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Adriana Chechik

David Spencer had hidden his ancestry well. No one in the states knew that he was a direct descendant of the infamous Dr. Frankenstein, who created the creature that wrought fear in the people of the tiny village in Transylvania. And resulted in the tragic deaths of the scientist, his assistant, and the creature. No one knew that Frankenstein’s fiancee had left the country already pregnant with his child. But because of the scandal of his hideous creature, Frankenstein’s bride-to-be fled to America to hide and start a new life. It was there that she met another scientist fell in love. He treated her like a princess, and the baby she bore, he adopted. Thus the name Frankenstein was removed from the family, until the children were told of their true heritage, when they reached adulthood.

It was 5 years ago, today, October 31st, that David’s grandmother told him of his true heritage. Ironic, David thought, that I am a scientist, too. Not only a scientist, but a surgeon. Ever since his grandmother had told him about his family’s past, David found himself curious about his ancestor’s acheivments and final disaster. Which is what brought him here…to Transylvania. It was as his grandmother had told him. The mob, of so long ago, had chased the creature to the windmill, where the doctor and his assistant followed and got trapped. The angry and scared mob set fire to the mill and burnt it down.

No one seeming to have a thought about the old castle where the creature was given birth. It was there, 5 months ago, that David found all of Frankenstein’s notes on how he created his monster. David found that he was becoming more fascinated and positive that it could be accomplished. With the advancements that science has made in the years since the original creature’s birth, David’s scientific mind began forming the plan for another creature. A new creature. A scientific breakthrough of new proportions.

He began researching the small town and its inhabitants. He amazingly found Ian…a descendant of Frankenstein’s assistant, who was eager and willing to help David in his quest. Contrary to what people had been lead to believe, Igor was not a deformed man, himself. Just a short-statured man, who had fallen from a roof he was repairing. The injuries are what caused his limp and slightly bent posture. Unknown to them, he had had many lovers. Several had been local wenches. One of which bore him a son, but which they kept secret, since Igor was married. His wife tragically died in a horse accident, and that is when he met and began working for the scientist, in the castle, outside of town. But the mother of his child, raised him and passed on down the line the truth of their heritage.

David and Ian worked for months repairing and improving the equipment in the dusty, old laboratory. Then began their plans on creating a better creature, and dazzling the minds of other medical greats. Some things didn’t change, and they had to plan to steal a freshly deceased body, and a brain. In such a small town, things hadn’t changed much in nearly a hundred years. David and Ian were careful not to be seen entering or leaving the old castle. They could still hear the stories being told of that long-ago night, when a terrible creature had been destroyed. It was David’s first day there, when he heard the story being told by an old man in the local pub, and when he decided it would be best not to let the locals know of his goings-on. Ever since, David, and then Ian with him, would do their work at the castle at night.

Five months later, their work is finished and the final work was to be done tonight. October 31,2001. Exactly 100 years from the day of the original creature’s birth. David and Ian quietly wound through the quiet streets, with their horse’s hooves wrapped in burlap, to keep from making noise on the cobble-stoned road. They quietly entered the graveyard, and found the newly dug grave. The poor man was a victim of an accidental stabbing, and bled to death, since there was no surgeon nearby. A perfect specimen for David. He knew he could repair the damage easily. When they finished digging up the man and loaded his body on the wagon, they filled the hole with dirt again, and headed back to the castle. When the body was situated on the table, David sent Ian to retrieve the new brain. Ian returned, without incident, and David had just finished removing the man’s own brain. They carefully finished and closed him up. Thanks to David’s skill, the sutures were well hidden.

It was time for the final stage. They strapped the man on the table and applied the electrodes that would send electric currents through the body and bring him back to life. To their credit, David and Ian had picked a fine specimen. He was a tall man, at 6’2″, with broad shoulders and a firm physique. Afterall, he was 30 and the local carpenter, and used to hard physical work. He had brown hair, and if his eyes opened again, they would be a captivating blue. A physical attribute that the good doctor and his assistant were not aware of, or had even thought of, was his dick. It escort bostancı was normal when soft, but when he was alive, the carpenter was well known with the women, of having the biggest dick, in town. Not that any them left town. He had satisfied many of the horny women, of this small town, and they all had shown up for his burial. Their husbands/lovers never knowing the true reason why they cried so. That they would miss his talented tongue and his satisfying 10″ dick.

