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Ian sat in class looking over at Marci. Not since high school had he had such a crush on a girl. Marci was a short sweet little thing. Her long wheat colored hair was tucked up in a loose messy bun at the base of her neck. A few curled tendrils had escaped the grasp of her hair band and gently kissed the collar of her soft pink shirt. Ian watched her intently nibbling the end of her pencil while she thought.

Marci felt someone eyes penetrating her thoughts. She looked over her shoulder accusingly and caught his gaze. Ian quickly glanced at the clock. He then met Marci’s eyes apologetically. Marci looked away and then looked back when Ian had turned his attention back to his text book. She had never really noticed him before and she could see why. Ian was clad baggy jeans and a black t-shirt with white lettering on it. She couldn’t make out what it said, but she was sure it was one of those insulting shirts that said something about the voices in your head or something as equally anti social. Marci rolled her eyes and turned back to the front of the room where the instructor was now giving a group project. Only half listening, her thoughts turned back to the boy that kept staring at her. She thought she has heard the teacher say his name before,

“What was it?” she thought to herself. Not that it mattered. He was one of those “freaks”. “Why don’t they realize they aren’t being different? They’re all exactly the same, same clothes, same hair, and the same old party line.” She silently scoffed. Marci was so busily congratulating herself on the witty observation that she missed the cue to begin forming groups for the project before them.

“Damn” she said under her breath as she realized that there were now 5 small groups littering the class room. The teacher approached Marci,

“Ms. Williams, is everything okay?”

“Yes ma’am, I just ah…” Marci looked around the room and caught Ian’s eyes again. “I was just thinking. Sorry, I’ll find a group now.”

“Well Ms. Williams it looks like most of the groups already have enough people, why don’t you join that one please.” Marci frowned as her instructor pointed to Ian’s group.

“Ms. Applegate, I really don’t think that group is a good match for me. I am sure one of the other groups won’t mind having an extra.”

“Ms. Williams didn’t you hear the assignment? I’m sorry but there can not be more than 6 to a group. I need you to please go join your group. We need to move on.” Marci stood there for a moment pleading looking at Ms. Applegate, but with a sigh of defeat, moved across the room towards Ian and the others.

Ian’s heart raced as Marci glided across the linoleum floor. He casually ran his hand thru his dark messy hair. He was blessed with great hair, it always looked perfectly mussed, the same way a $150 haircut does. His hair was the same color as roasted coffee and hung fashionably nearly covering his smoldering eyes.

When Marci reached the group she put on her most personable smile and introduced herself to everyone. Chris, Sarah, and Mark all smiled warmly and introduced themselves as well. Marci then turned to Ian who stood silently. He was sure everyone could hear his heart pounding.

“And you are?” Marci asked much more coarsely than she had intended. Ian looked a bit shocked by the unwarranted tone. Marci quickly plastered a fake smile across her angelic face and touched her hand to her throat as she pretended to clear it.

“Yeah, I’m Ian.” He tried to sound unaffected by her presence. His voice was soft and velvety. It did not sound the way Marci would have thought at all. It was actually quite sexy and Marci was taken aback a bit, and then she gave him a genuine smile.

After about forty five minutes of batting around ideas for their project and presentation, Ian and Marci were becoming almost comfortable talking to each other. Class dismissed and Ian decided to take the bull by the horns and ask Marci out. She was shocked and declined without hesitation. Ian was crushed.

“Oh, well, yeah, tha-that’s cool. I just thought, yeah. Um, no big thing. Next time or something.” He choked out, and turned to walk to his car. He had gotten about 10 feet and was already feeling like a complete ass when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Ian, umm, you didn’t give me your number.” Marci was holding out a pen and pink lined notepad.

“Uh, what for?” Ian sounded confused.

“For the project. You and I were going to research while the others were going to start on the presentation. Remember?”

“Oh, yeah.” Ian took the girly pen and pink pad and scribbled down his number. Still feeling embarrassed and defeated he avoided looking at her.

