss B precisely. He touched her in response and Rose noted the sensations he gave her. Oh yes, this was one man who really did love women.

Feeling eager himself, Jack undid his fly and slipped his trousers down. Rose found herself reaching out to grasp the young cock. It was almost an automatic reaction – she was one of those women who truly loved cocks. She let out a groan – she couldn’t help it. Right then she was no longer the Principal of Hanson House. She’d seen that cock before of course. Many times she’d wanted to reach out and touch it, feel it and maybe lick it a little. It had taken a huge effort to fight off the temptation. During classes of late Ross had needed real effort not to breach protocol and play with this student’s cock.

Tonight, at last, it wasn’t her students who had the joy of handling his impressive equipment. Jack was a healthy size, over seven and a half inches – and it was rock hard. He felt so good in her hand. Hanson House didn’t accept trainee Dominants who did not measure up. Against his boyish frame that beautiful cock looked even more impressive.

Rose had spent much of the day thinking about that young cock. Now she could stroke her fingertips along the shaft, feeling its heat and its bulk. It was obvious why Miss B liked the offer of Jack. Youth was a key criteria, certainly. Miss B wanted a Dominant who would not only debase her sexually but humiliate her in other ways. Submitting to a cruel, much younger man was crucial. With his thick cock Jack would be sure to satisfy her in every way.

As he finished undressing, the now naked Principal lay back on her bed. She took the opportunity once more to gaze at Jack. Yes, thinner and younger than she usually chose but virile and arousing all the same. She’d seen that hard, upright shaft many times and her cunt tingled at the thought that soon it would fill her. Rose spread her thighs as women do when they want to signal their readiness to their lover. She enjoyed the sensation of the air falling on her moist cunt lips. Jack’s cock got that little bit harder.

She expected Jack to climb on and go straight for her tits. But the young man had been well-trained. Plus he was a natural pervert, an easy choice for admission to Hanson House.

Jack wanted to taste the cunt of the delectable Mistress Rose. He enjoyed women and their intimate places, their soft warmth and their wetness. Jack saw the way Rose’s inner lips poked out, swollen with her lust, and he knew he wanted her. Gently prising Rose’s legs further apart, he got on his elbows and proceeded to lap slowly at her sex. Yes, he had perfect manners and his experience in those hotel rooms had taught him a lot about how to make a woman more pliant in bed. Tonight was all vanilla sex but that was no reason not to make the most of his chance. And there was no question Rose tasted good.

Rose happily lay back and let Jack do his thing. What reason was there to protest? She couldn’t fault young Jack for wanting to see to her pleasure first. So often the younger ones replaced skill with enthusiasm. But his performances in those hotel rooms had been scored highly. As he gently thrust his tongue in her hole Rose understood the reason. She reached between down to caress the young man’s head and, carefully, guided him to apply pressure to just the right spot. There was no need to dominate the young man but it wouldn’t hurt to give him a little “tuition”.

“Oh that is so good,” she purred to Jack as the student swapped his attention to her clit and back escort maltepe to her hole again. There was no need to fake her pleasure. Rose had been turned-on for days waiting to feel that mouth on her cunt. Jack was every bit as good as she’d expected. Those housewife bitches had gotten their money’s worth.

Rose reached above her head and grasped tight on the iron bedhead. She had a tendency to thrash about the place during her climaxes and she wanted to ensure her cunt stayed right in Jack’s face. He made her cum so beautifully, having learned when to switch from a woman’s throbbing clit to her pulsating hole. Jack could read a woman’s body, causing repeated waves of climax to wash over her until finally he stopped before Rose needed to beg.

When he moved up to her, Rose panting heavily from the exertions, his face glistened with her juices. As vanilla as she ‘d planned it, Rose still could not resist the urge to kiss Jack deeply. Then she licked all her juices from his face.

