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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


My transwoman friend and lover, Pushpa, told me Ferry Tale Chapter 5 and went straight on to narrate Chapter 6, which I have pleasure in relaying now. We left Pushpa and Alex post-orgasmic on the ferry, and though this chapter is not set on a ferry, it follows closely after and involves persons from, previous Ferry Tales, so that I am treating it as an extension of the sequence.


Alex and Pushpa arrived at the villa hired by Alex for a week, and enjoyed a swim in its pool, ate a light meal, went for an evening walk, went to bed to make more love. There were, after all, for Alex, several more virginities to give. For example, after Pushpa had entered her while face-to-face, and had successfully pressured her G-spot, Alex was eager to fellate her new lover, who was, naturally, more than willing. But they were both also saving their energies for the arrival next day from her student-placement of Alex’s transdaughter Sasha. So they slept in each other’s arms in the king-sized bed in the villa’s main bedroom.

They were, too, avoiding discussion of what forms of sexual congress might ensue once they were all together. Because although both had indulged in fantasies about the possibilities, they were all resolved that they would be spontaneous, sensitive to each other, feeling their way, in every sense. They understood, however: first, that the aim was the consummation the passionate love of mother and daughter: and, second, that this would be enabled and blessed by Pushpa.

Sasha arrived at lunch-time and was welcomed into a three-way embrace and some lengthy kissing. Then, after the already prepared meal, the trio showered together, silent apart from some appreciative or amused noises as some mutual soaping, bottom-patting, cock-handling and nipple-sucking occurred. Both cocks were only semi-erect when the trio retired to the master bedroom and lay down, Sasha sandwiched between the older women. Because no concerted intention had yet been conceived or expressed.

Pushpa was acutely aware, however, that she was mistress of ceremonies, destined to guide the course, or intercourse, of events. As they lay there, partly aroused but patiently expectant, Pushpa began to stroke Sasha from neck to thighs, and Alex began to kiss her, merely affectionately at first, but more passionately as their lips and tongues engaged. Pushpa then began to nibble and suck at Sasha’s nipples and her stroking hand moved onto and around Sasha’s now more firmly erect penis.

Without ceasing the kissing, Alex’s hand felt down sarıyer escort Sasha’s stomach, played a moment with the little ruff and gently displaced Pushpa’s hand to fondle the cock. And after a few minutes, Pushpa detached herself, sat up, placed her hands on the outside hips of the other two and urged them to half turn towards each other, so that their embrace might intensify. At the same time, Sasha hand felt, hesitantly at first, for her mother’s curly pussy-fur and eventually its fingers sought for the vulva.

At this point the kissing was interrupted by talking from time to time. Alex began, ‘Darling, I’ve wanted you to do this for so long, and now I can hardly believe it’s happening.’

‘I’ve so much wanted to do it, and so much wanted you to touch and hold my penis.’

Alex continued, after further kissing, ‘And you really are going into me, aren’t you?’

‘I’m longing to be inside you, my darling. I want you to have me inside you. I love you so much, so much.’

‘I want you to give me your semen, your loving sperms.’

‘I’m going to fuck you, but you’re going to fuck me. We’re going to love-fuck.’

Pushpa lay face down on their joined bodies, clasped both their bottoms in her hands, and lowered her head to be able to suck all four nipples in ritual sequence. After which she knelt up beside Sasha and turned her onto her back, before taking Alex’s hands and drawing her into a sitting position. Thence Pushpa manoeuvred her so that she was kneeling alongside her daughter. A little guidance and Alex was straddling Sasha, and they were gazing into each other’s eyes in adoring anticipation.

Pushpa slid one hand under Alex’s bottom to check her lubrication and held Sasha’s hard cock in the other hand. Then, without releasing the cock she gently pushed down on Alex’s bottom, so that her vulva descended onto Sasha’s cock and Pushpa guided it into the vagina. And as it went in, the now linked pair both released a gusty sigh of joy and relief.

There was a long moment of stillness as the cock slid home and then both hips began to move rhythmically, Sasha raising and lowering her pelvis to drive home and withdraw a little, and Alex see-sawing her bottom to meet the upstrokes and downstrokes.

‘Come, darling,’ Alex said. ‘Give me your sperms.’

‘They’re coming, darling. Here they come!’

Alex pressed down hard and Sasha reached up to pull her closer. They lay still, murmuring endearments and kissing for some minutes. Then Sasha said, ‘Now I’m no longer a vagina virgin, a virgina,’ and Alex said, ‘And mine is the first vagina you’ve silivri escort entered. I wanted it to be the first.’

‘But you haven’t come yet,’ Sasha said. ‘I want Pushpa to make you come, and add her sperm.’