David and Ian watched as the elctricity passed through the body and anxiously anticipated the results of their efforts. David had Ian shut off the current, at the precise moment he signalled, and then they bent over the man. David, with his stethescope, listening for a heartbeat…a breath. Then, finally, he heard it. A short breath, then a faint thump. As he listened, they got stronger…louder. Until he was breathing regularly, and his heart beat steadily. David and Ian shouted with glee and danced around table, as the man awakened. They stopped and unstrapped him, then began working on motor skills. He walked around the lab with just a slight waver, but as he walked, it disappeared and he was walking normally. Then they worked on speach.

Amazingly, all it took was some refreshing, and the man was talking as if it had been moments, not years since his death(afterall, it WAS someone else’s brain). They were soon chatting and talking of everyday things. Finding out that the man, via the new brain, was a man of science himself. David felt safe in revealing the truth of how the man became, and he sat quietly, as David told him how he came about. Afraid that the man would be angered, he was quite surprised when he asked questions and seemed to be fine with it. David relaxed and asked what the man wanted to be called. Did he want to be called by his own name or a new one? The man chuckled and replied,”I think Adam would be nice. A new beginning, for a new man.” They agreed and decided to go to the kitchen for some food. They ate and talked until dawn, then decided to get some sleep.

Later, in the afternoon, they all sat eating lunch discussing what to do now. It was decided that the man couldn’t be seen locally, since too many people would recognize his face as the dead man. So they planned on Adam returning to America with David. Ian was sorry to see them go, but was happy in knowing that they were successful. In time, David would be able to reveal their accomplishment to society, and not fear the terror Frankenstein had faced. Until then he could only trust a very few to keep his secret.

A couple of days later, David and Adam were flying across the Atlantic, and returning to David’s home in Virginia. Time passed quickly, and Adam fell gracefully into the medical world and related well with other people. He had a secret that he hadn’t shared with David though. His sexual appetite seemed to consume him. It was now almost a year later, the night before Halloween…the night of his birth, and Adam still kept this to himself. Not a day had gone by, since that first afternoon that he woke up after he was made, that he had to relieve himself. That first afternoon, he was unsure, but followed instinct and stroked his hand over his long dick until his cum erupted and landed on his stomach and chest. It was a strong orgasm and he was more than happy to experience it over and over again. Sometimes more than 6 times a day.

Adam had to be careful, since the sight and smell of women triggered his libido, and he would get an instant hard-on. But what he fought the hardest, was his attraction to David’s sister, Laura. She was the youngest of the family, and still treated as the baby, although she fought hard to prove herself an adult, to her family.

She was hardly a child, being 25, and a teacher. But, like most families where the youngest child is also the only daughter, Laura was still pampered, despite her efforts to get her family to stop. They still treated her like she was 12 and didn’t know anything about the real world. All except Adam. He was the only one who treated her like an adult. He didn’t ruffle her hair when he passed her, or spoke to her in an almost condescending tone. Granted she was still a virgin, but not because of wanting to be. it was more from her big brothers(there were 3)threatening any of her boyfriends. To the point where Laura gave up and waited until she was out of the house, and on her own. Until that time, Laura had to pleasure herself, for satisfaction. She snuck porn videos into her room and watched them as she fingered herself to an orgasm. Learning by watching, until she could experience it for herself. Lately, Laura had begun to notice David’s friend, Adam more. He was always quiet, but treated her with respect and as an adult.

She had never thought of herself as more than just a little attractive. Another strike against her brothers, since they scared the shit out of any potential suitors so they would be too scared to voice what they thought of her, or her body. But seeing some of the looks that Adam had ümraniye escort given her, gave her a new confidence…a new awakening in her own body. For Laura recognized the looks from Adam, as the same looks on the faces of the stars in the movies she watched late at night…looks of wanting…of desire. She had even caught a look at the sudden bulge in his pants, before his quick retreat and left the house. The sight of his size, regardless that it was covered, caused an immediate wetness between Laura’s thighs. She quickly excused herself to bed, but used it as an excuse to go to her room and relieve the pressure in her groin. She quickly stripped and lay on her bed, her fingers pinching her already hard nipples…causing more wetness between her thighs.

