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This is a true story about my wife. Because of it we were able to open up our sex life.
My wife’s name is Melissa and we have been married for 14 years. Melissa is 45 years old and is still in pretty good shape. Slightly heavy – about 155 pounds, and she is 5’7″ tall. Overall she looks very nice and we have enjoyed a pretty good sex life. Well, there have been a few shortcomings on Melissa’s end, and there are things that, no matter how hard I try, she simply will not do. She will not let me cum in her mouth and will not let me have anal sex with her. Well, she will let me touch and lick her asshole, which I do nearly every time we have sex and she says she likes it, but she has never allowed me to fuck her anally. And though she likes sucking my dick, she will not allow me to cum in her mouth… and oh, how I would love to fill her lovely mouth with my sperm!
We have talked a little about fantasies and such, but Melissa is very hard to get anything out of – she is very shy and I have never been able to get her to confide very much of her sexual thoughts or fantasies. And though I know that she must fantasize about something, she will not tell me much. She has told me about her past sex life, her few boyfriends and one ex-husband, but it is not very interesting as she has been very sheltered. She said her ex-husband was very boring and not real interested in sex, and her boy friends were the same. I, on the other hand am very interested in sex now and always have been. I am 46 years old, have two ex-wives… but they are another story.
I have many lewd fantasies, but few that I feel comfortable talking to Melissa about. I have many fantasies about watching Melissa having sex with another man while I watch. Often when I am fucking her I am imagining me watching another man fucking her. I like fucking her doggie style, watching my modest cock sliding into her beautiful pussy… holding her butt cheeks apart so I can look at her tiny pink asshole, rubbing it with my thumb as I thrust into her, thinking how I would love to open that perfectly puckered hole with my cock… thinking how another man’s cock would look as it slides in and out of her moist pussy. Melissa likes our sex. She loves it when I lick her pussy, and I love doing it. Her hair is auburn colored, but her pubic hair is a beautiful red color. Soft and curly, it covers her sweet smelling womanhood. I love opening her pussy and looking at the wonderfully pink flesh, her small clitoris and small inner lips… her small vaginal opening and her little red pee-hole. Her pubic hair goes down around her very small and pink anus as well. The overall image is so wonderful, almost stunning. The first time I ever lay between her legs and pushed them upwards to expose her beautiful private parts I was breathless as I beheld the prettiest pussy and asshole I have ever seen. I love looking at her this way… with her legs up and her butt turned up so I can see everything. I never get tired of looking at her. I never get tired of licking her either… delving my tongue into her luscious pink vagina… sucking her little clit and licking her sweet asshole. And she loves it as well, and always comes rather quickly. She is a wonderful woman and a great wife…but I feel that I am missing out on a lot with her sexually and this story is how I managed to help her get past her inhibitions and improve her sexual pleasures as well.
The plot I had developed consists of a planned gang rape of my wife perpetrated by men that I know but Melissa does not know. And the plan was that if at any time during the “rape” Melissa became too afraid of started freaking out, the “rape” would stop and the rapists would leave. But I had a good feeling that Melissa would be all right because she is sensible and smart. We had talked about rape, and Melissa already understands that if she is ever a rape victim that she should not panic but let the rapist violate her and co-operate so that she will not get hurt. A perfect plan for her… and for me as well. I felt very guilty about planning something so horrible for my sweet wife… but at the same time my cock stirred with excitement at the thought of her rape because my plan was for me to hide and watch the entire assault unfold.
I selected four men from where I worked at the time. All men whom I knew very well and trusted 100%. The first was Al, who is in his twenties, tall, a pleasant person in nice shape and black. Melissa had never has sex with a black man and did not want to, but that was about to change. The second man was Paul, a white guy in his thirties, husky and strong and a very nice person. The third man I chose was named Kenny, another white guy, tall and handsome and a good personality. Lastly I selected Leon, another black man, who was medium height, perfect personality and nice looks. Melissa knew none of them, so the plan would be authentic. We all talked about the plan in every detail, and though I was all right with them fucking Melissa in any way they pleased, making her suck their cocks and even anal sex, as long as the man with the smallest dick would open her asshole up first and be slow and gentle and not hurt her. They all agreed and were excited to be a part of this “rape. I showed them pictures of Melissa… some nude pictures of her massaging her breasts, playing with her pussy and laying on her belly spreading her butt cheeks displaying her very white ass and pink asshole.. All the guys were excited and I could tell that they were very horny. We all agreed that they would refrain from sex for a week before the assault so that they would be super horny and full of cum… cum that they would happily give to my wife. My cock grew hard with excitement every time we talked about our plan, and I would go home and fuck Melissa each time… though she never knew why I was so excited.
