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My previous story, Prelude to a Cruise, told about the day before our cruise. It isn’t necessary to read before this, but it might be nice to do so.


We made it onto our cruise ship and did the usual things, checked out our suite and toured the ship. We were on a seven-day cruise to San Juan, St Thomas, and St Maarten. The cruise was something that Kim and I desperately needed, time away from our jobs and our everyday life.

As the ship set sail from the port, we could see Miami becoming a distant memory in the horizon. The weather was beautiful, clear skies and a very nice temperature. We wandered around the ship a little more and had dinner. We decided to go back to the suite and relax and watch the sun set from our balcony. The sun setting into the ocean was a beautiful and romantic sight. Once the sun had quickly disappeared, the only illumination that remained was the moon light and lights from a couple of ships in the distance.

Neither of us wanted to be around people just yet, so we decided to hang out in the suite for a while. With a beautiful view of the moon reflecting off the ocean and the perfect temperature, I thought I would sit on the balcony naked on the lounge chair. Kim was in the suite putting things in their proper place, as she loves to do.

I was in my own little paradise as I felt the warm tropical breeze blow over my body as I listened to my ipod with my eyes closed. After about 15 minutes, I thought I sensed some şirinevler escort movement to my right, but I ignored the feeling. A couple of seconds later, I felt someone touch me. It was Kim; she was straddling me while lowering herself onto my lap. I quickly realized she was naked too. She pulled the earphones from my ears and whispered “hi”. She put her arms around my neck and pressed her 38DD breasts against my chest. I could feel the warmth of her pussy on my dick as she adjusted herself on me. She said that she thought I might be lonely. I told I didn’t realize how lonely I was until she showed. We began to caress and kiss each other. She sat back a bit and brought her right nipple to my mouth. As I licked and sucked on her nipple, I was caressing her back and ass with my right hand and massaging the breast I was sucking on with my left hand. By now, my dick was looking for room to expand. I was wiggling a bit to give it some room. Kim then raised herself off me and slides down so she was squatting at the foot of the lounge chair. She took my dick into her mouth where she gently sucked and licked on it. I was in heaven!

Kim continued with her oral talents on my dick. I put my hands on both sides of her face and lifted her mouth off my dick. She looked up at me somewhat puzzled. I told her to come here. I guided her back to her previous straddling position. As she lowered herself onto me, I held my dick up and she skillfully şişli escort guided her pussy over it. Her pussy was so wet and open there was no resistance. All I felt was her warm and juicy velvet sleeve wrap around my dick. The feeling was incredible. She wrapped her arms around my neck and began to grind her hips into me. The feeling of our bodies touching in the open air and her moaning in my ear was driving me crazy. Both of my hands were holding her ass cheeks as she ground her pussy on me. All of a sudden, she began to squeeze me tight and began to make a moan that was all too familiar. She was coming. I just held on as she gyrated her pussy on me and moaned loudly in my ear. I don’t know how I didn’t cum at that point, but I didn’t. Once she finished coming, I asked her to standup. I told her to bend over. She did so using one hand as a brace against the balcony railing. I moved behind her and slowly entered her still very wet pussy.

I started pumping into her slowly. She started to meet my thrusts with at little force. I knew she what she wanted. I grabbed her hips with both hands and pumped hard and fast. She couldn’t steady herself with one hand any longer, so she bent her arms and rested them on top of the rail with her head leaning slightly over. As we both adjusted our positions, I went back to pounding her pussy hard and fast. Every time I thrusted into her, she let out a grunt. The sounds she was making, our bodies taksim escort making slapping sounds every time my body made contact with her ass, the sight of her breasts bouncing back and forth, and seeing my dick appear and disappear into her brought me to sensory overload. It wasn’t very long before I was depositing my load into her pussy. After we both got our steady legs, we went back into the suite. Before going in, a blob of cum fell from her pussy to the balcony deck.

We cleaned ourselves up and laid in the bed for a while talking about what we will do the next day. While we talked, I rubbed her cum slicked pussy and asshole trying to get her going again. It worked. She asked me to get the vibrator from the bag of toys we brought. I gave her the vibrator and she immediately turned it on high and put it on her clit. She told me to bring my dick to her. She loves to suck on my dick as she works her pussy over with the vibrator (I love it too). I squatted to the left side of her head and she turned her head and inhaled my dick. She was working the vibrator with one hand and rubbing her tits with the other. She then said, “Fuck my mouth”. I started slowly pumping my cock in her mouth and when she was about to cum, I picked up the pace. Seeing her body begin to tense and my dick going in and out of her mouth had me ready to go. As she started to cum and groan, I took my dick from her mouth and jerked my cock. She loves to hear me stroke my cock when she masturbates. As she was coming, I let loose with my load on her tits. We both laid there holding each other as we recovered from our orgasms. She told me she liked feeling my hot cum splashing on her tits as she came.

I couldn’t wait for what might be ahead of us during the remaining days of the cruise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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