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“Stupid freaking car!” I yell out to no one in particular as I hit the steering wheel with the palm of my hand. Ouch, that really hurt. And as I reach for my purse and my cell phone I shake my left hand and roll my eyes at my stupidity. No use in hitting the car. Sometimes stuff like this happens.

Ok, now who will be home? Amanda is out shopping, Darlene is on vacation, its 3’o’clock in the afternoon and no one is home for me to call except….God no, anyone but him. I can’t call him, I just can’t. Even with my protests I know he’s my only choice and since he lives so close it makes the most sense.

Please don’t be home, please don’t be…

“Hello” damn!

“Hey, J, it’s Sweet.”

“Oh, hi Sweet, how are you?” His voice changed and became softer as soon as he found it was me.

“Not so good, I’m broken down just down the street from you. Can you come get me and take me home?”

“Any idea what’s wrong with your car?”

“Yeah, right, all I know is that it stopped working and there’s gas in, so I have no clue at all.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in about 5 minutes”

“Thanks J.”

As I waited my thoughts went to what happened a couple of weeks ago and I start to get nervous. I hadn’t been alone with J since we slept together and I had acted like nothing had happened when we did talk. He never said anything, but I knew by his looks that he wasn’t forgetting. And now I was coming face to face with my problem today. Damn.

Five minutes later J pulls up in his truck and I get in. He looks so cute, why does he have to be so damn cute? “Hi” I say softly as I put my seatbelt on and try not to look at him.

“Hey” he says back as he reaches over to turn the radio down. Soft country music is playing in the background now as we sit and look at one another. I’m afraid to speak and yet I don’t want us to be like this the whole way back to my house. What am I supposed to say? Is there anything I can say in this situation? I set my hands in my lap and look out the window.

He breaks the silence first. ataşehir escort “Sweet, I called DH and he said just to bring you back to my house and he’d pick you up after work. He and I will work on your car then and hopefully figure out what’s wrong with it.”


“You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, I guess not” hell yes I mind, I don’t trust myself alone with you!


We drove in silence till we got to his house and I noticed there were no other vehicles there. “Where’s everyone else?”

“Out for the day. They went to see her parents and won’t be back till late tonight.”

I froze as my hand went to the door to get out and I closed my eyes. Oh freaking great, not only am I with temptation, I am alone with him. Anything else you want to throw at me while we’re at it? Maybe if I just sit her until DH comes to get me then nothing will happen. Yeah, that’s what I will do. Sure, J won’t notice the psycho girl too chicken to get out of his truck.

At that moment the door I’ve been avoiding opening clicks open and J is standing next to me with an odd look on his face. “Sweet? Is everything okay?” Yeah, just trying not to jump your bones.

“Yeah,” I giggle as I go to get out and his hand touches my arm and I freeze again. Why did he have to touch me, I was doing fine till he touched me. I’ve got one foot on the ground and the other still on the floor of the truck and I look up at him. I don’t know who moved first, but the next thing I knew we were kissing. He lifted me back up to the seat of the truck so he wouldn’t have to bend down and our lips never parted for a second. Wow, now that’s talent. No wonder I want him so much.

My tongue slipped into his mouth as his did into mine and I moaned as he pulled me closer to him, his hand going to my hair to hold me as we kissed. Oh, I had forgotten how good he tastes, damn, I want this man. My hands go to his waist as we kiss and I feel his hands slip down in between us and he unfastens his pants very quickly and then drags me forward until kadıköy escort I can feel him pressing against the thin wet fabric of my panties.

We’ve stopped all rationally thought as I work with him to move my skirt out of the way and he kisses my neck as he leans me backward a little on the seat. He slips my panties off my one leg and they’re left dangling on the other as he spreads my legs with his hands sliding up my thighs. I look up at him as he slides one finger into me, my mouth opening in a gasp as my wet puss welcomes his hand and I move against him wanting more. Oh, please don’t stop, that feels so good.

“Please” I say softly as he fucks me with his finger and my eyes close in pleasure.

“Please what, Sweet, what do you want?” He asks as he continues his wonderful torture making me want him even more than before. He slows down letting me feel every sensation and he wiggles his finger inside me getting me so close to cumming, so close.

“I want you to fuck me” I say to him, my eyes opening as I stare into his so dark with desire. He smiles at me and he leans forward as his finger fucks me harder.

“How bad do you want me, Sweet?” What does he want me to say? I freeze as I look at him, trying to focus and yet I can’t think with the way he’s fingerfucking my pussy.

“Please, just fuck me, please” I beg him as he starts to kiss my neck again and I’m lost. “Anything, please, I’ll do anything, just fuck me, please….anything” I whisper as my eyes close and I give myself over to how he’s making me feel.

“That’s all I wanted to hear” He says and suddenly removes his fingers from my puss and I feel his cock rubbing up against my clit. “Look at me” He orders and I open my eyes and watch him as he grabs my hips and in one thrust he is inside me and I gasp out in utter satisfaction.

Oh God, don’t ever let him stop, I think as he begins to fuck me. Slowly at first letting me feel every part of him as my orgasm builds up inside me and I cum soaking him and the seat. He grips my hips even tighter bostancı escort and as I keep cumming he fucks me hard as I moan and shriek saying his name over and over, my puss clenching around him as I cum.

“Oh, God……oh please…….fuck, I’m cumming, I can’t……stop….cumming….” I whimper and moan as he fucks me long and hard on the seat of his truck.

“Get up” he says as he stops and slips out of me as he moves back. I let him move me so that I am now bent over the side of the seat with my feet on the foot board to hold me up, my hands gripping the seat.

I’m so wet he slips in me easily and I start to cum again as my juices roll down my legs leaving my knees weak as his cock thrusts in and out of me. I can’t help myself as I moan and yell, my breath coming in gasps. I feel him start to quicken against my ass and his hands grip me even tighter as his body tenses up and he’s about to cum.

He pulls out of me and quickly turns me around and places me on my knees in front of him on the ground. His hands go to my hair and without thinking my mouth opens and I suck him. He starts to cum in my mouth as my hands hold him at his waist and I take him deeper in my mouth wanting to taste all of him.

Spurt after spurt of his cum comes out of his cock and I can’t get enough. I can taste our juices mixed together as I swallow and I lick him completely clean of our combined cum till I finally have enough. I let him slip out of my mouth and I look up at him. His face is full of immense satisfaction as he looks down at me and I blush at the intensity of his gaze and I look away. His hand in my hair pulls me back to look at him.

“No, don’t avoid me. You told me you would do anything and that’s all I ask, never avoid me again. You can’t avoid this thing between us.”

I nod my head in agreement knowing he is right and yet wondering how all of this is going to play out. For now I guess I will have to follow his lead. For now I can’t get enough of him.

J helps me stand up, we straighten our clothes and go to the house to clean up so that when DH gets here he won’t have a clue what has happened. As we enter the house I look up at him and he smiles at me and I can’t help but smile back. Right now it doesn’t matter how it ends because it just feels too good to stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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