On the appointed evening the plan unfolded as follows:
It was a Wednesday evening and Melissa always got home from work late – at around 6:30. She knew I wouldn’t be home because I had other plans and would be home late. Little did she know that I was already home. My car was parked two streets over and I was hiding in Melissa’s large clothes closet in our bedroom. There were a few slats missing from one closet door, and the closet doors were closed and I was in a comfortable spot and had a clear view of the bed and most of the rest of the room. The “rapist” gang had been here earlier and we went over the plan carefully and they knew where I would be hiding and would make sure that I had a perfect view of everything. The closet was dark and no one would be able to see me in there – especially Melissa – even when the lights in the room were on.
As Melissa came in she took off her jacket and put her purse on the table and went straight to our bedroom and into the adjoining bathroom. She always had to pee when she came home and I could hear her piss splashing in the toilet. Just as she got up she thought she heard the front door open.
“Honey… is that you already?” she called, but there was no answer. She went out to the living room to see that the door was closed… but her heart nearly stopped as she saw two men standing in the living room.
“What are you doing here” she gasped, and suddenly there was another man beside her, grabbing her arm and pulling her into the hallway.
“Don’t make a sound, bitch” he hissed in her ear. “Be quiet and do as you’re told and you won’t be hurt. Where is your purse?”
“It… it’s on the… the table. Please take my money and leave. My… my husband will be home soon.” Melissa whispered, fear in her voice, and she was visibly trembling.
Al went into her purse and took what money she had (he gave it back to me later). Melissa was aware that there were now four men surrounding her. One held her roughly by the upper arm.
“Look at this bitch man.” Paul said. “She’s kinda hot, don’t you think?”
“Yeah she is. Looks like she needs s little attention.” Leon said as Melissa felt his hand on her right breast, squeezing gently. “She’s nice and soft too.” he whispered lewdly, and he began to pull her toward the master bedroom.
“Oh no… please…” Melissa whispered fearfully as they led her down the hall and into our bedroom. Melissa was crying now. “Oh please… please… what are you going to do?”
“We’re just going to have a little fun. Do as you’re told and we won’t hurt you. You’ve been fucked before, so this ain’t nothing new for you. Just relax and enjoy it.” Al said as he unfastened his pants and pulled out a very large dick that was already hard. I knew they were all very horny because I could see the bulges in their pants. Al’s cock was very big, at least 9 inches long and thick. As his pants fell to the floor and he kicked them off at his feet the others unfastened their pants as well and soon all were there before my poor scared wife with raging erections pointing at her. She looked at them fearfully, thick, hard cocks, bigger than any she had ever seen before, and I could see real fear in her eyes. Al pulled her off the bed and forced her to kneel before them. She was right there in front of me now. I could hear her breathing and sobbing quietly.
“Oh please… please don’t do this”. Melissa begged, but Al just moved closer, his big cock now right in front of her.
“Suck this dick baby… you know how to do it.” He whispered as he moved closer and a huge droplet of pre-cum oozed from his cock and dripped onto Melissa’s upper lip, I watched as my tearful wife slowly opened her mouth to take Al’s big dick inside. As I watched her full, soft lips close around his black rod I nearly came in my pants. What a sexy, wonderful sight it was izmir escort bayan seeing my innocent wife sucking this beautiful black dick. She slowly began moving her mouth along Al’s cock and then pulled her mouth away and licked her lips, wetting them, and then went back to the task of properly sucking the biggest dick she ever had, moving her mouth along half of his shaft, leaving wet saliva all along its’ length.. It was at least as thick as her wrist. It’s big head had to be in her throat.