Several days passed and Marci couldn’t stop thinking about Ian. She was so consumed with thoughts of him she could not escort ataşehir concentrate on the sermon the pastor was giving. She even missed the cue for the choir to stand and begin the hymn. She just sat there chewing on her thumb nail desperately trying to turn her thoughts to more churchlike things. After the choir had finally been dismissed she went to the choir room to take off her robe and hang it with the others. She was the last one there and everyone had already gone. The room was dark as she entered, and she was so lost in her thoughts that she did not even bother turning on the light before entering. Still biting on thumb nail she began thinking about Ian and what it would be like to have him saying dirty little things to her in that sexy voice. She was lightly sucking on her thumb and running it across her moist lips. She giggled quietly to herself as she thought about how she would love to do that to Ian. She slowly unzipped her choir robe thinking of how she would if he were standing right there. She let the robe fall to the floor and closed her eyes picturing Ian standing there watching her. She felt a familiar tickle beneath her panties and realized she was already wet. She ran her hand up her inner thigh and underneath her skirt working her way up to the warm damp spot on her panties. Marci moaned ever so quietly as she rubbed herself delicately. Just then the light flicked on.

“Oh love, I didn’t know anyone was in here!” Mrs. State exclaimed when she saw Marci.

“OH!” Marci jumped and spun around. “Thank you I couldn’t find the switch. It thought it was on the other wall and then I just gave up looking for it.” Marci rushed to pick up the choir robe and hang it in the wardrobe.

“Ever since we switched rooms I always end up going to the other wing first myself. You better hurry off love, you mother and the pastor are looking for you.” Marci rushed out of the room flushed and embarrassed.

It had been a week since class and Marci was looking forward to seeing Ian in person again. He had been a frequent visitor in her daydreams, but she would actually see him tonight. She put on her favorite jeans and lovely little pink tank top with a beaded over shirt that flattered her bust line. She took an extra thirty minutes fixing her hair and makeup so she looked like she spent no time on it at all. She wanted to look carelessly sexy, and was realizing it was an awful lot of work. She got to class and took her seat looking around for Ian. His seat was empty but there was still time before class started. When Ian didn’t show up Marci was very disappointed. She got to her car, and pulled out the pink slip of paper she had been carrying for a week. She unfolded the perfectly creased square and looked at her cell phone.

“I should really call and check on him. What if he is sick? The least I could do is offer to take him my notes. That’s just a courteous thing to do, and I don’t want him to fall behind, we do have a project to do!” Marci finished justifying the call to herself and then reached for the phone.

Ian was sitting on his bed flipping channels. He was still pretty bummed about being rejected by the pretty little Miss Marci and had spent the week trying to vilify her in his mind. It was almost working, but he just couldn’t face going to class and seeing her tonight. It was too soon he told himself. So he sat there, rotting his brain with TV and beer trying not to think of that pretty little thing. The phone rang a few times before it woke Ian out of his revelry.

“Hello.” Ian answered.

“Hi, may I speak to Ian Brooks please? This is Marci Williams; I am in his Thursday evening class.” Ian went cold inside. His stomach flipped and his voice choked as he tried to speak.

“Uh, yeah, this is Ian. What’s up?” he barely mumbled.

“Oh wow, you sound awful! Are you sick? Is that why you missed class tonight?” Marci asked and seemed a bit overly concerned to Ian for someone who didn’t want to go out with him.

“Yeah, I wasn’t feeling up to class tonight.” He didn’t lie, he just omitted the reason.

“I missed you tonight.” Marci couldn’t believe that flew out of her mouth. Ian heart leapt on the other end of the phone.

“Really?” he asked shocked.

“Well, yes. We are on a team and we did need you there tonight. I wanted to know if you wanted me to bring you the notes from class and fill you in on what the group discussed about the presentation.”

“Doesn’t Applegate post the class notes online each week?”

“Oh yeah. Silly me.” Marci felt like a fool for calling now. “Okay then, well I just wanted to see if you wanted me to stop by and bring you that on the way home, but in that case I’ll just see you next week.”

“No, that’d be great. Stop by. Yeah!” Ian was already on his feet and pacing kadıköy escort bayan in anticipation. He looked around, and then he looked down at what he was wearing.

