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For want of a nail kingdom was won

Conquering heroes or cuckolds? Your choice

Kadir and Paramesh were born in nearby houses in the same street in Chennai. They were childhood friends whose friendship continued during their school and college days and after. They still live in the ancestral homes of their childhood. Both are married and have a child each. Their wives are friends too. They do things together, whether visiting the local movie theatres or going to Banares on pilgrimage.

Our story starts in a camera store where the two men were shopping for digital cameras. Kadir, who was in computer hardware, was checking the technical details while Paramesh, the accountant, was looking into the prices and sale offers. Finally they got each a 4-mega pixels camera. As both cameras were on one bill a 512 MB memory stick was added on. The stick they would share for exchanging photos.

The men launched themselves headlong into photography. Elil, Kadir’s wife was not so much unimpressed as bewildered. She was unable to understand her husband’s attraction for crows. Kadir, who fancied himself a wild life photographer, said that crows were the only wild creatures that came within range. She found his explanation obscure, but forbore to question him further. Nitya, Paramesh’s wife did not find much to enthuse about in her husband’s efforts either. He specialised in still life; flowers in vases mainly. Both men could not persuade their children to pose for them.

The men, undeterred by the cold reception accorded to their efforts by their near and dear, clicked on with energy. Kadir would copy his images to the memory stick and send it across to his friend, and he would return the compliment. Then suddenly Kadir found a subject that was willing. It was an exciting prospect. This is how he chanced upon the treasure.

Digital photography has one undoubted advantage over film photography: one can view the images without the services of a third party to process it. In short one can take exciting images of one’s wife, something that is not possible with film photography. All men sooner or later venture into nude or semi nude photography of their wives with or without their spouses’ knowledge. Kadir was certain that Elil would flare up if he so much as suggested that she pose even in bra and panties. He decided he would do it on the sly.

Their bathroom was so small that Elil had to come out to the bedroom to powder and dress. Kadir made use of this need to plot his shooting sessions. Using small bit of plaster he blocked the red light in front of the camera that glowed when it was in use. He then took trial shots to find the right place and angle for the camera. He marked the place on his table. He then left the camera on the table for several days so that Elil did not get suspicious. Then one day when Elil was in the bathroom he set the camera in the video mode and placed it on the marked spot on the table and waited like a sprinter with ears pricked for the starter gun. As soon as he heard the latch he pressed the button and disappeared into the drawing room.

The first effort was disappointing. For reasons unknown Elil did not stand where she normally stood with the result that only a small part her was in the frame. That little was her rear. Kadir spent the rest of day viewing the clip. He never imagined that his wife had the ass of dreams. The next day he had the camera pointing to corner Elil now seemed to prefer. Again he was disappointed. Elil stood where she should have on the first day. Unlike directors of movies Kadir could not mark the spot on the floor and order the artist to stand there, but a wild life photographer, even one whose work so far has only been with crows, knows how to be patient. He did what a professional would do: He pointed the camera to the ideal spot and waited for the day the quarry will choose the right spot.

It happened on the fifth day; but many other things also happened. Eagle-eyed Elil noted the blinking on the back of the camera. She summoned Kadir.

“Download what’s in that camera. I want to see what you have sneaked in.” The game was up; there was no point in dithering. He downloaded and played the clip. The centring and the lighting were just perfect. She wanted a replay. He did so.

“Good,” she said. “I did not know that I am so slim and dainty. This clip must not get into the wrong hands. Write it on a CD, delete it from the PC, and hand over the CD to me. I will keep it with my jewels.

“But darling, my day will be a disaster unless I see this clip at least once before I leave for office.” She looked sharply into his eyes.


“I’ll keep the CD hidden in my cash box. I will delete it from my hard disk.

“OK. Now I want to see it again.” She did, and liked it all the more.

“Darling, this is a candid shot. Just imagine how you would look if you pose. Why not we have a session for stills.” She agreed. It was not one session but several. Kadir was in cloud nine. Clips and stills they exposed casino oyna in abundance. Kadir tried to reproduce his favourite poses from his (secret) collection of nudes, but Elil was only willing to go so far and no further.

“Does your friend allows such photos,” he asked her.