“That’s it Honey… nice and slow.” Al said as he held her head and slowly fucked her mouth. “I’m going to bust a big nut in your mouth Baby.” he said, and Melissa took her mouth off his dick and said “Oh no… please not that. Please…” she begged, but Al just directed his dick back to her mouth and slowly moved it in and out.
Just then Paul stepped closer, rubbing his hard cock on Melissa’s cheek. “Come on Bro… let someone else get his dick wet.” He said, and Al pulled out of Melissa’s mouth and turned her head toward Paul’s dick, which was dripping with pre-cum. And Melissa opened her mouth and let Paul put it in, and she began sucking him. Paul’s dick was about 8 inches long and thick, but not as thick as Al’s. Melissa seemed to have an easier time sucking him and she slid her mouth up and down his dick slowly and steadily, holding it’s shaft in one hand. Meanwhile, Leon was unbuttoning her blouse and he removed it from her. Then he pulled her bra down, exposing her soft breasts. At her age they weren’t as firm as they once were, but they were still sexy as hell, and she had nice big nipples. Leon massaged her tits in both hands, pinching her nipples and pulling them, then leaning down to suck them. His thick black lips engulfed each nipple, and I heard Melissa groan softly as he sucked them hard, making her nipples turn dark red and swell and stiffen. I was amazed… it seemed as though Melissa was starting to feel something. Ken and Al stood by and slowly stroked their very excited cocks and watched Paul and Leon for a few moments. My own cock was ready to explode. I could not believe how excited I was watching my wife being abused.
Paul held Melissa’s head in his hands and slowly fucked her mouth. As his thrusts became faster and more urgent, I guess Melissa knew he was about to come in her mouth and she pulled away. “Oh please don’t… please don’t do this to me… please.” she pleaded.
“Shut up bitch and do as you’re told. Now suck my dick till I tell you to stop.” Paul said as he pushed his hard member back into her mouth and began gently thrusting again. “I’m gonna cream this bitch right now.” he hissed, pumping his cock faster into my wife’s wet mouth, and in a moment he pushed his dickhead into her throat as his cock stiffened and throbbed, and I knew that he was cumming in Melissa’s mouth. She groaned as her cheeks bulged. White cream seeped from the corners of her lips as Paul’s semen filled her mouth, then suddenly gushed out around his cock as she choked.
“Swallow it Honey… you’ll like it.” Paul whispered as Melissa gagged then swallowed his sperm as more spurted from his cock into her mouth. “That’s it Baby… just let it happen. Eat it all up for me.”
Melissa reluctantly swallowed most of his cum as tears welled up in her eyes and ran down her cheeks again. Some of the semen trickled down her chin as the other three laughed and made lewd comments.
“Damn… Paul was ready… he busted a nut all in her mouth.” Leon laughed as Paul finally pulled his swollen, sticky cock from her mouth, trailing a thin stream of sperm from her lips to his dickhead.
“Oh please stop… please stop.” Melissa whimpered sadly, and I felt so sorry for her. But my raging cock wouldn’t let me interfere. I wanted this to go all the way.
“Shut up you slut. Get your ass up here.” Al said as he pulled her up by one arm. “Let’s get these clothes off you. We want to see some pussy and ass now Honey.”
As Melissa stood there Ken unfastened and removed her blue skirt and pulled her panty hose down and took them off at her feet. He pulled her bra off as well, rendering her nearly naked.
“Look at those fat titties. Damn.” Leon said. Melissas nipples were bigger than I have ever seen them, swollen and red and sticking out nicely. Leon pushed her back on the bed then, and as all four stood and watched, Leon said: “Take them panties off now and show us that pussy.”
Al, Leon and Ken all slowly stroked their cocks as Melissa sniffled and reached down to her panties and slowly pushed them down her legs. I had a clear view of her and was stunned to see that there was a large wet spot in the crotch of her panties. ‘My God’ I thought ‘is she turned on?’
“Look at them wet panties fellas. She looks like she might be liking this shit.” Leon said. “Now raise your legs and show us that sweet thing. Raise them all the way up now.”
Melissa whimpered with shame as she pulled her legs up to her chest and spread them apart, exposing her hairy crotch to them. Her asshole was fully exposed to them, as was her hair covered pussy.