Her legs parted and she fingered her wet lips and clit, then pushed two fingers into her hot snatch and began pumping them. She pumped faster, rubbing her thumb over her clit…thinking of Adam and his cock. Imagining he was pumping it in her virgin pussy. That thought, combined with her fingers, had Laura reaching the pinnacle, then falling as she experienced the strongest orgasm she had ever had. Lying on her bed, legs still spread and fingers buried in her pussy, Laura’s mind wasfilled of possibilities. All including Adam, for Laura now new that Adam HAD to be the one. The man to take her virginity…to make her a true woman. Now she had to make sure he felt the same as she did. For if Laura was truthful, she had liked Adam from the moment David had brought him home from his trip overseas. She had to admit, his accent was a bit of a turn-on, too. But more than anything, it was that they got along so well, and her whole family liked him, so were less likely to try to scare him away.

Laura got up off her bed, and went to the bathroom, which she had access to from her room. She turned on the shower, and as she waited for it to warm up, she looked at herself, really looked at herself, as a man would see her, in the full length mirror. She was of average height, at 5’7″, with long dark brown hair and piercing gray eyes. Her face was heart shaped, and there were slight dents on each side of her mouth, where dimples appeared when she smiled, which was often. Her gaze travelled lower to her breasts, and she turned to the side admiring their firmness, for 36C. She ran her hand over her flat stomach and stopped as it reached her well trimmed pubic hair. She turned a little more to look at her ass, and was pleased to notice that it, too, was firm. Her thighs were well sculpted, too. It pays to have a membership at the Y and be able to swim year round. Finishing her self-inspection, and happy with what she saw, Laura climbed into the shower and washed. Images of Adam running through her mind…and even as she fell asleep, and every day since.

Adam found himself thinking more and more about Laura, too. Ever since he saw her eyes widen, not in shock, but in pleasure, when his dick hardened, that night at her parent’s house. He would get hard whenever he thought of her. Whether it was of a sexual nature or not. He tried to think of other women, and even dated some, but Laura was stuck in his mind. His body and heart told him he had to have her, but his head told him that her family would stand in the way. Even if he was David’s friend. He was afraid of what even David would do, if he and Laura became lovers. But no matter what Adam thought, or tried to convince himself of, his mind wandered to Laura and himself.

The images overtaking his thoughts of staying away, and making his dick harden. Soon finding he had to relieve himself, once again, to the thoughts of pleasuring Laura, then releasing his cum-filled cock deep into her tight pussy. At that thought, Adam’s cock exploded and he watched as his cum shot into the air, then landed on his face, chest and stomach. His moans filled the air, as he slowly relaxed. This was becoming almost a constant state for Adam, and he needed a release. He HAD to have Laura. Damn the consequences of her family. He quickly formed a plan. Hoping she was free, Adam picked up the phone, and dialed Laura’s cell phone. He knew it was her lunch time, at the school, so she would have the phone turned on. It rang twice, then her soft voice, with her quiet southern drawl answered. His breath caught in his throat, for a moment, then he answered,”Laura, it’s Adam.” Was that a gasp of pleasure?”Adam! Hi! Is something wrong?”

“No. Nothing is wrong. I was calling to see if it was too late to invite you to a Halloween party. A colleague of David’s is having it at their place, and….”

“I’d love to. What time will you pick me up?”

“Ummm, how’s 8? At least Halloween is on a Friday.”

“Great! I’ll be waiting. See you tomorrow night.”

“Tomorrow, then. Bye.”

Adam let out a sigh and began stroking his cock. It had hardened as he talked to Laura, and he now stroked it as he imagined what would happen Friday. A pleasant way to celebrate Halloween…AND his birthday.