He returned the favour by finally giving his attention to her luscious tits. They were full and firm, thanks to a little “augmentation”. It mattered not to him why those tits were so remarkable, most males his age were guaranteed to enjoy a pair of pert C-cup breasts. Jack had caught himself staring at them many times. All the male pupils did. He had to contain himself now, careful not to maul Rose.

Rose smiled as Jack squeezed her tits, using his strong hands to massage her flesh. He made her nipples stand up in just the right way. She closed her eyes as Jack lowered his mouth to her and started to flick his tongue over one nipple. With her cunt still throbbing after his mouth. Rose delighted in the more casual pleasure of Jack suckling and nibbling on her tits.

It couldn’t last, however, and after a few moments Rose needed something in her hole. “Please finger me Jack,” she whispered to him, groping for his hand. Jack wasted no time, placing two slender fingers against the Principal’s sopping hole. Slowly he pushed into her hole. Rose arched her hips and groaned loudly, pulling Jack harder onto her firm tits. He gently bit on her nipples as Rose exploded, coating his fingers with her cunt juice.

Rose gasped as a further orgasm tore through her. Her own lust was incidental, she told herself once more. There was nothing wrong, not really, with the Principal of Hanson House doing some “quality testing”. Ms B was a high-quality woman and it was important to be sure that Jack was up to the job. So far, Rose had to acknowledge, he’d proven just that.

With her own orgasms still fresh, Rose rolled on top of her pupil, taking hold of that wondrous young cock. She could wait no longer. Rose held him at the base, her eyes locked on his as she moved her mouth over the head of that swollen weapon.

She wasn’t a size queen but Rose could appreciate a cock as magnificent as Jack’s. Many of the female students had already experienced him. So, too, those housewife bitches. Now it was Rose’s turn and she took her time, savouring all of him. She worked slowly, feeling every vein and ridge as she swallowed him. She moaned at how good he felt in her mouth. Having seen this cock in action many times, it was almost a relief to finally have it for her own pleasure. And the big head was exactly the right size for him. It was so soft under her tongue and she loved the way his nice big balls moved and tightened as she treated him to an expert headjob.

Jack’s soft moans were delightful but she wanted to ensure he didn’t cum too quickly. His training should have been sufficient for that but there was no need to take risks – she wanted that pole up her cunt.

After several minutes of exquisite fellatio was Rose unable to resist temptation. Without a sound she moved over Jack and positioned her cunt for his rod. Jack groaned loudly in anticipation. “Jesus Rose.” There was no doubt older women were far more erotic. Rose smiled as she tool him in her hand, ready to lower herself onto that impressive young shaft.

“Try not to cum my sweet,” she whispered gently. “Its not a test …but try for me.”

Then she lowered herself onto Jack’s cock, moving carefully to give her cunt walls time to adjust to his bulk. His eyes bulged in wonder as the Principal inched her way down his length, lowering herself on him in one movement. Her groan of pleasure was almost enough to make Jack cum on the spot.

Having seated herself fully, Rose rocked back and forth, making his cock hit all the right spots as Jack manfully held back his own climax. There was no need for instruction as Jack knew what to do. Wanting to hold his orgasm, he distracted himself by playing with Rose’ tits, pinching her nipples and pulling them into his mouth for sucking and biting. Of course that served to drive Rose into more frenzy an soon she was really fucking that wonderful cock, her labia taut around his girth and the head mashing her cervix. It was only the force of gravity that allowed her to take pendik escort all of him inside her cunt. It was well worth it, however, and soon she was cumming almost continuously, even more so when her cunt muscles relaxed enough for her to slam herself down onto Jack’s fabulous cock. And to think she’d planned this simply as a form of extra tuition.

So excited was Rose by the virile young student that she did something she usually reserved for her submissive playmates. Even before the last of her orgasms was done, Rose climbed off Jack onto her hands and knees. “Lick me my sweet,” she said to him softly but firmly.