“I don’t know and I do not intend to ask,” she said.

But this was a tricky game. Even the cleverest trapeze artist once in a while lands on the net. Kadir did not have to wait long for trouble.

Kadir got up in the middle of one night. He seemed distraught. Elil became anxious.

“Are you unwell Kadir?”

“No I’m OK.”

“You seem extremely worried. Anything happened in office?”

“Nothing, I’m OK.”

“You are not,” she said in peremptory tones. “You have to tell me what is bothering you.” Kadir dodged, but finally when it appeared that he could no longer hold on he came out with it. Kadir suspected that in the loaded memory stick he sent his friend that evening he had accidentally included one folder with some of the photos of Elil in her poses. Elil broke into loud wails. There was some talk of ending her life for the shame was something she could not bear.

“Are you sure Kadir?”

“That is the problem darling, I am not. I suspect I have.”

“How could it happen?”

“Some confusion about file names.” Elil was now quite hysterical.

“I knew if you sin retribution is sure to catch up with you. I was a fool in falling into your dirty trap. At least show me which photos were in that folder.” Elil fidgeted as the computer took its time to boot. Eventually when she saw the photos she screamed. There was one with her legs crossed with the pussy peeping with parted lips between them that was raw by any standards.

“What to do Kadir. I wish I were dead.”

“We will wait till tomorrow. It is twelve already.”

“Your friend would have seen me in those poses.” She wailed and would not be comforted.

They heard someone at the door. Something dropped into the post box; the doorbell rang once. Kadir rushed to the door. The caller whoever it was had left.

“Come in Kadir there might be mischief ahead,” said Elil in agitated tones. “Close the door. I thought something dropping into the letterbox. Open carefully. It might be a bomb.”

Kadir mindful of danger switched on his torch and peeped in.

“The memory stick,” he exclaimed.

“Why is he returning it? He has seen the photos and is returning it,” she said and added in biting tones, pacing her words, “after copying it.” Meanwhile Kadir had booted his computer and was viewing the contents of the memory stick. There were three folders in the memory stick. Two folders he had loaded and another of Paramesh’s. One was of crows, but when Kadir opened the folder with Elil’s photos she screamed.

“Wait a bit Elil. There is one more folder. Let’s see what’s in that.”

“Elil darling,” he said in voice hoarse with emotion. “I have not witnessed greater act of friendship than this.” Elil gasped when she saw those photos. They were of Nitya in poses similar to Elil’s.

“They saw our mistake, and true friends that they are they immediately took these photos as the only thing that could assuage your feelings. They had taken these a few minutes ago, and they have sent it to us straightaway. You must call and thank her at once.”

“No way. I am not calling her probably for ever,” said Elil, and she immediately minimised the window. “You are not seeing those photos.” She then slumped down on the computer chair breathing in gasps. The strain was more than she could bear. “I am sure Nitya did not allow her husband to see my photos.”

“I am sure she has. Let me see these.”

“No Kadir, only after Nitya permits you to.”

“But you said that you would not be calling her forever,” said Kadir cleverly.

“We’ll think about that tomorrow. Now turn off that computer and come to sleep.”

“Sleep Elil? After the little I have seen of Nitya I have to do other things.”

“No, Kadir, we sleep. I am still palpitating. I am not in a mood for love making.” Kadir was palpitating too, and was not in a mood for sex either. They slept. Elil woke up her husband just before dawn.

“Kadir, did you send it accidentally or was it a ploy you two men hatched to force Nitya to pose.” Kadir was visibly annoyed.

“I never imagined that you could be so mean, Elil,” he said and turned round to continue his sleep.


After Kadir had left for his office Elil completed her chores for the morning and took up the phone and called Nitya.

“Hello,” said the voice from the other end.

“Elil here.” There was extensive giggling from both sides.

“Thanks for posing for the photos and sending it at once. Or else may be your friend would be dead by this time.”

“I could well understand your feelings though I was not sure Kadir realised his blunder. Luckily I happened to be around when Paramesh was downloading. He had hardly seen a couple of photos before I stopped him. canlı casino Paramesh was for deleting the files and making no mention of it; but I was taking no chances. I sent him out of the room and saw the rest. You look lovely Elil.”