Friday finally arrived, and Adam and Laura spent the kartal escort bayan day eagerly awaiting for the night to come. Adam got home and showered, then dressed in his costume. Chuckling to himself, as he put on the green rubber mask that so many people associated with Frankenstein’s first creation. Little did they know…

Laura took her time, after work, to shower and shave. Taking care to trim her pubic hair, shampoo her hair, and then washed with her lavender scented body wash. She dried off, then went into her room to get dressed. She smiled as she dressed, thinking the same as she had all week since Adam called. Tonight it would happen. Adam would make her a woman. At last. She pulled on the red bikini panties, then the black sheer thigh-high hose, that she fastened to the black garter belt. Then she put on the short black leather skirt, and red halter top. She applied some make up and red lipstick. She added gold loop earrings, and then began putting on a coat of red fingernail polish on her nails. When her nails were dry, Laura walked to her bed and slipped on the black 3″ high heels. She walked into the bathroom and looked at the reflection looking back at her. She smiled, pleased at the results. She hoped that dressed like this, she would be too sexy for Adam to resist her any longer.

At 8 sharp, the bell rang. Laura’s parents had already left for another party, so she was alone. She answered the door, and smiled as Adam stood in the doorway. She took in his Frankenstein’s monster outfit and laughed. What a pair they would be, a monster and a whore. Adam laughed, too, and asked if she was ready. She grabbed a jacket, as it was getting cool and they walked to his car. They talked of how their day went at work, then about the party.

“If you get too bored, let me know and I’ll bring you home. I’m not big onparties myself, but thought we should at least stay for a little while.”

Laura chuckled,”I remember past parties. I will let you know, but you should be able to tell when I’m ready.” If he only knew how much she was already.

Adam sighed,”At least one hour. After that, we’ll blow the joint. OK?”

Laura nodded,”Fine. One hour.”

They arrived at the house, and walked the path lit by tiny jack-o-lantern lights. The porch was lit with a black light-bulb, and you could hear eerie sounds emanating from inside the house. A skeleton sat on the porch swing, with a huge bowl of candy in it’s lap, for any children who dared take any. It looked like plenty had. Adam rang the bell, and Dracula answered the door. He greeted them and ushered them into the large living room, where the party was taking place.

The furniture had been removed and chairs placed around the perimeter, so you could sit, but still be part of the party. Adam and Laura mingled…Laura staying close to Adam, since she really didn’t know many people. Laura looked from the matron dressed as Queen Elisabeth, across the room, and saw David, dressed in a doctor’s coat, heading their way. His date was dressed as a sleazy nurse. Typical, Laura thought, they all dress the same. Each year David brought a new date, and each year they dress as a sleazt nurse. Her brother had NO imagination, Laura thought. David greeted Laura with a kiss on the cheek, and shook Adam’s hand. He looked Adam over and commented,”Nice costume.” Adam shrugged and answered,”I thought it was appropriate.” david laughed, “So it is. Hapy Birthday.” Laura turned to Adam,”I didn’t know it was your birthday. Happy Birthday, Adam.” With that she pulled his face down to hers, and kissed him full on the lips. Leaving bright red lip marks on his mask. They all laughed, and Laura wiped the lipstick off the mask.

They both spent time flirting with each other. By the time the hour was up, they were both at the breaking point and needed to leave. They thanked the host and hostess for inviting them, then left. They nearly ran to Adam’s car, and no sooner were they inside, they were wrapped in each other’s arms…kissing. Mouths open and tongues delving deeply. Exploring every possible inch. Adam pulled back and breathlessly asked,”Are you sure?” Laura nodded and answered,”More than anything.” Adam turned and started the car. Arriving at his home in a record 10 minutes. He unlocked his door, and as soon as they were in the door, he grabbed Laura and crushed her to him. Her entire length pressed against his. Her soft curves cradling all his hard plains.

They kissed passionately, as Adam held her against him, and walked them to his bedroom. He laid her on the bed, and slowly stripped her of her clothing. Moaning as each piece revealed more of her to him. Until she lay naked, before him. He let his hands trail slowly over her body, and gently parted her thighs. His fingers lightly parted her wet pussy lips, then slipped two fingers deep. Laura moaned and arched her back. Pushing her hips into his hand. Adam stroked faster, and soon Laura’s cries filled the room. Adam gently rubbed her pussy as she relaxed, then leaned over to kiss her lips. Then down to her tits. Sucking, and pulling on them with his mouth. Laura was moaning again, then reaching for him. Her hands worked quickly, undressing him. Then, finally, he was. Gloriously naked. His hard dick standing proudly out in front of him. Laura grasped his hard cock and pulled him to her.

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