“I need directions from Pine Street.” Marci could help but grin as she jotted down the very detailed directions. It seemed that Ian didn’t want her to get lost. “If he only knew what I have in store for him.” She thought.

Marci arrived shortly after hanging up the phone with Ian. He didn’t live far from the campus. She had barely finished knocking when the door was abruptly pulled open from the inside.

“Hi.” Ian said breathlessly. He had been busing himself making sure he was presentable before she arrived.

“Hi.” Marci smiled shyly. Now that she was in front of him suddenly she seemed to lose all of her confidence in coming there.

“Come in.” Ian opened the door wider and showed Miss Marci into the crowded little apartment. There he had a room mate and they were in a band together. There was equipment and clutter everywhere. The kitchen sink was clear and the floor was reasonably clean Marci noted. She looked around and then settled herself on the lumpy futon sofa.

“Here’s the notes.” She handed him a pink three ring binder. “I’ll just get them from you in a few days. We talked about having a power point presentation for the project. You’re okay with that right?”

“Oh yeah, whatever. That’s cool.”

“So,” Marci looked around, “You’re in a band?”

“Yeah, I sing.” Marci smiled she knew his voice was incredible but hadn’t thought he had such talent. “I play guitar too, but mainly I sing.”

“Wow. I sing a little bit. Well, only in my church choir.” Marci felt stupid telling him this, but was trying to find something to talk about before she had to leave.

“I knew you were a good girl. I could tell just by looking at you.” Ian smirked.

“I knew you were an asshole. I could tell by your insulting t-shirts.” She countered quickly. Ian chuckled. He never meant to insult her, but realized how it must have sounded.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t’ mean it like that.” He apologized. Marci felt a surge of confidence and stood up and looked at him then crossed over to where Ian was standing flipping carelessly through the notebook she gave him. She grabbed the notebook and turned around. Ian not wanting her to leave reached to stop her.

“Marci, I’m sorry really, I didn’t mean it.” She put the notebook on the coffee table and looked at him and smiled wickedly making Ian nervous.

“Ian, do you know what separates the good girls from the bad girls? Good girls never tell.” Marci walked right up to him and was inched from his face, still with that devilish look.

“Don’t tell what?” He asked. Marci placed her hands on his chest and ran them up to his shoulders.

“Shh. I told you, good girls never tell.” She pushed up onto her toes and planted her sweet vanilla flavored lips on his. Ian was stunned and stood frozen while Marci licked his lower lip gingerly and tasting her own lip gloss. “Mmm.” She backed away and looked at him and giggled lightly.

Ian was not going to wait for her to change her mind and reached for her. He pulled her up to him and kissed her hard. Pushing his tongue into her mouth without an invitation, but he was met with the eager welcome of Marci’s fluttering tongue. She melted when she felt that his tongue was a warm and velvety as his voice. He could barely control himself and his hands gruffly explored the peaks and valleys of her petite form. She could feel the river flow free between her legs.

“Where’s your room?” She asked breathlessly. Ian stood there shocked. He could not believe this was happing. He thought he must be dreaming. He picked Marci’s tiny body up and she wound her long legs tightly around his waist. While she traced the outer lobe of ear with her tongue she whimpered softly. Ian carried her quickly to his bedroom. He lowered her gently to bed and lay on top of her kissing her neck and working his way down to her soft perky breasts. She sat up and shed her over shirt and tank top. She looked so hot and very naughty as she laid on the bed in front Ian in just her lacy white bra and jeans. Her long hair looked like the golden fire of the sun framing her angelic face. Ian pulled his black t shirt over his head to reveal his defined chest. He covered her again, this time his silver chain that held a dragon pendant hung down touching Marci’s delicate cream colored chest. She shivered slightly at the new sensation and thrust her hips up against him. His eager cock was all ready rock hard. He quickly kissed her soft stomach working his way down to her tight jeans. He sat up and then freed the button of her pants and was working on her zipper when he felt her hand stop him.

“Uh uh.” Marci took advantage escort bostancı of his confused state and pushed him back on the bed, then zipped and buttoned her pants again.