“Now open that pussy bitch. Show us all the good stuff.” Al said, and Melissa reached down and slowly parted her pussy lips… spreading them wide showing her tiny clit and her tight hole. I was amazed because her entire pussy was wet and very juicy. Her little red clit stuck out and her inner lips glistened. It all looked very delicious.
“God damn… that’s a pretty pussy. That’s the prettiest pussy I ever seen.” Al whispered as he gazed upon Melissa’s lovely female parts, stroking his big cock.
“You’re right about that.” Leon said. “I’m going to lick that pretty pussy there.” as he got onto the bed and lay on his belly and brought his face close to Melissa’s crotch. He stuck out his tongue and licked her pink slit, stroking her clit and then sliding his long tongue into her vagina and slowly fucked her with it, moving it in and out. And though Melissa had tears on her cheeks, she moaned softly as Leon’s tongue played in her slippery hole. He sucked her protruding clit like it was a tiny cock and Melissa writhed beneath him. Yes, she was feeling it all right. He did this for several minutes as Melissa continued to hold her pussy open as she bit her lower lip and groaned softly. She sighed when he licked her little pink asshole, making it swell slightly outward as he poked it with the tip of his tongue From my vantage point I could clearly see everything. The guys made sure of that. My cock throbbed and I was afraid that I was going to cum in my pants as I watched. I have never been so aroused, and the guys all seemed pretty aroused too, standing around with very stiff dicks watching my helpless wife being used and abused.
After sucking and licking Melissa’s pussy for a little while Leon moved up between her legs and positioned his 8 inch, fat cock at Melissa’s well lubricated opening, rubbing his dickhead up and down her pick slit.
“No… please no. Oh God… please don’t do this.” Melissa begged as she felt Leon’s thick cock begin to slide inside her. Leon pushed gently and I could see her tight hole open and stretch around his dickhead as it disappeared inside her warm, soft body. “Oh… oh God… ” She gasped as Leon slid deeper and deeper into her. His dick was bigger than mine, both longer and thicker, so I know Melissa was feeling it. She groaned as Leon pulled out a little and then pushed slowly in again.
“Damn… this is some good pussy here. Nice and tight.” Leon said, looking into my wife’s tearful and contorted face as he pushed deeper into her vagina, and in a minute Melissa was gasping as she felt the full length of his fat cock filling her womanhood and his balls rested on her upturned butt. As he pulled slowly all the way out till just his head was inside her, her pink hole clinging to his dick, I couldn’t help but notice all the sticky wetness on his cock… so well oiled. She grunted as he pushed back into her again… and again as he began slowly fucking her, the whole length of his cock filling her hole as he thrust into her, moving a little faster and harder with each stroke as Melissa groaned and gasped beneath him. Watching that thick black cock fuck my sweet wife was so thrilling. My cock was throbbing as I watched Leon’s big balls slap her ass with every stroke. Melissa’s inner pussy lips were swollen, perfectly parted by Leon’s cock. Her little clit was swollen, bigger than I have ever seen it. Her stretched vagina swallowed every inch of him as he fucked harder into her, and after just a few moments Leon buried himself all the way in her and held himself there, and as his black balls twitched I knew that he was cumming inside her, and a few seconds later I saw his white cream oozing out of her hole around the base of his cock. The idea of his black seed inside my wife filled me with lust. She had never had sex with a black men and seemed a little repulsed by the idea, but now here I am watching with great pleasure as a black man empties his balls into my wifes’ beautiful pussy. After pumping his huge load of sperm into her, Leon pulled his sperm covered cock from Melissa’s open hole and a huge stream of cum trickled out and flowed slowly over her upturned asshole. Ken placed a small towel under her to catch the cum.
“Damn… you fucked the hell out of that bitch Leon.” Ken said as he stroked his 8 inch cock, and as soon as Leon got out of the way he mounted Melissa as she cried and sobbed, but continued to hold her legs back, and Ken’s cock slid easily into her wet hole right up to his balls and began fucking her hard and deep. Melissa moaned as tears streamed down her cheeks and she begged him to stop.