“Thanks. You are not just lovely but ravishing. You and I are made for each other Nitya for we act alike. I also stopped Kadir before he could see your photos. I had no doubt at all that you would have done the same. Kadir was on his knees requesting me to get your permission to see the rest. What do we do?”

“What would you suggest?”

“We have to allow them Nitya or else they would burst. If your work is over why don’t you come here? We will see those photos and delete those that we feel are too raw for our men to see. I have others too. You can see them.”

“Good idea. I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Nitya needed only five minutes. Face to face the girls blushed and used their pallavs to hide their faces. Soon they relaxed. First Elil displayed her photos. The six photos were all of Elil in the nude. The photo in which she sat with legs crossed was sensational. The angle of view is such that through her crossed legs one could have an uninterrupted view of her clean-shaven pussy with parted lips. Nitya’s pictures were also six and all in the nude. They were good even though taken in a hurry. One was very exciting. In that Nitya is standing; her husband had clicked with camera at floor level. The shaved pussy with the prominent clitoral hood is grand, with her magnificent breasts in the background.

“Elil this photo is not for general viewing,” said Nitya. Elil was not listening. She was totally engrossed in that photo of her friend.

“Elil,” said Nitya again. Still no response. Nitya shook her gently. She turned and looked Nitya full in the eyes.

“Elil, what’s the matter,” said Nitya. Elil took time to reply. Then she spoke.

“Nitya darling, I love you. I have long suppressed this unnatural longing for you, but these photos have broken my resistance. I can’t help it. Please do not abhor me.”

“Elil darling, I love you too,” Nitya replied. She held her by the shoulders and laid her cheek on her bosom. Elil ran her fingers through her friend’s hair and then she kissed her on the forehead.

“My darling, my most precious darling,” Elil said and then they hugged and kissed passionately on the lips. They lay on the sofa holding each other; feeling each other. Elil gently exposed Nitya’s breasts. She ran her fingers over it. She played with the tits, and then she placed her hands below and lifted them up as if she was weighing them.

“Nice pair Nitya. One can hardly say that these are breasts that once suckled.”

“May I feel yours Elil?”

“Of course darling. It is all yours.” She removed her blouse and bra. Nitya ran her fingers and palms over one breast and then the other.

“So smooth and so soft’,” said Nitya. “I think we must compliment each other on the shape and sizes of our tits. Do you think our babies shaped it this way or did our…” Both blushed and laughed.

“Nitya, an intimate question, did you suckle your man when you were feeding.”

“I did of course. Many times. I am sure you did it too.”

“I had so much milk that I could allow him as much as he wanted.”

“Same here. I believe that more the suckling more the milk that flows.”

“Why then do our lady doctors not advice women who do not have enough milk to suckle their husbands?” Both were so amused at the thought that they laughed aloud.

“This is old ladies wisdom not found in medical books,” said Nitya. They chatted away in this fashion for some time.

They pulled off their skirt tapes and removed the skirts. They looked at each other for the first time in the nude, smiled, and then giggled, and then amidst laughter they embraced each other as if to hide their nudity.

Their bodies seemed stuck together, chins resting on shoulders, breasts on breasts, pelvis against pelvis, and thighs pressing thighs. They savoured the warmth of their bodies. They kissed on the lips and then they felt each other’s bodies. Holding each other’s bare bodies was to them pleasure enough.

“Suck me, Nitya.” Elil leaned back on the sofa and Nitya held one breast and sucked, and as she sucked Elil smoothened her hair and told her how much she loved her darling. She then fondled her friend and when Nitya invitingly lifted up one thigh she rubbed her pussy and then with finger moistened in her juice (not Nitya’s) and delicately touched Nitya’s clitoris.

“Your clitoris is lovely Nitya. I fell in love with it the moment I saw its hood in the photos.” She felt it with her fingers and then she spread the lips and when it protruded out she touched it with the tips of her tongue and then she licked it in slow swipes. Nitya was lying on her back and Elil was on top on her elbows and knees. Nitya placed two cushions and reached for Elil’s pussy and started licking. Soon they were in the classical sixty-nine position with kaçak casino their pelvises moving in rhythm. Elil, who had a better hold of Nitya’s sensitive spots, gave her a powerful orgasm, and once she had hers Nitya’s reached for Elil’s clitoris and gave her one of equal power. The two lay hugging each other by the pelvis with hands describing circles as they rubbed on the rear.