Pushpa had a better idea, but didn’t need to say anything, because she could guide the pair. Without her prompting, Alex climbed off Sasha, lay on her back and opened her legs, ready to receive Pushpa, and Pushpa was soon between the thighs and offering her penis to those deep vulva lips. And Sasha understood that she should fold them open with the fingers of one hand and slot Pushpa’s penis in with the fingers of the other hand.

Shuddering with the delicious sensations of the cunt enfolding her in its spermy depths, Pushpa slipped easily home. But she remained upright and still, took Sasha’s hand and placed it with its fingers near Alex’s clitoris. Sasha was to make the love to Alex, make her come, and Pushpa would be within the vagina, for it to grip on. And Sasha needed no prompting, for she felt into the curls and lowered herself to lap at her mother’s breasts.

‘It’s strange and wonderful, isn’t it, my dear love, that you suckled from me as a baby and now you’re suckling as my lover, and when you suckled it used to make my clitoris erect and tingle. As if I knew you would one day touch me there and make me come. I’m going to come soon, and I need Pushpa to come to make it perfect. I can feel her getter harder, and if she moves a little inside me we can come together.’

Without removing her lips from a nipple, Sasha wriggled to be alongside Alex and her freshly erected cock came into view. Alex said, ‘You can come again, can’t you, my Sasha?’ And Alex reached down to take the cunt-slicked cock into her fingers and began to frig it. She said, ‘We can all come together, then, if we just keep on with each other as we are.’

Since Pushpa had not yet come, she was, after a few little thrusts, soon hovering on the brink of climax, but she held still again and contained herself. Alex, too, had not yet come and the double stimulus of penile penetration and clitoral excitation brought her to the imminence of orgasm. Sasha sensed the arousal of the others and was not far behind. ‘Oh, I can come now. Take my come out of me, Alex. It’s coming!’ And as her semen bubbled out between her mother’s fingers, Pushpa pistoned into and out of and into the vagina and spilled her sperm, as Alex said, ‘Yes, yes, I’m coming, coming.’ The three clenched against each other in their shared ecstasy.

They stilled, panting and uttering little cries of joy and delight, then şirinevler escort began a long interlude of kissing each other all round. Then they lay down, Pushpa and Alex on their backs with Sasha face down between them. Sasha said, ‘Alex, my dearest, we have comed each other, and Pushpa, you have given us to each other. And now it is for you to take us further.’

Alex said, ‘That’s right. There are still more virginities to give, and we are ready.’

‘Well, my lovely ones, we have passed through several deflorations, or, as I prefer to think of them, efflorescences. But you have both had so opportunities for flowering that there are several further explorations awaiting you. For instance, Alex has an unpenetrated bottom, and Sasha has never entered a female bum. So there is an opening.’

‘I did think of that,’ Alex said, ‘And though it seems a bit strange, even perverse, I do like the idea of my sweet Sasha boldly going where no-one has gone before. It actually seems even more intimate than vaginal entry.’

‘I thought of it, too, when I was inside Pushpa, and I wondered if you might want me in there. I feel that I want to come my sperm in every possible part of you, to make every kind of consummation.’

Pushpa said, ‘There is a further possibility, usually called double-penetration.’

‘You mean,’ Alex said, ‘Sasha would go up my arse and you would be in my cunt?’

‘Would you like that, darling?’ Sasha asked.

‘I think I would. Another way of our wonderful Pushpa bringing us closer.’

‘She is still hard, and mine is hardening again at the idea, so let’s go for it.’

Pushpa lay on her back, pulled a pillow under her bottom. Alex straddled her and they easily slid Pushpa’s penis into the well-greased vagina. Sasha needed no instructions to work her way between Pushpa’s legs until she was poised under Alex’s bottom. Her penis was already slick, but she collected more lubricant from round the root of Pushpa’s cock to put on her own. Then she raised her hips to bring her tip to bear on her mother’s anus.

‘Don’t worry if it hurts me, darling,’ Alex said. ‘That’ll part of it. Just get into me and come when you’re ready. It would be great if Pushpa came at the same time.’

Sasha pushed hard and her glans slowly disappeared as she watched, fascinated. But she didn’t relax the pressure, and, with a cry of delight, she shoved all the way in. She said, ‘You’re so tight. It’s lovely. I’m inside you again, inside you. Oh, you’re squeezing me! It’ll make me come. And I can feel Pushpa! She’s moving and rubbing me through you.’

Alex began to shudder. ‘Keep fucking me, don’t stop. I’m going to come. Come, come now!’

As Alex’s cunt pulsed, Pushpa’s penis swelled and spasmed, and Sasha’s orgasm was sparked by the tremors of both. There was a supreme, timeless moment when all three ejaculated in concert, shaking, gasping and crowing in delight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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