“Please….. buca escort oh God… Oh… Oh… please stop.” she whispered half-heartedly as Kens fat cock slid easily in and out of her vagina in long, smooth strokes. More of Leon’s cum oozed from her hole around Ken’s cock. His balls were sticky wet as they bounced on her butt with each inward thrust. Melissa’s pussy seemed to swell around his cock as he fucked her. Her once small inner lips were now very red and swollen. Her hairy outer lips were sticky with sperm and her own juice and her pretty red pubic hair clung to his sticky cock as he pulled out each time. Watching Ken’s nice cock sliding in and out of her was wonderful, and I knew that if I even touched my cock it would explode, and I did not want to cum yet. Melissa moaned softly as her pretty pussy was fucked, and I found myself wondering if maybe she was enjoying this a little. She loved being fucked by me, and seeing this big dick sliding in and out of her… she had to be feeling something.
Ken fucked her for a few more minutes while the others watched and slowly stroked their hard cocks. Leon and Paul both had new erections and I knew Melissa was going to be used very hard tonight.
Ken pulled his swollen cock from Melissa’s open pussy and reached down and took it in his hand and rubbed the head around Melissa’s pink, puckered asshole.
“I’m going to fuck this tight ass.” He whispered.
“Oh no… please… I can’t do that. I can’t.” Melissa pleaded. But Ken just smiled and said; “Oh. I think you can Honey. You just have to do it right and I won’t hurt you.” Ken whispered as Melissa tried to put her legs down, but Paul and Al grabbed her feet and pulled her legs back up, keeping her soft ass turned upwards. As Ken’s fat dickhead pushed against Melissa’s tight hole she begged him to stop, tears streaming down her cheeks.
“Please … not this. I… I’ll do anything… please… you are going to hurt me.” Melissa whispered in desperation.
“You’re going to do whatever we want anyway, bitch. But you can make this easier if you push outward, like you are trying to shit. Push Baby… make your asshole open up for me. Come on now… just push out.” He whispered as he gently pushed his cock forward, but she was very afraid and sobbed almost hysterically. Just then Al handed Ken a small jar of Vaseline that he found on her dressing table.
“Here… grease her up with this”. He said as Ken took the jar and opened it and scooped out a generous amount and smeared it all along his eager cock, and then applied some to Melissa’s tiny asshole, pushing his middle finger inside. Melissa jerked and cried out. “Oh no… no… please… Oh God…” she whimpered, but seemed to know that Ken would not stop. I had never even put a finger in her asshole before… I always respected her wishes and never forced her to do anything. But these horny guys had no respect and I knew that my wife’s tender little asshole was going to be stretched open tonight. I felt so bad for her. She was afraid, nearly panicked… but I was determined to not interfere. Besides, I was loving every minute of her abuse.
As Ken again tried to push his cock into Melissa’s anus he whispered: “Push outward Baby… come on now, open up for me… push harder.” he whispered, and apparently Melissa was listening because I could see her soft belly tighten as she began to push, and I could see her little asshole begin to swell outward.
“Push harder Honey… push harder.” Ken hissed.
“Oh God… Oh God… Ohhh…” Melissa grunted as her asshole began to swell and open and I watched in amazement as Ken’s rather large cock slowly opened her hole and began to slide inside. “Oh…. Oh… God…” she groaned, pushing out harder as her asshole yawned open and began to swallow Ken’s big dickhead. It slowly disappeared inside her, followed by his fat shaft, stretching her virgin asshole wider and wider… slowly sliding deeper into her rectum. Soon he was halfway inside her and then slowly pulled out until only his dickhead was inside. Melissa gasped as he slid out of her, then grunted and pushed outward again as he pushed forward slowly and eased more of his cock inside. Her hole was red and very swollen around the cock that invaded her most private opening. She placed her hands on Ken’s hips to prevent him from pushing in too fast as he slowly pushed in and out of her, going just a bit deeper with each gentle thrust.
