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When Faith had come, with a very satisfied look on her face, she looked down at me and pulled me to my feet. Kissing me deeply, but almost so quickly it was over before I had even realized. I knew now it was my turn as she leaned in towards me with her body. I was exhilarated and scared at the same time, not knowing what I was going to feel but definitely wanting the experience of completely being with a woman, with Faith.

Saying nothing at all Faith touched first one of my breasts, then the other. She repeatedly pinched my nipples between her thumb and forefinger and I could feel the sensations that flowed through my body to my pussy with every pinch. Taking my breast in her mouth, now biting my nipple as she sucked it hard….I absolutely loved every moment of it.

I leaned back against the wall of the shower as Faith slowly nibbled her way down my stomach, moving down towards the core of my body so slowly it was agonizing but so sensually sweet at the same time. She did not move too fast, knowing this was my first experience casino oyna and wanting to make it all that it could be, to help me to know the thrill I could achieve being with her.

Her hands stayed on my breasts while her mouth traveled down, kissing every inch, licking here and there, and biting gently. Reaching my belly, she used her teeth to tug a little at the ring in my belly button, that small bit of silver had never caused me to feel quite the way it did now.

Resuming her licking, biting and sucking she traveled to my hips, first one then the other and then finally to the top of my pubic area. She licked all around it, intentionally missing the parts that so longed for her touch. Her hands followed the path from my breasts downward, quicker then her mouth but not without enjoyment, as I felt them slide across my wet flesh finally coming to rest on my hips, cupping around to grab my ass and use it to bring me to her.

My intake of breath as she finally found my pussy made her grin, just a bit, as she flicked canlı casino her tongue onto the tip of my throbbing clit…once… twice ….three times, Faith teased me. Oh god, she was driving me wild with wanting to have more of her, to have her taste me, to know if she felt the same as I did when I had done this to her.

I could not help the loud moan that escaped me. Watching Faith move down my wet body, kneeling on the floor of the bathtub, her face level with my pussy, her hands all over me at once, it was a sight that just about brought me to orgasm all on it’s own.

I suppose looking back now I expected to feel like I did when I was with a man, but I didn’t. I don’t really know how to explain it except to say it was very different. Knowing it was Faith who was licking my pussy, placing her mouth around my most intimate parts was just more then I could have ever imagined. My best friend, my confidant, the woman I had lusted after for years, secretly, was now teaching me just what being with a woman was truly like. I still kaçak casino could not believe it was finally happening.

As she placed her mouth around my wet pussy and began to suck I was amazed at the pleasure I felt. This was oh so not like I have ever felt before. I held her head to the junction of my thighs, lacing my fingers in her hair, as I began to come in waves. I could feel her tongue licking the sweet, warm wetness that escaped from my pussy.

Still continuing to suck my clit she then followed the same path I had with her and put her middle finger deep into my warm, now very wet, pussy and began to move slowly, building the next orgasm up to the point where I was almost in pain when it finally released.

I cried out with the force of it, the pain, and the pleasure. Faith moved her hand faster, making it continue on for what almost seemed like hours when in fact it was barely minutes. This was so different, so good, so Faith and so damn right…finally!

Faith looked up at me when I had finally finished coming, slowly removed her fingers from my now burning hot pussy and gave me one last sweet lick. Then she smiled. That simple sexy smile that I had known over this many years had just changed, now it meant so much more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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