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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


So after the party the next few days I was sore. Not my ass from the fucking I got but my ass from the spanking. Funny but I was not sure if I was upset at what happened or that Jim drugged me or that I had become a gay cock slut, wearing and drinking piss from a bunch of guys old enough to be my dad. I didn’t return to work till Wednesday as the weather was bad. When I did I started in the yard, avoiding William when he went to work. I was in the back edging the lawn when Debbie came out. She was not dressed for work and had 2 cans of soda in her hands. She called me over and said we had to talk.

Seems she was quite upset with her husband and his friends. Not for using me as their toy but for drugging me. I explained that I was very confused. I might have been ok with it all but didn’t like being drugged. She talked more and asked if I was ok with the being tied up and spanked. I was. She also was curious if I liked the poppers which I did. Then she asked if I wanted to try so different today? Seems she had a few ladies coming over for lunch, no men, and she wanted to make up for her husband.

I figured it would be ok so I finished the lawn work. I needed a shower and she told me to use their guest room. She came in and told me I had to trust her. She got in the shower with me and washed me. She then inserted a douche nozzle in my ass. Before I could complain she said trust her. So she cleaned me out with 3 enemas. Then she had a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt for me to wear. No underwear or shoes. Then she told me to just relax on the couch.

After a few minutes I could hear a few cars pull up. Then they all came into the room. There were her and 3 friends. One was even bigger then Debbie. Later found out she was over 400 lbs.! The other two were more average. The one was Joe’s wife. She was very well built! They looked at me and started to chat with each other, telling Debbie büyükçekmece escort she did well! Debbie looked at me and winked and started to strip as the others followed suite. The largest one, Eileen, asked if I enjoyed eating pussy? Before I could answer Debbie told her I did.

Debbie told me to strip and I did, then laid on a blanket on the floor. With a few pillows under my head Eileen kneeled over me and told me to eat! She had a big clit and a shaved pussy! I had never saw a bald beaver before but I started to lick and suck it! Right away she was wet and moaning. As I ate her I felt a mouth on my cock, licking and sucking it. I heard the woman say it was nice, not too big! I continued to eat Eileen, enjoying the blowjob and eating her juicy pussy. For a big woman her pussy lips looked small and tight and she was exceptionally clean!

The one sucking my cock was also massaging my balls when I heard her ask Debbie where did the bruises on my ass come from? Debbie explained how I made the mistake of telling Jim I liked to bottom, thinking it was like what I was doing now! I heard the woman laugh and say that Jim’s wife, Marlene Thomas, might like that. Eileen at this point started to grind her cunt into my face, pulling my head between her monster thighs as she came. As she did so she started to squirt, not a little like Debbie but a gusher. It was more salty and definitely mostly piss! I drank some but spit most out. She wobbled her way up, using the couch to steady her and stood over me. I know saw the one sucking my cock. A blonde with green eyes and you could see she loved sucking cock.

I also saw Jim’s wife talking to Debbie and heard Debbie said to ask me. Now this woman was a bombshell! Tall, heels, seemed stockings, legs that were fantastic, red hair and lipstick with long nails. She stood over my head, spreading her legs. I could see her cunt as she had on garter belt, stockings, and no panties. Then I realized she çağlayan escort was talking to me. So your the slut my husband told me about. Well are you ready to be my slut? By this point I was ready to cum and the blonde was really working my cock when Mrs. Thomas moved, pushed the blonde over on her side and kicked me in the balls. I screamed in agony and doubled over in pain. Then she said, Now you will learn to listen TO ME!

She looked at the blonde and told her to strip. At this point all she had on were a bra, panties, and pantyhose but she immediately stood and stripped! She looked at me and said, “So your the slut my husband fucked! Did he bother to tell you we share our toys?” As I shook my head no she told Debbie to tie me over the couch. Eileen helped her and I was still in pain, afraid of what was to come next except Debbie told me to calm down and not worry. Mrs. Thomas was in charge. The blonde, Gina, was now naked. Mrs. Thomas now had her lick my ass. God that felt wonderful. Her tongue was forcing its way deep into my bung hole! As she did this my cock started to harden again when I looked up and Mrs. Thomas was now in front of the couch. She had stripped down. She had her heels and hose and a corset. Her mound was the perfect height for my mouth and I went to lick it when she slapped me!

“Did I say you could eat me? You MUST ask permission of your Mistress!” I couldn’t believe what I said but it was please Mistress, May i lick your cunt…she yanked my head up and told me yes but it better be good or I would be very sorry! I started to eat her, doing everything Debbie had taught me. She grabbed my ears and used them to guide me around her pussy. As I did this my ass was still being eaten by Gina who was also massaging my balls. I would say Mrs. Thomas came 2 or 3 times before she backed off. She walked away telling me to eat Debbie. As I started to lick Debbie she told me I must have pleased Marlena very much!

As I continued çapa escort munching on Debbie’s cunt I felt a cold substance on my asshole. I was being lubed up. As I felt the fingers go on I was relaxed as no cocks were in the room! With three fingers going in and out I heard Marlena now say he seems to be open. Debbie looked at me, pulling away and asking if I would like some poppers. I remembered how good they made me feel and she held one nostril down as I snorted. She then did the other when I felt in my ass! It was a cock! But who? Where? Debbie kept me snorting the poppers when I felt the satin of Mrs. Thomas’s outfit on my back. I felt her fucking me as she started to call me names, calling me a whore. This cock was even bigger than her husband but went in easier.

As she fucked my ass Debbie had me licking her till she came. Then Gina replaced her as Mrs. Thomas fucked me faster and harder. Gina came quickly. Then walked away and was replaced by Eileen’s fat cunt. Then I felt it, a mouth on my cock. This was too much and I started to shoot my load. As I did this Mrs. Thomas shoved the dildo home and came herself. I then felt my ass empty as Marlena pulled her toy out of my ass. She walked around and I saw this magnificent woman with a 9 inch rubber cock on her! She removed it and dressed quietly. She then opened her purse and laid on the bar $250.00. That she said, was for service rendered! And she walked out. The other two women took their time dressing, each leaving me a $20.00 tip! After they left Debbie asked me how did I like it? Now I was really confused!

I told her I wasn’t sure. I enjoyed it but felt weird that someone could fuck my ass and I would enjoy it. We had a long talk. She assured me that many people swung both ways! I had not saw it but it seems Gina had eaten Debbie as well as Debbie eating her! We talked for a few hours and agreed I did have a lot of fun! The next two days I finished my work and an extra $100 was in my pay!

I thought about it and since in 2 weeks I would be going to school I figured I might as well as keep working. Besides, for the most part it wasn’t about the sex! That I loved! It was deciding if I was straight, gay, or bi and what I really enjoyed. Was I a pig or slut? I wasn’t sure but I felt I needed to know before going to school in Tennessee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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