“Oh … my…God… Ohhh…”. My poor wife groaned as her asshole was being fucked for the first time. Ken was very gentle, but firm as he fucked her, working his entire cock into her lovely ass now, his tight balls touching her butt cheeks with every stroke. As he pulled out the edges of her hugely stretched asshole clung to his cock, being pulled outward till just his head was inside, then gliding smoothly back in. Melissa grunted softly with every thrust, and I could not believe that I was watching this man reaming out my wife’s asshole… and she was taking it very well. Almost too well… but I knew she was completely humiliated. She cried as Ken fucked her, and I knew she must be very ashamed having three other horny men watch as her asshole is being fucked. It didn’t take long before Ken began thrusting harder into Melissa, and soon he was groaning with each stroke. I knew he was cumming inside her. His cock throbbed and swelled as he pumped his sperm up her ass, and in a moment I saw his white semen seeping out around his cock and he continued to fuck her. If he hadn’t came in a week as I asked, I knew he must be filling her guts up nicely. Melissa gasped as he came, and I wondered if she could feel his hot cum gushing inside her.
When he finished he pulled all the way out of her, leaving her asshole gaping open and oozing thick cum. Her swollen hole was huge and I could actually see the red lining of her rectum. As Leon and Paul let go of her legs Melissa turned on her side and assumed the fetal position and sobbed. Her body shook as she cried quietly.
“Come on now, you ain’t done yet bitch. We just getting started”. Leon said as he pulled off the bed by her arm and made her kneel on the floor facing my hiding place, and Al and Leon stood at each side of her, their hard black cocks on each side of her face. “You need to suck these two black dicks now baby.” Leon said as he grabbed her hair at the back of her head and turned her face toward his cock.
“No… please… no more.” Melissa whispered as Leon’s dickhead pressed against her mouth and she parted her soft, thick lips and began to suck on just the head of Leon’s dick, wetting it thoroughly and then letting it slide into her deliciously soft mouth. She willingly sucked now, taking his cock in her hand and holding it as she sucked slowly up and down, moaning softly to herself as her sweet lips slid along the black dick that filled her mouth. She actually appeared to be enjoying what she was doing. She loved sucking my dick and always did a wonderful job of it… and I couldn’t help but think that maybe she was beginning to enjoy what was happening. She sucked and slurped on Leon’s cock, and her other hand reached up and took Al’s even bigger cock and began slowly stroking in up and down. Leon was still holding her by her hair and he pulled her off of his cock and turned her toward Al’s big dick. I watched as my wife opened her mouth and engulfed Al’s cock and began sucking it without resistance. Her beautiful mouth looked so sweet… opened wide and full of Al’s fat cock. She moved her mouth up and down along his shaft, making wet sucking noises. I saw her tongue come out on the underside of Al’s cock… that’s what she did when she was sucking my cock, and I began to realize that she really was enjoying this at least to some extent. I watched as she pulled her mouth almost off of his cock and licked all around it’s dark head, saliva dripping from her lips as she slobbered all over it.
“Oh yeah… suck it baby… suck it real good now.” Al whispered. “You know you’re going to make me bust a nut in your mouth, don’t you?” he said softly. Tears welled up in Melissa’s eyes as she nodded her head. “And you better not spill a drop bitch. I want to see you swallow all my babies.” He hissed. Melissa moaned and sobbed as she continued to suck, and in a moment Al took her head in his hands and gently began to fuck her mouth, and as he groaned and his cock throbbed I knew that he was pumping his pent up sperm into Melissa’s sweet, sucking mouth. Her cheeks bulged slightly as her mouth filled with his cum. She pulled her head back a little and I watched as she swallowed once, then again as Al filled her mouth with a huge load. Melissas’ nostrils flared as she struggled to breath for a moment, and tears flowed from her eyes as he finished ejaculating, and finally, she swallowed the last drops and let his cock slip from her mouth. Then, licking her lips, she turned her head toward Leon. His throbbing cock was right there… droplets of pre-cum juice dribbled from the hole at its’ tip. Melissa licked away his juice and then took his cock into her mouth and began sucking, moving her mouth back and forth as her hand stroked him. Melissa has a lovely, warm mouth. Soft, full lips and a wonderful tongue, and I love how she sucks my cock. It was evident that Leon felt the same way because it wasn’t long before he seemed ready to empty his big balls into her mouth. In a few moments he did, as Melissa continued to suck I saw his cock pulsating and I knew he was cumming in my wife for the second time. A little white cream appeared at the corners of her mouth but she swallowed all that he gave her, her throat gulping several times. As he finished and pulled izmir escort his cock from her mouth and with more tears Melissa licked the droplets of semen at the corners of her mouth and swallowed every drop. I was amazed at my wife. Maybe she found that a man’s sperm is not so bad after all.
