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I saw a facebook posting from one of my “friends” Christina: “I am graduating with my massage therapy certificate in a couple weeks, and I need to gain some experience before embarking on the ‘real world’ – anyone interested in a free massage, shoot me an email!”

I met Christina through a friend of a friend, but I never really got to know her. She was one of those “friends” that I never really talked to, but kept up with online on occasion. So when I saw her offer of a free massage, I jumped on it. We scheduled the appointment for the following Friday evening after work (perfect way to end a work week!).

Friday evening came, and I arrived at Christina’s house ready for a much-needed massage. She led me to her spare bedroom, which she had transformed into a relaxing oasis. The walls were a sea-foam green, there were flowy turquoise drapes covering the window, allowing just a trace of sunlight into the room, but creating a private atmosphere. Lush potted plants filled the corners of the room, and a small, worn, wooden dresser sat along the wall. On the dresser was a CD player playing soft instrumental music, and scattered around it were sea shells and pictures of beautiful beach sunsets. I felt like I was in a tropical scene. The light scent of coconuts in the air helped transform the scene. Needless to say, I was immediately at ease and could feel my tight muscles relaxing right away.

She asked me to undress and make myself comfortable on the table. She said there was a towel on the table I could use to drape over myself as I laid face down.

As she shut the door behind her, I pulled my top over my head and kicked my heels off. I unzipped my skirt, let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it, kicking it over with my shoes. I slid my pink bikini panties off and put them with the skirt and top, and unhooked my matching bra, slid it off my arms and tossed it with the rest of my clothes. I took the towel and draped it around my back, under my arms, casino oyna as I got onto the table laying face down. I adjusted the towel so it covered my behind, then let my arms rest above my head and waited for her to return.

Christina returned to the room, asked if I was comfortable, and began the massage. She stood to my right and started with firm, long strokes along my back and across my shoulders. Her hands felt amazing. My body just melted under her touch. She continued to work on my back and shoulders, and then extended her strokes up my arms, kneading each muscle with her skillful touch.

“How’s the pressure?” she asked.

“Perfect,” I replied.

As she turned to work down my sides to my lower back, I realized her touch was turning me on a bit. Christina was a beautiful woman, and I have always found the female body to be easy on the eyes – so soft and curvy. I used to wonder what a woman’s touch would feel like, and suddenly, as I was feeling her soft, yet firm, strokes on my body, I realized I didn’t want to wonder anymore.

Her strokes grazed the top of my ass, and I felt my body tingle. She moved on to my legs, starting at mid-thigh, kneading the large muscle in long fluid motions. As she did this, she would graze my ass ever so slightly, causing me to let out an audible sigh without my realizing it. I could hear the smile in her voice when she said “Are you enjoying the massage so far?” I couldn’t seem to speak – I just answered with “mmm-hmmm”.

She slid her hands down my leg, rubbing my calf, ankle, and foot. Then she moved to my other leg, this times starting with the calf, ankle and foot. Then she worked her way up my leg to my thigh. I could feel myself anxiously waiting for her touch to go higher. As anticipated, her fingers reached the base of my ass, and her strokes grazed my cheeks. Then, as she was massaging my inner thigh, her fingers just briefly grazed my pussy. I couldn’t help myself from gasping – the touch canlı casino was so unexpected but sent electricity through my lower regions.

She immediately withdrew her hands and apologized profusely. “I didn’t mean to touch you there – I’m so sorry. How unprofessional of me!”

I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just said what came to mind first: “It’s okay Christina – actually, it was a nice bonus to the massage, you didn’t have to pull away so fast….” I followed my response with a nervous laugh. Oh my goodness, did I really just say that?

Christina responded in a way I could have only dreamed about. “Really? If you really mean that, I could continue. I have given sensual massages a few times – but I was thinking this would be more professional than that. But if you are okay with it, I’d be more than happy to oblige.”

Seriously? Was this beautiful acquaintance of mine offering what I think she was offering?

“I’m through with your back-side, why don’t you roll over?”

As I rolled over, I suddenly saw her in a new light – the beautiful fair skin, the long wavy brown hair, her deep green eyes, her petite build, her most-likely C-sized breasts. She was wearing low-rise yoga pants and a white tight-fitting tank top – I could see her curves easily, as well as a glimpse of her firm, flat stomach.

I was trying to adjust the towel, but it fell away from my breasts as I rolled over, revealing just how turned on I was. Seeing my hard nipples, she giggled and said “I don’t think we’ll worry about the towel.” She took the towel from my hands and set it aside.

She asked again though to make sure I was comfortable with the kind of massage we were proceeding with. “I’ll be honest, Christina. I’ve never been touched by a woman. But I’d really love to continue.”

“Really? Never? Oh, sweetie, you’re missing out! Okay, enough chitter-chatter. Just lie back and relax….”

I did as she told me, and tried to calm the mix of kaçak casino nerves and excitement running through my body.

She started running along my thighs again, this time there was no restraint and she let her fingers slide along my pussy each time she reached my upper thigh. My body yearned for more. I could feel my senses coming alive. She worked her way up my body, along my stomach, up my sides, and to my breasts. She took one in each hand and massaged gently, rubbing her thumbs across my erect nipples. I could feel my body heat up from her touch. My pussy started to pulse, anxious for attention.

As a woman, Christina knew exactly how to touch me. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. She slid her hands down my body, and traced the crease at the top of my thigh. She then slid her fingers over my clit, and started circling it skillfully. I could feel my clit coming alive under her touch. She continued circling my button with her thumb as she slid her fingers through my lips and toward my wetness.

Oh my god, this felt amazing. My hips started to rock, and my hands started gripping the sides of the table. I could feel the orgasm coming, but she slowed her touch a bit to prolong the feeling. She slid her fingers in and out of me slowly, and dragged the wetness up and around my clit.

I couldn’t help myself – as my breathing quickened, I found myself whispering “Faster, Christina, faster!” She obliged, and as she was fingering me, she flicked my clit faster and harder. I felt like I was going to explode.

She whispered “Cum for me, sweetie.” Her voice put me over the edge. My hips rocked and I arched my back while I squeezed my grip on the sides of the table. It was the best orgasm I had ever had.

After my body relaxed, she finished the massage with soft, full-body-length strokes. Then she left to allow me some privacy. I took a moment to regain my composure and got dressed. Even though the massage was free, I left a sizable tip on the dresser for her. I left the room, thanked her, and went on my way.

Monday morning, I emailed her, again thanking her for a wonderful experience… and asking if she had an opening for this Friday evening….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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