“I am hot Nitya. I wish there was a cock stretching my vagina.”

“I too Elil.”


Elil and Nitya became lovers. They had a lot of catching up to do after the many years they have been suppressing their hunger for each other. On every weekday they met after lunch when their husbands were away for work. Lovemaking was much more satisfying than what they experienced with their husbands. Sex culminated after a long session of loving intimacy. For their husbands, and all men presumably, sex was the sole object of lovemaking. Men did not lay great store by foreplay. Depending on their moods they have some foreplay and then they penetrated, ejaculated, and then turned round to sleep satisfied that they have proclaimed their manhood. The partner had no place in that equation. After all this men have the supreme gall to complain that their wives show no interest in sex.

For Elil and Nitya lovemaking was a long and leisurely process. They lay with no clothes on, touching, hugging, pecking, and fondling chatting the while of this and that. Genital stimulation was later almost as an afterthought. They always obtained orgasm from licking. It was at that point that they wished they had their men to ‘stretch’ the vagina. That was the term they used for sex with their husbands—stretching, not the F word or any of its synonyms. The best period came after orgasm when they just lay cuddling. If they had known the Afghan saying, ‘men for breeding, but girls for pleasure,’ they would have endorsed it totally. Sex with their husbands now diminished considerably in value.

The men meanwhile, blithely unaware of the changes taking place in the attitudes of their wives, were focussing on enlarging their photo collection. When a week later Paramesh cautiously suggested another photos session he was surprised that there was not only no objection from Nitya but she actually suggested poses that were daring. When in Nitya’s presence (mandatory) Paramesh downloaded the return bunch of photos from Kadir he noted that the poses were similar. The girls apparently have been discussing camera angles. Both men were pleased with the cooperation they were receiving from their spouses. In their naivety they did not suspect that the girls were posing not for them but for each other’s gratification. They also did not realise that deep down in their hearts the wives were hurting. That their husbands, in order to view photos of the other woman, were quite eager to pay the price of displaying pictures of their wives in compromising postures was not a comforting thought. Kadir spent long hours studying the photos of Nitya, and Paramesh did the same of Elil’s. If their wives came that way they quickly minimised the window but their spouses were sharp enough to know what they were viewing. They smiled and left it at that.

This went for a couple of months. There had to be the next stage and that came soon enough.

‘Nitya,” said Paramesh on evening, “I am so fascinated viewing the photos of your friend that I wonder if I can get to see her like that live.”

“You mean she should stand naked in front of your goggling eyes?” replied Nitya. Paramesh did not quite like the tone of her voice but he ignored it.

“More or less,” he said.

“Is it more or less? Be specific.”


“Meaning more?”

“Whatever. I was just thinking aloud.”

“You friend presumably is saying the same thing to his wife at this time.”

“Unlikely; we never discuss these photos.”


“God promise.”

“But you two friends think so alike that sooner or later he will tell Elil something like what you said, and she will tell me and I will tell you. I suppose that is how you communicate with each other.”

“Yes, as far as this photo thing goes.”

“I’ll wait till Elil get back to me, and then we will discuss and let you know.”

Within a week Kadir spoke to Elil and the matter was in the agenda of the next post lunch session of Elil and Nitya.

“I have no problem allowing them,” said Nitya. “You?”

“Absolutely none. Two months ago the very thought would have been shocking; but now I have no great feeling about them. My question is this,” continued Elil, “after this is over would they want the next final thing?”

“You mean THAT?”

“Yes, THAT.”

“Such a prospect excites some men, but not my Paramesh. He is very much an Indian male.”

“For whom the wife is moveable property that needs to be guarded,” said Elil rounding off the thought. “So is Kadir. Tell you what Nitya. We have had enough of these men pushing us around. The time has come for us to take control of our lives.”

“Agreed. We’ll take over. Once we give the go-ahead signal they will arrange for the show where I suppose we may have to do the catwalk in the nude. At that point we’ll take charge.”

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