“Damn… you guys filled her up nice.” Paul laughed. ” I think she really likes sucking dicks. She looks like she enjoyed it. Come here bitch.” He said as he pulled her up, turned her around and pushed her back into the recliner chair that was right next to the closet where I was hiding. He pulled her forward so that her butt was at the edge of the seat and then pushed her legs up and wide apart, exposing her swollen pussy and asshole. He then directed his throbbing cock toward her asshole. He already had a coating of vaseline all over his cock, and as he pressed it’s head into her open, sore asshole, Melissa begged him not to fuck her ass again.
“Please… please don’t do that. It hurts… please.” She begged, but Paul just pushed forward and I watched close up as her asshole opened as his cock slid inside very slowly.
“Oh God… Oh… Ohhhh.” Melissa grunted as yet another fat cock invaded her rectum, making her groan out loud. Paul pushed slowly till his dick was completely buried in her very swollen asshole. I knew it must be painful for her. Her once tight little anus was now a hugely swollen and bruised hole that was wrapped around Paul’s cock as he slowly began to fuck her, pulling out till just the head was inside and then pushing all the way back in until his entire cock was buried in my wife’s bowels. Her asshole seemed to almost turn inside out as he fucked her, and it seemed like her guts were coming out around his cock, her hole was so swollen. Oh, how my cock throbbed as I watched and listened to her grunting with every stroke. His cock shined with grease and slid easily in and out of her. He fucked her like this for several minutes and then buried himself all the way inside her and his cock throbbed as he injected his creamy sperm, filling her distended rectum. As he eventually pulled out a stream of thick cum gushed out and dripped to the floor. Melissa’s asshole looked totally destroyed, swollen, open and dripping cum and other fluids. She cried as she reached down and covered her huge anus with one hand, as if to protect it from further assault.
“Please stop… please… I can’t take that anymore.” She pleaded. I knew her asshole was hurting. Not damaged, but just sore. She had never been fucked like that before and I can only imagine how sore she must be.
“Oh please bitch.” Ken said as he steppen in front of her. “Suck my dick.” he said, and Melissa obediently sat up in the chair and took Ken’s hard dick into her mouth and started sucking him off. Her lips slid smoothly up and down his cock and in just a few minutes he was ready to cum and held her head in his hands and pushed into her throat and released his load. Melissa pulled back a little and quickly swallowed the sperm that was nearly choking her. Some seeped from her lips and trickled down her chin and dripped to her thighs, but she managed to eat most of it, swallowing the last drops and letting his softening dick slip from her mouth. Her lips were swollen and pouty… she had done a lot of sucking tonight.
The last man with a hard-on was Al. He stood in front of Melissa, his big cock sticking out in front of him, He pulled Her legs up and wide apart, turning her butt upwards in the chair. He then leaned forward and directed his penis toward Melissa’s open pussy. She groaned as she felt her pussy being stretched open wider that it ever had been. Al’s big dickhead filled her opening, and he pushed in deeper. I watched holding my breath as he worked half of his cock into her, easing it slowly in and out, working it in an inch at a time. Melissa grunted and groaned as her hole was filled with the biggest dick she ever saw. Her female lubricant mixed with other mens’ sperm made it easier for her to accommodate him as he slowly slid into her. I can imagine the feeling of fullness she must have been experiencing as Al pushed his entire cock into her sweet vagina. Her eyes were rolled back in her head as she gasped almost breathlessly as Al worked his cock all the way into her defenseless hole.
“Oh God… Oh my God… It’s so big… Oh God…” Melissa moaned as she felt his balls pressing against her sore asshole. He then he pulled out and pushed back in as Melissa groaned, and began fucking her slow and deep, using the full length of his big cock with every stroke. I watched in amazement as my wife’s pussy was ravaged… that thick black cock sliding up to the balls with every thrust. She moaned as she looked down between her cocked-up legs and watched Al’s cock sliding in and out of her stretched pussy, and then she reached down and pulled her sticky, hairy pussy lips apart and held herself open to Al’s assault. Her inner lips opened perfectly around Al’s dick as it slid in and out. He fucked her harder and a little faster as she moaned and cried. I could hear the wet, sticky sounds her pussy made as that fat cock fucked her deeper than ever. After a few minutes Al’s cock stiffened and throbbed as he exploded inside her, pumping her pussy full of his sperm… so much that it oozed out around his cock and dripped down over her big asshole. Melissa gasped and I thought that she was feeling his cock pulsating inside her and I knew she must be enjoying the feeling of his hot cum filling her belly..