“That’s not for you.” She said in a teasing seductive voice. Now Ian was very confused. Why was she doing this? Marci strattled him, kissing his lips sweetly and then tracing his jaw line with the tip of her wet tongue. Her hair tickled his face as she worked her way down to his bare chest. Ian’s naturally tanned skin slid effortlessly under Marci’s tongue. She toyed with his nipples and ran her tongue slowly and teasingly down to his naval. She unbuttoned his baggy jeans and with his help slid them off.

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” Ian sat up on his elbows and looked down at Marci who had begun to pull on his boxers and had already exposed his erect muscle. Ian nodded. “I want hear you tell me. Tell me you want me to suck you cock.”

“Marci, I want you to do it.” Ian begged.

“Do what?” Marci gave Ian such an innocent look as she yanked his shorts down to his knees. She was biting her lower lip and looking at his throbbing cock. Ian realized she was a bad girl at heart and he was going to play her game. “I want you to suck my cock. Please baby.” He begged again shamelessly.

Marci giggled. She wrapped her hands around his fleshy rod and rubbed her lips against it. She pulled away and then repeated the motion this time adding her tongue.

“Uhh,” Ian moaned. Next she opened her mouth and took him in as far as she could. Drawing back slowly and sucking ever so slightly when she reached his bubble gum pink head. He let his head fall back in enjoyment.

Marci pumped him purposefully as she lubricated his shaft with long glistening strands of her own saliva. Once he was nearly dripping from her mouth she returned sucking him. She used her tongue to massage the sensitive under side of his slippery cock. Ian was near to climax when Marci pulled away.

He opened his eyes to see she had taken her bra off and was playing with her own beautiful bare breasts. They were soft and perfect. They were exactly what he had fantasized about Marci having. He reached up and touched her modest full “B” cups. He rolled one of her nipples hard between his fingers. Marci inhaled sharply, and pinched the other nipple herself. Ian pulled on her captive nipple and watched her back arch with pleasure.

“Do you like that?” Ian asked gleefully.

“Oh yes!” Marci whined. Ian took hold of both nipples and rubbed them. She pulled away gently from him and then pressed her naked bosoms into his chest and placed her knees on either side of his left leg and pressed herself into leg. Her jeans were warm and damp from her own juices as she rubbed her self up and down on his naked thigh. Marci rode Ian’s leg hard, moaning and whimpering as she brought herself close to climax. With the friction she was making and vocal performance Ian almost came right then. Marci finished herself off and panted for a moment. Ian moaned almost begging her to let him come. Marci pushed herself back onto her knees and turned her attention to his aching cock. Once again she licked and sucked until his rod gleamed. This time instead of pumping him with her hands, Marci bent low to him and rubbed her tits on his cock. Ian was amused; he has seen this done on porn, but never had experienced it for himself. It felt so good when she pushed her breast around his wet cock, fucked him with her tits. Ian could feel himself on the verge of orgasm.

Marci saw his readiness and almost in giving him permission asked, “Do you want come on me?”

“Uhhhh” was the only response he could give her. Marci then rolled over onto her back and placed her hands on her tits pushing them together. Ian jumped on top of her without hesitation and began fucking the tight space she had provided him. Ian did not hold back and let himself come. He shot his hot salty load across her cheek and into her hair.

Marci sat up and looked around for her abandoned clothes. Ian got up and retrieved a towel out of a basket carelessly left in the corner of his room. Marci took the towel and looked it over then smelled it.

“It’s clean, I just did laundry.” Ian told her. She smiled and cleaned off the evidence of the liaison. Ian had already put his boxers and jeans back on and sat down next to Marci as she finished putting her over shirt back on.

“Well, I’ll just get the notes from you in class on Thursday, I don’t really need them.”

“Oh, yeah. Okay.” Ian looked at her; he was still very confused about what had just happened.

“Well, I gotta go. See you in class.” And with that, Marci walked through the doorway. Ian followed behind. “Oh, and Ian,” she turned around to face him, “this never happened.” Marci smiled with that devilish little smirk.

Ian didn’t speak to Marci except during class. Whenever he saw her Marci would flash him that wicked little smile that made him a little nervous and his stomach flip. Even though he ached to ask her out again, he knew she would say no.

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