Jack saw that the Principal was asking for a rimming. He needed no further encouragement. Quickly he took up position behind the Principal and began softly to lick her tight little hole. He had no objection to doing so – all the novice Doms were taught this skill and it played to Jack’s deviant streak.

He was excited and his dominant tendency started to break through. “Open up,” he ordered the older woman. Such confidence aroused Rose even further – her young lover was proving to be a satisfactory performer. She reached back with her hands, pulling her arse cheeks wider to allow Jack’s tongue to probe her delicate little hole. He’d been a good student and she felt even more aroused as her anus softened under his strong tongue. Rose hadn’t exactly planned this. But her decision was beyond doubt.

Rose turned to look at Jack, failing to catch his eye as he worked on her butthole. “You can have my bottom if you like.”

Jack groaned softly when he heard that. He wanted her chute so badly. Before Hanson House, Jack had dreamed of fucking women in their bums – he’d watched anal porn so many times. Now here he was, trained in anal sex and with the delectable Mistress Rose asking that he screw her butt.

He knew she was ready and, with the benefit of his training, Jack moved into position behind the Principal. It was so hard to fuck a woman doggy-style and then to resist her little opening. In those hotel rooms he’d made sure to fuck both housewives in their suburban arseholes. They’d never experienced that before and the short brunette had confessed that she’d dreamed of her shit hole being used for sex.

Rose was surprised when Jack’s first move was to shove his cock into her cunt. The sudden intrusion drove her breath from her lungs. He was following his training, using her juices and his saliva as the best form of lubricant.

In truth, Rose wasn’t all that big on butt-sex, though once in a while she happily allowed her husband to fuck her back there. She’d gotten way too excited with young Jack, however, and there was no way to back out now. She’d wanted to feel that cock jammed tight inside her and, besides, an anal fuck with the Principal was a lovely treat for the star pupil.

Rose started to realise her mistake as soon as Jack forced the head of his thick cock into her anus. And yet the little bastard was damn good. He was bigger than was really comfortable for Rose and yet he seemed to know just how to take her arse. It was only her little hole that could stop Jack and he’d been taught well how to overcome that obstacle. In a frenzy, she’d decided to allow him plough her arse and Rose knew she had to accept his full seven and a half inches up her backdoor.

Moving slowly, withdrawing, adding more spit, Jack gradually forced his big cock into her bowels. It was a struggle for him because he had to fight the knowledge that the powerful Mistress Rose was making her backdoor available to him, a mere student.

Rose understood and was prepared for her young fucker to take her with vigour. Of course her sphincters quickly began to relax and to stretch, just as the female novices were taught, and the pain began to morph into pleasure. As Jack started to thrust into her, Rose was able to relax and enjoy the intense sensations of being arse-fucked by the novice Dom. Anal still wasn’t her favourite, and Jack was still too big for her, but that hardly mattered. She’d wanted the most intense sex with young Jack and that was what she was getting. That beautiful young cock was filling and stretching her arsehole and Rose no longer cared whether it was a reward for Jack or for her.

The intensity of the sensations, however, couldn’t overcome the struggle for her delicate hole to accept something so large. After just a few minutes she needed relief. “You can cum for me sweetie if you want,” she gasped.

“I’m really fucking close,” he groaned in reply.

“Do it Jack. Cum in my filthy bung hole.”

Jack did not wait, pumping long and deep into Rose’s butt, forgetting for that moment about her pleasure. Luckily she was well stretched because Jack could no longer control himself at the pleasure of fucking his Principal in her arsehole. For Rose, it felt so amazingly hot to have the young man so overcome with lust for her and to feel his lithe young body humping her with abandon. Rose was thrilled to hear the unmistakeable sound of Jack’s orgasm and the sense that his ball juice was flooding into her bowels. She would be a little sore later on but that was not enough to dampen her excitement at taking Jack’s fat cock up her arse. Momentarily she wondered how Miss B would fare.

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