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My very first time writing a story 🙂 Let me know what you think.

He unlocks the door to his apartment and goes inside.  He notices a light in the kitchen on that wasn’t on when he left.  as he’s putting his bag down, he hears a noise coming from that direction.  He cautiously makes his way toward the sound.  Up from behind him he feels someone there but before he could turn around, she grabs his wrist with one hand and his throat with the other…”on your knees boy”she whispers softly and gives him a bite on his earlobe.  He drops to his knees.  “hands on your head” she says as she slowly circles around him.  with hesitation, he does what she says but not before she produces a crop across his ass.  “do as you’re told….don’t hesitate….understood?”  he gives her a “yes ma’am” and looks down on the floor.  He sits there, watching her move around him.  she runs a hand through his hair but stays quiet.  Studying him.  teasing him.  “get up and go over to the table” she finally says.  Without hesitation, he gets to his feet and does what she says.  at the table, he sees some supplies she has laid out and his anticipation mounts.  His pants are tight from the hard cock pushing up against his jeans.  
“put the gag on” she instructs.  He inserts the ball gag and tightens it around him.  She pushes firmly up against him from behind.  She reaches around and puts her hand around his throat..firmly but without restriction.  she gives him a soft kiss on his neck and a nibble on his ear while she runs her hand from his neck down to his chest and slowly lowers it to his tummy and to the top of his jeans.  She can feel his heart racing.  She reaches around him and puts a collar around his neck and grabs it by the ring hanging from it.  She turns him to face her.  “take off your shirt”…he does.  “unzip your pants but leave them on”….he does all with an obedient “yes ma’am”.  She smiles at him….”good boy”, removes the gag, and she kisses him hard
With a soft nibble on his bottom lip, she releases him and grabs the cuffs off the table. “put your gag back on turn around again”…..when he’s finished she secures his hands behind his back and steps away.  He’s left standing there.  Minutes go by before she returns.  With his back to her he’s feeling anxious and nervous about what’s to come.  she reaches from behind him and rubs her hands up and down his body.  Kissing his neck, whispering in his ear about he he’s suck a good lil boy.  her hands travel down his body and over his jeans till she can feel his hard cock in her hand.  he can feel her smile against his skin.  “mmmm, your hard for me baby”.  “yes mistress”.  with a soft squeeze, she releases him and instructs him to take off his pants.  she puts him in a body harness and bends him over the antalya escort bayan table.  He feels something cold surround his left ankle.  And then his right.  A spreader bar. His legs are held far apart and he’s unable to move them.  She stands and eyes him up greedily.  With a soft hand she rubs up and down his back and over his ass….down his leg and back up between his legs just to the inside but not touching his hard cock.  She teases him like this a few times before running her hand over his opening.  And then he feels a sharp pain as the length of the flogger hits him.  then the softness of her hand.  Again she strikes with the flogger followed by a soft hand.  “you are MY dirty little boy aren’t you?” she questions……another sharp smack and he muffles through saying “yes ma’am”….”yes ma’am what???” 2 smacks from the flogger  “yes ma’am, I’m YOUR dirty lil boy mistress”…..”good boy baby”.  and she continues to caress him with her hand.she sets the flogger down still rubbing him and with each circle of her hand she inches more over his opening.  With a smack from one hand he takes a deep breath and she inserts a lubed finger into him.  He tenses and she smacks him again. “sit still” she says firmly.  he leans back into her and relaxes.  “mmmm, that pleases me lil boy….do that again” and as he pushes back, she inserts another finger.  he lets out a moan.  “that’s a good boy, tell me how much you like it baby….lean back again”.  he continues fucking her fingers and he moans his appreciation each time.  she gives him a spank every couple of thrusts and grabs him hard.  
“do you like me fucking your ass baby???”  “yes ma’am, yes I like when you fuck my ass.”  
“good”….she removes her fingers and he feels something cold touch his tip.
“take this for me” and she inserts the head of her strap on.  he leans back into it.  its big so he hesitates a lil and she spanks him hard.  he leans back more and takes more into him.  she is gentle and allows him to ease back till he’s taken it all in.  
“does that feel good lil boy?”
“oh yes ma’am”
She pushes him more onto the table and grabs his harness with 2 hands.   She slowly starts fucking him.  slowly pulling out all the way till just the tip is in…she lingers there for a second before she slowly slides back in all the way.  As she does, she gives him a loving caress and he knows she will be gentle.  She pulls him slowly to standing and turns his head toward her and kisses him long and hard. Thrusting inside of him.  she reaches around and grabs his hard cock and starts to stroke him.  He moans into her mouth.  
“mmm, such a good lil boy baby”
“thank you ma”am”
Now that he is adjusted to the size and feel, she bends him back over and grabs a hold of his harness and escort bayan starts to fuck him faster and harder.  In and out, over and over…each thrust harder then the last and faster then before.  He is moaning for her which spurs her on and he is about to cum.  She can sense how close she is.  She reaches around and grabs his balls and gently strokes then bringing him so close.  