The others were nearly all dressed when Al pulled his softening cock from Melissa’s well fucked pussy, oozing his warm sperm. Al dressed and told Melissa to get on the bed and cover her head and not to move for at least 10 minutes. She lay on the bed trembling and sobbing with a pillow over her head. The four rapists left, and as the door closed downstairs Melissa broke out in loud crying, sobbing heavily. After a few minutes she got up and went into the bathroom. When I heard the shower come on I carefully came out of the closet and crept down the hall and left the house. My cock was still hard and throbbing. My balls ached… I needed to cum badly. I walked around the corner and down a few streets to where my car was parked. Once in the care I needed to kill a few minutes so I called Al.
“Hey… you guys were great. I can’t thank you enough. What a great show, and I think Melissa may have even enjoyed at least some of it.” I said.
“No problem, man.” Al said. “She’s a sweet, sexy woman. You’re lucky. Has some good pussy too. I hope we didn’t hurt her.”
“No, she’ll be all right. I’ll go home and take care of her now”. I said, and that was the end of the conversation. I drove around for a little while and then went home.
I entered the front door and called out to my wife but there was no answer. I figured she was in our room. I was right. She was laying curled up on the bed in her robe crying quietly.
“Hey… what’s wrong Honey?” I said as I sat on the bed next to her. She lay on her side facing away from me. She didn’t answer.
“Honey… what’s wrong. Are you all right? Please talk to me.” I whispered.
“Something awful happened.” She said softly between sobs. “I was… I was… ra…raped.” she said. “I’m so sorry Honey. They came in the house and there was nothing I could do. I was scared… I…I’m sorry.” She whimpered.
“Oh my God Melissa. Oh, please don’t be sorry, it wasn’t your fault. Please tell me what happened.
“Well, (she sniffled) I came home and I think they came in while I was in the bathroom. There were four of them. Two were black and two were white, all younger…” And she proceeded to tell me the whole story but left out the really nasty details. But she said they made her submit to anal sex, they made her suck their cocks and they fucked her vaginally. By the time she finished she had turned over and had her head in my lap and I caressed her face as she finished telling me what happened. She said her pussy and butt were very sore, maybe even injured. I asked if I could take a look and she opened her robe and parted her legs. I pushed her legs up and apart to reveal her private parts. Her lovely pussy was a swollen mess. Very red and tender looking. Her once tiny asshole was also very red, purple and swollen hugely. I know she was hurting. I kissed both of her aching holes and she winced in pain. It would be a few days before I could touch them, I thought. I sat back down on the bed and she put her head on my lap again. This time she couldn’t help but notice my bulging cock. I did not say a word as she put her hand up and felt my very big erection.
“Oh Sweetie…” she whispered. “I can still do something for you.” and with that she opened my pants and took my cock out. It was harder and bigger than I could remember ever. Her warm hands made it throb, and when she took it in her soft, warm mouth and I felt her tongue caressing it’s head I thought I was going to cum instantly. I lay back and watched as she slowly sucked me off. Her sweet mouth moved slowly up and down my shaft.
“Oh God, I’m going to cum Honey… Oh… I’m going to cum..” I whispered. Melissa just moaned softly and continued sucking, and in a moment for the very first time I was cumming in her mouth. She moaned as my sperm filled her mouth. I know I had a huge load because I hadn’t came in a week. I watched her throat work as she swallowed my creamy semen and lovingly sucked every drop from me. I could not believe it – she swallowed my cum after all these years. When she finished she snuggled next to me and fell asleep.
Since the gang rape of my wife we have a whole new sex life. We have talked about fantasies and she has really opened up. She is an entirely different person… but that is another story – coming up soon.

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