“no cumming”…and she pulls out of him and steps back.  She goes and washes off the strap on while he is bent over the table wanting to cum so back he can taste it.  she walks back over to him and helps him to stand and turns him to face her again.  he looks down.
“look at me”
“yes ma”am”
“did you enjoy that?”
“very much ma”am”
“you were going to cum weren’t you?”
“i was close ma”am, yes”
“I didn’t say you could did I lil boy?”
“no ma’am….I’m sorry mistress”
“on your knees my dirty lil boy”
he bends and gets on his knees.  
“suck my cock you bad boy”
having never done it before, he hesitates but puts the cock in his mouth.  she watches as he experiments with it in his mouth.  He then starts sucking it in and out, deeper with each pass.  
“mmmmm, you’re good at sucking cock baby”
she grabs him and holds his head and starts to fuck him mouth.  she pushes to see how deep he can go.  If he gags, she draws back and gives him a gentle rub of her finger on his cheek.
“good boy baby.  Now stop.  Stand up”
She helps him to his feet and removes the spreader bar and the cuffs.  
“to the bedroom” she commands.  
In the bedroom he sees straps on the bed.  
“on your back.  Strap in your ankles and lay down on your back”
Once he is secure, she rounds the bed and attaches the 2 wrist straps on each wrist.  Then a blindfold.  all he can do now is listen.  the music starts up softly and he hears her turn out the bedside lamp. Then he hears the lighter light as she lights a few candles.  She leaves the room.  He cant hear her anymore because of the music but he can feel her when she comes back in the room.  then there is a dip in the bed beside him and he hears a clink of a glass.  then she is straddling him.  
“can you see anything?”
“no ma’am”
“are you thirsty?”
“yes ma’am…very”
he feels her lean over him and then her cold, wet lips against his so he opens up and she drops something wet in his mouth.  (of course its my favourite drink spiced rum and pepsi cause I don’t know what yours is)  he swallows and kisses her before she pulls away.  
“tisk tisk lil boy…you will wait”
“i’m sorry ma”am”
she takes another drink and leans in.  This time she just gives him a tiny bit before dribbling the rest down his chin and into the hallow of his neck.  then she licks it all up, kissing him along the way.  With another antalya escort mouth full she dribbles more down his chest and into his belly button.  she takes her time and laps it all up kissing and nibbling as she does.  He squirms under her and she gives him a hearty bite to his nipple
“sit still”
“yes ma’am”
she starts kissing him all over.  rubbing her hands softly up and down his body.  kissing his mouth briefly then his neck, down to the hallow of his throat, down to each nipple sucking them with each pass.  She kissed down his ribs and to his belly button and down to where the tip of his cock rested on his stomach.  then she would kiss down toward his balls only never actually touching them.  she’s scratching her nails up and down his thighs and up to that spot just before his balls but she never touches.  He can feel the warmth of her breath on him.  Running over his cock but he cant feel her touching.  she uses the tip of her tongue and teases the skin of his shaft but just enough that he knew she was there.  he’s so hard.  he wants to touch her.  he wants her to touch him but she just keeps going around his cock and back up to his chest and his neck.  A hard kiss on the lips while she rubs herself up and down his shaft. he can feel how wet she is through her panties. And she rubs harder and harder.  
‘do you want to cum lil boy?”
“I want to make you cum mistress”
“mmmm, so eager to please but you didn’t answer my question”
and she grabs his balls super gently and teases them with her finger nails.  
“do you want to cum lil boy?” she repeats herself
“yes mistress, please let me cum” 
with that, she releases him from his restraints 
“roll over”
she attaches the wrist restraints again
“on your knees”
he gets up on his knees with his face and chest still lying on the bed.
she gets up off the bed and leaves the room.  
She’s back a few moments later and he feels her get onto the end of the bed behind him.  Then something cold pressing against his opening.
“put me inside of you baby”
he leans back and takes the strap on inside him, sliding all the way in.
“mmmm, look at how easy you take me now…..mistress is very please with my good boy today”
“thank you so much ma”am”
“i am going to fuck you hard and fuck you fast….are you ready baby?”
“very much ma’am”
“do not cum until I say so”
“yes ma”am”
and she pushes into him hard.  he lets out a grunt but says nothing.  she pulls out nice and slow….all the way to the tip and she rests there for a moment before slamming back into him.  Then she repeats this. each thrust gets faster and harder. All the way in to almost all the way out.  Faster and faster.  she grabs his cock and strokes him….kissing him up his back and planting a spank on his ass every couple of strokes.  she can feel him tensing and throbbing in her hand so she pushes faster and hard yet.  she strokes him longer and faster.  
“cum baby….cum for me now”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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